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Key Features

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

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API Testing Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction to JAVA basics

    • Objects and Classes
    • Control Structure
    • Conditional Statements
    • OOPs Concepts in Java
    • String handling

2. Web Service Basics

    • What is web service?
    • Web service Example
    • Different types of Services: SOAP & REST

3. Setup Environment

    • Setup SOAPUI Free Version
    • Setup SOAPUI Pro Version
    • Free SOAP Web services
    • Difference between SOAP and Rest Services
    • Advantage of Rest Services over SOAP Services
    • UDDI

4. Jump into SOAP UI / ReadyAPI

    • What is SOAPUI
    • SOAPUI work hierarchy
    • First SOAP Test Case/SOAP Request test step
    • What is ReadyAPI
    • Understanding of ReddyAPI test Steps

5. Properties At Different SOAPUI Level

    • Global properties
    • Project level property
    • TestSuite level property
    • TestCase Level Property

6. Test steps in SOAPUI

    • Delay Test Step
    • Groovy Script test step
    • Property test step
    • Manual Test Step
    • Run Test Case Step
    • Assertion Test step

7. Parameterization / Data driver Test Cases

    • Data Source-Data source Loop using Grid
    • Data Source looping using text file
    • Data Source looping using excel file
    • Data Sink Step
    • Data source Loop using Data sink

8. SOAPUI Utilities

    • Extent Reporting
    • Data-Driven Framework
    • PDF Reporting

9. Reporting in SOAPUI/Pro

10. Command Prompt Execution

    • Run Functional suite from the command prompt
    • Run Load test suite from the command prompt

11. Groovy Programming-Basic to Advance

    • Groovy coding environment setup
    • Class and objects
    • Groovy Basics
    • Groovy Programming KickOFF
    • Programming Exercise-Number Swapping
    • Groovy Condition Handling
    • Programming Exercise-Check Even Odd
    • Groovy: Arrays
    • Groovy: For Loop
    • Groovy: While Loop
    • Groovy: For Each Loop
    • Programming Exercise: Prime Number
    • Programming Exercise: Fibonnaci series
    • Groovy String Handling

12. XPATH and XQUERY Assertion

    • XPATH Assertion
    • XQuery Assertion in soapUI

13. Basics of Restful Services

    • What is Web service
    • Request and Response
    • What is Rest
    • HTTP Methods
    • Request and Response Methods

14. Using Postman for Testing

    • Deploying the Test Application in Tomcat
    • Application under Test
    • Testing GET endpoint

15. Query Parameter

    • Handling the query parameter from code

16. Introduction to Rest Assured

    • Introduction to course material
    • Setting up the Rest Assured Framework
    • Rest assured with BDD Framework
    • Coding style
    • Understanding of Rest Assured -Behaviour Driven Framework

17. HTTP Get Method using Rest Assured

    • Writing GET Method
    • Handling Response
    • Handling and validating response status code
    • Setup using rest assured environment variable
    • Creating GET Request with custom headers
    • Validating Response Content
    • Validating using XMLpath class
    • Validating using JsonPath Class
    • Handling query parameters

18. HTTP Put and Delete method using Rest Assured

    • Writing the PUT method
    • Writing Delete Method

19. Working with Twitter API

    • Introduction and creating an app for Twitter
    • POST-Status-Update on Twitter
    • Get the list of followers
    • Deleting status update from Twitter wall


    • Testing of API of Ecommerce based Website

Web Services- API Testing Classes in Pune

3RI Technologies provides Best API Training course in Pune. Our course is a a classroom training program providing extensive knowledge with hands on experience to test the API’s. SOAP UI also known as Simple Object Access Protocol is a XML based and open source web services testing tool. SOAP UI is used to perform functional and nonfunctional web services testing , load testing etc. It is one of the best, independent and intuitive GUI which supports remote services via client applications. Our SOAP UI Training course material is made by industry experts keeping in mind the industry needs and processes. Our trainers are highly experienced and deliver SOAP UI training on weekdays and weekends as well. Being well versed with industry, our trainers deliver best SOAP UI training in Pune.


Application Programming Interfaces are the connection structure between different systems or levels of an application. Applications generally have three levels: a data level, a service level (API), and a presentation level (UI). The API level contains the business logic of an application: the rules by which users can interact with the application’s services, data, or functions. Since the API or service level directly affects the data layer and the presentation layer, this is the ideal point for continuous testing for quality control and development teams. Although traditional testing has focused on the user interface, the benefits of API testing are becoming increasingly known. Although there are many aspects of API testing, it is usually necessary to make requests to one or sometimes multiple API endpoints and review the response, either for performance or security reasons, functional fixes, or simply a status check. While the UI test may focus on verifying the appearance of a web interface or on the operation of a specific payment button, the API test places much more emphasis on testing business logic, data and security responses, and performance bottlenecks.

What is API Testing?

The API test is a type of software test in which the API (Application Programming Interface) is tested directly and as part of the integration test to determine whether they meet expectations in terms of functionality, reliability, and reliability. APIs do not have a graphical user interface; API tests are performed at the message level. API tests are now considered critical for test automation, as APIs are now the primary interface for application logic and GUI tests with release cycles are difficult to maintain


Types of tests can be performed in API tests:

  • Functional test – to check if the API works and does exactly what it needs to do
  • Reliability test – to check if the API can be connected and produces consistent results consistently
  • Validation Test- Allows you to examine aspects related to the product, behavior, and efficiency of an API
  • Load test– performed to ensure API performance in normal and peak conditions
  • UI Test-  involves testing the UI for the API and other integral parts
  • Security test- to check if the API is protected from all possible external threats
  • Penetration test-  to identify vulnerabilities in an application from the perspective of an attacker
  • Fuzz test – to test the API against the limits to prepare the “worst-case scenarios.”

Challenges of API Testing

  • There is no graphical interface that makes it difficult for testers to provide input values
  • Managing test cases is difficult because a tester may have to manage millions of test cases
  • The tester must have experience in API-controlled programming languages
  • It takes time, takes a lot of time and resources to develop design tools and tests
  • Inadequate documentation makes it difficult for a test designer to understand the purpose of API calls
  • Adequate call order is required as this may result in insufficient test coverage

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