AWS Online Certification Training

Through the AWS Training Program at 3RI Technologies, you will gain a comprehensive understanding of the AWS Cloud Architecture, and its diverse set of powerful cloud services. You will learn how to manage Virtual Machines, Storage, Network, Databases, Development, DevOps, and other important AWS cloud computing services from our Expert Mentors with hands-on training. Our team can help you reach your goals, whether that be an Associate Solutions Architect or a Professional DevOps certification.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 8 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

Online Live Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our Industry Expert Trainer

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

AWS Online Training and certification Overview

About AWS Online Training

AWS Online Course

According to the increase in business startups every day, cloud computing has become an integral part of every industry. And from then till now – AWS is the only most recognized and famous cloud computing service, provider. It increases efficiency and grants aid for any business that you run.

If you move back in the 1990s, businesses were utterly dependent on buying servers, which were provided with minimal features and functionalities and very expensive. Hence, whenever a business use to experience growth or wanted to the extent their industry – there was a need for optimization practices to be carried with more server requirements. Earning those items proved unproductive and sometimes forbade high.

All these issues were overcome with the invention of AWS – Amazon Web Services, introduced by Amazon. With AWS, companies have servers available instantly where AWS also provides various workloads, enhanced security measures, increased storage options, and more.

What is AWS?

AWS – Amazon Web Service is a platform that offers resilient, stable, scalable, easy-to-use, and cost-effective cloud computing solutions. It is a comprehensive, easy to use computing platform proposed by Amazon. The AWS platform is indeed the communication and combination of all the latest services like IaaS i.e., Infrastructure as a Service, PaaS i.e., Platform as a Service, and SaaS Software as a Service.


companies that using aws cloud infographic


3RI Technologies – AWS Course is a technical certification training course that helps you understand all the necessary details about Amazon Services and then move on to every service’s details in detail. You will also get to learn all the fundamentals of the Amazon Web Services cloud platform and ensure that you are fully proficient in recognizing the AWS features, services, concepts, deployments, and terminologies to meet your business requirements.

Course Features

Key Features

  • Live Projects
  • Placement Assistance
  • Real-time Project Experience on AWS Console
  • Flexible Timings
  • Certified Course
  • Interactive Sessions
  • 24/7 Support & Access
  • Additional exams, tests, and mock conducted


  • 7 Weeks 


  • Basic Knowledge of Operation and Infrastructure
  • No Prerequisites. Basic Knowledge of Programming is an advantage.


  • Software Developers and System Admins interested in Deploying Applications on AWS
  • Project Managers or Solutions Architects.
About Trainer

At 3RI Technologies, we screen all our trainers before they are onboarded on training. We ensure that they have the right technical and vocational knowledge about AWS.

Through our expert trainers, we want to achieve the Motto of training more than 1 million students and preparing them to start immediately working soon after they complete the course.

  • All our trainers have a minimum of 5 years of experience while working with different MNC’s in the domain of AWS.
  • They have experience working with top MNC’s like Infosys, Cognizant, Zensar, and so on.
  • They have also worked on many projects related to AWS while working with those companies. This ensures they can give you the right directions as and when needed.
  • The trainers toil together and have designed the curriculum that is best fit for theoretical and practical demands.
  • These AWS certified professionals who work with us as trainers in their free time have joined us to fulfill their passion for sharing knowledge and learning during the process.
  • They have successfully trained 1000s of students as a trainer in several other technologies including AWS as a specialty. All our students always praise all our trainers for the kind of energy they have for teaching them 
  • While working with these companies, they have their connections with the HR and recruitment teams for those companies. This helps us to establish a connection with them as well. This in turn helps us to create lucrative job opportunities for our students.
  • All our trainers constantly keep upgrading themselves to keep up with any new change or release that has come up in the market.
  • Our trainers create a friendly and vibrant atmosphere in the class where all our students can ask any doubt without any fear of rejection.
  • All our trainers can handle Classroom as well as Online mode of training effectively.
  • Their unique teaching style helps every student in understanding the complicated topics without much effort.
  • They also guide all the students on how to solve daily assignments that will help them in building strong practical knowledge of any concept in AWS.
  • They share the best coding practices that they have learned while working with different companies. This helps our students to understand the working culture observed in almost all companies.
  • They also train us on how steps can be taken to improve the performance of a given application using some smart tactics of coding.
  • All our trainers have expertise in the AWS domain. 
  • They help you with your preparation for AWS certification exams. They share their experience which they had gained while they appeared for these exams and got certified.
Overview of AWS

What is AWS?

AWS is the cloud service that is offered by the most reputed company in this domain, Amazon. This platform is developed to provide infrastructure facilities to companies who just need a virtual environment to store their data and develop & test their applications. 

This service was launched by Amazon in 2002. Soon it gained popularity and it occupied 33% of the market share positioning itself at the top-most position. 

It is spread across 22 geographical locations providing services across the globe. It is primarily used to develop applications in the AWS cloud environment. This enables ease of integration of the development work when several developers are working on the same project.

Also, AWS allows the user to pay as per-use. There is no fixed cost that the user needs to bear. 

The AWS online training conducted by 3RI Technologies is the best that is available in the market. Its primary focus is to provide an industry-oriented training program in AWS. Through this AWS online class, you will be able to master how to create and use the different services offered by AWS. 

What is the use of AWS?

AWS can be used for the following activities

  • It is used to host dynamic websites on the cloud environment by deploying web and server-based applications.
  • It provides common file storage which can be accessed through levels of security by the employees of the same company.
  • We can deliver the file anywhere in the country using CDN services offered by AWS.
  • We can use MySQL, DynamboDb, and so on to store database information.
  • It can be used to send bulk emails to customers.

3RI Technologies is the prominent leader in providing AWS online training from India. Join the course to master the skills to develop and manage applications in the AWS environment. 

Why are companies moving their existing infrastructure to AWS?

Many companies need to invest a lot to build their infrastructure for storing data and developing applications. Also, the infrastructure developed involves a high maintenance cost.

To overcome this cost, Amazon came with a fantastic idea where it offers the infrastructure to these companies at a nominal price. Moreover, they need to pay according to their sage. There is no fixed billing associated with it. If the company is not using any particular service, then it need not pay for it.

Also, Amazon manages this service. So the companies do not need high skilled infrastructure team to mage the hardware requirement of the company.

Is AWS easy to learn?

With the proper training and guidance that you will receive during the AWS online class at 3RI Technologies, you will find it easy to learn this new technology.

Also, the instructor will help you clarify all your doubts. Every concept will be explained briefly during the practical sessions.

Soon after finishing this AWS online course, you will be able to develop and deploy the web-based or server-based application on AWS.

What are the areas in which AWS can be used?

AWS can be used for the storage and backup of critical data that is needed by the companies. AWS can be used to develop, deploy, and test web or mobile-based applications in the cloud environment.

With the use of AWS, companies have been successful in building scalable and dynamic websites for their business at a lower cost. Also, AWS is capable of providing a friendly gaming environment for all gamers increasing its popularity among developers.

What companies are using AWS?

Many companies use AWS EC2 and S3 services to implement their applications. The popular one is Netflix that spends monthly $19 million on these services.

We also have bigger social media platforms like LinkedIn spending $13 million while Facebook spending $11 million and Twitter spending $7 million while using these services.

AWS online training offered at 3RI Technologies is designed to help you lucrative jobs in any of such reputed companies.

Job opportunities with AWS

At 3RI Technologies, we constantly work for the benefit of our students and IT companies. We work towards creating job-ready candidates who can start working on the projects immediately after the joining process.

Today all the companies want a candidate that is proficient to work on AWS practically and can implement robust and scalable applications at ease.

Many Fortune 500companies have already migrated their existing infrastructure to AWS cloud because of the service offered by them. At the same time, they are always on the lookout for resources that can easily understand this environment. At the same time, they can easily develop and deploy highly scalable applications keeping all security parameters at priority.

Now if randomly you search for job opportunities that are available for Aws developer, your search will end at about 50K opportunities available as of today.

This rising popularity for skilled developers has also increased the minimum salary that is offered by these companies for certified AWS professionals.

AWS Certification online training will prepare you to face the competitive market and land a job that pays handsomely.

Does AWS have good career opportunities?

If we consider the recent job opportunities available across the globe, currently we have 1.5 lakh opportunities available across the world. Out of this, around 50K opportunities are available within India.

We have companies like TCS, Infosys, Accenture, and so on who are looking for capable candidates who can develop and manage web or desktop-based applications to be deployed successfully in an AWS environment.

What is the responsibility of an AWS Engineer?

After you complete our AWS Certification online training you will be able to secure a high-paying job with reputed companies in IT. 

As an AWS Engineer, you will be responsible to develop and deploy web or desktop-based applications in this environment. You will also ensure that the application developed follows all security norms and it is easily scalable.

You will also be connecting it with a database to use the data that is stored in these systems for the use of the company.

Our AWS online course will work towards training you in all these aspects and make you employable material.

What job openings available to you after completion of the AWS online course?

After completing the AWS online course you can start to work as,

  • Software Engineer for cloud
  • Cloud Practitioner
  • Cloud Developer
  • Support Engineer for Cloud services
  • Integrator for Clod systems
  • Operations Engineer
  • DevOps Engineer
  • Solution Architect for AWS
  • AWS Developer
  • AWS specialist for Networking

You will also get several opportunities to work as a freelance AWS professional and use your time productively.

Our dedicated placement team will support you to find the right job for you. You will prepare for your interviews by participating in MOCK interviews.

We already have successfully trained more than 30K students and they are successfully placed with top IT giants today.

What is the annual salary of an AWS developer?

The average salary offered to any skilled certified AWS developer is $130K. It also varies depending on the location, expertise level, and the no of years of experience working in the IT industry.

If you are the right candidate and have the necessary apt skills companies won’t be hesitant to pay you handsomely for the quality work that you provide.

Our AWS online course will help you in landing a suitable job that you have been always looking for.

How much does an AWS consultant normally earn?

On average, an AWS consultant can earn $115K if they are from the United States. The salary range may vary from $77K to $150K per annum.

AWS consultants can earn more with proper training from reputed training organizations like 3RI Technologies. Also, the salary will increase with more experience.

Is it possible for me to migrate from my current domain to AWS?

If you have the passion and willingness to start afresh then it is possible to bring a career shift. 

Also, AWS online training offered at 3RI Technologies will help you lay your foundation in AWS. We will help you strengthen your basics before we proceed to the more advanced concepts of AWS. Also, our practical sessions will help you in a better understanding of every service that is offered by AWS.

You need to keep yourself motivated and keep learning new things dring AWS online classes.

Can you name a few companies that are always on the lookout for AWS professionals?

The top few companies that are on the lookout for skilled certified AWS professionals are

  • Infosys
  • TCS
  • Cognizant
  • Zensar
  • Accenture
  • And so on.

Skills Required

0 +
24x7 Support and Access
40 to 50 Hour Course Duration
40- 0
Extra Activities, Sessions
0 %

AWS Online Course Syllabus

Best in Class Content by Leading Faculty & Industry Leaders in the form of Videos, Case Studies and Projects, Assignments and Live Sessions.

Module 1: Introduction to Cloud & AWS
  • Define cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing Infrastructure.
  • Cloud service and deployment models.
  • Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
  • Common cloud Implementations.
  • Architecture discussion
  • Lab preparation
  • AWS account creation
  • Overview of major AWS services
  • Benefits of studying AWS
Module 2: Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)
  • Understand Users, Groups and Roles
  • Policies and Policy documents
  • Lab creating roles, user and groups
  • Access control
  • Policy management
  • Lab policy creation
  • Restricting different services for users.
Module 3: Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Defining EC2 Instances
  • Different type of Images (AMI)
  • Lab creation Linux/Windows EC2 instances
  • Lab connecting to EC2 instances
  • Lab AMI creation
  • Volumes (EBS)
  • Lab volume creation
  • Lab setting up a volume once attached to Ec2
  • Lab snapshot creation
  • Lab security Groups
  • Key Pairs
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Lab Elastic load balancing
  • Launch configuration
  • Auto scaling concepts
  • Lab Auto scaling
  • Lab creation of billing alerts
  • Lab Cloud Watch
Module 4: S3
  • S3 buckets and its usage
  • Lab creating a S3 Bucket
  • Lab upload  and retrieve data from  S3 bucket.
  • Lab giving privileges on to  S3 bucket.
  • Lab on S3 policies and ACLs
  • Lab Life Cycle Management
  • Lab object expiration in S3
  • Lab S3 Versioning
  • S3-RRS, S3-IA and Glacier
  • CORS
  • Lab S3 Policy
  • Lab hosting a website on S3
Module 5: Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT
  • Lab creation of custom VPC
  • Default VPC concepts
  • Lab CIDR notation
  • Subnets and routing concepts
  • Different methods to connect to custom VPC
  • Lab to create Subnets
  • Lab  ACLs
  • Lab Routing rules.
  • Lab to create security groups at instance.
  • Lab setting up public and private subnets
  • Lab setting up Internet/Nat gateway
  • Lab Securing your network.
  • Lab Network ACLs
Module 6: AWS Databases RDS and Dynamodb
  • AWS Database services overview – RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift
  • Lab creating RDS instances
  • Read Replicas
  • RDS scaling concepts
  • RDS postgres sql server
  • RDS Oracle Server
  • Database migration Service
  • Lab configuring Multi-AZ failover
  • Lab accessing a database hosted on RDS
  • DynamoDb Core knowledge
  • Scaling with Dynamodb
  • DynamoDb write and read unit calculation
  • Elasticache concepts
Module 7: SNS, SWF and SQS
  • Working with simple notification system.
  • Understanding queuing service.
  • SNS and SQS real-time use case
  • Introduction to SWF and use case
  • Lab on SNS
Module 8: Application Services
  • R53 and DNS
  • Domain registration
  • R53 routing policies
  • Lab on routing policy setup
  • Routing policies in detail
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • Deployment Using Cloud Formation
  • Direct Connect
Module 9: Big Data Solutions
  • Data warehousing in AWS
  • Big data solutions in AWS
Module 10: Bonus Brief Introduction to Docker
  • What are containers and images
  • Introduction to Dockers
  • Architecture of Docker
  • Lab working with Dockers

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.


AWS Online Course Certification

AWS Online Course Certification

As a part of this AWS online course, you will need to attend all the classes that will be conducted. If you miss any class due to any personal reason or health reason, you would need to attend the coverup class with the next upcoming batch. As an alternative, you can also hear the recording of the LIVE class. In case you have any doubt concerning the missed class, you must get it clear in the next class before you proceed ahead.

You will have to actively participate in all the quizzes conducted during the class. You must also be actively involved in competitive discussions during the class. 

You will have to finish all your assignments on time and submit them for assessment to the instructor. They will provide you with feedback and give you suggestions on areas of improvement if needed.

All our trainers will be guiding how to think for a solution for any given problem scenario that will be taken up as a case study during AWS online class.

At the end of the AWS online course, you will have to appear for the theory and practical exam that will be conducted by 3RI Technologies. This will help us in understanding your level of expertise. If you pass this exam and perform well during the class, then you will receive a Certificate of Completion from 3RI Technologies. This certificate finds recognition with most of the reputed companies in the IT sector. This certificate will show your credibility and your knowledge level to your future employers.

In case you are not able to clear the exam, the instructor will help you identify your weak areas and help you to get better at them. Once you are confident, you may reappear for the exam and pass with flying colors.

What are the requirements to unlock my AWS 3RI Technologies Certification?

The most important criteria to unlock AWS 3RI Technologies certification is to complete all your assignments and LIVE project on time. You would also need to implement any changes that might be suggested by your instructor for improving the assignments.

You also need to appear for an online exam that will be graded. Once you clear this exam you will become eligible for getting the certification from 3RI Technologies.

Along with this exam, your overall performance during the class will also be an important factor that will be considered before you get your AWS certification from 3RI Technologies.

How long does it take to complete AWS online training?

You will complete this AWS online class in 2 months. It can be completed in a shorter duration by taking up a fast-tracked course where you spend more time dring each class. 

You will need an additional 10-20 hours to finish with your assignments and LIVE project.

What is the value of AWS Online training certification in IT companies?

The certification that you will earn will take you from a beginner to an expert in AWS. You will also get a chance to work on real scenarios taken from the industry. Such kind of project will help you understand the complete development cycle that is followed in the industry. You will also learn how to handle such scenarios in any company.

After this certification, your next step would be to appear for the exam to obtain Global certifications provided by Amazon itself.


How many chances do I get to pass the online exam conducted for AWS online training?

You will be given sufficient chances to appear for the final online exam unless you clear the exam. However, we are confident if you attend the classes regularly, complete all your assignments and LIVE project, you will surely pass this exam on the first attempt. If you are still facing any difficulty feel free to ask all your questions during the AWS online class.

If, I fail the online exam how quickly can I reappear for the next exam?

If you are not able to clear the exam on the first attempt, our instructors will sit back with you to assess what went wrong in the exam. Their analysis will help us understand your weak areas. Then the instructors will work with you in those areas to improve your understanding in those areas. 

Ideally, there needs to be a minimum of 15 days gap before you repeat the exam so that this time you have prepared for your best efforts.


Global Certifications

Pearson VUE center has accredited 3RI Technologies as their exam partner. We conduct several exams for global certifications which are duly accredited by companies globally. So when you enroll for AWS certification training online at our center, you can appear for the certification exams by Amazon directly at our center.
As a recommendation, you should appear for the online exams for AWS global certification to improve your credibility for future employers.
AWS is growing in popularity in today’s market. This has increased the demand for skilled AWS certified professionals. These certifications will help you to stand out against all the other candidates who have undergone AWS training.
As a part of our AWS online class, we will train you on how you should appear for these exams. You will be attempting several practice exams to prepare for these exams. Also, we can help you with doing the online/offline registrations for these exams with the help of our dedicated team.
These AWS certifications will enhance your knowledge. But the practical sessions that are part of our AWS online training is the real beauty of our program. This will prepare you to be easily absorbed by any company owing to your practical knowledge.
You may plan to prepare for any of the Amazon approved AWS certifications like AWS Foundation Level certification, AWS Associate Level Certifications, AWS Professional Level Certifications.
If you are a fresher you may plan to take up the Foundation level certification. If you are a working professional already, you may pick up an Associate Level certification. To showcase expertise with AWS, you may plan to prepare for Professional AWS certification.

AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner(Foundation Level)

This is an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 90 minutes. There is no prior knowledge required before pursuing this certification training.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic AWS infrastructure knowledge
  • The Architectural principle and value proposition of AWS
  • Understanding of key services in AWS
  • Security, Network, and billing aspects of AWS
  • Deployment and Operations in AWS cloud
AWS Certified Developer-Associate

This is again an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 130 minutes. There is no prior knowledge required before pursuing this certification training. However, if you have some programming knowledge or have worked on the AWS platform then you have a cutting edge over other candidates.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic understanding of the core AWS services and their use.
  • Knowledge in developing AWS based cloud applications.
  • Knowledge of deploying and debugging AWS-based cloud applications.
AWS Certified Solution Architect-Associate

This is again an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 130 minutes. However, you need to have at least a year of experience working on the AWS cloud platform before you appear for this exam.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic understanding of how to design a robust application on AWS cloud.
  • Defining a solution to meet the customer requirement.
  • Sharing the best practices that can be adopted by a given organization during the implementation phase.

Once you enroll yourself for the AWS certification online training at 3RI Technologies, you will be prepared to appear for any of these exams through practice exams. Also, the practical sessions will give clarity of concepts before appearing for these exams.

Once you have earned this certification you may plan to appear for the Professional level certification. For that, you need a minimum of 2 years of working with AWS cloud services.


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Frequently Asked Questions
1. What are the prerequisites for choosing AWS certified online course at 3RI Technologies?

To start an AWS online training from 3RI Technologies – there are no specific prerequisites. Anyone with some essential programming language experience or basic networking knowledge can apply for this online AWS course.

2. What are the benefits of learning the AWS online training course with 3RI Technologies?

With 3RI Technologies AWS online training program, you will get to understand every basic concept and features with good examples, real-time scenarios, and theories. With this, our instructors will provide you with weekly assignments to help you in honing yourself in that particular subject. You can also associate with the instructor related to your doubts or queries at any time. Many additional activities, puzzles ad quizzes are also conducted by the instructor to make the learning exciting and interactive.

3. What will all be covered in this online course?

Everything from scratch will be taught at 3RI Technologies, and the detailed description of all the sessions, modules, and topics covered is given in the brochure below.

4. Who all are eligible to pursue this AWS online course?

We all know that AWS is one of the most renowned cloud services providing a platform, and hence AWS has been more in demand these days. And to become an AWS expert, there are no specific criteria. But yes, there are some prerequisites required before you learn AWS online course or apply for certification, like

  • Basic understanding of the IT services & solutions and how they are used in the AWS platform.
  • Experts with Virtualisation knowledge
  • System Administrator, Network Administrator or Solution
  • DevOps professionals

And professionals willing to promote their cloud computing knowledge can also enroll in this AWS online training course.

5. What are the benefits of selecting AWS online training from 3RI Technologies?

If you are willing to hone your cloud skills or want to start your career in the cloud domain – AWS online training with 3RI Technologies based in Pune is one of the best online training institutes. The course will help you achieve your goals easier & faster. Our AWS online training programs are designed and executed by our proficients to help you crack the AWS certification in the first try itself.

Get in-demand cloud bravery to give yourself an aggressive blade and grow your engagement with us.

6. What if I come across a doubt after completing my course?

There is nothing to worry about it. Once you sign-up with 3RI Technologies, you will have access to the Support Team for a lifetime and is available 24/7. Our support team will help you with the best outcome or solution for the queries or doubts you come up with.

7. What is the placement assistance provided by 3RI Technologies?

Almost more than 80% of 3RI Technologies Learners have been promotion, work location (onsite), lateral transfers & new job offers. Our certification is well recognized in the IT industry. It is a testimonial to the intense and practical learning you have gone through and the real-life projects you have presented.

8. Is it possible to attend the AWS online training demo before enrolling for this course?

Enrollment is an engagement between you and us where you promise to be a great learner, and we guarantee to provide you with the best ecosystem possible for learning. Our sessions are a vital part of your learning, enduring on the dependencies of learned and experienced instructors, dedicated Personal Learning Managers, and interactions with your peers. So undergo complete learning instead of a demo session. In any case, you are covered by 3RI Technologies Guarantee, and without any further questions, a refund policy is available for you.

By the end of the AWS online training program, you will expertise yourself in executing every tool of the AWS cloud platform. Grasp the best online AWS training and certification from the most renowned instructors now.

9. What is the AWS online course?

Amazon holds the major market position when comes to cloud computing services as per the recent surveys. This has created several job opportunities for individuals as more and more companies are migrating their infrastructure and services to AWS.
3RI Technologies offer the best AWS online courses. It will be a combination of a holistically designed curriculum and the best trainers in the market. We also provide placement assistance through our 300+ tie-ups with top MNCs of India.
This AWS online course in India is designed keeping in mind the skill set that is expected from the companies. We try to fulfill this demand with our scientifically researched curriculum.
It is also designed so that all our students have a strong foundation about the cloud computing concepts including several concepts specific to only AWS environment. This knowledge will help them to develop practical applications that are the need for today.
We constantly work on improving our syllabus to keep up with the change or release of a new feature in the market Also, we constantly take feedback from our students to improve better.
Our trainers are AWS certified professionals who will share their enriching industry. They will also be sharing the real scenarios from industries to give you an understanding of how the real industry functions.
Your dedication and passion to learn and grow when bundled with our online course for AWS will create magic to success.

10. What are the objectives of AWS online classes?

The objective of the AWS online classes is to change a person with 0 knowledge in programming to an expert with a score of 100 in programming. So it is entirely a skill changing program.

It will be 90% practical and 10% theory during every class. This will help you to become job-ready soon after you finish the course. 

The learnings at the end of the AWS online training are

  • Basic Cloud computing concepts
  • Understanding the different groups and roles in AWS.
  • Understanding and working with AWS EC2 instance
  • Learning the use of AWS S3 and creating several instances
  • Learning how to set up networking components in AWS
  • Managing the databases in AWS
  • Understanding of Simple notification and Queuing services
  • Studying how to implement Data Warehouse and Big Data solutions in this AWS environment

As a part of this training program, you will have practical exposure to all these concepts.

Also, additionally as a MEGA BONUS deal, you will get an introductory class to Docker for free. In this class, you will learn the basics of containers and Docker. Also, this class will not be just a theoretical class but it will be packed with practicals too.

11. Why should you go for AWS online training?

If we consider the market share that is occupied by Amazon concerning cloud services. Truthfully saying, it is the majority shareholder.
Also, companies are migrating to the AWS cloud environment because of the ease of infrastructure. Also, the AWS services can be according to the usage. This gives companies the liberty to work on their applications rather than concentrating their entire attention on infrastructure maintenance.
This has created a pool of opportunities for budding developers. Moreover, you can take advantage of this opportunity and grab the best deal for yourself by joining AWS Certification online training at 3RI Technologies.
The AWS online training offers every student that joins us to work on several LIVE projects that are taken directly from the industries. After attending the online training you will be able to appear for globally recognized AWS certification exams.
The AWS certification online training by 3RI Technologies will sharpen your AWS skills to handle any AWS project that comes your way. With this course, you will be awarded the Certificate of Completion only after completing the entire course that includes a theory exam and practicals.
We will also provide you complete assistance in finding the right job for you. AWS certified professionals are the ones fetching a higher salary in the market today.

12. Who can opt for AWS online course?

Any person who wants to start afresh in their career with cloud computing can pick up this AWS online course. You may not have prior experience working in the cloud environment.

But if you are a person already working with a cloud environment you will be able to pick up faster and complete the course in a shorter duration too.

This course is also suitable for 

  • Developers/Software Engineers already working with Cloud.
  • Solution Architects
  • DevOps Expert
  • AWS professionals who want to dive in deeper with AWS concepts.
  • Professionals who have some background in Virtualization and network security & compliance.
  • Professionals who have previously operated and managed infrastructure in IT companies.
13. How will the AWS online course help you in your career path?

AWS online course at 3RI Technologies will offer you the best-chosen curriculum that will match your career goals. It will bring a search to an end for the best AWS online course.
AWS is a popular cloud computing service available today. Also, its market share is increasing day-by-day.
This is creating more job opportunities in the market. Also, AWS certified professionals are more in demand and they are paid higher than many other working professionals in this business.
The average salary of any AWS certified professional is $130K. Also, this salary continues to increase with growing experience and knowledge gained while working. It offers a promising career path in terms of job satisfaction and income.
Our course will develop your skills and you will be in most-demand in the job market.
AWS Certification training offered online will help you show your professional attitude and open doors to new opportunities that will be waiting for you.
Getting an AWS certification will give you direct entry to the LinkedIn group that only has AWS Certified professionals as members.

14. What are the features of AWS Certification online training?

3RI Technologies is a well-known training institute among several IT companies for their quality training programs that are a balance of practical sessions along with the theoretical class.
The first USP of our AWS online course is that we offer our students to work with industry-based real projects or case studies taken from them. This helps them in analyzing and implementing a feasible solution for AWS architect services as per the given scenario.
Students will be working on daily assignments, a few of them done during the practical class during the LIVE class. And few will be a part of home assignments for practice.
The training faculty is carefully chosen by our Training team. All our faculty members taking this course are AWS certified professionals and also have years of experience working in this industry.
All your doubts will be solved during the LIVE online class. The teacher ensures that every concept is well drilled in before they proceed to the next concept.
You will also get to appear for practice exams to appear for the AWS certification exam that is conducted at our center.
placement assistance through our dedicated team will help you with resume and LinkedIn profile creation. They will also conduct MOCK interviews to prepare you to face any job interview that you appear for.

15. What skills will I learn with this AWS Certification online training?

You will start with the Basic skills and proceed to the Advanced Level during AWS certification training.

  • All the basic concepts in cloud computing
  • You will be able to build a scalable and robust application in AWS
  • You will be able to understand the network and security aspects of AWS
  • You will learn about the deployment procedure for AWS

AWS online class is a LIVE interactive class that will help you in getting an in-depth understanding of AWS EC2, AWS S3, AWS VPC, and many other such concepts through the LIVE practical class.

You will get access to our course material for a lifetime. Also, you get 24 X7 Lifetime support from our team of experts to solve all your doubts.

16. What is the duration of AWS certification online training?

The complete AWS online course duration of 40-50 hours. If you opt for weekday batches each class would be of approximately 90 minutes in duration. However, if you opt for a weekend batch every class will be of a minimum of 2 hours each.
You will also need an additional time of 10-20hours to solve your assignments and work on the LIVE project.

17. How I can practice?

You will get complete assistance from our team to set up the AWS environment on your machine during the LIVE class. They will guide you with detailed instruction notes as well. If you face any difficulty in setting up the necessary setup you can raise your questions during the class or you may also connect offline for assistance.

In every class you will be doing several practical sessions, to get a touch and feel of the concept. Also as part of the home assignment, you will get to work on several other examples which are case studies taken from the database of reputed IT companies.

If you face any difficulty in implementing those assignments, the instructor is there to resolve your queries during the LIVE class. 

18. Who is my instructor?
  • The instructor for the AWS online course has more than 5 years of working experience. They are currently working at reputed IT companies like Google, HCL, Zensar, and so on.
  • They are AWS certified professionals and keep themselves updated with the latest technological trends.
  • The instructors have years of experience working on different instances of AWS. They have an in-depth understanding of every concept and company work culture.
  • They have trained around 1000s of students with AWS and prepared them to appear for the AWS certification exam.
  • They have a rock-solid foundation when it comes to theoretical and practical concepts.
  • These instructors are well-connected to the recruitment team of top MNCs. This serves as a stepping stone to create job opportunities for many of our students.
  •  You will constantly be motivated and guided by our instructors during the best online course for AWS. 
19. What are the modes of training offered for this AWS online course?

We provide different modes of AWS online training to all our students at 3RI Technologies.

We conduct classroom training at the different centers across Pune. The theoretical AWS class is conducted along with practical LIVE sessions in the state of the art laboratory set up across the centers.

We also provide LIVE and interactive AWS online classes. In this type of training, you can learn while sitting at home or in the office.

We also offer Fast-tracked AWS certification online training for laterals who want to complete their course in a shorter duration of time.

We also provide Customised online courses for AWS to meet a particular requirement of our students.

20. Can I attend a demo session?

We conduct demo sessions regularly on weekends as well as on weekdays. In this session, we take up an introductory topic to show you the huge world of AWS.

Also, in this demo session, you will understand how a regular AWS online class would be conducted.

We are the only company that can assure you that you get a ROI after completing our AWS Certification online training. 

Call us on 741 007 3340 to schedule a demo class or you may alternatively visit us at to book a demo class.

21. Can we avail of any group discounts or industry training for our team?

We would be more than happy to offer any group or corporate discount that is possible from our end. To get information about any such discount that is possible you would need to talk to our Sales team by connecting with us on 741 007 3340 or you may fill up the inquiry form for us. We will call back and share all the details that you need.

22. What are the payment options?

We provide a variety of payment options. You have an option to pay by an online transfer, NEFT, or GooglePay. We also accept the fees in the cash form. This can be done by visiting our head office at Pimple Sadagar, Pune.

We also offer an EMI payment option to reduce the burden of paying at one go, if it is not feasible for you.

Please connect with us directly on 741 007 3340 to help you with any payment options.

23. What are the requirements in terms of Hardware and Software to attend AWS Online Training?

There are a few basic requirements to set up AWS environments on your machine. This will help us with the smooth functioning of or practical class during the AWS certification training in online mode.

  • You need to have 4GB RAM and an i3 processor.
  • You need to have a minimum disk space of 20GB on your machines.

You will be installing your virtual machine on AWS cloud using the instructions given by the trainer. Then you will be conducting all your practicals using this environment.

24. How will I perform practicals during AWS Online Course?

During the AWS online training, the instructor will guide you on how to set up the AWS cloud environment. Also, it will give you detailed instructions on how you can create a free tier account. This account will be used during all practical sessions.
Using this account you will create several service instances like S# instance, EC2 instance, and so on. During the class, you will be sharing the results with your instructor, and if you face any error you can take help from the instructor. The instructors will not directly give away the answer to resolve the error but will give directions in such a way that you will be able to resolve the error by yourself. This will develop your solution in resolving ability. In case if you are still stuck up they will help you with a lesser direct answer, and we know you will be able to do it under their guidance.
Also, it is compulsory to solve all the home assignments and share your results with your results in the next class. This will help the instructor to monitor your progress and work more on any weak areas if any.

25. What projects shall I be doing as part of these AWS Online courses?

As part of this AWS online training from India, you will be working on several projects which are directly picked up from the top MNC’s of the market. These projects will get you to the roots. This will help you in understanding the scenarios which are dealt with in the industry, how a designer thinks for a solution, how he implements that solution, and does testing to check the validity of a particular solution.
You will be creating a web-based application using the services offered by AWS. You will be also developing an application that will help you to load the files in the S3 instance through EC2.
You will be creating an application based on PHP that will be used to manage tables in DynamoDb through EC2.
You will be creating a robust and highly scalable application. You will be working on projects related to Backup and Security. You will also work on projects where you will be working on the solution to optimize the cost of the application.
You will be also implementing a deployment cycle in AWS.
This will make your portfolio stronger. This experience can be shared on your resume. This will help you in getting a secured job, that you might have been looking for.

26. Is the AWS online course material accessible even after completing the training?

Yes, you can access the study material even after completing the AWS online course. You can access it from anywhere anytime in your life for free.

27. Does the placement assistance provide guarantees a job?

We can’t guarantee any job for you. But or a placement executive will help you in finding the dream job for you. You will receive assistance in preparing your resume. We will also arrange Mock interviews for you to prepare you for different job interviews. Also, you will be part of interactive group discussions. Also, you can participate in a Personality development workshop to groom your whole profile for better selection by employers.

28. Whom to connect for more queries?

Feel free to call us on 830 810 3366 to get answers to any of your queries that you might have in terms of this course or syllabus.
We would be happy to help you out in your journey of learning AWS.

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