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This AWS course covers both fundamental and advanced AWS topics developed by industry experts to meet the requirements and expectations of businesses. Our instructor-led course will help you develop in-depth skills by supporting you in creating and deploying robust and secure AWS services. This course will teach you all you need to know to pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect certification and seek employment as an AWS Solutions Architect.


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5 Months

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2 Project



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Live Online /Self-Paced/Classroom


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Key Features

Course Duration: 5 months

Project Based Learning

Certification & Job Assistance

Real-Time Projects : 2

EMI Option Available

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Overview - AWS Training and Certification

Invest in cloud fluency for your organization

To transform their business, organizations need people with cloud expertise. Getting certified with the Amazon Web Services course helps you develop and validate your skills so you can get the most out of the cloud. You can keep the skills if you have done your training in AWS cloud computing that keeps you up to date by reading the related content, which is written by expert AWS engineers at 3RI Technologies and updated regularly. Classroom and digital training are available. Online training is available at your convenience. An expert instructor can teach you best practices in the classroom. With virtual training, you can attend courses from anywhere in addition to taking classroom courses. You can get more effective and do more in the cloud with the AWS cloud computing course, whether you are just getting started, upgrading your current skills, or sharpening your cloud knowledge.

Many applications using smart functionalities such as servers, virtual storage, compute power, networking, analytics, CRM, databases, robotics, media, application development tools, and the internet of things (IoT). Due to the robust functionality that AWS offers, there is no doubt that professionals in this field are in higher demand. This is increasing students enrolling in AWS certification courses. Aspirants should, however, prepare both in theory and practice before taking these tests. A leading provider of job-oriented courses, 3RI also provides certifications to help candidates achieve their goals.

How does AWS Training work?

Amazon Web Services is known by the acronym AWS. This guide provides information on many aspects of the AWS cloud computing course, as well as benefits and uses. To take this exclusive course, you will have to understand how an application is sent to a server and have a basic understanding of computer system administration. The Amazon Web Services platform (AWS) consists of everything Amazon does in the cloud, including web servers, storage, databases, computing machines, etc. Depending on their usage, individuals can rent Amazon’s services by paying a rent fee. One of the largest cloud stages on the planet, it is best known for its cloud computing capacity. Among the leading paths to develop a certain organization can be via Amazon Web Services. AWS is very much cost-effective and comes with a wide array of plan options, which is one reason why people love it so much. AWS-hosted execution is highly sought-after due to all these unique features, so many IT hubs and other organizations begin work immediately following the execution on AWS.

Additionally to all the features listed above, AWS provides a host of other outstanding features, including identity and access management, security, deployment, directory services, storage, application services, and computer services. 

The importance of AWS project training

AWS Course

 Invest in cloud fluency for your organization

 How does AWS Training work?

The importance of AWS project training

Training in project management helps candidates apply the theoretical knowledge they have acquired with their practical skills. An AWS course that is successful must have this component. The candidate will remain uncertain of the value of AWS unless they learn how to maximize its capabilities. AWS Project Training bridges the knowledge gap and provides skills to students to maximize the benefits of AWS cloud computing!

 AWS dynamic project training also provides candidates with an opportunity to acquaint themselves with new development trends and market demands, in addition to the latest industry best practices, all of which are dynamic ingredients towards best utilizing the AWS cloud. Every year 3RI hosts thousands of learners seeking to add depth to their skills through comprehensive AWS training. The training sessions are delivered by qualified and experienced Amazon professionals who optimize the candidates’ grasping power.

How can AWS be profitable for business?

An individual may be able to earn income from this source if they wish. AWS may be the best option for you if you’re concerned about losing your valuable data; you plan to move everything into a cloud-based storage solution. Your needs can be met perfectly with this program, and you will not be disappointed. Our AWS Training Institute is one of the best in the industry. We provide certification, placement opportunities, and flexible batch times so that you can make the most of your training. Although many organizations leverage AWS for professional services, only those who complete a formal course receive a certificate directly from the house of AWS. Having this certification puts him on par with professionals whose abilities have been thoroughly tested. They are called certified professionals and are sought after by clients seeking expert service. Based on my research, I’ve found the following has the greatest economic demand

· AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate
· AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Certifications in AWS specialty fields are also in demand and professionals who have expertise in such areas as big data and analytics, information systems & security, networking, and many more wish to validate their expertise. During the AWS course, candidates learn the basics before undergoing hands-on training.

What is the process of becoming an AWS certified?

Getting certified with AWS takes time depending on the certification, your experience, and how much time you spend practicing and studying. It is recommended that you start with at least six months of experience before applying for certification. The AWS Foundational (first-level certification) exam requires an understanding of AWS Cloud and industry fundamentals. Obtaining an Associate certification requires implementing solutions on AWS Cloud and solving problems. Having two years of experience implementing, operating, and troubleshooting solutions on AWS Cloud is required for the Professional certification. For each AWS certification exam, you may plan to spend 80-120 hours studying and practicing.

Why choose 3RI Technologies for AWS course training?

You will gain valuable skills and that one life-changing line on your resume if you take this Amazon cloud computing course. You will learn about the real trends of today’s IT world as we cover every detail of the course in detail. Teachers on our staff are well-trained, and one of our trainers is among the most experienced in the country. Trainers at our company have a wealth of knowledge and are proficient at educating students both theoretically and practically. A student-centric approach is the way we teach. As a result, 3RI Technologies has always held a special place in the hearts of the students who have completed a 3RI Technology course and have been successful following completion, where we ensure adequate results. In addition, we make sure that every bit of information you receive from us is relevant to the present and keep you on the cutting edge of innovation. 

We are happy to help you 24/7


Who can apply for this program?

Syllabus- AWS Cloud Computing Course

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

Decade Years Legacy of Excellence | Multiple Cities | Manifold Campuses | Global Career Offers

Basic Foundation Course

1. Programming Basics
    ● Fundamentals of Computer
    ● Understanding Applications
    ● Using Windows Explorer & File Structure
    ● Number Systems
    ● Application Software
2. Linux Foundations
    ● Introduction to UNIX and its flavors
    ● UNIX architecture
    ● File System
    ● User and Group Policies
    ● Unix general commands
    ● Concept of Files and Directories in Unix
    ● File Permission and related commands
    ● Filter Commands and their options
    ● Vi Editor
3. Introduction to Database Management Systems
    ● Introduction to Database
    ● DDL, DML, DCL, TCL
    ● Data types
    ● SELECT Statement
    ● Restricting and Sorting Data
    ● Aggregating Data using Group Functions
    ● Manipulating Data
    ● Sub queries
    ● Important Functions
    ● Joins and different types

AWS Course Curriculum

1. Introduction to Cloud & AWS
    ● Define cloud computing.
    ● Cloud computing Infrastructure.
    ● Cloud service and deployment models.
    ● Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
    ● Common cloud Implementations.
    ● Architecture discussion
    ● Lab preparation
    ● AWS account creation
    ● Overview of major AWS services
    ● Benefits of studying AWS
2. Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)
    ● Understand Users, Groups and Roles
    ● Policies and Policy documents
    ● Lab creating roles, user and groups
    ● Access control
    ● Policy management
    ● Lab policy creation
    ● Restricting different services for users.
3. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    ● Defining EC2 Instances
    ● Different type of Images (AMI)
    ● Lab creation Linux/Windows EC2 instances
    ● Lab connecting to EC2 instances
    ● Lab AMI creation
    ● Volumes (EBS)
    ● Lab volume creation
    ● Lab setting up a volume once attached to Ec2
    ● Lab snapshot creation
    ● Lab security Groups
    ● Key Pairs
    ● Auto-scaling concept
    ● Lab autoscaling
    ● Lab creation of billing alerts
    ● Lab Cloud Watch
4. S3
    ● S3 buckets and its usage
    ● Lab creating a S3 Bucket
    ● Lab upload and retrieve data from S3 bucket.
    ● Lab giving privileges on to S3 bucket.
    ● Lab on S3 policies and ACLs
    ● Lab Life Cycle Management
    ● Lab object expiration in S3
    ● Lab S3 Versioning
    ● S3-RRS, S3-IA and Glacier
    ● CORS, Lab S3 Policy
    ● Lab hosting a website on S3
5. SNS, SWF, and SQS
    ● Working with a simple notification system.
    ● Understanding queuing service.
    ● SNS and SQS real-time use case
    ● Introduction to SWF and use case
    ● Lab on SNS
6. Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT
    ● Lab creation of custom VPC
    ● Default VPC concepts
    ● Lab CIDR notation
    ● Subnets and routing concepts
    ● Different methods to connect to custom VPC
    ● Lab to create Subnets
    ● Lab ACLs
    ● Lab Routing rules.
    ● Lab to create security groups at instance.
    ● Lab setting up public and private subnets
    ● Lab setting up Internet/Nat gateway
    ● Lab Securing your network.
    ● Lab Network ACLs
7. AWS Databases RDS and Dynamodb
    ● AWS Database services overview – RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift
    ● Lab creating RDS instances
    ● Read Replicas
    ● RDS scaling concepts, postgres sql server
    ● RDS Oracle Server
    ● Database migration Service
    ● Lab configuring Multi-AZ failover
    ● Lab accessing a database hosted on RDS
    ● DynamoDb Core knowledge
    ● Scaling with Dynamodb
    ● DynamoDb write and read unit calculation, Elasticache concepts
    ● Elasticache Concepts
8. Application Services
    ● R53 and DNS
    ● Domain registration
    ● R53 routing policies
    ● Lab on routing policy setup
    ● Routing policies in detail
    ● AWS CloudFront
    ● AWS Cloud Formation
    ● Deployment Using Cloud Formation Direct Connect
9. HA Architecture
    ● Elastic Load Balancing
    ● Advanced Load Balancer
    ● Lab Elastic load balancing
    ● Launch configuration
    ● Auto scaling concepts
    ● Lab Auto scaling
    ● Backup and Disaster Recovery
    ● Deployment on AWS
    ● Cost Optimization in AWS
    ● KMS
10. Serverless
    ● Lambda Basics
    ● Lab on serverless Webpage

GIT: Complete Overview

1. Introduction to Git& Distributed Version Control
2. Types of Version Control System
3. Life Cycle
4. Create clone & commit Operations
5. Push & Update Operations
6. Stash, Move, Rename & Delete Operations.


Project Work and Case Studies

 ● Deploy a Python/Java application
    ● To access/create/upload files on S3 through EC2/Lambda
    ● To create tables, insert values in Dynamo-Db through EC2/Lambda
    ● Lab on Kinesis, through cloud formation
    ● Designing Fault tolerant and Highly Available architecture (ELB)
    ● Host Static Website on S3
    ● Build a Serverless Web Application
    ● Build an Alexa Skill

Preparation for AWS Associate Certification

  ● 500+ Practice Questions, in-line with certification.
    ● Doubts Clarification Session
    ● Interview Preparation by Certified AWS Trainer

Python Programming

1. Introduction to Python
    ● Python Installation and setting up your Environment
    ● Get familiar with various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as IDLE, PyCharm
    ● Start Python programming by learning to code in an interactive shell.
    ● Start programming on an interactive shell.
    ● Python Identifiers, Keywords
    ● Access Command line arguments within programs
2. Conditional Statement, Loops and File Handling
    ● Python Data Types and Variable
    ● Condition and Loops in Python
    ● Python Modules & Packages
    ● Python Files and Directories manipulations
    ● Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
3. Python Core Objects and Functions
    ● Built in modules (Library Functions)
    ● Numeric and Math’s Module
    ● String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
    ● Complex Data structures in Python
    ● Python built in function
    ● Python user defined functions
    ● The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions
    ● Decorators
    ● Iterators and Iterable
    ● Generators
    ● Yield keyword
    ● Iterators Generators Difference
4. Object Oriented Python
    ● Overview of OOPs Concepts
    ● Class Definitions
    ● Object , Classes and Destroying Objects
    ● Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
    ● Creating Methods and Accessing Methods
    ● Inheritance and Polymorphism
    ● Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
    ● Overloading Operators
5. Exception Handling in Python
    ● Introduction about Errors and Errors Types
    ● Exceptions Handling
    ● Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
    ● Try-finally clause
    ● Python Standard Exceptions
    ● Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
6. Regular Expression
    ● Regular Expressions
    ● What are regular expressions?
    ● The match and search Function
    ● Compile and matching
    ● Matching vs searching
    ● Search and Replace feature using RE
    ● Extended Regular Expressions
    ● Wildcard characters and work with them
7. Modules & Packages
    ● Modules
    ● How to import a module…?
    ● Packages
    ● How to create packages
8. File Handling
    ● Writing data to a file
    ● Reading data from a file
    ● Appending Data to file
    ● Read and Write data from csv file
    ● OS module
    ● Rename and Removing files, directories

Aptitude & Reasoning

1. Quantitative Aptitude
    ● Number Systems
    ● LCM and HCF
    ● Percentages
    ● Profit, Loss and Discount
    ● Interest (Simple and Compound)
    ● Speed, Time and Distance
    ● Ratio and Proportion
    ● Probability
    ● Permutation & Combination
    ● Time and Work
2. Logical Reasoning
    ● Number and Letter Series
    ● Calendars
    ● Clocks
    ● Logical Sequence
    ● Blood Relations
3. Logical Reasoning
    ● Ages
    ● Speed math
    ● Mixture & Allegations
    ● Coding & Decoding
    ● Simplification
    ● Seating arrangements
    ● Puzzles
    ● Sequence


1. Self-Analysis
    ● Know yourself
    ● Personality types
    ● Areas of interest
2. Self-Discovery
    ● SWOT Analysis – strength, weakness, opportunities, threats
3. Goal Setting
    ● Short-term plan
    ● Long-term plan
    ● Effective Time Management
4. Effective Self Presentation
    ● Personal grooming
    ● Dressing,
    ● Hygiene
5. Effective Communication
    ● Verbal – Language
    ● Voice modulation – Tone, Pitch
    ● Clarity of Speech
    ● Listening skills
    ● Written communication – general business correspondence
6. Email Etiquette
7. Body Language
    ● Understanding non-verbal communication
    ● Postures, Gestures, Eye contact
8. Resume Writing
9. Tips for Group Discussion
10. Handling Telephonic interview
11. Mock – Technical interview
12. Mock – Personal interview (PI)
13. Office Etiquettes and Mannerisms

Course Highlights

Live sessions across 11 months

Industry Projects and Case Studies

24*7 Support

Project Work & Case Studies

Validate your skills and knowledge

Validate your skills and knowledge by working on industry-based projects that includes significant real-time use cases.

Gain hands-on expertize

Gain hands-on expertize in Top IT skills and become industry-ready after completing our project works and assessments.

Latest Industry Standards

Our projects are perfectly aligned with the modules given in the curriculum and they are picked up based on latest industry standards.

Get Noticed by top industries

Add some meaningful project works in your resume, get noticed by top industries and start earning huge salary lumps right away.

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AWS Course Certification

AWS Course Certification

Are there any extra activities and training exams included as a part of this AWS course ?

Indeed, 3RI technologies give two practice assessments as a piece of this instructional class. After completing the half bit, the principal practice assessment is led, and in the wake of finishing the other half part, the subsequent assessment is led.

Who will give me my certificate? And what is the validity is that certificate?

Whenever you are finished with your AWS course with no holes, 3RI Technologies will introduce you to the business-approved course testament, which has no termination appended.

What are the qualifications to meet for completing this AWS training ?

To accomplish this AWS 3RI Technologies certification, you should finish the assignments on the given time, attend sessions and tests on time, and offer the industry-based scheme ere or on time. With this, you need to clear the test guided moving toward completing the AWS web instructional class. Your general condition during this course is viewed as an essential part before introducing you to this confirmation.

Why join this AWS training from 3RI Technologies?

Our AWS preparation furnishes you operational experience working with the first-class Amazon Web Services stage utilized by a portion of the goliath organizations throughout the planet. You can get a handle on the thoughts of AWS cloud establishment, Software as a Service and discover how to make, plan, and measure the AWS norms as per the best techniques. This entire course content is as per the essentials for clearing the AWS Certification Solutions Architect test.

You will be chipping away at continuous AWS ventures and bit by bit tasks with high importance in the corporate world, and business specialists plan the educational program. After finishing the AWS instructional class, you can probably use the best positions in top MNCs worldwide at top pay rates. 3RI Technologies offers life admittance to meetings, course materials, all day, everyday backing, and course material moving up to the most current form on additional charges. Consequently, it is a one-time cost.

What projects are included as a part of this AWS training?

We offer our candidates the most modern, industry-applicable, and high-esteem continuous ventures as a feature of the preparation program. In this manner, you can complete the training that you have earned in a real-world industry setup. All movement accompanies different undertakings that test your capacities, training, and practical information, making you impeccably industry-prepared.

You will have hands-on projects in high technology, e-commerce, marketing, sales, networking, banking, etc., domains. After finishing the projects successfully, your talents will be equivalent to 6 months of particular industry expertise.

What are the various AWS Job Options ?

AWS technology encounters several rises considerably from Amazon to keep the technology growing among IT corporations and guarantee it is the best cloud platform. IT corporation were once among the biggest companies in India that recruit some AWS experts every year. Once achieving this AWS certificate preparing firmly, our work situated preparing and meeting support assist you with taking part in one of the accompanying position positions:

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer (AWS infrastructure)
  • AWS DevOps Expert
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Java Architect (AWS)
  • AWS Developer

Why attend this AWS training ?

Selecting this AWS training, you will open paths to becoming a successful AWS Engineer. Enormous opportunity and request for AWS assure reassuring future growth for all engineer who works under the AWS platform.

Some more objects to visit this training are:

  • An AWS solutions architect could receive around 9,25,000 per annum
  • Many primary IT companies utilize AWS solutions
  • According to Amazon histories, they offer more than One Million Customers Across 190 Countries
  • AWS has an enormous market potential worldwide
  • To get a solid perception of AWS infrastructure and platform.
Global Certifications

Which AWS cloud certification is the best?

AWS now bids 12 certifications which are divided into four types, which is:

  • Introductory certification (1)
  • Associate-level certificates (3)
  • Professional-level certifications (2)
  • Quest certifications (6)

You find a complete summary of all these certificates to prepare for this certification exam with the 3RI Technologies AWS training institute.

What is the validity of the AWS certificate I will receive, and how will I get it?

Whenever you are finished with the confirmation course with 3RI Technologies, you will get a testament with no termination associated with no holes or occasions in the middle.

For accomplishing this certification, what are the conditions to satisfy?

  1. Firstly, attend all the sessions, without gaps.
  2. Go with any of the options – Online training or Classroom training.
  3. For Online Training – Attend the sessions regularly and present your project on time.
  4. For Classroom Training – Submit tasks on time, and one project should be developed and presented after the course is done.

Significant Details to select AWS Course 

  • AWS is perhaps the most mainstream and quickest developing public cloud around the world
  • Available in affordable pricing
  • Free-tier access
  • Various AWS learning resources
  • Certification validation expertise and credibility
  • Enhanced enterprise cloud migration to AWS
  • AWS Career pays higher packages
  • AWS skills demand is overtaking supply
AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner

Duration: 90 minutes

Fees: $100

This certification is excellent for any individual in a non-technical position who wants a comprehensive knowledge of the AWS platform. Amazon recommends six months of AWS experience before taking this certification exam. That practice can be in any measure – technical and non-technical roles.

This AWS certification exam involves all the necessary values of the AWS Cloud platform. You will answer questions concerning primary AWS services and features, including enterprise use cases. The exam also embraces AWS security and yielding fundamentals and wants you to prove a working knowledge of AWS billing, maintenance, and pricing. You should also get ahead of all the issues related to deploying resources and services in the AWS Cloud.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 130 minutes

Fees: $150

AWS values at least one year you are deploying distributed systems at computation, using AWS cloud services. This is the certification you will want to show the knowledge you have developed about the systems in the AWS Cloud. This exam will deeply be related to cloud-based solutions for deployments that serve strict conditions and challenge you to prove architectural best methods. You will need significant experience deploying, configuring, and managing computes, network, warehouse, and database services in AWS.

AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Professional

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 180 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS no longer supports the repayment of the AWS Certified Solutions Architect – Associate affirmation before taking this test. Even though you don’t have long periods of AWS experience, we encourage you to run after your Solutions Architect – Associate certificate first. AWS effectively suggests over two years of involvement sending conveyed frameworks at scale, utilizing AWS cloud administrations dependent on plan details and best practices.

AWS Certified Alexa Skill Builder – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 170 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS prescribes this certification to anyone who has a job role that includes building Alexa experiences. AWS esteems, in any event, a half year of active experience building voice applications utilizing the Alexa Skills Kit and is talented with at any rate one programming language.

AWS Certified Data Analytics – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 180 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS upholds five years of information investigation innovation foundation at any rate and, in any event, two years of active involvement in the AWS Cloud before applying for this affirmation test.

AWS Certified Developer – Associate

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 130 minutes

Fees: $150

AWS suggests a minimum of one year of experience preserving applications in the AWS Cloud before taking this exam. Likewise, you ought to become familiar with the center administrations, frameworks, and best practices associated with administrations on the AWS program; and have some experience building applications for instruments like Amazon DynamoDB, AWS Elastic Beanstalk, and that’s just the beginning. This AWS test looks at your ability to create applications fundamental for the AWS Cloud. You will need to show your proficiency in using the AWS SDK to communicate with and enhance the AWS services that you established into an application.

AWS Certified DevOps Engineer – Professional

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 180 minutes

Fees: $300

While AWS no longer requires an AWS Certified Developer – Associate or AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate certificate before taking this test, we at 3RI Technologies suggest them. Except if you have a long stretch of AWS experience, pursuing these other two confirmations will help you tremendously as they build up the principal understanding you will require for this expert-level certificate. AWS does suggest a minimum of two years of delivering applications or at least in managing AWS cloud deployments. You will come across questions of integration and continuous delivery methodologies and industrialization best practices, etc.

AWS Certified SysOps Administrator – Associate

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 130 minutes

Fees: $150

Before applying for this certification exam, you need to have a year of experience managing AWS-native applications. You also need to gather particulars and follow AWS best practices for arrangements and plan the board’s life cycle. Affirm your capacity to send, work, and overseeing framework assets in the AWS Cloud, including a view of the stuff to move on-premises jobs to the AWS Cloud. It would be best to understand how to operate cloud systems for both defect endurance and high availability.

AWS Certified Database – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 130 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS recommends at any rate five years of involvement in information base technologies and, in any event, two years of active AWS experience. With this, hands-on relational and non-relational databases. Disclose your capacity to utilize various AWS data set administrations to help invigorate and deal with your association’s business – including seeing how to configure, advance, and keep up AWS information-based administrations.

AWS Certified Advanced Networking – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 170 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS suggests acquiring an AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner testament or any partner declaration will help before taking this test. AWS likewise suggests five years of involvement overseeing networks and a piece of solid information on systems administration ideas and best practices connected to the AWS stage. On the off chance that you are into different systems administration projects, particularly ones that length versatile AWS frameworks, at that point, this affirmation is excellent for you. The test moves you to realize how to deal with an organization’s engineering for any assistance on the AWS stage and mechanize most systems administration obligations.

AWS Certified Security – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 170 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS informs at least two years with respect to encounter protecting AWS jobs and five years of IT security experience. This AWS affirmation test is about overall strategies for getting to the AWS Cloud stage. Applicants for this certification should be seasoned IT security specialists who can prove expert-level knowledge of data security and encryption methods for AWS environments; and the capacity of AWS tools for executing and maintaining cloud protection.

AWS Certified Machine Learning – Specialty

Type: MCQ’s and Multiple answers

Duration: 180 minutes

Fees: $300

AWS proposes that candidates who work in coding or information science jobs and have two years of involvement utilizing AI or profound learning on the AWS Cloud can apply for this accreditation. You can expect questions that request that you decide the best AI answer for an issue and why the favored technique is superior to other people. You will likewise have to clarify which AWS administrations apply to conveying an AI arrangement.

Frequently Asked Questions of AWS Training
What is AWS?

AWS, famously known as Amazon web service, is an online platform that implements scalable and cost-effective cloud computing resolutions. AWS is a broadly utilized cloud platform that extends numerous on-demand services like database storage, content delivery, compute power, security, etc., to help corporates balance and progress.

Who will be my instructor, and how are they selected?

Our instructors are more than 8+ years of experience in relevant technologies. Instructors are proficient and fully updated in the subjects they train because they spend time working on real-world industry demands.

  • Trainers have come across multiple real-time projects in their trades.
  • They all are working experts operating in multinational firms like Philips Technologies, IBM, HP, Scope, etc.
  • Accomplished more than 1500+ students every year.
  • Solid theoretical & practical information.
  • Are certified Professionals with high grades.
  • They are well connected with hiring HRs in MNC’s.
What if I miss one of the sessions?

No problem. 3RI technologies guarantee that no one misses single lecture topics. We will reschedule the sessions as per your comfort within the specified course duration with all such circumstances. If required, you can also revisit that particular topic with some other batches.

What kind of certificate will I receive after completing this AWS course?

You will earn 3RI Technologies worldwide approved course fulfillment certification.

What modes are the payments made?

We allow all effective payment options like Cash, Card (Master, Visa, and Maestro), Net Banking, etc.

What if I have questions after finishing this AWS Certification Training ?

Your admission to the Support Team is for a lifetime and will be an open day in and day out. The specialized master’s group will help you in settling inquiries during and after the course.

Can I Go to watch the Demo Session before the Enrolment?

If you have seen any of our model class records, you don’t need to look further. Enlistment is a guarantee among you and us where you consent to be a decent researcher, and we promise to oblige you the best biological system possible for learning. Our sessions are:

  • A significant part of your learning.
  • Remaining on the backbones of learned and supportive educators.
  • Devoted Private Learning Managers.
  • Interactions with your peers.

In this way, go through complete learning rather than a demo meeting. Regardless, you are covered by 3RI Technologies Guarantee, our No inquiries posed, discount strategy accessible.

Is this a live session or a recorded session?

It is a live instructor-driven smart gathering at a particular time where you and the educator will sign in simultaneously. A similar meeting will be likewise recorded, and access will be given to refresh, recap, or watch any missed classes.

  • A significant part of your learning.
  • Remaining on the backbones of learned and supportive educators.
  • Devoted Private Learning Managers.
  • Interactions with your peers.

In this way, go through complete learning rather than a demo meeting. Regardless, you are covered by 3RI Technologies Guarantee, our No inquiries posed, discount strategy accessible.

Is there any discount on this course?

Yes, you get two sorts of discounts. They are group discounts and referral discounts. A group discount is offered when you join collectively, and reference markdown is provided when you allude from somebody who has recently tried out our preparation.

Who are eligible to apply for this AWS course?

This AWS course is total for specialists who need to look for a profession in Cloud computing or improve their abilities in carrying out Cloud applications with AWS. You will enhance an asset to any business, maintaining leverage best methods around excellent cloud-based solutions and transfer existing workloads to the cloud.

Is 3RI Technologies the established certification provider?

After completing your AWS course with 3RI Technologies, you will be a magnified unit with perfect knowledge and experience in real-world projects and systems. And acquiring a distinction, i.e., 60 or above 60% in this 3RI Technologies AWS course, you will have an additional point to add to your portfolio. This AWS certificate that you will receive from our institute will be accepted in and around India. 3RI-associated Institute remembers it, which incorporates around 95+ Best Corporate associations guaranteed by some fortune organizations.

How to start learning this AWS training?

There are two ways in which you can go for this course with 3RI Technologies, they are:

  1. Classroom:  It is an offline training, which is conducted in the 3RI institute.
  2. Online: It is an online training that is completed online.

But the great thing is that 3RI Technologies present both the education with the same data, exams, examinations, and homework. That signifies you don’t need to emphasize selecting the way you want to learn this course. You can pick the one that is more advantageous for you.

What projects does 3RI Technologies provide with this AWS training?

3RI Technologies AWS course comprises 4+ real-world and popular industry-based projects. These projects are in different areas to help you grasp the concepts and features of AWS cloud computing. All of these activities will be guided by industry-experienced mentors holding 7+ long periods of involvement with a similar space. They will also share the circumstances and the problems they challenged during their work experience.

Every one of the ventures included by 3RI Technologies for the AWS preparing foundation is identified with the current business interest, high-required highlights, genuine world related, and so on. With this, you will likewise get a chance to have one to one discussion with your mentors and ask for their opinion or share your thoughts and learn whether you are going in the right direction.

What is the job aid providing with this AWS Training from 3RI?

This is an extra highlight of your vocation on the off chance you register with 3RI Technologies to take up this AWS preparation. We provide job assistance to be nurtured and improved with the education and overall features necessary in the current industry. We also conduct extra sessions on soft-skill sessions, mock preparation, and more. With this, the instructors will also help you prepare the resume according to the industry requirement.

What are the job opportunities after completing this A3WS course?

It is home to the utmost endeavors cutting across industry verticals like assembling, data modernization, banking, security, media, and business measure re-appropriating. AWS is the top Cloud Computing stage in this ultimate business objective, making it exceptionally advantageous to seek after a profession in AWS because of infinite positions accessible in the AWS area. By securing an AWS assertion , you can help your chances of getting selected.

Who can all go with this AWS course?

This AWS training can be taken by:

  • Architects, Developers, and Programmers taking after to create SaaS, PaaS, and IaaS applications or move information to AWS from existing data servers
  • System and Network Managers
  • Graduates and professionals were looking to enhance their abilities and experience in the Cloud Computing domains
What is the AWS business drift?

In the fastest developing cities as one of India’s best business objections in the public capital district. Because of this, innovations like AWS cloud are being embraced here. AWS market is consequently going through significant development. This implies that if you are qualified and confirmed in AWS, you can make the most advantageous utilization of this AWS market growth.

Why take up the AWS course in from 3RI Technologies?

In India, there are about 400+ new AWS job openings available on the job posting platforms.

  • AWS has 1 million clients from 170+ countryside’s
  • AWS is as huge as its subsequent four opponents combined
  • An AWS Certified Solutions Architect earns a minimum package of around $125,000 per year

Reaching the desired height and standing out of all the competing students is quite challenging if you don’t have expertise in trending technologies. AWS is one such moving innovation that has a significant potential gain, conveying it entirely productive to appreciate it. 3RI Technologies allows all the business driving AWS preparing to assist you with surpassing your standout work.

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Queen of the Deccan or Oxford of the East, Pune is known by various names because of its wonders. And why not? Most of the top universities and professional courses are established here. It is counted as the second-largest IT hub in India. Having a population of about 5.05 million, Pune is a livable city witnessing a peaceful and beautiful aura. Being a charming fusion of contemporary and traditional, Pune experiences several tourist attractions yearly.

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3RI Technologies is a world-renowned institute offering Software Development courses to aspiring professionals. Our course helps you in mastering Cloud Computing, Web Technologies, AI, and machine learning technologies. You will get hands-on experience to get a clear idea. 

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