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SAP SD Training in Pune

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SAP SD Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction to SAP Environment

    • Sap Evolution & History
    • Sap Project Environment
    • Sap Ides System
    • Business Process
    • Sap Clients
    • System Landscape And Transportation System
    • Asap Methodology And Solution Manager
    • Logon To Sap System
    • R/3 Architecture

2. Enterprise structure

    • Organizational Unit
    • Definition Of Organizational Elements
    • Assignment Of Organizational Elements
    • View Organization Structure

3. Master Data

    • Customer Master Data
    • Material Master Data
    • onditions Master Data
    • Customer Material Info Record

4. Basic Function

    • Account Groups
    • Number Ranges
    • Partner Determination Procedure
    • General Settings (Integration With All)
    • Material Type And Industry Sector
    • Stock Updating (Integration Sd & Mm)
    • Stock Overview (Integration Sd & Mm)

5. Sales Document

    • Sales Document Overview
    • Sales Document Header Level
    • Sales Document Item Level
    • Sales Document Schedule Line Level
    • Item Category Determination
    • Schedule Line Determination
    • Defining And Assigning Number Ranges
    • Sales Document Types Assignment To Sales Area
    • Copy Control
    • Processing Sales Order
    • Sales Document Functions

6. Pricing

    • Pricing Overview
    • Working With Condition Records
    • Components Of Condition Techniques
    • Condition Tables
    • Access Sequence
    • Condition Type
    • Pricing Procedure
    • Pricing Procedure Determination
    • Upper And Lower Limits
    • Pricing Flow
    • Pricing Report
    • Condition Master Data –

7. Shipping & Picking

    • Shipping & Picking Overview
    • Overview Of Shipping
    • Organizational Units In Shipping
    • Defining Shipping Point And Determination
    • Defining Picking Point And Determination
    • Storage Location Determination
    • Delivery Document Type
    • Scheduling (Backward And Forward)
    • Overview Of Route
    • PGI & PGR
    • Delivery Item Category Determination

8. Billing

    • Functional Overview
    • Billing Document Type
    • Defining And Assigning Number Ranges
    • Integration SD & FI & CO
    • Rebates Process

9. Sales Process Detailed Configuration Pre Sales

    • Inquiry
    • Quotation

10. Order & Delivery

    • Standard Order
    • Delivery Document
    • Return order processing

11. Special Sales Documents

    • Cash Sales
    • Rush order
    • Consignment Fill up
    • Consignment Issue
    • Consignment Return
    • Consignment Pickup

12. Outline Agreements

    • Quantity Contracts
    • Material Relevant Value Contract
    • Value Contract General
    • Master Contract
    • Service Contract
    • Scheduling Agreement

13. Complaints

    • Credit Memo
    • Debit Memo
    • Returns
    • SDF ( Subsequent Delivery Free of Charges)
    • Free Delivery
    • Invoice Correction

14. Advanced Topics

    • Revenue Account Determination
    • Free Goods Determination
    • Bills Of Materials
    • Material Determination
    • Cross Selling
    • Listing & Exclusion
    • Item Proposal
    • Route Determination
    • Tax Determination (Us)
    • Information Systems
    • Text Determination
    • Output Determination
    • Credit Management
    • STO ( Stock Transfer Order)
    • Third Party Sales Process
    • Individual Purchase Order
    • Make to Order
    • Inter Company Sales Process
    • Batch Management
    • LSMW
    • BDC
    • FS ( Functional Specification)
    • WRICEF Guidance

15. Special Features

    • Projects Overview
    • Business process mapping and consulting skills
    • Project documentation and guidance overview
    • EDI & IDOC Overview
    • Interview preparation & guidance
    • Other module Integration Knowledge
    • Interview questions and guidance

SAP SD Classes in Pune

Our SAP SD Training in Pune offer classroom training program at multiple locations across Pune – Deccan and Pimple Saudagar. Our SAP SD Training Program focuses on the complete end-to-end implementation of functionality related to the Sales and Distribution (SD) module. It will be helpful to SAP professionals who desire to utilize the SD module to its fullest capability. Our SAP Training Institute in Pune offers this flexible course with a 100% Job assurance. Our trainers are the best in industry and highly experienced, SAP-certified professionals. Our Trainers, being working professionals, are able to impart practical knowledge in a better approach. We conduct SAP Training Batches on weekdays and weekends, considering the audience can be fresh graduates and working professionals as well.

What is SAP SD?

SAP Sales and Distribution (SD) is a vital SAP ERP module that includes the business processes necessary to sell, ship, and pick up a product. The module is fully integrated into SAP MM and SAP PP. The essential SAP SD submodules are customer and supplier master data, sales, delivery, billing, pricing, and credit management. The SAP ERP system (Enterprise Resource Planning) includes several modules. Each of the modules covers a specific area of ​​activity of a company that uses SAP. These modules include financial accounting, auditing, production plan, material management, business intelligence, human resources, etc. SAP Sales and Distribution is the extraordinary modules of SAP ERP. In an organization, he deals with the shipping, sale, and transportation of goods and services. SAP SD was developed specifically to simplify the following business processes in a company: SAP ERP Sales and Distribution is the part of the logistics module and supports customers with questions about offers, sales orders, and receipts. It is in collaboration with MM and PP modules. It allows organizations to update their sales prices and monitor open orders and other forecasts.

Features of SAP SD module

• Price and taxes: – Assistance in evaluating the price of goods and services under various conditions, such as B. Discounts or discounts granted to a customer.

• Check availability: check the availability of a product in a company’s warehouse.

• Billing and Invoice: allows you to generate invoices or invoices.

• Determination of materials: helps determine the details of the material under certain conditions. Credit Management: This is a method of managing customer credit limits. It can be calculated in two different ways: simple credit check and automatic credit check.

Key Components of SAP SD

The SAP SD module is the most important ERP module developed by SAP. Help with better data management and sales and distribution processes for customers in organizations.

The important components of the SAP sales module are:

  • Master Data
  • Sales
  • Shipping of Material
  • Billing-Related
  • Sales support
  • Transportation of products
  • Foreign Trade

The characteristics of SD include:

  • Implements the business processes used in the sale and collection of goods and services.
  • Integrates the data flow into the remaining SAP modules.
  • Multi-language / multi-currency: multiple languages ​​can be used.
  • Currency conversion occurs automatically, and connection to the SAP real-time exchange rate database in Germany allows operational use. R / 3 personalizes the product using the IMG function.
  • In SD, you can create complex tariff schemes that depend on customers, goods sold, promotions, etc. The discount processing options are also very sophisticated and comprehensive. The user enters all the basic details of the order in a window.
  • In this window, you have easy access to all order levels, i. H. With the Sales Information System (SIS), the user can save, consolidate, and communicate data in various formats.
  • Efficient batch processing of orders, shipments, and other sales documents based on types of orders, customers, or materials.

    Key Features of SAP SD Training:

    • Hands on Experience on One Live Project.
    • 100 % Placement Assistance
    • Resume Preparation
    • Interview Preparation
    • Missed Sessions Covered
    • Multiple Flexible Batches
    • Practice Course Material


    • Knowledge of inventory, billing can be advantageous.

    DURATION8-9 Weekends


    • Business Users who have been working as Sales Executives or Service Executives.
    • Experienced ABAP users who wish to get into the functional side of SAP.
    • SAP Consultants


    Most frequent questions and answers
    Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.

    After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

    Yes ,we conduct demo classes every weekend. Please contact us for more details.

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