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Discover Python programming skills and learn from 3RI Technologies to use packages such as SciPy, Matplotlib, Pandas, Scikit-Learn, NumPy, web scraping libraries, and Lambda functions with the most in-demand Python certification course. Online course on writing Python code for Big Data systems such as Hadoop and Spark. Become a Python-certified professional and gain real-world experience while working on real-life projects.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 1 to 4 months

Real-Time Projects : 2

Online Live Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our Industry Expert Trainer

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

Python Online Training Overview

About Python Online Training

How 3RI is best for Python Online learning for freshers as well as experienced?
Python is a general-purpose, high-level programming language. Everyone here knows that computer depends on programming for proper functioning and working. And there are many programming languages available which, in a way, help the developers work fluently and create amazing software applications. And it becomes more comfortable if the programming language used is Python.
Python is one of the most renowned, high-level, general-purpose programming languages, which is very easy to learn, understand, and use. It is broadly used dynamic programming language when compared with all other languages like PHP, Java, etc. Now, if you are willing to learn Python online, then the next step towards a successful career is choosing the right institute for pursuing the course.
3RI Technologies is one of the most popular institutes which provide the best online python courses. Here you will get to learn everything from the start to end. All the trainers appointed are industrial experienced once and help you to understand every topic easily. You will get to learn new tricks and also an opportunity to develop your project using Python.
Even if you miss a lecture, there is no need to worry; you can cover it up whenever possible. As a student of 3RI Technologies, you will also receive a certificate after completion of the course. You will also get an opportunity to attend practical exams, tests, mock examinations, which will help you in a way to hone your Python skills. Proper notes, ebooks, and notes are also provided for every topic covered in the classes. You are also free to adjust the lessons according to your availability, i.e., you can take the weekdays or weekend classes.
So, why to think much, visit our website now and enquire about our python course and register now!!

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3RI Technologies provides python training in different modules from beginner to advance level in the following streams.

  • Python Programming – Basics and Advanced 
  • Python for Data Science 
  • Python for Automation Testing
  • Python for Cloud Computing and DevOps
  • Python for Web development

Students can choose any of the modules. Please refer syllabus for different modules of python training.

Course Features

Key Features of Python Training 

  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands-on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material


  • 40 Hours


  • No Prerequisites. Basic Knowledge of Programming is an advantage.


  • Software Developers and Automation Engineers
  • Data Scientists & Data Analysts
  • Network Engineers
About Trainer
  • Our trainers have 5+ years of experience working in reputed IT companies across India.
  • As a part of their working experience, they have worked on several projects written in Python.
  • They have a complete understanding of theoretical and practical implementations of Python.
  • They have trained 1000s of our students to succeed and helped them in clarity of all fundamental and advanced concepts of Python.
  • They are Python certified professionals.
  • They are well connected to the recruitment teams in many top MNC’sMNC’s.
  • They are experts in their Python Subject. 
  • They keep themselves updated with any new changes that happen in the developments in Python.
  • Our trainers have been working with companies like Infosys, TCS, Zensar, Cognizant, and so on.
  • They have worked on several projects for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence using Python language.
  • Great guiding torch for students when lost in the deep oceans of Python online learning.
  • They have successfully conducted Classroom, Online, and Corporate training on the recently launched version, Python 3.9.
  • They have unique teaching skills to grab the attention of their students.
  • They have been working on many projects for website and game development.
  • They have exhaustive knowledge of best coding practices.
  • They have also worked on projects to improve the overall performance of systems that are written in Python.
  • They are certified Java SE 11 professionals.
Overview of Python

What is Python?

Python is an open-source, freely available programming language that is widely used by developers. It is an object-oriented programming language. The syntax for Python is simple. It is easy to learn. Any code in Python can run on multiple platforms without any major code changes. All these features have made it popular among developers and industries who use Python extensively in Web development, Data Science, Machine Learning, Automation Testing, and so on.

The Python online training will offer you an in-depth understanding of object-oriented concepts, frameworks, and library functions that will be used for Web-Development and mathematical and scientific computations that need to be carried out for Data Science and Machine Learning based applications.

Is Python easy to learn?

Python incorporates simple English for syntax purposes. Moreover, it uses indentation to mark the different block structures. This increases the readability of the code. Also, any functionality that is implemented in Python can be achieved with few lines of coding as compared to other object-oriented languages like Java, C++, and so on.

Also, the instructors of our online course in Python will be there to explain all the fundamental concepts in a simplified manner. This will make Python online learning fun, and enriching.

Is Python one of the best languages to learn?

Python is the best object-oriented programming languages available now. It does not depend on the platform where it is executed. It is freely available. This bears no extra cost to the company when developing a code in Python. 

Moreover, in the online course on Python, you will be learning how to implement the different in-built functions and frameworks available. This will increase the useability scope for Python, and so also the job opportunities for you. Also, our instructor lead training will guide you with the best coding practices that will help you in faster development of code to meet the desired goal.

What are the areas in which Python can be used?

Through the online course on Python, you will be using Python in several applications. You will get a chance to work on a web-based application that will be developed using Python. Here, you will be using Python as a back-end language for scripting purposes. 

We have another module in our Python online training where you will be learning Data Science and Machine Learning with Python. Those are advanced courses in Python where you will be using several of the Python libraries to achieve scientific and mathematical computations.

What companies are using Python?

There are a lot many companies that currently used Python for a variety of purposes. 

We have Google, the most powerful search engine used today, have its search algorithms written in Python.

We also have Yahoo using Python for mapping services that it needs for lookup.

We have Python be used by IBM to control their applications.

The world-famous company, Walt Disney that creates powerful animated cartoons for kids, also using Python as a scripting language to create its animations.

Our online training in Python will help you develop the necessary skills that will help you in landing a job with any of such companies.

What can be achieved with Python programming?

With our student-centric Python online Learning course, you will get proficiency in working in Python as a scripting language. You will also be able to use Python for the visualization of data, using Selenium with Python for testing purposes. You can also find its use in Data Science and Machine Learning.

Is there any difference between JavaScript and Python?

Java script has emerged as a front-end programming language that provides dynamic functionality to its users. However, Python is extensively used as a back-end language in the web development process.

Our Python online course for beginners makes Python learning user friendly and joy for freshers. Also, our advanced online course on Python is a treat for working professionals looking for a significant salary hike and promotion.

Is some part of Google written in Python?

During our Python online classes, you will learn how the Google search engine is written in Python and how it is extensively used by users today. As a developer, you then be able to build any web-based application using a certain set of library functions and frameworks like Django.

Job opportunities with Python

At 3RI Technologies, we are constantly working towards building job-ready candidates who can be easily absorbed in this competitive industry. 

Today these companies do not look for candidates who can only speak about the technology but also can implement them and build a scalable application that meets the client requirement.

Python is widely used by top Fortune 500 companies in various applications. Even if you search for a job on any job portal, you will at least find 50K jobs on any given day. But these companies are looking for skilled Python developers that you will become after completing online Training on Python with 3RI Technologies.

Does Python have good career opportunities?

According to recent surveys conducted by TIOBE, Python ranks the popularity ranking among developers across the globe.

Its popularity has increased by almost 50% in the recent few years. This has created a good career opportunity looking for a powerful career break.

What is the responsibility of a Python engineer?

After successful completion of the Python Programming Online Course, you will get to work with a top reputed IT company across the globe as a Python Engineer. Your responsibility includes designing and implementing scalable Python applications with low latency. You may also need to integrate them with a database solution.

Through this Python online training, you will also learn how to implement security measures for any given Python application.

What job openings available to you after completion of the Python online course?

After completing the Python online course, you can work as,

  • Python developer: The role of a Python developer in any company is to design a web-based or desktop-based application using frameworks like Django. The code should be easily scalable and secured.

  • Data Analyst: When you will start working as a Data Analyst, you will be analyzing the data collected from various sources of information. You will be using popular Python libraries like NumPy, SciPy for analysis of this large data set.

  • Machine Learning Engineer: As a Machine Learning Engineer, you will be training existing systems to learn from user experience and develop a human-like response. This can be achieved with the use of Python. This is the most demanding job today in the market.

  • Product Engineer: All product engineers must analyze the market condition and design their product that suits the requirement of their customers. This analysis can be achieved by analyzing the larger data sets using Python.

  • DevOps Engineer: As a DevOps Engineer, you will be using Python to write scripts that will be used for maintenance and troubleshooting purposes.

You can also work as a freelance Python programmer and have the liberty of time.

Our placement team will assist you in finding your dream job. They will prepare you to appear for any job interview through our several rounds of MOCK interviews.

We already have our 15000+ students already placed and successfully working with reputed IT companies.

What is the annual salary of a Python programmer?

The average annual salary for a skilled Python programmer is $250K across the globe. Also, the average salary can vary depending on the location and expertise level of the candidate.

Python Training Category

Full Stack Python Training

Course Rating

Trained 15000+ Students | 300+ Hrs Course Duration |
100+ Assignments| Evaluation after Each & Every Module

Get Placed as a Python Full Stack Developer in top
MNC’s with our Job Oriented Programs.

Most Popular Course

4 Months | Online

Python Web Development Training

Course Rating

Trained 15000+ Students | 120+ Hrs Course Duration |
50+ Assignments| Evaluation after Each & Every Module

Get Placed as a Python Web Developer in top
MNC’s with our Job Assistance Program.

Most Popular Course

3 Months | Online

Mastering in Data Science

Course Rating

Trained 15000+ Students | 120+ Hrs Course Duration |
10+ Assignments| Evaluation after Each & Every Module

Get Placed as a Data Scientist in top
MNC’s with our Job Oriented Programs.

Most Popular Course

3.5 Months | Online


Course Rating

Trained 15000+ Students | 54+ Hrs Course Duration |
10+ Assignments| Evaluation after Each & Every Module

Get Placed as an Automation Test Engineer in top
MNC’s with our Job Assistance Programs.

Most Popular Course

2.5 Months | Online

Skills Required

0 +
24x7 Support and Access
40 to 120+ Hrs Course Duration
40- 0
Extra Activities, Sessions
0 %

Python Online Course Syllabus

Best in Class Content by Leading Faculty & Industry Leaders in the form of Videos, Case Studies and Projects, Assignments and Live Sessions.

Module 1: Python Programming(Compulsory)
  1. An Introduction to Python
    • Why Python, its Unique Feature and where to use it?
    • Python Environment Setup
    • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
    • Start programming on an interactive shell.
    • Python Identifiers, Keywords
    • Discussion about installed module s and packages
    • Access Command line arguments within programs
  2. Conditional Statement, Loops, and File Handling
    • Python Data Types and Variable
    • Condition and Loops in Python
    • Decorators
    • Python Modules & Packages
    • Python Files and Directories manipulations
    • Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
  3. Python Core Objects and Functions
    • Built in modules (Library Functions)
    • Numeric and Math’s Module
    • String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
    • Complex Data structures in Python
    • Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure
    • Python built-in function
    • Python user-defined functions
    • Python packages and functions
    • The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions
  4. Object Oriented Python
    • OOPs Concepts
    • Object, Classes and Destroying Objects
    • Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Overriding Methods,
    • Abstraction and Encapsulation
  5. Regular Expression
    • Regular Expressions
    • What are regular expressions?
    • The match and search Function
    • Compile and matching
    • Matching vs searching
    • Search and Replace feature using RE
    • Extended Regular Expressions
    • Wildcard characters and work with them
  6. Multithreading
    • Multithreading with Python
    • What is multithreading?
    • Starting a New Thread
    • The Threading Module
    • Synchronizing Threads
  7. File Handling
    • Writing data to a file
    • Reading data from a file
    • Read and Write data from CSV file
    • OS module
    • Rename and Removing files, directories
  8. Exception Handling in Python
    • Exceptions Handling
    • Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
    • Try-finally clause
    • The argument of an Exception and create a self exception class
    • Python Standard Exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
  9. Debugging Python Programs
    • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
    • Assert for debugging
    • Standard project setup in Python
  10. Modules & Packages
    • Modules
    • How to import a module?
    • Packages
    • How to create packages
  11. Database Handling
    • Create Database Connection
    • Creating and accessing SQLite database
    • Python with MySQL Database
    • Creating Database table
    • CRUD operation on a database
    • Performing Transactions
    • Handling Database Errors
    • Disconnecting Database
Module 2: Advanced Python Programming(Compulsory to Complete Python)
  1. Basics of Web Page Creation
    • Understanding of basic HTML /CSS
    • HTML Header, paragraph
    • Various tag for button, label and combo-box
    • Creation of forms in HTML
  2. Django Framework
    • Introduction to Django
    • MVT Architecture
    • How to create Django App
    • Url Mapping
    • Templates
    • Introduction to static file
    • Django Model Overview
    • Creating model
    • Model template view creation
    • Django forms and validation
    • Relative Url with Template
  3. Interacting with a Database: Models
    • Overview of Models
    • Creating Models
    • Configuring the Database
    • Your First App
    • Using Django with MySQL.
    • Models-Templates-Views Paradigm
    • Inserting and Updating Data
  4. The Django Administration Site
    • Activating the Admin Interface
    • Using the Admin Interface
    • Users, Groups, and Permissions
    • Selecting an Objects
    • Deleting an Objects
  5. Views and Templates
    • URL Template Inheritance
    • Template Inheritance Coding Example
    • Quick Note on Custom Template Filters
    • Template Filters and Custom Filters
    • Template Filters Coding Examples
    • Django Passwords
    • Deploying Django Framework
  6. Form Processing
    • Django Forms
    • Form Validation
    • Model Forms
    • Relative URLs with Templates 
    • Relative URLs Coding Examples 
  7. Project Work
    • Discussion on Overview and requirements of Project
    • Creation a Web-based Application
Module 3: Python for Data Science (Different Course, it is delivered Separately) Mathematical Statistics
  1. Fundamentals of Data Science and Machine Learning
    • Introduction to Data Science
    • The need for Data Science
    • BigData and Data Science’
    • Data Science and machine learning 
    • Data Science Life Cycle
    • Data Science Platform
    • Data Science Use Cases 
    • Skill Required for Data Science
  2. Mathematics For Data Science
    • Linear Algebra
      • Vectors
      • Matrices
    • Optimization
      • Theory Of optimization
      • Gradients Descent
  1. Introduction to Statistics
    • Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistics
    • Types of data
    • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
    • Hypothesis & inferences
    • Hypothesis Testing
    • Confidence Interval
    • Central Limit Theorem
  2. Probability and Probability Distributions
    • Probability Theory
    • Conditional Probability
    • Data Distribution
    • Binomial Distribution
    • Normal Distribution

Machine Learning

Python for ML along with Module1

  1. Introduction to NumPy
    • Array Operations
    • Arrays Functions
    • Array Mathematics
    • Array Manipulation
    • Array I/O
    • Importing Files with Numpy
  2. Data Manipulation with Pandas
    • Data Frames
    • I/O
    • Selection in DFs
    • Retrieving in DFs
    • Applying Functions
    • Reshaping the DFs – Pivot
    • Combining DFs
      • Merge
      • Join
    • Data Alignment
  3. SciPy
    • Matrices Operations
    • Create matrices
      • Inverse, Transpose, Trace, Norms , Rank etc
    • Matrices Decomposition
      • Eigen Values & vectors
      • SVDs
  1. MatPlotLib
    • Basics of Plotting
    • Plots Generation
    • Customization
    • Store Plots
  2. SciKit LearnBasics
    • Data Loading
    • Train/Test Data generation
    • Preprocessing
    • Generate Model
    • Evaluate Models

Machine Learning

  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
    • Data Exploration
    • Missing Value handling
    • Outliers Handling
    • Feature Engineering
  2. Feature Selection
    • Importance of Feature Selection in Machine Learning
    • Filter Methods
    • Wrapper Methods
    • Embedded Methods
  3. Machine Learning: Supervised Algorithms Classification
    • Introduction to Machine Learning
    • Logistic Regression
    • Naïve Bays Algorithm
    • K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
    • Decision Tress (SingleTree)
    • Support Vector Machines
    • Model Ensemble
      • Bagging
      • Random Forest
      • Boosting
      • Gradient Boosted Trees
    • Model Evaluation and performance
      • K-Fold Cross Validation
      • ROC, AUC etc…
  1. Machine Learning: Regression
    • Simple Linear Regression
    • Multiple Linear Regression
    • Decision Tree and Random Forest Regression
  2. Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
    • Similarity Measures
    • Cluster Analysis and Similarity Measures
    • K-chical Clustering
    • Principal means Clustering
    • HierarComponents Analysis
    • Association Rules Mining & Market Basket Analysis
  3. Text Mining
    • Basics
    • Term Document Matrix
    • TF-IDF
    • Twitter Sentiment Analysis
  1. Project Work
  • Machine Learning end to end Project blueprint
  • Regression predictive modeling – House Price Prediction
  • Classification predictive modeling – Binary Classification
  • Widespread coverage for each Topic
  • Various Approaches to Solve Data Science Problem
  • Pros and Cons of Various Algorithms and approaches
Module 4: Python for Automation Testing (Different Course, it is delivered Separately) Basic Selenium
  1. Introduction to Selenium
    • Introduction to Automation Testing
    • Why Automation Testing
    • Introduction to Selenium components
    • History and various versions of selenium
    • What is Selenium 3.0
    • Advantages of using Selenium over other tools.
  2. Installation and setting up the environment
    • Installation of Python
    • Automation Setup for Selenium Web Driver
    • Install and Configure PyDev in Eclipse
  3. Selenium-IDE
    • Introduction
    • IDE Features
    • Building & Running Test Cases
    • Building and Running Test Suites
  4. Selenium Web Driver 2.0
    • Why Selenium Web Driver
    • What is a Driver
    • Download & configuring Web driver
    • Architecture of selenium web driver
    • Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome
  5. Identification of Locators
    • Tools to identify elements/objects
    • Different methods of finding an element
      • By ID, By name, class
      • By Xpath, By Tag name
      • By Link text
      • By CSS
      • Using Effective X-path
  1. Selenium Commands
    • Various types of operation that can be
    • performed on any elements and how to use them.
    • Browser Commands, Navigation Commands
    • Working with a different browser
    • Handling Checkbox, RadioButton
    • Dropdown and Select Operations
    • Capturing Screenshots
    • Handling Keyboard Event and Mouse Event
    • Multiple Window Handling
    • Alert & Pop Up Handling.
  2. Wait Commands in Selenium
    • Implicit Wait
    • Explicit Waits, Expected Conditions

Advanced Selenium

  1. Framework Designing
    • What is Framework
    • Different Types of Framework.
    • How to Design a framework?
    • Data-Driven Framework using Excel
      • Reading and writing data from Excel
      • Executing Testcases from Excel
  1. PyTest Framework
    • Introduction to PyTest framework
    • Installing PyTest
    • PyTest Fixtures
    • Parametrized Test Functions
    • Running multiple tests using PyTest
    • Generating Test report
  2. Unit Test Framework PyUnit
    • Basic of pyunit
    • pyunit Installation
    • pyunit annotation
    • Test Case creation 
    • Test Case execution
    • Assertions/Reporting Errors
    • Suite execution
    • pyunit Reports
    • Using pyunit in Selenium
  3. POM Framework
    • Advantages of POM
    • How to implement
    • Using Page Object and Page Factory
  4. Continuous Build Integration tools- Jenkins
    • What is Jenkins and how to use it
    • Installation and configuration of Jenkins
Module 5: Python for Web Development (Different Course, it is delivered Separately) This course has mandatory sections i.e. Module 1 & 2

Front End Technologies

  1. HTML
    • Introduction and Basic Structure of HTML
    • Basics, Elements, Attributes
    • Paragraphs and Formatting
    • HTML Skeleton, Links, Images
    • HTML Tables, Blocks
    • HTML Lists, Quick List
    • HTML Blocks
    • HTML Layouts & Forms, IFrames
    • HTML Colors
  2. CSS
    • Introduction
    • Syntax
    • Id & Class
    • Backgrounds
    • Text and Fonts
    • Links and Lists
    • Box Model
    • Advanced Topics
    • Dimensions, Display
    • Positioning, Floating
    • Align
  3. JavaScript
    • Introduction
    • Statements & Comments
    • Variables
    • Operators and Comparisons
    • Conditional Statements and Loops
    • User Defined Functions
    • JS Objects
    • JS Validations
  4. Bootstrap
  • What is Bootstrap and its Setup
  • How to Create a Layout in Bootstrap
    • Grid Classes
  • Basic Tags in Bootstrap
    • Contextual colors and backgrounds
  • Table in Bootstrap
    • Bootstrap Basic Tables
    • Striped Rows, Hover Rows
    • Bordered Table, Condensed Table
    • Responsive Tables
  • Navigation bar in Bootstrap
    • Inverted Navigation Bar
    • Fixed Navigation Bar
    • Navigation Bar with Dropdown
    • Right-aligned Navigation Bar
    • Collapsing the Navigation Bar
  • Form & Buttons in Bootstrap
    • Vertical Form
    • Horizontal Form
    • Inline Form
    • Block Level Buttons
    • Active/Disabled Button

Database Handling with Python

  1. Python MySQL Database Access
    • Create Database Connection
    • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
    • Performing Transactions
    • Handling Database Errors
    • Disconnecting Database
  2. Database Handling with NoSQL DB
    • SQL vs NoSQL
    • MongoDB
    • PyMongo
    • Establishing a Connection
    • Accessing Database
    • DML and DDL Operations

Project Work

  • User Login and Registration site
  • Create an online Test evaluation system for Institute
  • Building an E-commerce site in Django

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Python Online Course Certification

Certification Overview

As a part of this Python online course, you will be assessed through regular quizzes and assignments taken during the Online LIVE class. Your performance will be continuously monitored by our team of expert trainers. They will also be analyzing your problem-solving ability that you will be using while implementing an end-to-end industry-based project.
Also, at the end of the course, you need to appear for an ONLINE exam for assessment purposes. Then considering the combined performance in class and the final exam, you will receive a Certificate of completion from 3RI Technologies. This is an industry-recognized certificate. The certificate will highlight your overall performance during Python online Training.
In case you fail to achieve the necessary results, we will guide you and acknowledge the weak areas. We will work as a team to strengthen those areas. You will get another chance to appear for the exams again to get better results.

What are the requirements to unlock my Python 3RI Technologies Certification?

The utmost criteria to unlock my Python 3RI Technologies certification is completing the assignments and LIVE industry-based project in the given timeline. You also need to pass the exam that is conducted at the end of the Python online training.
Also, your overall performance during the online class is considered as an important factor before awarding you this certification.

How long does it take to complete Python online training?

The complete Python online course is completed in 2 months. You will need extra time to complete the assignment and project during the training.

What is the value of Python Online training certification in IT companies?

This certification will transform you from a beginner level to an expert level. Also, the industry-real LIVE project that you will be implementing as a part of the Python online course will help you in handling industry challenges effectively.
After the completion of this training, you may also appear for the exams to obtained Global certification for Python to show your credibility to employers.

How many chances do I get to pass the online exam conducted for Python online training?

You can attempt the exam till the time you clear it. But we are confident that if you attend all the classes. Sincerely, you will need only one attempt to clear the exam. In case if you have any difficulty, ensure to ask them during the LIVE Python online classes.

If I fail the online exam, how quickly can I reappear for the next exam?

If you do not pass the exam for some reason, then our instructor will analyze your weak areas and clarify your doubts for better performance in the next attempt. There needs to be a minimum gap of 15 days before reappearing for the next Python online training exam.

Global Certifications

3RI Technologies is an authorized Pearson VUE center. We conduct several global certifications conducted by the Python community to portray the talent of candidates to the industry. 

We would recommend you to apply for these exams after completing the Python Online Training for better job prospects.

These days there is a growing demand for Python developers because of its wide implementing in scripting. Also, these companies are always on the lookout for trained and certified skilled Python developers to meet their requirements. So getting a global certification helps in entering the business or getting a well-deserved promotion.

We can help you in getting you trained for these certifications and appearing for the exams at our centers. We will be conducting practice exams before you appear for these tests.

These certifications will help you to prove your credibility. But undergoing Python online training with us and implementing the project will be the major highlight in your Resume.

The Python certifications like PCEP, PCAP, and PCPP are available that you may pursue.

1. PCEP(Python Certified Entry-Level Programmer)

This certification is ideal for entry-level programmers. This is a Multi-choice Question exam that will assess your theoretical knowledge of Python. You will get 45 minutes for the exam. The total question count in the online exam is 30. The passing percentage is 70%.

Objectives of this exam

  • Learning steps for compilation and execution of a Python code.
  • Different Data types and their usage.
  • Introduction to conditional flow in Python.
  • Fundamental understanding of Functions in Python.
2. PCAP-31-1(Python certified Associate Professional)

This certification is most suitable for freshers who are starting their careers in IT and Python. This is a Multi-choice Question exam that will assess your theoretical knowledge of Python. The duration of this 40 question exam is 65 minutes, and the passing percentage is 70%.

This exam will test your fundamental understanding of Python concepts. It will be an assessment for a Python developer role.

Objectives of this exam

  • An introduction to history and versioning of Python.
  • Learning how Python works on any platform.
  • Datatypes and Operators used for variables in Python.
  • Looping instructions in Python.
  • Defining and using Functions in Python.
  • Using in-built Python functions and use of Try and catch block.
  • Object-oriented concepts like Class inheritance, Abstraction, and Exception handling.
  • Different operations with a file.
3. PCPP-32-1(Python Certified Professional Programmer Level 1)

This is an advanced level of certification for IT professionals who are already working with Python as a Junior Developer. This certification is for those who want to change their job profiles and want to start working as a Data Scientist with Python. Getting Python certification is an ideal opportunity for these job seekers.

This is also an MCQ-based exam that will assess your knowledge of advanced functionalities in Python. The duration of this 40 question exam is 65 minutes, and the passing percentage is 70%.

Objectives of this exam

  • Processing of Files and Communication with the Programming environment.
  • Using Mathematics and Scientific library functions.
  • Creating Graphical User-Based Interface applications.
  • Study of principles and best coding practices implemented in Python.
  • Advanced Object-Oriented concepts in Python.
4. PCPP-32-2(Python Certified Professional Programmer Level 2)

This is an advanced level of certification for IT professionals who are already working with Python as a Senior Developer. This certification is for those who want to do different from their career and want to start working as a Data Solution Architect with Python. The global certification is a very nice choice for these job seekers.

This is also an MCQ-based exam that will assess your knowledge of advanced functionalities in Python. The duration of this 40 question exam is 65 minutes, and the passing percentage is 70%.

Objectives of this exam

  • Package creation and distribution.
  • Different Designing Patterns.
  • Different means of communication between the various components.
  • Programming the network using Python.
  • Establishing a MySQL Database connection using Python.
5.MTA(Microsoft certified programmer in Python)

This certification comes with the trust of the Microsoft brand. This is an introductory certificate for programmers planning to enter the field of Python programming. It brings along the technical credibility of the student and enhances the confidence of the employer while hiring them.

Objectives of this exam

  • Learning about variables and different Datatypes.
  • Understanding the use of control flow blocks in Python.
  • Performing operations related to input and output in Python.
  • Troubleshooting and handling of errors.
  • Defining modules and using tools in Python.

Python Online course at 3RI Technologies will help you to get through this exam. You will also be taking a practice exam during Python online training. Also, these exams are undertaken at the 3RI Technologies center itself.

These certifications will be highlighters in the resume. But, the real-LIVE industry-based project is the icing on the cake. It adds portfolio value to your resume. It showcases your experience of working as a Python expert and gives you a brief knowledge about the working of companies.

3RI Technologies offers an ideal Python online course for beginners and professionals. Also, you can ask us to customize the course as per your requirement; we would be happy to serve you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Python online course?

This Python online course is designed to assist the difference in a skillset between what the industry needs and deserving candidates. This curriculum is designed, keeping in mind that all the students must be well versed with the fundamental ad advanced concepts in Python. These concepts can be used to develop real applications required by the world.
This course is finalized after a thorough research work by our expert Technical team to provide immense satisfaction to all our students. It is ideal for a fresher as well as working professional. The only thing that is needed for successful completion of this course is passion and dedication to learn new.

2. Do I need to attend any classes to complete the course?

Yes! While registration, if you have selected an ‘online course,’ then all the lectures, practice hours, tests, and mock exams are conducted online. There is nothing to worry about lectures done as syllabus, and course plan and schedule are discussed with you before admission.
So come & join our scholar python online training courses and learn everything by staying at home!! Register Now!

3. Can I choose the online python batch according to my availability?

Of course, yes! At 3RI Technologies, you can select the timing and batches according to your availability. The online python courses are one of the most renowned training programs at 3RI Technologies. Don’t lose the opportunity of becoming the best developer or software programmer. Enquire now!

4. What will be the timing of python sessions?

3RI Technologies’ Python online training sessions are conducted as per your availability. You can sit and take your course at any time but have to compulsory complete the hours at a provided dead-end. 3RI Technologies also help you with ebooks, online tests, mocks, and practice sessions according to the syllabus covered.

5. What is about study material of Python?

Once you register for the Python online course, you are trained from scratch. All the ebooks notes, and practice tests, mock exams, and required extra training is conducted according to once grasping power and learning. You will be provided with all the notes, books, and tricks through online sources like WhatsApp, email, and 3RI Technologies group. So here need to worry about the study materials you get for an online python course. 3RI Technologies is here to provide you with the best of all with proper study materials and examinations.

6. If any session missed, then how will I attend this session again?

Many of you might want to know about missed class recovery. So here it is. Sometimes it happens to be that you have got an emergency or some issue because of which you are not able to attend the Python online session. Then you can quickly recover those sessions after your availability. As 3RI Technologies is here for you, and it understands your emergency work and urgent situations, we have designed your online python courses according to that.

7. Why choose 3RI for online training- Features?

There are many online training courses here, but the best of all is 3RI Technologies, and it is because of the following features:

Live Training from Trainer: The sessions conducted are live and not recorded or capture, repeated videos. Whatever you learn here will be according to the latest technologies in Python. The entire present syllabus will be covered.

Live Projects Available: There are proper live projects assigned to individual students and also with a group project after completion of the python course. These projects will always add a plus point in your resume after getting the course certificate for the same.

Missed Session Covered: All the missed sessions can be covered sooner or later according to your availability. There is no need to worry if you couldn’t attend a course because of some emergency.

Ebooks Provided: Once you register yourself for the course, you have been provided with proper ebooks of your Python online course. And according to the training, lesions covered appropriate notes, and books are also offered to you through online sources like WhatsApp, email, and 3RI Technology groups.

8. How will I ask doubts to the trainer while e-learning?

If you have any doubts during the session, you can note it down and later after the course can contact the trainer and clear your doubts there and then.

9. Is this course online?

Yes !

10. What are the objectives of Python online classes?

The objective of the Python online classes is to transform a no-programmer/less-proficient programmer into an expert-programmer.

The learnings at the end of the Python online training are

  • Understanding the object-oriented concepts in Python
  • Understanding the control flow in Python.
  • Knowledge about best coding practices in Python
  • Understanding the library functions and frameworks in Python
  • Getting knowledge about how to integrate existing Python code with different programming environments like Java, C++, and so on.
  • Building your web or desktop-based application using Python.

As a part of this training program, we will also be teaching how Python can be used in the fields of Machine Learning and Data Science. You will be learning to use Python with Selenium for Automation testing.

11. Why should you go for Python online training?

In today’s time, there are several job opportunities for Data Scientist. Python online training at 3RI Technologies will help you to understand the use of Python for Data Science. You will also gain knowledge to develop and implement Machine Learning based applications using Python.
The Python online training will offer you working on LIVE projects that will enhance the credibility of your resume. Also, you will receive placement assistance that will help you in finding the right job for you.

12. Who can opt for Python online course?

Any person who is looking to start their career as a Data Scientist or a Python developer can opt for this course. You done don’t have to know to program.
But if you have used programming earlier, it is an added advantage for your learning.

13. How will the Python online course help you in your career path?

Python ranks in the top position among other programming languages. It is used across several companies. It is widely used in developing web or desktop-based applications. Due to the vast library functions availability and frameworks available, it is now also used in the field of Data Science and Machine Learning.
Thus, joining Python online course at 3RI Technologies will help you boost your career, which you might be looking for quite some time.

14. Do you need to know to write a program before you start Python online training?

It is not necessary to know how to write a program to enroll in this Python online training. The syntax in Python follows regular English words, so it is easy to learn. It also offers the use of implicit data types.
This Python online course is taken up by experienced certified trainers during LIVE online class at 3RI Technologies. So they will help to explain all the programming concepts that you need for a better understanding.

15. Is Python better than Java?

The code written in Python is way shorter than the code written in Java, fulfilling the same functionality. It takes more time for processing when compared with Java.
However, the trainers conducting Python online training suggest that it is widely used by developers due to its simpler syntax and ease of learning.

16. Who is my instructor?
  • The instructor for Python online course has more than 5-8 years of professional experience and is currently working with top MNC’sMNC’s like Infosys, Zensar, TCS, and so on.
  • They are Python certified experts who know the latest technology developments in the field of Python.
  • These instructors have worked on several industry Python projects and have a deep understanding of industrial work culture. 
  • They have successfully trained more than 1000s of students at our students in our Python online classes.
  • These instructors have a strong foundation in theoretical and practical concepts in Python.
  • They have genuine contact with the hiring teams in different MNC’sMNC’s. This helps us in creating better placement opportunities for our students.
  • They are constantly there to guide and motivate our students through Python online training.
17. What are the modes of training offered for this Python online course?

We offer different modes of Python online training for all our students.

We offer Classroom training at our centers across Pune. The theoretical training is accompanied by LIVE practical sessions in our art of state Software labs at our centers.

We also offer LIVE interactive, Python online classes. This type of training helps our students to learn while they are at home.

We also offer Fast-Tracked Python online Learning for working professionals or fresher who want to finish their course in a couple of weeks.

We also offer a Customised Online Course on Python according to the specific requirements of the student.

18. Can I attend a demo session?

Yes, you can attend the demo session that is conducted during weekends. The demo session will help you in understanding our teaching methodology.

We assure you this Python online course certification will provide you a ROI.  

Call us on 830 810 3366 to schedule your demo class or visit us at to book a demo class.

19. Can we avail of any group discounts or industry training for our team?

We would be pleased to discuss group discounts or corporate training that you may avail by talking in person with you. Please get in touch with us on 830 810 3366 or fill our Inquiry form to receive a call back from us.

20. What are the payment options?

We accept most of the available payment options like Online Transfer, NEFT, Google Pay, and so on. We also accept cash, which can be done by visiting our Head office at Pimple Saudagar, Pune.

21. What are the requirements in terms of Hardware and Software to attend Python Online Training?

There are a few system requirements for installing Python software on your system that is mandatory, to begin with, Python Online Training.

The minimum system requirement is given below to install Python 2.7.X or 3.6.X.

  • 4GB RAM and minimum hard disk space of 40GB
  • Windows 7 or later version, macOS, or Linux based operating system.

You can install your Python environment on a virtual machine installed on a cloud environment that will save you from all the hardware hassles.

22. How will I perform practicals during Python Online Course?

During the Python Online training, you will receive the necessary instructions for Python installation on your systems. During every class, the instructor will be taking several coding examples that you will be working simultaneously on your systems. You will be sharing the results obtained with the trainer so that they can check if you have the right understanding. You can also ask any doubts or issues faced while executing the practicals during the class. Your instructors are pleased to help to resolve all possible issues. Also, the instructor will be providing practice coding assignments and verify your results in the next class.

23. What projects shall I be doing as part of this Python Online course?

As a part of the practice of real examples, we pick projects from reputed MNC’s. These projects help our students to understand real scenarios and the kind of projects they will be working on once placed. They will also develop solution designing ability with these kinds of projects.
You will be working on projects like creating a Registration page that needs to enter the Login information. You will be creating a sample online evaluation system. You will also be developing an E-commerce website using Django as a part of this Online training on Python.
These projects become part of your Python Python experience in Resume. It helps in easier job placements with top MNC’s.

24. Can we create 2D and 3D games using Python?

Yes, you can use Python to create 2D and 3D games. You would be required to use Python libraries like PyOpenGL and Pygame.
You may take the help of your instructors for the Python online course. They will help you with creating these games as additional project work. However, it would be great if you have some basic knowledge about 2D and 3D games that you plan to implement.

25. Whom to connect for more queries?

You may call us on 830 810 3366 to obtain answers to any of your other questions related to the course that has not been covered here.

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