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SAP ABAP is a fourth generation language, developed by SAP SE, a German based company which is a market leader in enterprise application softwares. 3RI Technologies delivers SAP ABAP training in Pune at Pimple Saudagar & Deccan branches. Our SAP ABAP training is a placement focused program and includes basic to cutting edge level modules. Our SAP ABAP trainers in Pune are certified SAP experts working in the industry having more than 20+ years of experience. We provide hands on real time projects in our SAP ABAP training course. Post our SAP ABAP training course in Pune, we provide training sessions which are in line with your placement wherein you are prepared for industry. With multiple branches in Pune, our well equipped labs and world class infrastructure adds to the SAP ABAP course. Our SAP ABAP Course Fees is in real words the value for money and is the best investment one can do in his career. We provide morning and evening batches on weekdays, weekends as per your feasibility.

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In 1980, ABAP was born because there was a huge requirement to have a system in place which can generate n no. of reports for each and every department. In short, it is a report generation language on SAP. In last 4 decades, it had gain new features, most importantly the OOP’s concepts, referred to the ABAP Objects, in 1999 and introduction to new DB access methods and a large addition of new syntax starting near around 2010. ABAP is tightly coupled with the SAP R/3 or NetWeaver platform that is being used. 3RI Technologies is offering SAP Training in Pune, which covers all the technicality and practical aspects start from scratch.


ABAP (Advanced Business Application Programming) is the only programming language for SAP applications. SAP Netweaver ABAP Application server is the platform on which SAP ERP(R/3) or S/4 HANA and CRM runs. ABAP is a programming language which is used for to implementation of SAP applications on the NetWeaver ABAP Server platform. ABAP is the very old and, most widely used of SAP's major application platforms.

Earlier the largest developer of ABAP was supposed to code is for SAP only. However, lakhs of ABAP developers work with SAP consulting companies or partners to maintain and modify SAP systems. ABAP has maintained itself in the top 30 of the Tiobe Index, which keeps a rough track of the popularity of programming languages.

Since SAP ABAP is always on the best-Paid Technology in the world, the hiring is always tough and hence the candidate has to groom up to the level that he can be able to justify the knowledge in terms of practical implementation. 3RI Technologies designed the course SAP Training in Pune, by keeping in mind that the graduate engineer or an MCA candidate should be getting enough hands-on knowledge to crack the technical round of interview for sure.


ABAP is integrated with the following to get more featured:

  • Logical connection with the Database: it allows the code to be extracted from a specific database like Oracle SQL etc. The database connections can be configured outside of the ABAP code, which will allow the same code to be used in the different database successfully.
  • Open SQL: ABAP is also using Open SQL, at the time of compilation it gets converted into native SQL that is appropriate for the database being used. Open SQL has almost all similarities to Microsoft .NET's (LINQ) concept.
  • Internal Tables: Table which holds a set of data using the Open SQL. This concept of ABAP contrasts with the concept of typed arrays like in Java or C++.
  • Security: For this purpose ABAP gets integrated with SAP NetWeaver's security infrastructure.
  • Data Dictionary: metadata, data about all your database objects, often includes business logic, which is available to all ABAP programs in a system.


Let’s understand what would be the role of an SAP ABAP Consultant? Let suppose there is a cement plant which has the departments like manufacturing plant, operations, control room, Human Resource Dept, Finance, Accounts, Travel Desk, Engineers Desk, IT division to support all the centralized SAP Requirement. These all above mentioned departments would like to get the reports to be generated to check the do the business analysis and various other tasks, few of the reports are in place, but few of them can be obsoleted and few more reports request has to be taken care of each and every day, here APAB Consultant comes in to picture. An SAP Consultant is supposed to take all the requirements from the concerned department for their reports requirements, analyze the data for that module and applying ABAP programming language to write the program and generate the reports. Once finalized it can be added into GUI to just give inputs from the screen and get the report generated. To understand the role better, 3RI Technologies has the trainers who are SAP ABAP Certified and who are actually working in Multi-National Companies as an SAP ABAP Consultant. These trainers are very rare in teaching domain and they deliver the actual knowledge and share the interview questions, notes, and openings with students within the SAP Training in Pune course.


An increasing number of ERP software is raising the need for SAP trained candidates for every module. If you are looking to make a career in this in this field, the openings are vast. Please check the details, for the Jobs sections and the companies and roles. To provide jobs, 3RI Technologies has its own dedicated placement department which makes sure that all candidates who do the SAP Training in Pune course from here itself will get few calls scheduled from our side.

  • ABAP Developer
  • Solution Development Consultant.
  • Business Process Analyst
  • SAP Developer
  • Senior Software Engineer
  • Implementation Consultant
  • HCL
  • IBM

    • A full-fledged tailored training course material.
    • ABAP certified Professional with vast years of real time experience.



    • You need to have a basic understanding of programming language and Oracle PL/SQL to make the most of this technology. As mentioned the prerequisites will not be a show stopper for attending our SAP Training in Pune course, we make sure that before starting full fledge the trainer will guide you in such a way that you can take this further with full comfort and confidence. We cover all basic concepts of Open SQL under our SAP Training in Pune course.

    DURATION : 36 Hours

SAP ABAP Training in Pune

  1. SAP Overview
    • Introduction to SAP
    • Introduction to ERP
    • SAP R/3 Architecture
    • Software Oriented View
    • Implementation lifecycle overview- Business Blue Print, Gap Analysis, Business Process Re-Engineering.
  2. Introduction to ABAP
    • Characteristics of ABAP
    • Workbench Architecture
    • Introduction to Data Dictionary
    • Repository Information
    • ABAP Statements
    • Creating Programs and Changing Programs
    • Processing Blocks in ABAP
  3. Components of ABAP Dictionary
    • Data Elements
    • Domains
    • Tables
    • Structures
    • Views
    • Search Help Object
    • Lock Objects
  4. Internal Tables
    • Types of Internal Tables
    • Creating and Processing Internal Tables
    • Joins
  5. ABAP Programming Language
    • Data Types
    • Input/output Statements
    • System Fields
    • Conditional Statements
    • Loops
    • Field Symbols.
  6. Modularization
    • Macros
    • Include Programs
    • Sub Routines
    • Function Modules
    • Type pools
  7. Debugger
    • Breakpoints in program
    • Debugging Techniques in ABAP
  8. Object Oriented ABAP
    • Classes
    • Polymorphism
    • Inheritance
    • Interfaces
    • Exceptions
    • Events
  9. Report Programming
    • Classical
    • Interactive
    • ALV
    • Selection Screen
  10. Dialog Programming
      Screen PainterFlow Logic
  11. Other Database Objects
    • Sequence
    • Index
    • Synonyms
  12. Dialog Programming
    • Screen Painter
    • Flow Logic
    • Layout
    • MenuPainter
  13. Performance Tuning
    • Types of Program analysis
    • Static Checks
    • Short Dump Analysis
    • Performance Tools Runtime Analysis SQL Trace
  14. Data Migration
    • Data Migration reports
    • Batch Data Communication (BDC)
    • Legacy System Migration Workbench (LSMW)
  15. Forms
    • SAPscript
    • Smartforms
  16. Enhancements
    • User Exit
    • Customer exits
    • Business Add Ins
  17. Concepts of
    • Business Application Programming Interfaces (BAPI)
    • Remote Function Calling (RFC)
    • Application Link Enabling (ALE) /Intermediate Document (IDOC)
  18. Real time scenarios of all the following content:
    • Introduction of the SAP system and ABAP
    • The logon process
    • The GUI
    • ABAP Workbench
    • ABAP Dictionary
  19. (Create tables, structures domains, data elements accessing the standard table entries)
    • ABAP programming in ABAP Editor
    • Internal tables
    • Data access
    • Modularization techniques: subroutines, function modules, RFC
  20. Report (Normal, ALV & Interactive)
    • Dialog programming in ABAP (Module pool Program)
    • Data transfer techniques: BDC and LSMW
    • BAPI
    • SAP script and Smart Forms & Adobe Form
    • Creating reports in the SAP system
    • (Normal and Interactive Reports)
    • Defining and implementing BADIs
    • Enhancements
  21. (With all the real time scenarios)
    • ALE & RFC (Developer Concepts)
    • Object orientation in ABAP
  22. (Creation of classes and methods accessing classes)

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