An Insight into AWS – Amazon Web Service Training by 3RI Technologies

AWS is known as Amazon Web Service. It is a brand of cloud computing service offered by Amazon. A lot of companies these days are shifting from a traditional in house data center to a cloud based environment. There are a lot of advantages because of which companies are shifting their data to the cloud environment, which are as follows:-

  • Maintenance Cost

The in house data centers demand a huge cost of maintenance. Even if the in house data servers are not used to its full capacity, resources are still required to keep it running however in case of cloud servers, the company needs to pay only for the amount of space it uses on the server. Therefore the cost to archive and access the data becomes economical.

  • Security

The in house data centers are not so secure as compared to the cloud servers. There is a dedicated team which sits round the clock to monitor the servers and proactively take steps to deal with any infiltration, making the cloud servers more secure.

  • Scalability

Scalability might become an issue within house data centers due to the limitation of space, however, scaling up the server space in a cloud environment is easy and efficient.

Therefore it makes sense to migrate the data from in house data centers to the Amazon Cloud based environment. In order to manage the data on the cloud environment, technical associates are always in high demand. There are courses run by institutes to train individuals on Amazon cloud computing. During the AWS Classes in Pune, the candidate gets to learn the core functionalities of Amazon Web Service, its key concepts, server security, application knowledge as well as its architecture. Out of the various training institutes in India, 3ritechnologies is one of the few training institutes for AWS Training in Pune which provides practical exposure to the Amazon Web Servers, which makes the sessions meaningful.

Following is the high level overview of the AWS training curriculum:-

  • AWS Basics
    • Basics of Linux
    • Basics of Networking
    • Basics of Storage
  • AWS Basic and Advanced Course
    • Introduction to AWS and Cloud
    • Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud which is also called as EC2
    • Elastic Block Storage and S3
    • Access and Identity Management Techniques (IAM)
    • Networking which includes setting up of NAT and VPC
    • SQS and SNS
    • Knowledge of Elastic IPs
    • Amazon Auto Scaling Groups
    • Orchestrating Amazon Web Server Infra

After clearing out the AWS Certification, the individuals are recruited by IT companies either as a System Administrator, Software Developer, IT Manager or a Researcher, depending upon the previous work experience.

There are a lot of institutes like 3ritechnologies, which conduct corporate training programs too on Amazon Web Service program. 3ritechnologies is also a single point of contact partner for a lot of IT Startups as well MNC’s for any IT training related courses.

Get in touch with their admin team to know more about the course and the next available batches.

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