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Microsoft Azure - PaaS

Microsoft Azure is an all-inclusive collection of cloud services that developers and IT professionals use to build, deploy and manage applications in Microsoft data-centers. Integrated tools, DevOps and a marketplace support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile apps to internet-scale solutions.


Microsoft Azure Course helps Developers in designing, programming, implementing, automating, and monitoring Microsoft Azure solutions. Course objective includes implementation and usage of Azure Infrastructure Components such as Azure Virtual Machines, Azure Storage Technologies, Azure Virtual Networks, Azure Web and Mobile Apps, Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) and Integration of on premise Windows Active Directory with Azure AD.

Microsoft Azure training courses at 3RI Technologies comprises of Microsoft Azure: Fundamentals, 70-532 Certification and 70-533 Certification. We have designed Microsoft Azure Fundamentals course to introduce the principles of Cloud Computing to the candidates. For Microsoft Azure administrator, developer, or database administrator aspirant candidates, this course plays a crucial role. The three Microsoft Azure certification training courses - 70-532 Certifications, 70-533 Certifications, and 70-534 Certification will help candidates learn extensively about Azure Solutions, Active Directory Services, Mobile App Back-end Services, Use of Azure in hosting websites and SQL Databases. After the completion of Microsoft Azure training, the candidate will be able to design, develop, automate and monitor multiple cloud solutions on the Azure Platform.

Why Azure Certification? :

  • Huge Demand
  • Huge Returns
  • Expanding Market
  • Audience :

  • Database Administrators
  • IT Professionals and Developers
  • Windows Server Administrators
  • Duration : (5-6 Weeks)

    Prerequisites : Basic understanding of networking concepts, virtualization, and virtual machines will be beneficial.

    Course Syllabus

    Microsoft Azure - IaaS
    1. Introduction
    2. Web App and Web Jobs
      • Web app introduction
      • Developing web app
      • Web App Configuration
      • Web Job Introduction
      • Create on demand web job in Azure Portal
      • Create continuously running job
      • Create a scheduled WebJob
      • Web Job Configuration
      • Web App vs Web Job
    3. Cloud services
      • Cloud Services introduction
      • Web role
      • Develop new Web Role App
      • Develop new Worker Role App
      • Difference between web role and worker role
      • Deploy web role and worker role
    4. Azure Storage and Queue
      • Azure Storage Introduction
      • Understanding the storage client API
      • Working with Azure Tables (No SQL)
      • Undrerstand Partition Key and Row Key
      • CRUD operations using Azure Tables
      • Understanding the storage Queue
      • Sending and Consuming messages with queues
      • Introduction of blob storage
      • Page Blob vs Block Blob
      • Publish and manage blob using .net application
    5. Service Bus
      • Azure Service Bus Basics
      • Sending and Consuming messages with Service Bus queues
      • Introduction of Azure Topics
      • Create Pub/Sub Applivcation using Azure Topic
      • Windows Azure Service Bus Relay Service
      • Queue vs Topic Vs Relay
    6. Caching
      • Windows Azure Caching Service Introduction
      • Development with the Windows Azure Caching Service
      • Introduction to Redis cache
    7. SQL Azure
      • Introduction/Overview
      • Comparing SQL Azure to SQL Server
      • SQL Azure Architecture
      • Migrating Data to SQL Azure

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