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DevOps Training in Pune – Devops is a set of engineering practices which helps in automating the processes within software development teams. DevOps can also be defined as the combination of various tools and practices which are combined to increase an organization’s software delivery rate. DevOps comprises of CAMS which stands for Culture, Automation, Measurement, and Sharing. In simpler terms, we can say DevOps act as a bridge between technology and humans fixing the gap. Our Devops Training course in Pune at Pimple Saudagar & Deccan branches is specially designed with the above mentioned features. In addition to above the DevOps training certification course also covers the technical and business benefits of using DevOps in software teams.

3RI Technologies is one of the best training institute for DevOps Certification course in Pune. DevOps Training Course at 3RI is specially designed for the students who want to join the industry and pursue their career as DevOps Engineer, Architect & Developers. DevOps has eventually gained a lot of popularity as it offers business and technological benefits as well. The DevOps Training at 3RI Pune is bifurcated into various phases for the ease of students. Our certified DevOps expert faculty delivers the training sessions to students and make sure they get to know insights about the industry while working on the live projects. We provide full placement assistance to our students post the Devops Training session. Joining our Devops course will surely be the best decision in your overall career as it will guarantee you a great and successful career ahead.

Duration : (48-50 Hours)

Prerequisites : Basic Knowledge of Operation & Infrastructure

Training Highlights : All our trainers have extensive experience in IT Industry and have years of experience in teaching. You will get assistance in resume making and interview preparation

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