Why Companies Prefer Python with Hadoop?

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Hadoop is a software framework written in Java and is compatible to be coded in either C++ or Python language. Its compatibility with Python implies that engineers do not need to learn Java if they are proficient in Python! The analytics world does not have a lot of lovers for the Java programming language. The rise in popularity of Python as a programming language is due to the following reasons:

  • It is a user-friendly programming language
  • It’s flexible and powerful at the same time
  • Easy to learn
  • Has extensive applications in end-to-end advanced analytics

Difference Between Python and Hadoop

Python is an advanced, object-oriented programming language that has a lot of similarities with both C++ and Java. It finds extensive application in the fields of web development, artificial intelligence, data analytics, natural language processing. It is a flexible language equipped with libraries and resources that help programmers to enhance the productivity of their code.
Hadoop, on the other hand, is a database framework that allows processing/saving of data in a low latency and faults tolerant ecosystem with help from advanced programming models.

Industrial Application of the Duo

The IT sector is preferring those individuals who are well versed in Python due to to the language’s versatility and extensive application. Given below are some examples where both Python and Hadoop finds broad application:

  • The Search Algorithm of Quora
  • Quora is a great example where enormous amounts of textual data are processed every single hour. They use Apache Spark, Hadoop, and similar database frameworks. The backend of Quora is developed using Python; it uses mostly Hadoop to extract answers for questions and also for showing suggestions to the visitors.

  • Product Recommendation Feature of Amazon
  • We are all familiar with Amazon which uses the power of both Python and Hadoop to suggest preferable products to its visitors using their search/buying habits. The machine learning engine developed by Amazon was built using Hadoop and Python. Both these technologies work coherently that allows Amazon to deliver best-in-class product recommendations.

How Can 3RI Technologies Help You?

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