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To serve the clients with the best only for their electronic testing, Pearson VUE took a step ahead. It offers Campus Linc, Inc that ensures tools and flexibility to the users to fulfill their testing needs without any interruptions. Thus, you will experience unparalleled service and the most advanced technology while using the Pearson Virtual University Enterprises.

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Pearson VUE History

The introduction of Pearson VUE (Virtual University Enterprises) was made in 1994 to give an electronic testing opportunity to aspirants. This test was first introduced by CEO and founder, E. Clarke Porter as a first electronic testing system for NASD in the year 1979. He, with the assistance of Kirk Lundeen and Steve Nordberg, had conducted Drake Training and Technologies in the position of leadership in electronic testing in the ’90s.

Briefly, Pearson VUE or Virtual University Enterprises was established to ensure an electronic testing experience for interested users. With the efforts of three pioneers, this alternative test delivery solution was made to provide unparalleled service and state of the art technology to the clients. 

Afterward, these founders carry this experience to establish a company to ensure a global test delivery network, innovative technology, seamless execution, and flawless customer service.

Moreover, Pearson VUE swiftly grows up as a worthwhile competitor in the electronics testing industry. 

Features associated with Pearson VUE

  • It offers straightaway and easy real-time registration
  • It provides a seamless process for rescheduling of exams.
  • It has a tamper-proof web Digital Embosser which will secure your certification.
  • It works on the internet only as to provide safe data transmission to and from the center where the test is conducted.
  • It indulges in the thorough use of Java during the registration along at the testing site management applications.
  • It offers a secure and instant way to download the test and to attempt it.
  • It offers real-time connections with Pearson Virtual University Enterprises hub through the internet for all services
  • It provides accurate and instant results to the sponsoring organization along with merging with their test database instead of aware of that where you start your test.
  • Thus, Pearson VUE becomes the best partner of those seeking to attempt an electronic test safely and securely without any interruption. Therefore, whenever you want to indulge in electronic testing, be sure to enroll at this place to make your testing reliable, accurate, and secured.

Importance of getting globally certified

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