Diploma in Java Technology

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Diploma in Java Technology

Java technology is a computer programming language and a platform as well. Java programming language is object oriented, class based and concurrent. It is intended to let application developers run Java code on all platforms that support Java without any need of recompilation. It aims at flexibility that allows the developer to write any code that runs on any machine.

Java platform is a software only platform that runs on the top of other hardware based platform. It is a platform based on hardware or software.

Importance of Java technology

Java is gaining importance around the globe with every passing minute. It is used to develop applications for a number of devices such as computers, laptops, car navigation system, laptops, lottery terminals, smart phones etc. according to a recent study more than 3 billion mobile phones and 1 million computers run on java. It finds it application intranet applications that are grassroots of corporate computing.

Future prospect of Java

Java will be there for a long time. It is still the most popular computer language among the specialists and there is no other language that provides better study materials than java. Another growing prospect of Java is its large scale clustered computations as it is a part of Hadoop ecosystem. So, its strength and popularity will go high with time.

How good will be diploma in Java

3ri technology provides diploma courses on Java. There are several diploma courses for students who want to build a strong career in java and later pursue it as a career opportunity. The official course duration can be from 3months to 1 year depending on the availability of the course. We also give a crash course on Java as it is one of the most important programming languages for computer science students.

We not only aim at imparting programming knowledge to the student but, are also able to apply the knowledge in a practical way. Some of the recommended programs that we offer are fundamental Java programming classes along with special design topics for web-page design.

  • Introduction to Java

This class is conducted by us to make the students familiar with Java programming language. Students also examine control system in the class.

  • Webpage design

In this section, we at 3ri technology impart knowledge on the following concepts:

  1. Using Javascript.
  2. Linking and using hypertext.
  3. How to use frames and tables in a webpage.
  4. Exception handling
  5. Inheritance
  6. Applets
  7. Packages
  8. Threads
  9. Basic networking concepts.
  • Computer knowledge overview

Since most of the students are new to this field we will conduct a class on basic computer language to make them familiar with it. Topics covered in these sections are computer software, worldwide web and operating system.

Educational requirements

  • It will be beneficial for students coming from computer science background as they have a certain idea related to computer programming language.
  • For students of other branches, it is advised to have some knowledge on C and C++. As they are the mother of all languages.
  • So, in nutshell, the students must have to complete the following requirements before starting Java technology.
  1. Basic knowledge of computer
  2. Basic knowledge of programming
  3. Basic object oriented design knowledge.

Scope of learning Java technology

The scope after having a diploma in Java is huge in India because of its ability to run on a variety of computer platform. Starting from online transactions to managing dataflow, Java technology plays its part effectively. So, students having a firm knowledge of Java are in huge demand as a lot of software companies need trained professionals in this domain.

This is a universally accepted language so, students can do a lot after doing a diploma in Java Technology from us.

Why 3ri technologies

There are a number of reasons to choose us as a go to option for getting a diploma in Java technology. You can check few of them listed below:

  • World class infrastructure with eminent faculties.
  • Regular test to evaluate the progress
  • Excellent teacher student ratio
  • Good placement in top MNCs

Get in touch with us as quickly as possible to be a master in Java technology.

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