AngularJS Online Certification Training

3RI Technologies provides Angular Online Training with Real-Time Scenarios. Training is provided by our experts in the Basic & Advanced skill sets. We have well-trained Web Developers in our Academy. Our Training are designed for corporate & business use. Manually setting or retrieving the values of those variables can be done with JavaScript. The framework provides a client-side MVC Architecture for easy development & testing of applications.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 8 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

Online Live Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our Industry Expert Trainer

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

Online Angular JS Training and Certification Course at 3RI Technologies

AngularJS Online Training

Hey there! Have you not tried Angular yet? If not, you are juggling out why people around the globe say that JavaScript is the most versatile and flexible language amongst others. Angular JS is the only framework designed which does not make MVC appear like applying makeup on monkeys.

Nowadays, all the frameworks introduced are just the collection of all the existing tools. They are a unified toolset but not that attractive or exciting. But Angular stands out of all. It is now known as the new generation framework, where all the tools are designed to work with all the other tools in an interconnected manner.

Now, what is Angular JS?

Angular JS is an open-source website application framework developed in 2009 by Adam Abrons & Misko Hevery. Angular JS is so well-organized and known, and this is the reason Google maintains it.

Angular JS is a structural framework developed and designed for mainly creating all the dynamic web applications. It makes use of HTML as its template language, which indeed helps you in extending the HTML syntax to dispatch your application elements. Angular JS is an open-source i.e., it’s free, which makes it more in demand for all the developers around the world. Additionally, it is licensed under the Apache license version 2.0.

Course Features

Key Features

  • Job Assistance
  • Live Sessions
  • Real-time Projects
  • 24/7 Access and Support
  • Certified Course
  • Flexible timings
  • Career Development


  • 8 Weeks 


  • Knowledge of HTML / CSS is required
  • Candidate should have a good knowledge of JavaScript and Object-Oriented JavaScript
About trainer
  • All our trainers are well-certified professionals with an in-depth understanding of basic and advanced Angular concepts required in this institute.
  • Our trainers have experience of 5 +years while working in the top reputed companies like Zensar, IBM, etc.
  • They have working experience on industry-based projects which they share with our students during the Angular online courses.
  • They keep themselves aware of the latest market requirements, which is beneficial for our students at 3RI Technologies.
  • They help the students during the assignments when they find any difficulty in doing them. These assignments will help our students to learn practical implementations of every concept.
  • Our technical heads train our trainers so they can have the ability to handle our Angular online trainingThey also have direct connections with the reputed companies’ HR, which helps us get more job opportunities for our students.
  • They ensure that students understand every concept. So they effortlessly teach them.
  • Our trainers have trained many students successfully and also help them to get placed with highly paid jobs.
  • Our trainer encourages and motivates the students for their bright future, and also they take efforts for them.
  • They also help you in preparing for the job interviews and also for the online certification exams.

What is necessary to unlock my Angular 3RI Technologies certification?

The criteria for unlocking the Angular 3RI Technologies certification are completing all the assignments and projects on time.

If your instructor asks you to make some changes, you would make it on time and show them on time for approval. Online examination is conducted to test your theoretical and practical knowledge.

If you want to unlock the 3RI Certification, then you need to pass the online examination. Also, your overall performance during your Angular online classes is considered.

If you pass all the above essentials, you will be awarded Certification of completion from 3RI Technologies.

What is the value of Angular online training certification in IT companies?

Our AngularJS online training will help you get to transform from a fresher to a professional. Also, it will help you to increase your advanced knowledge of Angular concepts starting with the basics.

In the Angular online courses, you will be working on industry-based LIVE projects and case studies. Through this project, you will learn the different Angular forms, web development products, etc.

You will also improve your soft-skills, which is essential when working with top reputed IT companies.

How many attempts do I get to pass the online exam conducted for Angular JS online training?

You will not get the AngularJS online training certification unless and until you pass the examination. If you fail for the first time, then you have another chance to reappear again for the test.

You will have to take the help of your trainers for working on your weaker section. They will help you in a better understanding of those concepts.

There are very few chances for you not to clear the examination if you complete your assignments and projects on time.

If I don’t pass the exam, when can I reappear again?

If you fail for the first time, then you will have to work on your weak areas. Our instructors will help you improve your weak points in Angular concepts to clear the examination in the next attempt.

In between the two exams, it is essential to have a minimum gap of 15 days. So once when you are confident and improve your weaker areas, you can reappear for the certification exams.

What skills shall I learn with this AngularJS online training?

By learning Angular JS online training skills, you will proceed from the necessary Angular skills to Angular’s advanced concept. It will also help you to increase your knowledge of web concepts needed for developing client-side applications.

You will be learning skills such as:

  • Basics of single-page applications.
  • Concepts of web technology.
  • Building the angular components.
  • Understanding communication with external web services.
  • Also, learning about the Angular directives.

You will also get in-depth knowledge about the Angular forms and many more concepts through our practical session at 3RI Technologies. Also, by learning these skills, it will be easy for you to pursue a highly paid job for which you are aiming for.

Our team is available to solve any doubts that you might have. You can ask your questions during the Angular online classes.

What is the duration of Angular online training?

The duration for completing the Angular online training will be two months. In this Angular online training, you will be working on LIVE projects. Also, you will get a chance to attend practical sessions in this course. You will be solving several case studies and assignments.

You can complete this Angular online course in lesser time if you give more time each day. 

If the batch time doesn’t suit you, you can contact our team to find out the best possible option for you. You will require additional time to prepare for the certification exams and assignments. 

Do I need programming for a career in Angular?

You don’t need to know the program as there are several tools available for handling the program. With tools such as Node package manager, RXJS, it is easier to manage the programming part.

But, if you know to program, it will be easy for you to make a career transition towards a bright future. Also, it will surely help you in securing a job which will pay you handsomely.

You can refer to our Angular online courses in which you learn how to create a single page dynamic application. With our AngularJS online training, you will make a smooth transition from a beginner to an advanced-level programmer.

How can I practice Angular?

At 3RI Technologies, you will get the necessary material to practice Angular. Our instructors will guide you step by step to help you with practicing several real scenarios.

You can practice Angular by doing the assignments and various case studies. Also, you can work on LIVE projects under the supervision of our instructors.

Our trainers will guide you step by step in case of any problem you might face in software installations.

In case of any queries regarding your assignments/projects, you can ask our instructors during LIVE Angular online classes. Also, you can connect with our support team for any other queries.

Who is my instructor for Angular online courses?

In the Angular online courses, your instructor will be a certified Angular professional. These certified trainers are with 5+ years of experience. They share their industry knowledge with the students during the Angular online classes.

They also have experience with an industry-based real scenario and are enthusiastic about sharing this knowledge with students.

As they are currently working on the latest projects, they keep themselves updated with the latest and new web technologies. They also help the students to develop the problem-solving ability which they have learned during their job.

Their expertise in Angular concepts will help you to get placed quickly. All our trainers share a strong connection with their company that helps our students get better job opportunities. 

They have successfully trained 1000+ students in the Angular online courses and helped them get placed in the top reputed companies.

Our instructors are always there to motivate and encourage you while learning in the AngularJS online classes.

What are the different modes for an Angular online course?

At 3RI technologies, we offer them different modes of Angular online course in which you can prefer either a regular LIVE online class or a fast-tracked Angular online courses.

We take the LIVE online class in which you can attend this session from the comfort of your home.

We also offer the Fast-tracked AngularJS online training course to complete this course in a shorter period and avail of newer job opportunities.

Also, if you have any problems, you can refer to our support team. You can again ask your queries to the respective trainers during your Angular online classes.

Can I attend an Angular class demo session?

Yes, you can attend the demo session for Angular online courses. We conduct the demo session online as well as offline mode. We arrange demo sessions on weekdays as well as on weekends giving you more choice to choose from. 

In this demo session, you will get familiar with the instructors, subjects, and basic Angular concepts. Also, you will know the teaching methods of the trainers.

You will get short information about the Angular forms. If you are satisfied with this session, you can enroll in our Angular online training.

If the demo batch time doesn’t suit, you can contact us at 741 007 3340 to arrange a short demo session for you.

The curriculum for the demo session is:

  • Introduction to Angular technology.
  • Brief about Angular tools.
  • Brief about the roles of Angular professional.

Can we get any group discounts or industry training for our team?

To get more details about the discount, you can contact our sales team at 741 007 3340 or fill up the inquiry form to be in touch with you later. Our team will try to help you out with the best possible concessions that we can give you, to begin with, the training.

What are the options for payment for the Angular online courses?

We offer several payment options to you so that it will be easy for you to pay. You can pay us in cash by visiting our center. You can also pay us with the help of online transfers such as Google Pay, Phone Pay, or you can directly transfer money to our bank account.

If you are having any problems regarding payments, then you can make a transfer through NEFT instructions. 

You can contact us at 741 007 3340 if you are having any queries regarding the payment system.

What is the primary necessary Hardware and Software Needed to attend Angular online training?

You need to take care of specific hardware and software requirements before starting with the AngularJS online training. These steps will help you set up the development environment to work with the Angular examples.

The requirements are:

  • Minimum 4GB RAM.
  • 500 GB hard disk and an i3 processor.
  • Windows 7 operating system or above.

Our instructors will let you know if there are any more requirements needed from your end. Our instructors will also guide you to install the software and do the necessary configurations during the LIVE Angular online classes. Once the environment is set up, you can start your incredible journey towards the Angular online training.

How will I perform the practical during Angular online courses?

During the Angular online course, our trainers will guide you step by step on installing the essential tools needed to perform the practical. Once the development environment is set up, they will verify the software to ensure you face no problems while performing the practicals.

You will be performing practical with some Angular directives in the LIVE AngularJS online classes. If you have any errors while performing the practicals, our instructors will guide you on how to resolve the mistake instead of skipping the work. It will help you in learning a better way and will make you an expert in web technology.

Also, it is mandatory to complete the assignments regularly. The studies are needed to be shared with the instructors to guide you properly in case of any mistake. Our instructors will give you feedback regularly so that you can improve.

Overview of Angular

What is ANGULAR?

As we know, in today’s world, web-based technologies are running on a larger scale. Every individual wants to pursue a career in the IT sector. Angular is a type of structural web framework led by the Angular team at Google.

Angular is the way for building mobile-based and desktop-based web applications. Also, it is a framework for building single-page client applications. Angular is written in typescript form. And again, HTML is used as its template language. 

Some of the popular Angular concepts include

  • Application setup.
  • Node package manager.
  • Architecture.
  • Angular UI design pattern.
  • Dependency Injection.
  • Data Binding, and many more.

These concepts will help you understand the Angular pattern as it is the Angular developer’s responsibility to co-operate with the back-end developer. And also, this will ensure higher performance on mobile and desktop.

It is a kind of front-end framework that is used to build any dynamic application. It is a set of Typescript which implements the core into your apps. Angular is a popular programming language among developers as single-page applications will be the future of web technology.

Angular is based on the Typescript, which is also a superset of JavaScript. It has been the most popular web framework for binding the data to HTML components. Also, it has a large number of developers who are contributing to its development.

3RI Technologies is the leading institute in India that offers Angular online training. The best Angular professionals in the industry have given their expert advice while creating our students’ curriculum. Our trainers are well experienced and will help you understand this web technology during every Angular online class. With this Angular online course, you will be able to create an efficient single-page app.

What is the use of ANGULAR?

When you read about Angular on the internet, you will find its applications in almost every field.

Angular is rapidly growing its popularity. It is a software used in many vital web applications. These applications are useful because they are in huge demand.

It is used for creating single-page applications giving another way to the website. 

Some other uses of ANGULAR are as follows:

  • They optimize server communication.
  • They are used for data binding.
  • They are used to deliver app-like experiences.
  • They are used for automatic synchronization.

Another use of Angular is to create navigation menus, an integral part of any website type.

3RI Technologies in India is one of the leading institutes for the best Angular online training. You can enroll in our Angular online training classes to develop your skills. And you can also work on LIVE projects and industry-based applications.

What is the importance of learning Angular?

As you know, web technologies are in huge demand. On average, more than 10K jobs are available for Angular developers. We must use this chance to our advantage. For this, get yourself trained by the best Angular online training institutes,3RI Technologies.

Learning importance is as follows

  • It helps the developer to develop web-based applications.
  • You can create single-page applications with ease.
  • It will be easy for developers to integrate with other applications.
  • Also, you can build native mobile and desktop applications.

Angular also supports modularity that helps the developers to combine various types of modules. And because of the high performance of these applications, they can work offline as well.

More IT companies are using AngularJS for web development work, which creates better career opportunities.

You can join our Angular online course at 3RI Technologies that will help you to become a proficient Angular developer. Also, our trainers will be training you with updated web Technologies.

What are the tools needed to run an Angular program?

It is necessary to understand the tools to run any Angular program. 

Tools needed are as follows:

  • HTML.
  • CSS.
  • Angular UI.
  • RXJS.
  • Typescript.
  • Node Package Manager
  • .ng-Table

With the above tools, you can run the Angular program. AngularCLI is also a tool that helps in running the program. With the help of the Angular tools, you can write reusable code.

At 3RI Technologies, you will learn the tools needed to run an Angular program in the Angular online courses. Our experts will quickly train you to understand and learn the above tools through several case studies and projects.

How to distinguish between AngularJS and NodeJS?

AngularJS and NodeJS are similar in building web applications but differ in their work and architecture.

AngularJS is a web application framework of JavaScript. While NodeJS has many frameworks like ExpressJS, PartialJS, etc.

AngularJS is entirely written in a programming language called Typescript. And NodeJS is written in C and C++ languages.

Angular JS is an open-end source framework developed by Google, while Node JS is based out of its V8 engine on the top of Google’s JavaScript engine.

What is the difference between Angular JS and React JS?

AngularJS is written in typescript form, while ReactJS is written in JavaScript form. AngularJS is a web framework, while ReactJS is a JavaScript library.

AngularJS uses the concept of dependency injection, while ReactJS doesn’t use this concept.

If we compared, ReactJS and AngularJS, the latter has more scalability in today’s world. AngularJS has vast applications in terms of ReactJS.

You can also refer to our AngularJS online training at 3RI technologies for better learning. Also, you can increase your skills while learning with our experts.

Is Angular JS open-source?

Yes, it is an open-source framework that is mainly developed and also maintained by Google. This framework is written in JavaScript. Also, it is a front-end framework. 

This framework works by reading the HTML that extends HTML to present dynamic content through two ways of Data-binding. This dynamic content allows them for automatic synchronization of models.

Angular JS is a great and highly demanding web framework. The community of individuals controls and manages it. Also, Angular can handle the challenges encountered in developing single-page applications. It has led to many job opportunities.

In India, at 3RI technologies, we offer the best Angular online courses. In this institute, we have the best trainers to build your career in Angular. You will get to work on multiple case studies during Angular online classes. They also keep you updated with the latest version of Angular.

What is the future scope of Angular?

Yes, it has great scope as many companies are going digital to increase their profit. Nowadays, it is a growing technology that has cultivated many career opportunities.

Many companies, including multinationals, are using more efficient Angular components for developing their web pages. A developer will find many job opportunities as it is in great demand.

There are lots of advantages of Angular that will help you. The main benefits are it provides speed, agility and also has vast community support. It adds more beauty to your website pages. 

All our trainers at 3RI Technologies work towards providing advanced and professional AngularJS online training with the latest technologies. In our institute, you will get practical knowledge. Also, you can grasp the concepts by doing LIVE projects. Here, the curriculum is designed by an industry expert who has real-time scenario-based experience.

Our Angular online training programs suits both fresher’s as well as lateral professionals. The guidance given by our experienced trainers helps the students to develop their skillset. It will help you to understand the multinational companies’ work culture and will help you become employable.

What projects can I do as part of these Angular Online courses?

3RI Technologies is well-known for the LIVE projects that our students get to do during the Angular online training. Each case study and project taken from different industries give our students a different learning experience.

The projects and case studies are taken from the database of reputed MNCs like Walmart, Amazon, Google, etc.

As a part of the project, you will create a single page application broken down into smaller modules. You will be taught how to add a cart for shopping purposes. You will also learn how to integrate any gateway for payment purposes. As a part of the project, you will also validate input received from the user.

You will also be learning the designing principles. Also, you will work towards optimizing the performance of the developed website.

Is the Angular online course material available after completing the training?

Yes, the course material is available even after the completion of Angular online training. We have the course material prepared by our experts with their in-depth knowledge about the Angular forms.

Webinars and seminars by experts are arranged to keep them updated about the latest technology developments. It also helps to understand the Angular concepts thoroughly.

Our experts at 3RI technologies are well-experienced, and also they are familiar with web development products. Also, you will get a few e-books that will keep you updated with the latest web technologies.

Do you guarantee that we will get a job after completing the Angular online courses?

We don’t guarantee a job after completing the Angular online courses but, once you enroll in our Angular online classes, it is our responsibility to prepare you to get placed. For that, we provide job assistance and schedule interviews whenever possible.

You will also have the group discussion practice by which you can improve your different abilities, which will help you during your job interview time.

During Angular online courses, there are MOCK interviews to help you during your job interviews. You will also have a personality development workshop by experts that will help you improve your communication skills.

You will work on LIVE projects to increase your technical skills and talents needed to be a capable candidate.

Our professionals have a good relationship with the top reputed companies’ HR to help you get placed. Our trainers also take efforts to make the students job-ready and become a web developer expert.

AngularJS job opportunities

There are several jobs available for AngularJS developers as this is the most popular web framework and in great demand. Also, these developers are on the hotlist. So there are several vacancies in the top IT companies. 

Currently, all the IT companies are in search of capable candidates. They also wish for the candidate who can immediately work on projects using AngularJS and has the necessary soft-skills. 

If you randomly search for the AngularJS job opportunities for AngularJS developers, your search list will end with around 20k options available only in India. Also, there is availability for jobs in foreign countries for Angular JS.

This rising popularity of the AngularJS developers has increased the minimum salary that these IT companies offer.

At 3RI Technologies, we offer the best AngularJS online training that will help you to increase your technical knowledge along with required communication skills. Some certified Angular trainers will be training you. In this AngularJS online training, you can interact with your instructor and work on the LIVE projects. Our trainers are preparing the students to get them job-ready to work confidently with the applications. 

What jobs are available after AngularJS training?

After the completion of AngularJS training, there are lots of openings for you to pursue highly paid jobs in the IT sector, such as

  • Software development Engineer
  • Angular developer
  • Front-end developer
  • HTML developer
  • Technical architect
  • Integration Engineer
  • Angular UI developer

You can also get several opportunities to work as a freelancer to share your ideas related to AngularJS. 

At 3RI Technologies, our placement team will support you to find the right job. Also, you can participate in the MOCK interview so that you can prepare for your job interviews.

During the AngularJS online course, we have already placed more than 1000 trained students successfully in the top IT companies.

What is the average salary for an AngularJS professional?

The average salary for an AngularJS professional is around $100k per year. But, many factors affect your wages, such as location, expertise level, and years of experience working in the IT sector.

If you are a capable candidate and have the necessary skills required, the company won’t hesitate to pay you. Because the more you are experienced, the more will be your salary. If you are an entry-level candidate, then your paycheck might be less. When you go to the mid-level, it will increase according to your experience.

In our AngularJS online course, our placement team will help you find the right job that you are willing to pursue.

Can I quickly get a job after completing Angular online training?

Yes, you can quickly get a job after completing AngularJS online training. But, there are several conditions for you to secure a job, such as a firm grab on technical skills. It will help if you are well prepared for the interview.

At 3RI Technologies, we offer you the best Angular online training, which will help you learn the necessary essential skills to proceed further. We will also help you to strengthen your basics before you move to the advanced concepts.

You can also participate in the MOCK interviews so that it will be helpful during your job interview. After completing Angular online courses, our placement team will also guide you in pursuing the right job, which will pay you handsomely. You will be given a certificate after completing the AngularJS online training in India.

Which programming language is better for a career, AngularJS or Node JS?

According to any web technology, both programming languages can be used to build web applications. But, in terms of a successful career, AngularJS is a better programming language than Node JS. 

AngularJS is used to create highly interactive web apps, while NodeJS does small-sized projects. Also, AngularJS is best for building single-page applications, and NodeJS is for building fast server-side networking applications.

AngularJS is the most popular framework because it is the tool for front-end development, and NodeJS is the technology for back-end development. 

What are the top companies that hire AngularJS professionals?

The top companies that are in search of Skilled and certified AngularJS professionals are:

  • Infosys.
  • Accenture.
  • Zensar.
  • OSS Technosoft.
  • MLSDev.
  • Artech.
  • Amazon.
  • Cognizant.
  • Exadel.
  • Stack.
  • Fugenx, and many more.

Our team at 3RI Technologies will help you to get placed in the best IT companies.

How can I change my career to AngularJS from any other domain?

If you are passionate and have strength, then you can make a career transition to AngularJS from any other domain.

You can refer to our AngularJS online courses to help you proceed from the basics to the advanced topics. Also, our LIVE sessions will help you with understanding the concepts thoroughly. We also conduct practical sessions so that you can grasp the practical implementation of every idea. Our trainers will also share their real scenario-based experience with you.

Our support team will help to solve your queries. They will also motivate and encourage you for your bright future.

What are the different roles offered to an Angular professional?

There are several roles offered to an Angular professional. After the completion of the Angular online courses, you may get several job opportunities.

Roles for an Angular professional are

  • To deliver front-end applications.
  • To communicate with external web services.
  • To write tested and documented JavaScript.
  • To co-ordinate workflow between you and the HTML coder.
  • To co-operate with the back-end developer.

These are some other roles that might be offered by the company you apply for. You can refer to our Angular online course at 3RI Technologies, which will help you understand these roles to work with your company’s positions.

Do I have a scope to start as an Angular developer if I am a fresher?

If you are a fresher, have the passion and willingness to start as an Angular developer, you have a good scope as web technologies are in great demand to have a bright future.

You will get various job opportunities in the reputed IT companies, but you need to get upskilled for that.

You can attend our Angular online courses, conducted at 3RI Technologies, to learn and understand the Angular concepts. It will help you to start as an Angular developer. We operate online training as well as classroom training. It will also help you in learning the programming languages thoroughly.

Skills Required

0 +
24x7 Support and Access
40 to 50 Hrs Course Duration
40- 0
Extra Activities, Sessions
0 %

AngularJS Online Course Syllabus

Best in Class Content by Leading Faculty & Industry Leaders in the form of Videos, Case Studies and Projects, Assignments and Live Sessions.

Course Syllabus

1. Getting Started

  • Introduction
  • What is Angular 2?
  • How Angular Works?
  • Difference between Angular and Other Framework
  • Advantages of AngularJS

2. Typescript

  • What is typescript?
  • Compare typescript with Javascript
  • Data Types & Variables
  • Variable & Operators
  • Control Structure and Decision making & loops
  • Typescript Functions & Strings
  • Typescript Object
  • Class , Abstract Class
  • Constructor Method
  • Type of Assertion
  • Interfaces

3. Application setup

  • Installing Angular JS
  • Configuration of Angular JS
  • Creating an Angular project
  • Creating an Angular project using CLI

4. Node package manager

  • Setup
  • Commands
  • What is NPM
  • Install Nom for Angular.

5. Architecture

  • Module
  • Component
  • Template
  • Metadata
  • Data binding
  • Directive
    • Attribute Directive
    • Structural Directive
  • Services
  • Dependency Injection

6. Angular UI design patterns:

  • FlexBox 
  • What is flexbox
  • How to design your user interface with flexbox model
  • Material Design
  • What is material design
  • How to use and setup material environment
  • Material components and layouts:
    • Material cards
    • Mat-Icons
    • Mat table
  • Bootstrap
    • How to install bootstrap in angular environment
    • Bootstrap layout and components

7. Directives

  • Understanding Directives
  • Directives Overview
  • Different kinds of directives
  • Build attribute directive
  • Apply the attribute directive to an element in a template
  • Respond to user-initiated events
  • Pass value into the directive with an @Input data binding
  • Custom Attribute Directive

8. Structural And Attribute Directive

  • What is the structural directive?
    • NgIf case study
    • NgFor, NgSwitch
  • What is attribute Directives
    • Using the style Directive
      Using the NgClass Directive
    • The <template> element

9. Service

  • What is the service? Create a service
  • Understanding Services Injecting Concepts
  • Async service and promise
  • Introduction to Observable
  • What is web service
  • how to create web service
  • how to consume rest service
  • posting data to a client-server architecture
  • Introduction to material design
  • Introduction to card material design
  • What is Json server
  • Install Json server and run and up into your local machine
  • crud operation using Json Server

10. Dependency Injection


  • Why dependency injection
  • Angular dependency injection
  • Injector provider

11. Data Binding

  • Interpolation
  • Property binding
  • Event binding
  • Attribute binding
  • Class binding
  • Style binding
  • Multiple components & passing data

12. Display data

  • Class Binding
  • Style Binding
  • Event Binding
  • Two-way Binding
  • Component Data Binding
  • Component Events
  • Ng-Model

13. User input

  • Binding to user input events
  • Get user input from the $event object
  • Get user input from a template reference variable
  • Key event filtering (with key.enter)

14. Form

  • Types of Forms in Angular 7
  • Introduction to Template Driven Forms.
  • Validation of Template Driven Forms.
  • Introduction Model Driven Forms.
  • Validation of Model-Driven Forms.
  • Two-way data binding using ng Model.
  • Model-Driven Forms With Form Builder
  • How to post data via an angular form with rest service.

15. Pipes

  • Introduction to Pipes
  • Why pipes are useful.
  • Type of pipes
  • Built-in pipes
  • parametrized pipes
  • how to create custom pipes

16. Router

  • Setting Up Router
  • Imperative Routing
  • Route Parameter
  • Child Routing

17. What is the change in every version of angular

  • Difference and changes in various angular versions.
  • Latest angular version and its features

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Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.


AngularJS Online Course Certification

Certification Overview

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who is this 3RI Technologies Angular JS online training course for?

This online Angular JS training in Pune is for everyone willing to enhance their career into website development. Also, the ones wanting to start their new career into web development can have this course.


2. What will all be taught in this course?

Everything from scratch will be explained by a well proficient instructor who is holding 10+ years of experience in the same field. You will also get an opportunity to develop your websites and learn some real-time projects as well.

3. What are the pre-requisites required to take this Angular JS online training course at 3RI Technologies?

Basic knowledge about JavaScript can help you understand and learn things faster but isn’t mandatory. A fresher can apply as well, as someone willing to start their new career in web development can also take this course.

4. What is the placement assistance provided by 3RI Technologies?

Almost more than 80% of 3RI Technologies Learners have been promotion, work location, lateral transfers & new job offers. We provide all the additional training required for our learners to make them fit for all kinds of interview rounds. This adds a point in honing your skills and developing an attitude towards achieving your dream job with desired packages.

5. Can you attend the 3RI Technologies Angular JS online training course?

Yes, you can attend the demo session once registered with us. Provide a demo session link here.

6. Who provides this Angular JS online training certification, and what is its validity?

Once you have completed your Angular JS online training, you will be awarded an industry-recognized Angular JS course completion certificate from 3RI Technologies, lifelong validity.

7. What are the Angular online courses?

AngularJS is a popular open-source framework developed in Javascript and maintained by Google. It is used to create dynamic applications on the client-side using minimal coding. As a result, the user can achieve better performance compared to other web frameworks. It supports MVVM and MVC architectures, which are widely used by most of the available internet applications.
Angular online courses offered by 3RI Technologies will help you get a hold of the different terminologies used in Angular. AngularJS online training will start with basic concepts like Typescript, Node Pack manager to more advanced concepts like Dependency injection, Angular forms, Pipe, and Routing.
Angular online training is designed by the expert team of trainers at 3RI Technologies. They have holistically designed this curriculum giving equal importance to theoretical and practical classes. The Angular online courses will help you to establish a career in Web development.
Interactions between students and teachers is an integral part of the Angular online class conducted at 3RI Technologies. As a part of AngularJS online classes, you will be working on several case studies and LIVE projects that we have picked up from industries to give our students better exposure to companies’ work culture.
3RI Technologies is the best AngularJS online training in India.

8. What are the objectives of Angular online classes?

Our Angular online courses objective is to satisfy our students and become an expert when working with Angular. We ensure that each student gets a practical experience for every concept taken in the LIVE AngularJS online class.

The Angular online classes will mix 20% theoretical class and 80% practical coding class. There will be multiple assignments given for practice purposes. As a part of AngularJS online training, you will be working on various projects across different verticals in Banking, Finance, and so on.

The concepts that are covered as part of Angular online training are

  • Understanding the difference between Angular and other web frameworks
  • Understanding and working with Typescript
  • Setting up and configuring Angular environment
  • Understanding and installing Node Pack Manager
  • Studying the architecture and design patterns in Angular
  • Studying the different types of directives and Services
  • Advanced concepts like Data Dependency, Dependency injection
  • Handling Angular Forms and Pipes
  • Setting up routing functions in Angular

As a part of AngularJS online training in India, you will get an in-depth understanding of all the concepts. You will also get placement assistance from our dedicated team. Industry experts conduct special soft-skills workshops to help you develop your personality. MOCK interviews are arranged to prepare you for the upcoming interviews.

9.Why should you go for Angular online courses?

Angular is a client-side based framework that allows web developers to develop dynamic single-page applications using minimal coding. While doing so, they can use HTML as the template language.
You can easily extend the HTML template to build the components for the application. Angular JS does the maximum work by itself and thereby reducing your efforts of coding. It has created more demand for web developers skilled in the Angular web-framework.
These companies are looking for trained Angular developers who can start working after joining their companies to better productivity. It is necessary to get trained from the best Angular online training India, 3RI Technologies, to grab these opportunities.
3RI Technologies will provide you with LIVE Angular online classes that can be taken from anywhere. The AngularJS online training at 3RI Technologies is conducted by working professionals with more than seven years of experience. They ensure lively discussions during each class along with separate time for solving any doubts of students.
With our Angular training, you will also get hands-on experience of LIVE projects that we have taken from different industries. All this, along with MOCK interviews, soft-skill workshops, Resume creation, and many more benefits from our Angular online courses.

10.Who can opt for Angular online courses?

Anyone who wants to start as a web developer or want to work on more advanced frameworks like Angular can opt for AngularJS online training. You need to have a fundamental knowledge of HTML, to begin with, this course.

 If you are well-versed with Javascript and CSS will help you to fast-track your progress.

The course is suitable for

  • Graduates in IT and computer
  • Web-developers
  • App-developers
  • JavaScript developers
  • Full-stack web-developers

If you have just started with web-development and cannot get a promotion, you may take up our Angular online classes. It will help you get better opportunities with companies like TCS, Infosys, Cognizant, and many more.

Age can not stop anyone from learning Angular. It would help if you had a passion for becoming a web-developer, that’s it.

11.How will the Angular online course help you in your career path?

3RI Technologies is the leading AngularJS online training in India. The curriculum has been defined after a thorough study of what the industry wants from Front-end web developers. We work towards filling the gap between the industry requirement and employees.
There is a continuous rise in demand for Angular professionals. If you randomly search for opportunities on job portals like or, you will land up with more than 50K jobs available today in India.
The average salary for a web-developer is $ 100K. Also, as you get more and more experience, you will get an appreciable hike. There are also several opportunities in top companies located across the globe. This international market is only looking for candidates who are well-versed with Angular concepts and have practical experience.
Angular online classes conducted here will give you hands-on experience working on industry projects to develop your designing and coding skills. The Angular online training will be provided by certified experts in Angular and work on multiple projects with top companies.
Once you complete the AngularJS online training, you will get an industry-recognized Certificate of completion. As a bonus, you will receive placement assistance from the best team in town.

12.What are the features of Angular online training?

No one can compete with the AngularJS online training offered by 3RI Technologies.
We conduct LIVE Angular online classes where the instructors interact with every student and continuously monitor their progress. These instructors are working professionals with 5+ years of experience with top-notch IT companies in India.
We work rigorously on our mission to provide quality software training to all our students to ensure their employability. We stay well connected with our students even after course completion.
The USP of our Angular online courses is the LIVE projects that our students get to work on. These projects and case studies are taken from different verticals like Banking, Finance, Hospitality, and so on to give our students exposure to the scenarios they need to handle while working on a job.
As a part of AngularJS online classes, you will work on several coding examples. Along with this, there will be quizzes conducted at the end of each class to monitor your progress. Assignments are given for the daily practice of each concept. Feedback is given soon after their completion.
3RI Technologies is the best institute for Angular that offers hands-on training during their LIVE online class. Our Technical head selects all our instructors after various screening exams. These instructors have been working with most reputed IT companies on several web projects that use Angular as front-end technologies.
As a part of Angular online training, you will get complete assistance in getting the software installation necessary to start with your practicals on your laptops/PCs. In case of any doubts, you can always get it cleared during the Angular online classes.
We offer batches that run on weekdays and weekends. So you may choose any one option as per your availability. And even if you miss an AngularJS online class, you can attend the same with the upcoming batch or watch the LIVE class’s recording.
You will get placement assistance. We will help you in creating or updating your resume and LinkedIn profile. As we believe, a correct and impressive resume will attract calls for more interviews. You can also attend our personality development workshops to develop your communication skills.
We will conduct MOCK interviews for our students to prepare them to face any Angular interview and grab a job. Also, we conduct Group discussions to help your knowledge about Angular concepts.
We will conduct internal exams at the end of AngularJS online training. After completing projects and clearing this exam, you will be eligible to receive our Certificate of completion.

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