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Facebook created React, an open-source library for virtual DOM-based web applications.The goal of the 3RI Technologies’ React js training in Pune is to teach you the fundamentals of React. It is an important digital framework that aids in the design of certain user interfaces, including events, props, JSX, and the state. This Redux-focused react js course in Pune covers subjects including reducers, activities, and the event tree.


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Overview - ReactJs Classes in Pune

ReactJS Classes in Pune

React is a training program designed to promote you with the latest web development bents with the most enthusiastic and latest technologies. These technologies are indeed very easy to understand and learn. Starting with the basics everything will be covered under this course. You will have a hand-on experience of using all the related modules as well. 

From the beginning of the course, you will be trained for developing your basic website pages by making it user-friendly for all. You will also learn about creating animations and styling, fonts and all the required terms necessary while developing a website. Companies like Instagram, Apple, etc makes use of React and have proved that it is growing to be the best JS amongst the rest.



About this Course

From designing your first website using React, learn all the front-end development frameworks like React and hybrid mobile development from 3RI Technologies which covers all these topics using server side support. Initially, you will learn all the front-end frameworks and then start with creating your hybrid mobile application using React native. With this, you will also learn how to execute NoSQL database, NodeJS and Express frameworks with respect to MongoDB and more. You will also get an opportunity to learn how to interact with the client using RESTful API.

3RI Technologies have designed this ReactJS Training program in Pune for all the ones wanting start their career in web development and designing. You will be honed with real-time projects and also get a chance to implement your own ideas during this course. And we promise you that our proficient are well-experience will help you to boost your knowledge and gain confidence to implement all the skills learned during this ReactJS training Pune.

If you are in a way waiting to flourish your career as a web developer, then learning ReactJS will be the best choice for you. So, moving further let us understand what it means.

What is ReactJS?

ReactJS is a JavaScript library famously used to manage all the web development factors to create interactive components on websites. It is an open-source JavaScript library used to enhance user interface features for any kind of applications. It is also used to develop useable UI items. ReactJS is maintained by Facebook and a community of developers from different organizations. With the help of ReactJS, you can also divide your entire application into various individual parts. In general, ReactJS acts as a solution to all the problems faced by a website developer.

ReactJs Training


Why learn ReactJS?

When it comes to creating responsive and fast web apps, one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks is React. Due to its ease of use, JavaScript developers of various experience levels can quickly include React in their applications. In its brief existence, React has rapidly become a favorite among developers, alongside comparable JavaScript frameworks such as Vue.js and Angular.

Here are six reasons why learning React will benefit your career. 

  • Simplicity

The straightforward and declarative syntax of React makes it simple for developers to comprehend and create complicated user interfaces with minimal effort, thereby enhancing productivity and decreasing the learning curve. 

  • Easy to Learn

React’s component-based structure and simple ideas make it easy for workers to learn the basics of the framework quickly, even if they are new to front-end development. 

  • Native Approach

The design of React lets developers make components that look like native UI elements. This improves the user experience and speeds up online applications. 

  • Data Binding

React’s one-way data flow and virtual DOM make it easy to update data without re-rendering the user interface. This ensures that changes to the application state are directly reflected in the user interface without re-rendering. 

  • Performance

React’s virtual DOM updates and displays only the necessary components, so the real DOM doesn’t have to be changed as much. This method makes applications work better and respond faster. 

  • Testability

React’s structure, which is based on components, makes unit testing easy. Developers can write separate tests for each element to ensure the application is stable and strong while being built and maintained.

ReactJS Skills Needed for Various Jobs
  •  Front-end Developer

HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and ReactJS skills for building dynamic user interfaces. Knowledge of tools for managing state (such as Redux), integrating APIs, and improving performance. 

  • Full-Stack Developer

Front-end and back-end development expertise are required. For complete web app creation, you should know how to use ReactJS for the front end and be familiar with server-side languages (like Node.js and Python) and databases (like MongoDB and MySQL). 

  • UI/UX Designer

Understanding what ReactJS can do will help you make applications that are easy to use. Working with developers to create good designs and work with ReactJS components. 

  • React Native Developer

Specialization in developing mobile applications for Android and iOS using React Native. ReactJS expertise and familiarity with platform-specific design patterns and device APIs. 

  • Software Engineer

ReactJS knowledge and a strong foundation in software development principles are essential for creating scalable and maintainable apps. Additionally required are skills in problem-solving and data structure knowledge. 

  • Quality Assurance (QA) Engineer

Testing how well ReactJS apps work, how easy they are to use, and how well they run—familiarity with testing tools like Jest and Enzyme and the ability to make complete test suites.

Why 3RI Technologies for ReactJS training?

3RI Technologies ReactJS training course in Pune is one of the renowned course which helps you in upskilling your web development forte and comprehend a talent in you. You can always check our course reviews and enroll accordingly. Being the best platform for any training program in Pune, we help our students to develop the self-development skills as well.

Once you complete this course, you will also be able to participate in our company drives conducted in our institutes at Pune location. You are also eligible to apply for the job best suitable for you by the emails sent throughout placement team. Once you receive an opening email, that email will explain all the details like package, location, skills required etc and if you find it right then you can apply for the job then and there. Once you apply, if you are shortlisted the company HR will directly contact you and will discuss with you about the further process.

Trainer’s at 3RI Technologies:

  • Developer with a lot of experience with ReactJS and a committed trainer at 3RI Technologies.
  • Trainers who have taught more than 500 students and have experience with basic and advanced ReactJS ideas.
  • Trainers who use interactive methods and uses real-world situations to help candidates grasp abstract ideas.

Join us to learn how to use this famous library to build dynamic user interfaces and get better at front-end development.

After completing this ReactJS certification course, what kinds of jobs are available in the ReactJS?

A few of the many career paths open to those who have earned their ReactJS certification are as follows:

Job TitleRole DescriptionNecessary Skills
ReactJS DeveloperUsing ReactJS to build user interfaces and implement designs, ensuring that apps are responsive and working with the programming team.Skilled in RESTful API development and ReactJS, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
Senior ReactJS DeveloperDirecting the front-end development team, designing complex user interfaces, and enhancing ReactJS apps’ efficiency.Strong problem-solving abilities, knowledge of front-end architecture, advanced competency with ReactJS, and familiarity with cutting-edge front-end technologies.
ReactJS UX/UI DesignerUtilizing ReactJS with designers to produce aesthetically pleasing and intuitive user interfaces while guaranteeing a flawless user experience.ReactJS expertise, UI/UX design principles, familiarity with design tools (such as Sketch and Figma), and a keen comprehension of user behaviour are all required.
ReactJS Mobile App DeveloperCreated React Native cross-platform mobile apps and ensured the user experience was consistent across various devices.Expertise in mobile app development, JavaScript, React Native, and mobile UI/UX concepts.
ReactJS Accessibility EngineerPutting accessibility features in place, auditing accessibility, and ensuring ReactJS apps are usable by people with disabilities.Familiarity with assistive devices, familiarity with accessible design principles, and knowledge of accessibility standards (WCAG).

We are happy to help you 24/7


Who can apply for this program?

There is no such rule or criteria to take this course as 3RI Technologies has designed this course keeping the basics at first and helping everyone to achieve what they dream for their future profession. But basic knowledge about JavaScript and its libraries will always help. This will make it easy for you to grasp things quicker and understand them easily.

Microsoft Azure Syllabus

Decade Years Legacy of Excellence | Multiple Cities | Manifold Campuses | Global Career Offers

1. Overview

    ● Features of React JS
    ● Advantages
    ● Limitations

2. Environment Setup

    ● Install global packages
    ● Add dependencies and plugin
    ● Run the server

3. ReactJS component

    ● Render function
    ● Component API
    ● State,Props
    ● JSX
    ● React Pure Component
    ● Creating a React Component
    ● Creating a Class Component
    ● Creating a function Component

4. ReactJS ─ Component Life Cycle

    ● Lifecycle Methods.
    ● Explanation on life cycle

5. ReactJS ─ Events

    ● Simple Example
    ● Child Events.

6. ReactJS – Redux

    ● Concept of Redux
    ● Redux API
    ● React Redux provides
    ● Middleware- (Trunk)

7. ReactJS ─ Router

    ● Install a React Router
    ● Create Components
    ● Add a Router

8. Component Inter Communication

    ● Component composition
    ● Pass data from parent to child
    ● Pass data from child to parent

9. Unit Testing Components

    ● Jasmine
    ● React test utilities

10. HOOKS in react

    ● When to use Hook
    ● Rules of Hook
    ● Hook State
    ● Hook Effect
    ● Building your Own Hooks

11. Unit Testing Components

    ● Jest
    ● React test utilities

Course Highlights

Live sessions across 11 months

Industry Projects and Case Studies

24*7 Support

Project Work & Case Studies

Validate your skills and knowledge

Validate your skills and knowledge by working on industry-based projects that includes significant real-time use cases.

Gain hands-on expertize

Gain hands-on expertize in Top IT skills and become industry-ready after completing our project works and assessments.

Latest Industry Standards

Our projects are perfectly aligned with the modules given in the curriculum and they are picked up based on latest industry standards.

Get Noticed by top industries

Add some meaningful project works in your resume, get noticed by top industries and start earning huge salary lumps right away.

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Most frequent questions and answers

React is a Facebook-developed Javascript framework for developing dynamic user interfaces for online applications. Web-based applications and websites. Another name for the library is ReactJS. It was developed in 2011 by Facebook employee Jordan Walke to reduce the time and effort required to develop user interfaces for websites and web applications. The project was open-sourced in 2013 and is currently being maintained by Facebook and independent developers and businesses worldwide.

React offers numerous advantages. Let’s examine the main benefits of learning React:

  • Simple to Learn
  • Components Are Reusable
  • Maximum Efficiency with Virtual DOM
  • Superior Abstraction
  • Enhanced by Flux Architecture
  • JSX used for Templates
  • Awesome Developer Tools
  • Speed
  • Flexibility

So if you are looking for react js classes in Pune, 3RI Technologies is the best institute.

Yes, the react course includes many practical sessions. It begins with an introduction to the mechanisms of a React application, including tree reconciliation and JSX usage. Also included is a concise comparison of alternative libraries and frameworks. The following module shows you how to create a development environment effectively. You will watch create-react-app in action and receive instructions for setting up Chrome developer tools and Visual Studio Code.

Many tools and technologies will be used during the react course. Let’s see the name of specific tools:


  • Storybook
  • Rekit
  • Redux
  • React Sight
  • React Proto
  • React 360
  • Jest
  • Gatsby
  • Evergreen
  • BIT
  • Belle

3RI Technologies courses are designed with all the latest real-time projects where you will get a chance to work on it live. Our instructors are well proficient and experience in their field and help you with all the project understanding and concepts.

A React course’s batch size may change depending on the course and student levels. Some batches may have classes with only a few students, usually between five and ten, while others may have classes with up to 20.


For the ones willing to upgrade their web development career are best fit for this course. Learning React JS is important because all the leading MNCs are looking for candidates with ReactJS knowledge.

Basically, the duration depends on the batchs you prefer to go with. If you select a weekdays batch i.e. Monday to Friday then maximum duration for the course would be around 2 to 2 and half month approx. And if you go with the weekend batches i.e. Saturday and Sunday then these classes will take more duration as compared to the weekdays batch and will take at least 3 to 3 and half months to complete the whole program.

The weekday batch timings will be 2 hours each day where as weekend batch timings will be 4 hours each day respectively.

After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate

Yes, 3RI Technologies promises to provide assistance after completion of the course. Once you are done with the course, you will be introduced to our placement team where they will help you with all the further process.

The process will be like – you will receive emails of the opening of different MNCs where you can check the details and apply for the relevant jobs you want. Once you apply, if you are been shortlisted by the particular company, you will receive a call from the HR team and they will guide you with the further process and rounds.

As we all know, ReactJS is a JavaScript library which implies that you should have at least the basic knowledge about JavaScript. ReactJS focuses on providing the best user interface reactive, optimized and productive solutions to all the web applications developed. So this can be the pre-requisite required as such. But even if you are not aware of JavaScript or are not expertise into this domain, there is nothing to worry about.

3RI Technologies is here for that. All the things starting from scratch will be covered by us. You will learn everything – in and out about JavaScript and related modules and concepts as well with ReactJS.  We are well-recognized institute in Pune where every training is managed and scheduled by all the proficients in the particular fields. There will be no doubts of not understand the course till the course is done. Everything will be cleared and taught step by step without skipping of latest technologies and methods used in the current IT industry.

Yes, if your concern is to hone your web development knowledge but have no sufficient time to visit the institute but ready to learn ReactJS online, then 3RI Technologies is the best fit for you. We are one of the best training platform in Pune where everything is taught concerning the latest technologies and concepts.

All you need to do is, contact us and let us know you suitable timing when you can attend our sessions and our team is here to help you with the best suitable result to attend the sessions without any pressure of timings. We think keeping the flexibility of timings for all the learners is what makes you achieve what you dream for. Keeping that in mind, you will always have a chance to give sometime out of your busy schedule and boost your career with the latest technologies.

Contact Us Now!

Yes, 3RI Technologies provides a course certificate for all its course, including ReactJS course. Once you are done with your course, according to your overall performance, interaction and participation observed during the sessions, you will maker with a grade and that grade will be affected on your certificate that you receive after the course completion.

Hence, keeping yourself active during every session and clearing your doubts or queries then and there will also help in understanding the concepts faster and easier.

There is no such rule or criteria to take this course as 3RI Technologies has designed this course keeping the basics at first and helping everyone to achieve what they dream for their future profession. But basic knowledge about JavaScript and its libraries will always help. This will make it easy for you to grasp things quicker and understand them easily.

There are two ways to take up this course i.e.

  1. Online Course
  2. Classroom Training

For online training, you need to visit our website – (add website link here) and search for ReactJS Online Course. There you will find the results from which you need to select the course you are willing to start with. Once you select the course, you will move on to the pricing page and you need to provide your details there with the credentials used while logining in to out portal. Once you are done with the payment, you will receive a confirmation email on the registered email address with the dates and timings you have selected to start the course with.

And for the classroom training, you can follow the same procedure but select classroom training option or you can simply contact us – (add contact no) and our team will help you with the further details about the course, timings, payments and more.

You will have access and support even after completion of the ReactJS course. Any doubts you have or want to talk to the instructor about your doubts, you can contact them and clear your queries anytime in future as well.

A React course’s return policy may change depending on the platform or course providers policies.


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