DevOps Online Certification Training

Learn how to automate your infrastructure from the beginning of the course to all the advanced features and fundamentals. You will learn various topics and skills from 3RI Technologies’ instructors including Jenkins CI/CD pipelines, developing DevOps tools, managing software versions, Monitoring using Performance Monitor and Nagios, and automating testing using Selenium and Marvel. DevOps online certifications can help you gain recognition for your job.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 8 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

Online Live Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our Industry Expert Trainer

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

DevOps Online Training Overview

About DevOps Online Course

DevOps defines a practice and set of processes that lead development services and operations teams collectively to build software development. DevOps allows all the related organizations to create, manage, and promote products faster than traditional software development approaches. And that is the reason why DevOps is much more in demand in the present IT industry.

Companies are keen to take advantage of faster application delivery, enhanced discovery, more steady operating conditions, and performance-oriented employee teams. Hence, 3RI Technologies has designed its DevOps Online training program in a way that helps you to understand everything, starting from the basics. It also sharpens on a structured learning path, advised by renowned industry experts. After completing this online DevOps training course, you will receive a certificate with grades analyzed according to your throughout the course’s performance.

As DevOps Engineers are highly paid and are in demand, especially in finance, retail, technology, and eCommerce, you can take this opportunity by registering with us for this course. This will add a plus point in your resume, and you will also upgrade your skills and knowledge, which will indeed promote you to the next professional level.

What is DevOps?

The name DevOps was derived with the combination of ‘development’ and ‘operations.’ It indeed acts like the bridge provider between the user, process, and technology to continually grant value to the clients and the customers. DevOps enables earlier roles i.e., Development, Quality Engineers, IT operations & security, to collude and regulate to produce more trustworthy and more reliable products. Adapting DevOps training will help you hone your DevOps skills in all its tools, features, methods, and terms, which providers you the knowledge to satisfactorily respond to the entire client’s needs and develop confidence in the applications you build.

DevOps tools infographic

DevOps leads the application lifecycle thoroughly its plan, develop, deliver, and operate stages. Here every stage is connected and relies on all the other stages in the same model or application. In a right DevOps culture, each role is included in each phase to some extent.

Course Features

Key Features

  • Certified Online Course
  • Flexible Timings
  • Interactive sessions
  • 24/7 Support & Access
  • Real-time Project Experience
  • Additional sessions of self-development


  • 8 Weeks


  • Basic knowledge of Linux
  • Basic knowledge of SDLC
  • Familiarity with multi tier architectures


  • Developers and Testing Professionals
  • Systems Administrators, Support Engineers
  • Project Managers and Architects
Overview of DevOps

What are the different DevOps tools?

DevOps is a model through which there is a collaboration between Development and Operation teams to develop an innovative solution for their customer. Setting up a DevOps environment using tools is to automate a few complex manual tasks and ease the complete process.

Through the use of DevOps tools, a product is delivered in a shorter delivery cycle. AWS is one such type of cloud service provider that provides several services to a DevOps environment.

The most commonly used DevOps tools are Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Nagios, Chef, GitHub.

What is the use of DevOps?

With DevOps, the entire team works together in providing a healthy environment for the product development cycle. In this type of environment, the code is share, continuous integration happens, testing is carried out after every stage in an agile way, and deployment occurs automatically.

Through DevOps, the whole deployment happens in a more secured and reliable environment.

With the use of DevOps, the complete product cycle optimizes. It creates a better user experience.

The overall product development speed improves. Moreover, you can achieve a more secured product at the end of the cycle.

With the use of DevOps, developers can concentrate on design and customer experience. DevOps tools can take care of other tasks.

3RI Technologies provide the best course for AWS DevOps.

How DevOps works?

DevOps works on the principle of automating the tasks. It includes continuous integration, delivery, and testing. Through DevOps, the product delivered is consistent and reliable. 

It primarily focuses on infrastructure, the environment, and architecture.

The end product delivered should be reusable, re-deployable, and can be tested again and again.

What is the importance of DevOps online training?

DevOps online training will help you make collaborative efforts between the software developers and IT operation members.

Through this DevOps online training, you will become an expert in continuous deployment and development. You will automatically manage the configuration. You will also learn how to cooperate with the other team members to deliver a good quality product in lesser time.

Through this DevOps online course, you will become comfortable with different DevOps tools like Ansible, Docker, Kubernetes, GitHub, Chef, Nagios, Jenkins. You will also get familiarized with the various aspects of the delivery model while using DevOps.

Is DevOps easy to learn?

Anything is never complicated if you get the right teacher and you put in dedicated efforts.

The same goes for learning DevOps. With the experienced trainers at 3RI Technologies, you will understand all the concepts of DevOps with ease. Also, you will be learning every concept with practical implementations.

You cal always ask your doubts to clarify your questions. It will help you to grow continuously in terms of knowledge in DevOps.

After finishing with DevOps online course, you will handle different scenarios while working on the job.


Job opportunities with DevOps

With the increasing adoption of DevOps tools by companies, the market opportunity for DevOps developers is also increasing. Mostly these companies are looking for skilled experts to automate the tasks for faster delivery cycles.

Even if you search for DevOps openings in India, you will find more than 50K jobs available. The need for DevOps developers is higher abroad. Thus by getting trained in the requisite DevOps skills and communication, you can land up with a high-paying job at a top IT company.

With 3RI Technologies offering placement assistance, you can be assured of getting the best possible job after completing the DevOps online training.

What jobs are available for DevOps developer?

Currently, there are several jobs available for a DevOps developer. The jobs are available in India as well as in foreign countries. The IT companies are looking for a DevOps professional to work for them. You can work as an Application Developer, Security Engineer, Integration specialist, System Admin, Automation Engineer, DevOps Architect, DevOps Cloud Engineer, many more. 

At 3RI technologies, we have the best DevOps online training for individuals looking to start as a DevOps developer. We specialize in providing hands-on training for almost all the relevant DevOps tools during the DevOps online couRse. You will learn industry-required concepts, provisioning, continuous integration, and much more so that you can easily get placed in these companies. These companies are looking for talented employees, for which you can join our DevOps online couRse. It will help you secure a high paying job through your experience gained while working on LIVE projects during DevOps online training.

You can also work as a DevOps freelancer to provide solutions to smaller companies looking for DevOps’ talented resources. It will be possible by joining our DevOps online training that will train you with DevOps tools and give you practical experience working with these tools.

Top IT companies offering jobs for DevOps professionals are as follows 

1. Infosys

2. Capgemini

3. Wipro

4. TCS

5. Tech Mahindra and many more.

Is DevOps the right choice for a career?

Yes, it is the right career choice if you are looking for a highly paid and secure job. And to get highly paid jobs, you need to start preparing youRself for the work that will come your way. As a fresher, you need to improve your technical skills and communication. 

At 3RI technologies, we offer the best DevOps online training in India. Experienced certified DevOps professionals will be training you with DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Chef, Dockers, Ansible, and many more popular tools. 

Your decision to select DevOps as your career is great. DevOps is and will be the future technology in demand by IT companies. 

With the use of DevOps, the companies can have better coordination between the development and operation teams. On average, the annual salary that a DevOps Engineer is $100K.

What are the responsibilities of a DevOps Engineer?

DevOps engineers are responsible for 

  • Automating the deployment process and orchestration
  • Automating the infrastructure
  • Continuous Integration
  • Following Agile practices
  • The building, testing, and deploying Applications

As a DevOps Engineer, you would also be responsible for planning the infrastructure for the company. You should also be able to carry out testing in a virtual environment system.

To start working as a DevOps engineer, you must enroll in the best online couRse for AWS DevOps. The DevOps online training at 3RI Technologies offeRs a perfect blend of theoretical LIVE online classes and practicals. TraineRs at 3RI Technologies are qualified and experienced working professionals here with 3RI Technologies to pursue their passion for teaching and sharing their expertise with students.

What is the salary offered to a DevOps Engineer?

The salary of any DevOps Engineer will vary from location to location. Also, it will depend on the level of expertise gained over years of working in different companies.

You must get the right training under certified mentors. It is possible with 3RI Technologies, one of the best DevOps training online in India. Here you will get an experience of working on LIVE projects that will enhance your learning experience.

Salaries offered as per latest reports by top job portals

  • The average DevOps Engineer’s salary is Rs 6.5 lakhs per year. 
  • Entry-level based DevOps Engineer’s salary is Rs 3.75 lakhs per year
  • Mid-level based DevOps Engineer’s salary is Rs12 lakhs per year
  • Experienced DevOps Engineer’s salary is Rs 16 lakhs per year

DevOps Engineer salaries in foreign countries  

1. Salary for DevOps in the US is $95K

2. Salary for DevOps in the UK is €42K

It is just a collated data from several job portals available on the Internet. There is ample of high paying jobs available in India and abroad. You can get your dream job with the help of job assistance that you will receive when you enroll for the DevOps online course at 3RI Technologies.

Which top companies are hiring DevOps Engineer?

Today several companies are looking for trained and skilled DevOps engineers. They want candidates that have experience working on LIVE projects. Through the LIVE online class and projects that you work on during the DevOps online training at 3RI Technologies, it is possible to get a high paying job in any of the top companies.

Top IT companies looking for DevOps Engineer are

  • SAP.
  • Salesforce.
  • Accenture.
  • Amazon. 
  • IBM.
  • Capgemini.
  • Oracle.
  • TCS.

As a fresher, how much can I make as a DevOps Engineer?

A fresher needs to be trained in their technical and communication skills to enter as a DevOps Engineer in top companies. DevOps online course offered by 3RI Technologies will make you job-ready. It increases your chance of placement with reputed IT giants.

The entry-level DevOps professional can earn around Rs. 3.75 lakhs per year in India. This salary will also vary depending on the company’s location and your knowledge and hands-on experiences on DevOps tools like Kubernetes, Docker, Ansible, Chef, Jenkins, and many more.

How can I change my career to DevOps Engineering?

DevOps Engineering is a high paying IT job opportunity. If you are looking for a job after graduation, you can quickly start afresh by getting yourself trained by the best DevOps training online in India. It will help you to know the company work culture. Also, it will help you get employable.

However, if you are lateral, you have to reskill yourself to the new technology set needed as a DevOps engineer.

In both cases, 3RI Technologies can offer DevOps online training and train you with the relevant skills through our online LIVE class. Here the course is designed with expert team members who have experience working on several DevOps projects. During the LIVE DevOps online course, you will get a chance to interact and resolve all your doubts during the online class.

The trainers at 3RI Technologies have 5+ years of working experience. Their guidance helps the student to master the technical skillset and understand the working environment of different companies. Our training program suits both freshers as well as lateral professionals.

About Trainer

We are particular when it comes to selecting the instructor for our DevOps online course. The trainer has to go through a screening test before they are on board. We also check whether the instructor has a passion for teaching or not. We don’t take any instructors unless they are the best.

  • Our DevOps trainers have been working for more than 5+ years in top MNCs like Zensar, Infosys, and so on.
  • They have experience working on different types of DevOps projects while on the job.
  • They train students along with their ongoing jobs to fulfill the passion they have for teaching.
  • The Technical head works closely with all our trainers to ensure each student receives quality DevOps online training. Our team conducts special workshops to sharpen their teaching skills.
  • These trainers are certified DevOps professionals
  • These trainers have successfully trained more than 500+ students and conducted more than 30+ corporate workshops.
  • DevOps online training instructors are energetic, and it is seen in the lively class that happens each week.
  • All our students have continuously given us positive feedback for all our trainers.
  • The trainers are connected with their companies HR. It is easy to get information about new companies opening. These details can be passed on to our students who are actively looking for a job.
  • The trainers are friendly, and all our students can quickly resolve their doubts during the class without any hesitation.
  • They are the guiding pillar for all our students. They always motivate and encourage our students while completing their assignments, case studies, and projects.
  • All the concepts taken by them are broken down into smaller lessons so that learning happens smoothly.
  • Healthy discussions happen between the instructor and students.
  • Our instructors make every student think of a solution to any given assignment. It helps in developing their designing skills.
  • The instructors help in preparing the students for interviews and DevOps certification exams.


Skills Required

0 +
24x7 Support and Access
50 to 55 Hrs Course Duration
50- 0
Extra Activities, Sessions
0 %

DevOps Online Course Syllabus

Best in Class-content by Leading Faculty & industry leaders in the form of Videos, Cases and Projects, Assignments and Live Sessions

Module 1:DevOps Introduction
  • What is Devops
  • Need of DevOps
  • Devops Transition
  • Technical challenges
  • DevOps Market trends
  • Devops Tools in Market
  • CI-CD overview
Module 2:Linux
  • Architecture and Filesystem of Linux
  • Linux Bash Commands
  • Services, User & Group management
  • Sed, Awk, Cut, Find, echo, printf, cron etc
  • Loops – while, ForLoop
  • Shell scripting 
  • Networking & OS management
Module 3: Cloud Computing with AWS
  • Fundamentals of Cloud Computing
  • Hypervisors, Bare Metals, KVM/XEN
  • AWS introduction
  • EC2, AMI, Securitygroups, Keypair, S3, Public,Elastic IP
  • IAM, Roles, Cloudwatch
  • VPC : Segreatting public,private infrastructure
  • Introduction to ASG, ELB
Module 4: Source Code Management & Version Control
  • Source Code Management using GitHub UI
  • History & Need of Version Control
  • Centralized VS Distributed version control system
  • Github CommandLine
  • Cloning, Commit, Forking, Merge, ReBase, PullRequest,GitDiff, Logs
  • Exposure to CherryPick
Module 5: Continuous Integration with Jenkins
  • Jenkins – Installation
  • Jenkins – Configuration
  • Jenkins – Management
  • Jenkins – Setup Build Jobs
  • Integration of JENKINS with GIT
  • Integration of Maven with Jenkins
  • Jenkins Dashboard
  • Remote Builds and user management in Jenkins
  • Exposure to backup & Jenkins Security
  • Build Tools – Maven & exposure to Gradle
  • Pipelines
Module6: Monitoring
  • Virtualized infrastructure monitoring using Nagios
  • Installation & maintenance
  • Exposure to Prometheus & Grafana
Module7: Ansible
  • Understanding Configuration Management
  • Understanding Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Desired State Configuration Management
  • Understanding Continuous Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Server Client based Configuration Automation
  • Understanding Remote Configuration Automation
  • Introduction to Ansible tools
  • Ad Hoc commands and Modules
  • Yaml templates
  • Playbooks
Module 8: Terraform
  • Understanding Infrastructure As A Code
  • What is Terraform
  • JSon templates
  • Managing infrastructure using Terraform
  • Multiple modules
  • Integrating Terraform with AWS
  • Update existing templates
Module 9: Docker Containers
  • Understanding MicroServices
  • Introduction to Docker & Containers
  • Working with containers
  • Docker CLI
  • Dockerfile templates
  • Docker Hub – Repo,Push, Pull
Module 10: Kubernetes
  • What is Kubernetes and Need
  • Technical overview of Control Plane & Data Plane
  • Kubernetes cluster provisioning using Kubeadm
  • POD, Deployment, ReplicaSet, Nodes, DaemonSets, InitContainers
  • Command & Args
  • Multi Master architecture and exposure
  • ScaleIn/ScaleOut Ad Hoc on Demand of Microservices
  • Services, Secret, ConfigMap, Volumes, PVC, PV,StorageClass


Project Work
  • WebBased application using Tomcat, Apache, EC2, Maven, Jenkins, Git for CI-CD flow
  • CI-CD flow using EC2 with Git,Jenkins, Ansible
  • CI-CD flow using EC2 with Git,Jenkins, Docker/Containers and Ansible

Miscellaneous Work

  • Multiple examples of JenkinsFile for Jenkins Pipeline – production grade
  • Integrating DockerFile with Jenkinsfile
  • Inducing Shell scripts with DockerFile and jenkinsfile
  • Push existing code of Container ImageBuild to DockerHUb
  • Induce Continuous Deployment using Shell script via EC2 instance
  • Exposure to GitOps model
  • Induce Githook to automate the CD part
  • Exposure to other industry standard tools like FLUX, Travis
  • Continuous Deployment on a Kubernetes Cluster
  • Exposure and demo on Prometheus & Grafana implementation on Kubernetes
  • Induce load on MySQL microservice and monitor throughput,IOPS,Latency from Grafana UI, metrics being sent by Prometheus
  • Other industry used security measures for Containers
  • Best real time practices wrt CI-CD model for microservices on Kubernetes
  • General talks wrt Interview Questions for each topic

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.


DevOps Online Course Certification

Certification Overview

When you enroll for DevOps online course at 3RI Technologies, you become eligible to get the Certificate of completion from us.
The DevOps online training is conducted either on weekdays or weekends as per the availability of the student. You get a chance to attend any of you missed class with an upcoming batch. You will also get recordings of the LIVE class that you may go through for revisions.
With instructor guidance, you will complete your industry-based projects and assignments. Each class will have quizzes and assignments. These will be considered essential parameters in evaluating your performance during DevOps online training.
3RI Technologies is accredited for several Global certifications for DevOps. If you wish, you can appear for these exams through our center. We will help you in preparing you for the Global certification exams.
At the same time, you will receive a Certificate of completion from 3RI Technologies, which holds value in IT companies.

What are the necessary criteria to unlock my DevOps 3RI Technologies Certification?

To unlock DevOps 3RI Technologies, you will have to pass the internal exam conducted by us. At the same time, you have to complete the LIVE industry-based projects. You will also have to complete all the assignments on time.
You would need to take feedback from your instructors, and if required, make necessary changes to give desirable results.
Also, the class’s overall performance is an important criterion considered before awarding with DevOps 3RI Technologies certification.

How long does it take to complete DevOps online training?

Ideally, you can complete the entire DevOps online course in 40-50 hours of the LIVE online class. It excludes the time that you will spend on assignments and LIVE projects.
You can even complete the course in fewer days if you spend extra time on each topic and regularly practice assignments. Also, you need to ensure that all your doubts are cleared in the class with the instructor’s help before proceeding to the next topic.
Be focused and dedicated while completing DevOps online training.
You are in the best DevOps training online in India.

What is the value of DevOps Online training certification in IT companies?

The DevOps online training will help you stand out from the rest of the candidates who have come for the interview. The DevOps online training will help you get an industry-based LIVE project that will show your credibility to employers.
Through the DevOps online training, you will become ready to start with any job of DevOps. It is what is desired by most of the companies.
With DevOps online course, you will get practical hands-on with different DevOps tools like Ansible, Kubernetes, Docker, etc.

How many chances do I get to pass the online exam conducted for DevOps online training?

You are awarded a Completion certificate only after clearing the internal exam conducted by 3RI Technologies. As such, we know you will be able to clear this exam without many efforts because of the rigorous DevOps online training.
However, even if you don’t clear the internal exam, our instructors will personally work with you to strengthen your weak area. The instructor will take more coding examples with you to help you understand the perspective of every concept in DevOps.
With the instructor’s guidance and your regular practice, you can then appear for your exams. A certificate of completion will be given only after passing this exam and finishing all the assignments given during DevOps online course.

If I don't pass the online exam, when can I reappear for the exam again?

If you fail the internal exam of DevOps because of any reason, you can appear for your re-exam only after 15 days.
This gap is essential to get time to check your weak areas that need to be sharpened. Then you can work on those areas with help from your instructors.
Once the instructor is confident and you are too, you may reappear for the exam after 15 days from the date when your results were announced.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will all be covered in 3RI Technologies DevOps Online Training Program?

From all the essential terms to every advance features and fundamentals, the instructors of 3RI Technologies will help you to expertise your related skills and things like

  • Create CI/CD Pipelines using Jenkins
  • In-depth training about DevOps tools
  • Execution of software version control and management
  • Configuration management
  • Monitoring using performance tuning and Nagios
  • Developing an application and performing automation testing to them using Selenium and Marvel.
2. What are the pre-requisites for applying for this course?

There are no such criteria to apply for this course. Still, basic knowledge of Linux functionalities and knowledge about any scripting languages like Java or Python will help you to grasp things faster and easier.

3. Why go with 3RI Technologies for DevOps Online Training Program?

We offer the most comprehensive DevOps online certification training course, which is modernized according to the latest industry requirements and technologies. Here you will learn every framework of DevOps development and operations used in all the multinational companies around. Everything will be practiced with real-time synopses and terms from successful installation, integration, interaction, and collaboration.

4. Who all are eligible to apply for this course at 3RI Technologies?
  • Software Testers
  • Engineers/Developers
  • Solution Architect
  • System Admin
  • Security Engineers
  • Integration Specialists
  • Application Developers
5. Why should one go with Online DevOps Training and not Offline?

Learning guidance has emerged with the approach of technology. With our 24×7 access and support scheme, our online scholars will always be accessible by you for all kinds of queries and doubts you have. You can also clear your doubts right after the session is done, which is one of the driving factors to make sure that people achieve their end learning objective and understand the topics well. We also provide life-time access to our updated course material to all our previous scholars.

6. Who provides this DevOps certification, and what is its validity?

Once you have completed your DevOps online training successfully, you will be awarded an industry-recognized DevOps course completion certificate from 3RI Technologies, which indeed have a lifelong validity.

7. What is the DevOps online course?

DevOps helps the companies to have collaborative efforts from the development and operation team. It, in turn, reduces the efforts put in the development cycle for any product. It reduces the cost involved in developing the product. Moreover, the product can be designed in a shorter duration with fewer hassles. 

With the use of DevOps tools better quality product is available to the customer in lesser time. It complements the Agile working model employed by most of the companies.

It is derived from the word Development+Operations. It picks up the best practices of the development and IT operations.

3RI Technologies offer the best DevOps online training with a practical learning experience. The course is designed under guidance from industry experts who understand the needs of the market. They have come up with a curriculum that can help freshers lay a strong foundation and laterals with strong enforcement of DevOps’ technical aspects.

The DevOps online training at 3RI Technologies comprises of LIVE online class blended with ample practical sessions. It gives the student extended hands-on experience that makes them job-ready.

The DevOps Online course will cover

  • An introduction to DevOps
  • Basic understanding of programming
  • An introduction to cloud concepts
  • Understanding and working on GitHub
  • Understanding and working on Chef
  • Understanding and working on Jenkins
  • Understanding and working on Kubernetes
  • Understanding and working on Docker
  • Understanding and working on Ansible
  • Understanding and working on Nagios
  • Understanding and working on Terraform

We value feedback from our students regularly to improve the material, making it easier to grasp our students’ concepts. All the DevOps online classes will be interactive with healthy discussions among students and trainers.

At 3RI Technologies, we will partner with you to fulfill your goals. We will also be providing placement assistance as part of the DevOps online course. Mock Interviews, Group Discussions, Resume creation help, Soft-skill training workshops are BONUS that every student who enrolls for DevOps training will get at 3RI Technologies.

We are the best DevOps training online in India.

8. What are the objectives of the DevOps online course?

The DevOps online course created by 3RI Technologies is primarily focused on meeting the demands of industries. It ensures that every student that enrolls for DevOps online training is employable. They can start on the job immediately after joining any company.

All these perspectives are considered while designing the course in a scientific way. It can be considered as the perfect mix of Theoretical and practical sessions.

As a part of the DevOps online training, you will be introduced to What & Why you should use DevOps. You will be studying the benefits of using DevOps tools over other tools.

You will also be studying 

  • How to use GitHub GUI for version controlling
  • Configuration management using Jenkins and plugins available in Jenkins
  • Creating pipelines using Jenkins
  • Different components of Chef
  • How to continuously monitor the application using Nagios
  • The infrastructure of Ansible and its usage
  • Working on containers with Docker
  • The Technical architecture of Kubernetes
  • Building infrastructure and integrating with AWS using Terraform
  • Case studies on every concept
  • LIVE project

All our DevOps online training will give you an in-depth understanding of every concept using several LIVE coding examples.

During the LIVE DevOps online course, you will be monitored continuously through quizzes and daily assignments given during the class.

And to top it you will receive placement assistance from the dedicated team at 3RI Technologies. 

9. Why should you go for DevOps online training?

As per the current market, the scenario is considered there are several opportunities for a DevOps Engineer. These companies are always looking for employees who can immediately take their responsibilities as soon as they join the company, making it a cost-effective affair.
For this, you must have the requisite skills that can be gained by enrolling for the best online course for AWS DevOps at 3RI Technologies. Here at 3RI Technologies, you will have working professionals with 5+ years of experience as trainers. Their ongoing experience on DevOps projects will help you to learn the practical aspects of every concept of DevOps and its tools.
DevOps online course at 3RI Technologies will also provide lifetime access to all the study material to their students. As part of DevOps online training, you will be working on several case studies, and LIVE projects directly picked up from the industry to give you relevant technical experience.
With over tie-ups with 500+ companies across India, you will get placement assistance from us. We conduct special communication skill development workshops by experts in this field. We also conduct MOCK interviews to prepare you to face any interview when needed.

10. Who can opt for DevOps online course?

Anyone who plans to start as a DevOps engineer can opt for DevOps online course. Programming experience is not mandatory; however, working on any programming language is always beneficial.

The course is ideally meant for any

  • Software developer
  • System Administrators
  • IT Operation professional
  • Solution Architects
  • Application Developer
  • Integration experts
  • Any many more

The DevOps online course is designed in such a way that a fresher as well as a lateral IT professional, any of them can quickly start and achieve success. 

Anyone who wants to start as a DevOps Engineer can join our DevOps online course. It is not mandatory to have any programming experience. Age nor place can stop you from enrolling in this DevOps online course.

You need to be passionate to learn new technology and upgrade yourself to get a high paying job in the industry.

11. How will the DevOps online course help you in your career path?

The DevOps online course offered by 3RI Technologies is crafted after extensive research by the academic team. They have taken input from industry experts to understand the existing gap between the candidates and the needed skill set.
With more and more companies adopting DevOps culture, this has created more opportunities for freshers and lateral professionals. As per recent reports published, on average, a DevOps skilled professionals earns Rs 7 lakhs. Also, the salary varies depending on the location and experience level.
This DevOps online course by 3RI Technologies will help you be trained with the necessary skillset to fill up the existing gap experienced by industries. The DevOps online training will help you understand the DevOps work culture and relevant tools.
Also, on completing the projects and exams, you will receive an industry-recognized certificate of completion. To top it up, you will also receive placement assistance from a dedicated team.

12. What are the pre-requisites for pursuing DevOps online course?

The most crucial pre-requisite needed to enroll for DevOps online course is the passion for learning in case of a fresher. And for a lateral professional, you should be ready to relearn a new skill.
However, if you have experience working on any programming language like Shell scripting, Java, and any other, it would be advantageous for you. But this is not the only basis to enroll in DevOps online training. Knowledge about the development and deployment cycle will also benefit any student enrolling for DevOps online course at 3RI Technologies.
It would help if you had good soft-skills for communicating between the teams as you would have to work with Development and Operations team at the same time.
These skills will help you to finish the course in lesser time. However, at 3RI Technologies, we will start with the basic concept and gradually move to DevOps’ advanced concepts.

13. State the features of DevOps online training?

3RI Technologies offers the best DevOps training online in India. The DevOps online training consists of LIVE classes from experienced and certified DevOps professionals.
The USP of this DevOps online course is the practical hands-on experience that every student gets during the course. During DevOps online training, you will be working on several programming examples during the LIVE class. You will also be working on several LIVE projects, and case studies picked up from industry verticals like Banking & Finance, Education, E-commerce, and many more.
Working on several projects will help you sharpen your resume and improve your knowledge too. This will also enhance your thinking capability and help you analyze different possible solutions for any industrial scenario.

Features of DevOps Online Training

  • LIVE online class
  • Instructors with 5+ years of experience with DevOps projects
  • Trained more than 1000 students
  • Conducted more than 50 corporate workshops
  • Scientifically designed curriculum
  • Lifetime access to study material
  • Free-ebooks download available
  • Daily Quizzes
  • Multiple batch options for weekdays and weekends
  • Limited no. of students in each batch
  • Missed class covered
  • Doubt solving covered in class
  • Necessary software assistance
  • Daily home assignments
  • Case studies and LIVE industry-based projects
  • MOCK interviews
  • Personality development workshops
  • placement assistance
  • Internal exam
  • Help for external certification exams
  • Certificate of completion
14. What skills will I learn with this DevOps online training?

After completing the DevOps online training and working on the LIVE project, our students will be aware of the DevOps delivery cycle and handle different industry-based scenarios. 

You will be capable of,

  • Sharing the benefits of using DevOps
  • Working on AWS and any other cloud environment
  • Working with GitHub for managing the source code
  • Carrying out continuous integration using Jenkins
  • Monitoring continuously using Nagios
  • Configuring and automating the deployment using Ansible
  • Creating containers with Docker
  • Containers into nodes using Kubernetes
  • Building infrastructure using Terraform

As a part of this DevOps online course, you will also be working out ways to improve your overall personality. You will also develop designing skills by the end of DevOps online training.

15. What is the duration of DevOps training online?

The complete duration of DevOps is of 2 months. It excludes the time that you would need to complete LIVE industry-based projects. You may need additional 15 days to complete this project and other assignments given for practice.
The DevOps online classes are conducted on weekdays as well as on weekends as per your availability.
On weekdays the class will span from Monday to Friday, with every class duration of 90 minutes each. However, the class duration is of 2 hours for weekend batches.
You may need additional time to prepare for interviews and preparing for external Global certification exams.

16. Do I need programming for a career in DevOps?

DevOps is a set of tools used to automate a part of the development and operations process. It is a collaborative effort put forward by the developers and operations team.
It is not necessary to know programming to start a career in DevOps. You can learn that by joining the best online course for AWS DevOps at 3RI Technologies.
However, knowing programming will help you get faster hands-on experience on different tools that build up the DevOps platform.

16. Do I need programming for a career in DevOps?

DevOps is a set of tools used to automate a part of the development and operations process. It is a collaborative effort put forward by the developers and operations team.
It is not necessary to know programming to start a career in DevOps. You can learn that by joining the best online course for AWS DevOps at 3RI Technologies.
However, knowing programming will help you get faster hands-on experience on different tools that build up the DevOps platform.

17. How can I practice DevOps?

As part of DevOps online training, you will get all the necessary software assistance from our team to practice DevOps. You will get to know how to create an account in any cloud environment like AWS. You will also be educated on installing different software like Kubernetes, Docker, Chef, and many others in this environment.
If you face any difficulty in software installation, you can contact our system admin or get in touch with the instructor for assistance. But if the issue exists because of some specific hardware requirement, it needs to be taken care of by the students.
In the LIVE class for DevOps online training, the instructor will take several coding examples. The students will have to work on them on their PC/laptops simultaneously. The students will get assignments fr practice. The assignments need to be submitted within the given time to the instructors for feedback. If you need help in solving the tasks, you will get that from your concerned instructor.
Also, each student needs to complete the LIVE projects given to them. The instructor will check them and give feedback. Wherever the instructors have asked for some corrective action, it needs to be done.
The instructors want to always help you with your practice in DevOps.

18. Who is my instructor?
  • The instructor will be an expert in the subject of DevOps.
  • The DevOps trainers for DevOps online course will have 5+ years of experience working for top companies like HCL, Zensar, Infosys, and many more.
  • They have obtained Global certifications for DevOps and have been working on several DevOps projects at their companies.
  • They will keep them updated with the latest technological trends related to DevOps.
  • They have an in-depth understanding of every topic along with their practical implementation.
  • They have developed their problem solving and designing skills. It gives an advantage to all our students to learn from their rich experience.
  • They have successfully conducted training for more than 1500 students. These students are placed at reputed companies in India.
  • The instructors have also successfully conducted more than 50 corporate training for DevOps.
  • Our instructions have a strong professional relationship with the HR of their companies. It helps us access new openings in these companies and help our students with more placement opportunities.
  • All our instructors encourage every student during the DevOps online training. It helps to improve the performance of our students.
19. What are the different modes in which training is offered for this DevOps online course?

There are different modes of DevOps training available with 3RI Technologies. You can select between DevOps online training and DevOps classroom training.
The DevOps classroom training is conducted at our center in Pimple Saudagar Pune that is well-equipped with the necessary software needed for the practice. Also, the theoretical class would be taught in well-ventilated rooms.
The other mode is DevOps online training. It is conducted through a LIVE online class. Here, you will get the same feeling as you have in a regular classroom. It is a lively class with continuous interactions between instructor and students. Also, all your doubts will be solved in a LIVE class.
We also offer Fast-tracked DevOps online courses for students who want to complete the course in lesser time. This course is best suited for professionals who have programming experience and have knowledge about the build and deployment cycle.
We also offer Customised DevOps online courses. In this course, we provide training in particular DevOps tools as per the requirement of our students.

20. Can I attend a demo session?

Yes, you can attend our demo session that mostly happens on weekends. There are also times when we conduct demos sessions on weekdays as per the availability of our students. It will be an introductory session to DevOps online training. 

In the demo session, the instructor will introduce you to the fundamental concepts needed to start a DevOps career. There will be a LIVE interactive session with our students.

Through this session, you will be able to understand the teaching method employed by the instructor. If it suits, you can enroll in the DevOps online course. 

We are confident that after attending this demo class and enrolling in the DevOps online training, you will get value for every rupee you pay us.

Call us on 741 007 3340 to register for a FREE demo DevOps class, or you can also register at

21. Can we get any group discounts or industry training for our team?

We do offer corporate or group discounts on a case-to-case basis. To get all the required information on how much discount is possible, call us on 741 007 3340 or fill up the inquiry form; we will reach out to you to discuss further on this.

22. What are the payment options?

We provide several payment options for our students to make payment easy for them. You can pay by cash by visiting our Head office at Pimple Saudagar. You can also pay by an online NEFT transfer to our bank account. You can also pay by GPay.

Call us on 741 007 3340 to get the necessary bank account details for NEFT transfer or GPay number to initiate a transfer.

You also need to mail us the transaction details to receive the receipt of the same.

23. What are the basic requirements in terms of Hardware and Software to attend DevOps Online Training?

There are few things to be taken care of in terms of Hardware when it comes to DevOps online training. You will need a laptop/PC to install the required environment to start DevOps online course.

You would need

  • 8GB RAM and an i3 or above processor
  • 500 GB size of a hard disk( empty is not required)

You can install the necessary software in an AWS cloud environment if your laptop or PC doesn’t meet all the requirements. This way, you will be working in a virtual environment with these tools.

If your’s is a LINUX based PC and meet all the necessary hardware requirements, you can install the tools directly on your machines and start with the practice.

You will receive necessary assistance from instructors and our system-admin team for software installations on your laptop or virtual environment.

24. How will I perform practicals during DevOps Online Course?

Every student will be provided with detailed step-by-step instructions to set up an environment to implement any project in DevOps. The instructors will verify the setup, to begin with, practicals during the LIVE DevOps online class.
During the class, the instructor takes several coding examples, and the students simultaneously perform them on their systems. Every coding example will begin with the design thinking, leading to coding, then doing required testing, and finally deployment. It will help the students to understand a complete development cycle for an application.
As part of the DevOps online course, you will be working on a LIVE project under your instructor’s guidance. The trainers will provide feedback to make any improvements.

25. What projects shall I be doing as part of these DEVOPS Online courses?

As part of DevOps Online training, you will get to work on several case studies and industry-based projects. It will help you to build a strong foundation in DevOps.

All these projects that you will work on with the guidance of experienced instructors. It will help you to understand the development cycle that these companies usually use.

You will start with finding out the different possible solutions and then finalizing the best solution out of them. Then you will be finally implementing the solution and getting the results verified with your trainers.

The projects that you will work on includes 

  • Case studies on Ansible
  • Case studies on Jenkins
  • Case studies on Terraform

You will also be working on sample projects taken from the datasets of Amazon, Facebook, Google, and so on.

Once you complete the project, you will have better chances of getting selected during an interview. 

26. Is the DevOps online course material accessible even after completing the training?

You will have complete access to the DevOps online training material even after you finish the course. It will help you brush the concepts whenever needed.
You will also receive invites for seminars to update our students with any latest release changes in DevOps. We will also provide you with ebooks that will help you to widen your knowledge in DevOps. It comes as a BONUS to all our students to help them get better each day.

27. Does the placement assistance provide guarantees a job after completing the DevOps online course?

We don’t make fake promises. We promise what we can deliver.
So with this as our stand, we don’t guarantee you with any job. But we will provide you with placement assistance. We can assure you of quality DevOps online training. The expert teachers in town will conduct these DevOps online classes.
All your doubts are cleared during the LIVE online class. Questions that are often asked during interviews are also discussed during the DevOps online course. It prepares you to face these questions in real scenarios. Also, MOCK interviews are conducted to sharpen your preparations.
Also, the LIVE project experience will help you increase your chance of getting selected. Your progress is monitored continuously during the DevOps online training. If the instructor finds you weak with any concept, they take extra efforts to help you get better with that concept.
All our instructors work towards your success. Our placement team will also be closing working with you to create an impressive resume and LinkedIn profile for you. Also, special communication skill workshops are conducted that will help you improve your personality. They will also be continually providing you with the details about job openings, and then you can proceed with it further.
We provide all necessary assistance to ensure that each of our students gets placed in top IT companies. But you will get no guarantee for jobs from us.

28. Are DevOps online training include LIVE sessions or pre-recordings of class?

You will get a LIVE online class as part of this DevOps online course. It will help you to interact with your instructors and with fellow students. You can any doubts, get them solved during the LIVE class. You will also get a recorded session copy for reference purposes.

29. How will I cover any missed class?

You will get a chance to attend the missed class with an upcoming batch. If that is not possible for you, you may watch the recordings of the LIVE session. You can clarify any doubt you might have in the next class for your batch.

30. Whom to connect for more queries?

For any unanswered questions, you can reach out to our team at 741 007 3340.  You may also write your question by filling the form present on our website.

We are waiting for you to start your DevOps online training with us.

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