Job Description for Front End Developer

Job Profile: Front-End Developer

**Requirements: **

  1. **Responsive Design: ** Ensure that the landing page is responsive and adapts to different screen sizes (mobile, tablet, desktop).
  2. **Pixel-Perfect Implementation: ** Pay close attention to the Figma design details to create a pixel-perfect representation of the design.
  3. **Images and Assets: ** Optimize and use images and assets efficiently to maintain fast loading times.
  4. **Cross-Browser Compatibility: ** Test and ensure compatibility with major web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge).
  5. **Validation: ** Ensure HTML and CSS are valid and follow best practices.
  6. **Performance: ** Optimize the landing page for performance, including lazy loading of assets.
  7. **Accessibility: ** Make sure the landing page is accessible and follows WCAG guidelines.















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