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3RI Technologies teach you how to become an AI Expert by building & deploying industry curated projects. Discover the potential of Artificial Intelligence through our courses and programs. We have placement partnerships with top companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Syntel, and Cognizant. Due to our long history of accomplishments in this area, we offer as many as thirty tasks per week that will prepare our students to excel at AI, just like professionals.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 3 Months

Real Time Projects : 2

Instructor-Led Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Support

AI Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1.  Artificial Intelligence
    ● An Introduction to Artificial Intelligence
    ● History of Artificial Intelligence
    ● Future and Market Trends in AI
    ● Intelligent Agents – Perceive-ReasonAct Loop
    ● Constraint-based Reasoning
2. Deep networks and structured knowledge
    ● Studying Neural Elements
    ● Neural Networks and Perceptions
    ● Understanding Feedforward Networks
    ● Exploring Backpropagation
    ● Working of Neural Networks
3. Natural Language Processing
    ● Natural Language Processing
    ● NLP in Python
    ● Tokenization
    ● Part of Speech Tagging (POS Tagging)
    ● Named Entity Recognition
    ● Semantic Analysis
    ● Sentiment Analysis
4. Artificial Neural Network
    ● Understanding Artificial Neural Network
    ● The Activation Function
    ● Building an ANN
    ● Building Problem Description
    ● Evaluation the ANN
    ● Improving the ANN
    ● Tuning the ANN.
5. Conventional Neural Networks
    ● CNN Intuition
    ● Convolution Operation
    ● Kernel Operation
    ● Filtering operation
    ● Padding on image
    ● Pooling Layer
    ▪ Max Pooling
    ▪ Average Pooling
    ● ReLU Layer
    ● Fully Connected Dense Layer
    ● Softmax and Cross-Entropy
    ● Building a CNN
    ● Evaluating the CNN
    ● Improving the CNN
    ● Tuning the CNN
6. Recurrent Neural Network
    ● Recurrent Neural Network
    ● RNN Intuition
    ● The Vanishing Gradient Problem
    ● LSTMs and LSTM Variations
    ● Practical Intuition
    ● Building an RNN
    ● Evaluating the RNN
    ● Improving the RNN
    ● Tuning the RNN
7.  Time Series Data
    ● Introduction to Time series data
    ● Data cleaning in time series
    ● Pre-Processing Time-series Data
    ● Prediction in Time Series using LSTM
    ● Prediction in Time Series using ARIMA

AI Classes in Pune

The best Artificial Intelligence Training in Pune offered 3RI Technologies, which can be an outstanding choice to make. At 3RI Technologies, there are certified Artificial Intelligence professionals to give you the best and knowledgeable training.

Artificial Intelligence came into existence when people started taking an interest in automated technologies and ventures. The Greeks had legendary tales about robots, the Chinese and the Egyptians also had accomplished some headway around there. Artificial intelligence is constantly progressing at a fast rate as organizations are finding better approaches to receive the rewards of this innovation to mechanize forms, increment efficiency, and diminish cost.

From the recent few years, the use of Artificial Intelligence has increased to the next level, which has also increased the demand for AI professionals. But candidates often struggle in searching for the best training institute for Artificial Intelligence in Pune. Pune is full of AI training institutes, but choosing the most reliable training institute is one of the most important factors.

Artificial Intelligence ranks first in the top 10 list of best technologies to learn in IT Industry 2020

Artificial Intelligence Course in Pune

3RI Technologies is one of the most renowned institutes which has a placement partnership with top companies like IBM, Infosys, Wipro, Syntel, Cognizant, and more.
Through our long journey of ability in this area, we furnish our students with continuous task-based preparation that will make you adroit at AI, similar to experts and professionals. Apart from that, 3RI Technologies gives you the placement guarantee with the best jobs in the top and renowned companies in the IT industry. Time to time tests is taken of every student to test the knowledge and understandings of the students for better training understanding and improvise if needed.

3RI Technologies has its branches located in Pune’s top localities keeping in mind everyone’s convenience. To avail of the course, please drop by at 3RI Technologies today.

All about Artificial Intelligence

When smart systems like computers are capable of executing intelligent errands with the use of advanced technologies, the course termed artificial intelligence. It clearly means that AI i.e., Artificial Intelligence is a branch of science where the machines demonstrate intelligence in the same way as animals and humans do. Artificial Intelligence course in Pune is high in demand in today’s world. By understanding the concepts of artificial intelligence, you can easily automate the machines and assign the work brilliantly the same as humans do. Now, wouldn’t that be too stunning to even think about ignoring? All things considered, why not! In this way, don’t make delays, support your CV hundredfold by taking in an AI course from some presumed AI training institute in Pune, and land to the position you had always wanted. The first step towards understanding Artificial Intelligence is to take the best Artificial Intelligence course in Pune at 3RI Technologies. Without any doubt, 3RI Technologies is one of the best Artificial Intelligence training centers in Pune. 

In another and short words, artificial intelligence is a science-based concern that used to build smarter machines that are capable enough to take the tasks given that specifically require human intelligence.  AI is one kind of inter punitive technology that can handle countless approaches at once. Still, the headways in AI and profound learning are making a change in perspective in essentially every division of the tech business.

AI Training in Pune

How does AI Work?

Soon after breaking the machine of Nazi encryption machine Enigma and after supporting the forces to prevail in the second world war, the famous mathematician named Alan Turning turned the history by asking one simple question, which was “Can Machines Think? Soon enough, in the later 1950s, the concept of Artificial Intelligence was born. Now let’s get to how exactly this smart thing works. Man-made consciousness gathers more frontpage features each day. Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the innovation empowering machines to gain for a fact and perform human-like undertakings. 

Ping-ponging among idealistic and tragic, suppositions differ uncontrollably with respect to the present and future applications, or more awful, ramifications, of Artificial Intelligence. Without the correct moorings, our psyches will, in general, float into Hollywood-produced waters, abounding with robot transformations, self-governing vehicles, and next to no comprehension of how AI really functions.

How is Artificial Intelligence Used?

AI usually followed under 2 of the broad categories which are listed below:

Narrow Artificial Intelligence: This type of artificial intelligence, also referred to as a Weak AI. This type of AI tool works in a very limited context, which is also an imitation of human intelligence. This type of AI usually focused on handling a singular task in a great manner 

Artificial General Intelligence: 

AGI or Artificial General Intelligence is also known as a Strong AI, which is a type of AI we watch in the cinemas. For example, the robots in the Westworld or the data from star trek. This type of AI works super intelligently and can be used to solve any kind of problem, the same as humans do. 3RI Technologies all such types of Artificial Intelligence modules. To avail of the course, please drop by at 3RI Technologies today.

Benefits of Artificial Intelligence

The Compass and Scope of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

We all have heard a lot about Artificial Intelligence and its brilliance till now. But do we know what exactly artificial intelligence is? Let us dig deeper into the topic and understand what artificial intelligence exactly is. Artificial Intelligence is something that primarily used for solving problems that are as effective as human’s problem-solving ability.

The scope for all the AI certified professional experts are in fields like expert systems, robotics, game playing, developing speech recognition machines, language detection machine, the vision of computers, and much more. The AI industry is moving like a rocket and taking various bright turns day by day, and the scope of the AI professionals is flourishing and tremendously bright. The first step towards understanding AI is to taking Artificial Intelligence training in Pune is one of the reputed and most reliable training centers. Candidates can complete their Artificial Intelligence course in Pune at 3RI Technologies.

After successfully completion of this course at 3RI Technologies, the training institute will provide all its candidates with an authorized AI course completion certificate while will take your career to the next level with flying colors. You can also avail the best job roles after completing the course at 3RI Technologies. Effective Job roles will be like, Robotic scientist, Software Engineer, Game Programmer, Smart-machine Interaction Modeler, Machine Relations Manager, Transparency Analyst, Computer Scientist, and many more. With the new and advancing technology in Artificial Intelligence, new job roles established, which are into Automation Economics, Automation Ethicist, Context designer, and much more. 

Keeping in kind and understanding all the advancements of the new job opportunities established by this brilliant technology, this can be a perfect point of interest for the enthusiasts to seek Artificial Intelligence Training in Pune, especially at 3RI Technologies. 3RI Technologies is one of the most well known and an expert AI training institutes in Pune, providing course certification, best and professional AI course teaching staff, placement guarantee with superbly cost-effective course fees. Come and drop by today to avail of the course. 

Artificial Intelligence Salary in India

According to PayScale, Salary for Skill: Artificial Intelligence (AI) is average 1 million

Artificial Intelligence Salary in

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Key Features of AI Training

The objectives of the Artificial Intelligence Course in Pune are many, so let us get through the topic and understand all about Artificial Intelligence and its objectives. The first step towards understanding the Artificial Intelligence is to take an ultimate Artificial Intelligence training in Pune at 3RI Technologies. There are many training institutes who offer Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune but getting the perfect Artificial Intelligence training center for you is quite challenging these days. Learn all about the Artificial Intelligence Course in Pune at the most reliable and trusted training institute at 3RI Technologies with placement assured training and with the best teaching professionals. This job assured training will make you knowledgeable in the Fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence, Learning the historical backdrop of artificial intelligence, essential innovation knowledge, and examples of utilizing AI, through our hands-on preparation. Apart from all this, 3RI Technologies also provides you with a cost-effective Artificial Intelligence course as compared to the other training institutes.

What are the ultimate objectives of taking an Artificial Intelligence Course

  • Procure information about your system improvement of Artificial intelligence along with all the project support.
  • Get an in deep comprehension of how to utilize Artificial intelligence.
  • Get a good idea of the mechanism of Artificial intelligence and its practical application through real-time training.
  • Get a smart thought on the working and mechanism of Artificial intelligence knowledge and its practical application through an ongoing training course.

Why choose Artificial Intelligence Training with Certification?

  • If you desire to get the fundamental knowledge about Artificial intelligence. (for instance, the marketing department, management, planning department and so on.).
  • If you are keen on the matter of Artificial knowledge
  • If you are an IT engineer who is keen on AI
  • If you might want to propose AI to improve your career prospects
  • If you desire to get the fundamental knowledge about Data Science Training for Data Scientist career
  • If you desire to get the Complete knowledge of Python Training which comes in the syllabus of AI

What are the requirements to avail of the Artificial Intelligence Certification Training?

The one who has a basic knowledge of computers.

Experience in development of system utilizing programming language (suggested)

Will you get the essential support after successfully completing the Artificial intelligence course?

Without a doubt. All your specialized questions can be cleared with every minute of everyday life help. You can rehash the classes you’ve not comprehended well.

Come drop by at 3Ri Technologies today and unlock all the incredible courses for yourself today or simply give us a call and our expert team shall provide you with the best guidance.

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.



Most frequent questions and answers

Artificial Intelligence is the ability proved by machines and is different from natural facts shown by humans. AI programming opens up huge opportunities for developers, and one can create any kind of applications across various domains. The basic understanding before learning AI is that it is above all a combination of reasoning, problem-solving, planning and learning abilities. Languages such as Python, R, Java, and Prolog are a few of the many languages that can be used for AI programming and to create interesting applications or projects. AI training courses in Pune are very famous because they even provide placement for the top graded students of their institutes. And the best institute among all is 3RI Technologies. As eternal opportunities, tons of programmers are on the path to learn Artificial Intelligence, 3RI Technologies help the students to craft their skills, study the structure towards how we work, live and manage our businesses.

The assistants we use in our daily life like Siri, Google Assistant, Amazon Echo are all a big part of AI. AI is also present in Google translate and many more popular applications and tools.

How to start learning AI?

  1. Think about a problem you would love fixing:

Starting with the problem you would love to fix will make you stay focused, motivated, keen to learn and solve it as soon as possible. And problem-solving directly makes you engage with machine learning.

  1. Find an easy way out:

Now, as you know the problem makes a point in finding a solution to it. All you need is an algorithm that will process data into a form which is right for machine learning by giving it the best result and estimating its performance.

  1. Improve your solution:

Now as you have found a solution, it’s time for creativity. Try to improve and optimize the solution in such a way that makes you feel worth spending time in.

  1. Note & Share your solution:

Writing up the solution and sharing it will help you in getting the best feedback. Once, you start writing it down, you will get more engaged with better understanding and in a better way. It will also help you add a point to your machine learning portfolio. And repeat all 1 to 4 steps until you are done getting solutions for all the problems.

  1. Now complete Kaggle Competition:

Kaggle competition helps you to test and develop your skills. You will be forced to think about different solutions for the problem. It also provides an unique way to team up with others.

  1. Utilize Machine Learning Professionally:

You need to decide what your career goals are, to create your portfolio. If you are not ready to apply for machine learning jobs, look for more projects that will make your portfolio effective.

There are many Artificial Intelligence courses in Pune which will help you in developing your talent and skills according to your understanding and learning power. These AI course providers also give you an opportunity to be selected in good MNC’s. 

For quite a lot of years, due to advancement of technologies there has been a substantial and a huge increase in the demand for Artificial Intelligence and its professional certified courses. But candidates often go through innumerable challenges while finding the best and trusted Artificial Intelligence (AI) training centre in Pune. The Pune IT training bazaar on the other hand is filled with end number of Artificial Intelligence training institutes, but they might not all be reliable or trusted. But at 3RI Technologies, we offer our students with most trusted and most reliable training. The Artificial Intelligence Training in Pune at 3RI Technologies comes with a bundle of benefits. 3RI Technologies is a alleged training institute which can easily fly your own kite being a subsidiary of top MNCs like Cognizant, Wipro, Syntel, Infosys, Siemens, Symantec, Red Hat, TCS, Tech Mahindra, Amdocs, Accenture, Capgemini, iNautix / BNY Mellon, Persistent Systems, Zensar Tech, Synechron and more. 

Through, our drawn out ability in this particular domain, we give our understudies real time based project training that will make you proficient at Artificial Intelligent, similar to experts. 3RI Technologies has branches in a few areas crosswise over Pune where the location of the training institutes are very wisely chosen. Our branches are located in the top localities of Pune for better convenience of our students. Now, coming back to the advantages of the course, the course unlocks a pathway to success and will surely take a new turn into your career. 

It also gives you opportunities like

  • Make a business that uses Artificial intelligence (AI), and structure thoughts. 
  • Ready to examine plans of action utilizing Artificial intelligence (AI) 
  • Utilize the plan of action canvas to sort out new business ideas 
  • Comprehend the progression of business planning and structure thoughts

As we all know that machine learning and artificial intelligence is not a new concept anymore but is growing more in demand as the requirements for machines are increasing. As machine learning can now be applicable in big data, you can imagine how it was seven years ago compared to today when it comes to data availability. All social media platforms and many other applications as well as domains use machine learning and AI for general page recommendations which appeal to the customers. 

Choosing a programming language that provides relevant data and helps in implementing the exact algorithm we can create a program will meet customer requirements using AI. Whether you are a programmer or you are interested in this field of programming and want to learn about what programming languages are best when it comes to learning AI are discussed below.

  1. Python

It is the most popular and easy to learn language. Python is popularly used for website development. Within the field of data science and machine learning, python is increasingly advanced compared to all other languages. As it has many well-known frameworks and libraries in machine learning makes it a more useful language.

  1. R

R is an interpreted and dynamically typed programming language. If you have any knowledge about any programming language then R is easy for you to learn. Many companies use R for big-data modelling, data analysis, visualization etc.

  1. Java

Java is a general purpose language and has a wide range of usage for application, website, and product development. Many companies use java for server side execution and programming.

As there are many more languages popular when it comes to AI, there are many institutes that provide these language course trainings. According to the latest research, 3RI Technologies is one of the top ranking institutes which provide you courses in Pune for all the popular languages and AI.

Artificial intelligence might appear hard to understand, but it isn’t as complex as you consider. Many of the tools that have been developed over the last decade or so have all helped to make artificial intelligence and machine learning more convenient to engineers with differing degrees of skill, experience and knowledge. And if you are a non-IT professional who is trying to make a career in Data Science and Machine Learning without the experience of working on programming languages then you are at the right place.

There are many classes and institutes which provide the courses of AI and also guide to through the placement process. 3RI Technologies is one of the best AI course providing institute which help you in learning from zero and the staff also help you to invent and develop your own skills and imagination towards machine learning. The training program in 3RI is designed to give a non-programmer an introduction about AI. You will learn from developing the chat bot that links to your data. You will learn about the systems in your business, broader context of people with AI and also about AI projects.

You will also get to learn the foundation of machine learning AI, Robotics in business and transform your organization and career with AI. You will also have hands on practical AI applications used in industries for retail, manufacturing, healthcare, medical and many more.

The best machine learning for non-programmers are – DataRobot, RapidMiner, MLBase, BigML which are the excellent tools which you can take full advantage of huge data sets and extracting valuable information from it without any programming knowledge.

Artificial Intelligence is growing move in demand as it makes it possible to learn from the experience about the machines, get new outcomes with adjacent inputs and perform human-like tasks. By processing huge amount of data and recognizing the patter of the data, the computers are been trained using these AI Technologies.

Eventually, AI technology will slowly come up into being an error-free globe.  It is in a way to introduce in all the sectors to reduce human effort and give an accurate and faster result. And because of this, there are many well-know institutes in Pune which provide AI courses with the best training faculty and placements. 3RI Technologies is one of the best AI course providing institute.

To understand more about AI, below are the points which will help you in understanding the importance of AI in our daily life.

  1. Generally used in Banks & Financial systems:

As we all know that banking sector is a place where there are many activities performed on daily basis which needs to be done accurately and on time. As time and efforts are both needed from the employees there but still it is a fact that they can cause some kind of error in the activities performed. This can be avoided using AI systems. With the use of AI systems in process the banks are up to the mark with the results and work with respect to accuracy. And eventually, this helps the employee to focus on the customers and provide them proper guidance and keep them happy.

  1. Medical Science using AI:

There are several applications in which AI is used and which adds incredible value. In medical science, AI is used to create a practical personal health care aide. They are used for research and analytics. Even Healthcare bots are also introduced to give customer support. A bot is used for programming an appointment in hospitals. And the most important thing is that they give 24/7 assistance.

  1. AI in Gaming:

In today’s digital world, we can play games on TV with great advantages of enjoying each and different levels in it. This is all because of the learning of AI. There are several gaming bots introduced that provide you the great entertainment.

Engineers are studying about the human brains and trying to replicate the human intelligence with AI. Hence, there is a great demand for AI which is why people are moving for AI when it comes in choosing their career paths. There are several recognized institutes which provide the best AI training courses in Pune. So, if you are planning to learn AI, contact 3RI Technologies which provide the best training and placement facilities. They help you understand from basic to next level learning and become an expert in AI.

Yes, Artificial Intelligence does require coding for certain aspects. If at all you are starting a new artificial intelligence project and you haven’t yet decided about which language is to be used for its programming, then you are at a perfect place. Artificial Intelligence is a branch of computer science and technology which has a basic goal of making all the computers which can think brilliantly, which will be similar to the thinking of intelligent humans. Below listed are some of the top coding languages which are widely used for making the Artificial Intelligence Projects:


Python language tops the list of the required language for AI project development which is famous for its simplicity. The syntaxes in the python language are very much easier to use and can be learnt quickly. Which is why, many Artificial Intelligence algorithms can be implemented in it very easily. 


After Python language, the second one which comes on the list is the language “R” which ia a most efficient language with an environment used for analyzing and for manipulating all the data specially for the statistical use. By using this language, one can easily develop an exclusive designed quality publication plot. It also includes the formulas and symbols in mathematics wherever required. 


This language comes third on the AI programming language list after Python and R. Lisp is the oldest suited languages which is exclusively used in AI development. The language was designed and developed by John McCarthy in the year 1958.  John McCarthy was incredibly known as the father of Artificial Intelligence (AI). The language is known for its effective symbolic information and for its prototyping capabilities. 


This language is simpler to the Lisp language when it comes to the development of the Artificial Intelligence field. This language includes effective pattern matching, data structuring based on tree-base, automated backtracking and more. 


Lastly, Java language can also be used for AI based programming development. 

The Artificial intelligence is a special branch of computer science and technology which deals with a discipline study of the detailed machine intelligence. It purely involves imitating of intelligent systems and the developing of intelligent machines. It also involves extension and augmentation of the human intelligence by the techniques and the artificial means which include intelligent and smart behaviour. 

This was all about Artificial intelligence now let us learn in detail about Advanced Artificial Intelligence. We all know that the future of advanced artificial intelligence is quite bright and in demand. Advanced Artificial Intelligence includes about many detailed modules which involves in depth details of research updates in this advanced field of technology in artificial intelligence, its benefits, its use, the running of the Artificial intelligence, theory, algorithm, applications of the system, methods and the technological theory. This course can be taken by all kind of students and seniors who are well experienced in programming and who want to take their careers to the next level. The advanced Artificial intelligence course will unlock your paths and help you get new job opportunities in some of the top MNCs like Syntel, Symantec, IBM, Wipro, Cognizant, Infosys, Zensar and many such top companies. 

To understand about advanced artificial intelligence (AI), you need to first avail the artificial intelligence course in Pune at 3RI Technologies. 3RI Technologies provides the best artificial intelligence training in Pune. The course of the advanced artificial intelligence will include and cover all the important modules of artificial intelligence (AI). The course will begin with the introduction of “software agent” followed by the discussion on how software agents are different from the in general programs. 3RI Technologies will then run you through the AI field common problems which tend to receive a huge attention. Various research problem approaches will also be taught. The advanced artificial intelligence also includes building of search graph data structures which are required to for creating software agents. This is an approach which is used for solving all the advanced AI problems.  

We all must be wondering how exactly Artificial intelligence (AI) works. Let us check how. AI (Artificial intelligence) is nothing but a machine work that allows the experts to study along with experience, change regarding all the new sources of data which allows performing like human errands. Almost all the artificial intelligence models you are known to today, right from the chess game on your computer to the self driving auto cars – purely depend on the learning of it as well as language training. Using all these advanced technology innovations, computer systems are now able to explicit studies by handling a huge amount of data and perceiving patterns in the data.

AI works by combining a huge amount of data with astute calculations, iterative handling and are quite quick. All this clearly allows the product to gain consequently which easily highlights the information. Computer-based artificial intelligence is an expansive field of concentrate that incorporates numerous speculations, techniques and advances, just as the accompanying major subfields:

The machine learning automates an analytical kind of model building which uses special methods right from statistics, physics, neutral networks, operations research to all kinds of hidden information data devoid of explicitly being programmed foe where and what to look at and conclude.

A neutral system network is a kind of Artificial Intelligence that comprises all the interconnected units which is similar to neurons. These help process the data with the help of the outer sources of the information and takes care of the handing off data between each of the unit. This procedure involves a huge amount of data which can enable you discover connections and get all the due importance from the indistinct information. 

Coming to the profound kind of learning in artificial intelligence, this type utilizes a large amount of neutral networks along with huge number of layers of handling units. Also, the exploiting process in getting the force and preparing improved methods for the easy learning of complex examples in a huge number of information. Normal applications incorporate picture and discourse acknowledgment. 

These were the few uses of Artificial intelligence apart from all the other tons of uses. Come drop by at 3RI Technologies today to uncover all about Artificial Intelligence and its course. 

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