Job Description for Video Game Development

Job Profile: Video Game Development & QA Role

We Are Hiring Freshers for Video Game Development & QA Role

  • Job Type: Full-time On-site (Contract position)
  • Compensation: Fixed payment 
  • Job Location(100% Work from office): DSK Vishwa, Dhayari, Pune. 
  • Industries: Video-Games, Online Games, Computer Games, Mobile Games, AR/VR Games 
  • Compensation: Rs.11,111 per month(including TDS) 


Job Description- Internship for Unity Game Developer & Tester role


Employment Type: Full Time



  • PG/Graduate/Undergraduate from any stream.
  • Students from any stream


A great plus if you have:

  • Basic understanding of graphical tools like Photoshop, Gimp, Blender.
  • Certification or self learning from the past on Unity engine.
  • Good communication skills.
  • Plan of a long-term career in the video games industry.

Tasks and responsibilities of this position include: 

  1. Regular involvement in Video Game Designing & Development related tasks based on the documentation and instructions provided by seniors.
  2. Video Game Level Designing.
  3. Willingness to learn Unity game engine(if not having Unity knowledge already).
  4. Continuously discover, evaluate, and implement new technologies to maximize designing & development efficiency.
  5. QA Testing of various games on platforms like PC, Mobile & AR/VR platforms. 
  6. Identifying, reporting and tracking defects. Interacting with the developers to resolve the same. 
  7. Reporting feedback and detailed comments on the games being tested.  
  8. Working on all the assignments as instructed by immediate superiors. 



  1. Good experience of playing games on various platforms.
  2. Knowledge of C# or readiness to learn Visual Scripting in Unity (self-learning)
  3. Ability to quickly grasp new tools and technologies.
  4. Self-motivated with a strong desire to remain in sync with the latest game development standards.
  5. Excellent communication skills. 
  6. Self motivated, fully committed, result oriented. 
  7. Readiness to play and test games on AR/VR platforms. 
  8. Owning a decent computer/laptop capable of running Unity engine. 
  9. Owning a decent smartphone(Android or iPhone). 



*Important Note:

  • First month of training along with live project exposure will be without pay for freshers. Thus the monthly payouts will start only from the 2nd month for candidates with zero experience due to the additional training phase involved.
  • Bonus one month payout will be given upon completion of 1 year of regular work with the company.
  • Apply for this position ONLY IF you can visit our office for technical rounds and IF you are ready to work from our office location.


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