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AWS - Amazon Web Services

Course Overview

3Ri Technologies offers best in class AWS Training in Pune. Our Amazon Web Services Course in Pune is designed to cater both fresher and experienced candidates. Our AWS trainers are Amazon cloud AWS certified experts with more than 10 years of experience and are working professionals which makes them more fit for training candidates as they have hands on real time multiple Amazon Web Services projects knowledge. Our AWS course mostly includes basic to advanced level of training, it covers how to setup and run the cloud services in Amazon Web Services, database storage, AWS EC2 with a brief overview of Hadoop and Big Data as well.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) provides on-demand cloud computing resources and services in the cloud, with pay-as-you-go pricing. For example, you can run a server on AWS that you can log on to, configure, secure, and run just as you would a server that is sitting in front of you. Using AWS resources instead of your own is like purchasing electricity from a power company instead of running your own generator, and it provides many of the same benefits: capacity exactly matches your need, you pay only for what you use, economies of scale result in lower costs, and the service is provided by a vendor experienced in running large-scale networks.
AWS is the undisputed leader in Cloud Computing industry right now with more than 1 Million Customers in 190 countries and with projected revenue of $18 Billion for 2017-18. Saying this the AWS market is going to flourish and bloom exponentially in near future and so are the career opportunities in the industry.

Course Features

    • 100 % Placement Assistance
    • Resume Preparation
    • Interview Preparation
    • Missed Sessions Covered
    • Multiple Batches
    • Flexible Timings
    • Live Project Work/Assignments
    • Inclusion of Java Course
    • Free Soft Skill Sessions

Prerequisites :

  • Basic knowledge of Networking Concepts.
  • Basic Knowledge of Cloud Computing Concepts
  • Working Knowledge of IT Security Practices

Duration : (40 Hours)

Who can join this course?

  • Software Developers and system Admins interested in Deploying Applications on AWS
  • Project Managers or Solutions Architects.

Course Syllabus

AWS - Amazon Web Services
  1. Linux Basics
    • Intro to Linux
    • Basic Commands
    • Network Configuration
    • Software Management
    • User and Group management.
  2. Networking Basics
    • IP assignment.
    • Dns(Domain name systems)
    • Service Ports usage.
    • Firewall.
    • Troubleshooting network.
    • Secure Copy and login.
  3. Storage Basics
    • Filesystem usage.
    • Mount Options.
    • Checking free space.
    • Giving permissions.
    • Increasing Filesystem space.
  1. Introduction to Cloud & AWS
    • Defining cloud computing.
    • Cloud computing Infrastructure.
    • The requirements that need to be fulfilled to qualify as a cloud service.
    • Cloud service and deployment models.
    • Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
    • Common cloud Implementations.
    • Virtualization
  2. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
    • Defining EC2 Instances
    • Different type of Images (AMI)
    • Storage for Instances. Volumes (EBS)
    • Security Groups
    • Creating Ec2 Instances
    • Key Pairs
    • Different type of volumes/ persistent storage.
    • Maximizing output out of volumes.
    • Moving data around between instances.
    • Understanding billing aspects of volumes
  3. Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)
    • Creating roles .
    • Distribution of access control.
    • Giving access to users.
    • Restricting different services for users.
  4. Elastic Block Storage and S3
    • Different type of volumes/ persistent storage.
    • Maximizing output out of volumes.
    • Moving data around between instances.
    • Understanding billing aspects of volumes.
    • Creating a S3 Bucket.
    • Putting and retrieving data out of S3 bucket.
    • Giving privileges into Our S3 bucket.
    • S3 RRS, S3 IA and Glacier
    • CORS
  5. SNS and SQS
    • Data Definition Language
    • Working with simple notification system.
    • Creating a notification subscription.
    • Understanding queuing service.
    • Sending and retrieving a message to queue.
    • SNS and SQS real-time use case
    • Introduction to SWF and its usage
  6. Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT
    • Subnets, ACLs, Routing rules.
    • Security groups at instance.
    • Creating a notification subscription.
    • Hands on -Creating a VPC.
    • Securing your network.
  7. Amazon Auto Scaling Groups
    • Launch configuration .
    • Auto scaling policies.
    • Hands On- configuration of auto-scaling rules.
    • Automatically scale Ec2 instances.
  8. Elastic IPs
    • Creation and assigning Elastic Ip.
    • Freeing Up and reassigning Ip’s.
    • Understanding cost associated with Ip’s
  9. Orchestrating Aws Infra
    • Configuring Aws Cli.
    • Using Aws Cli to create ec2 instances and other resources.
    • Using CloudFormation to orchestrate aws Infra.
    • Introduction to other orchestration tools.
  10. Application Services
    • R53 and DNS
    • Domain registration
    • Types of routing policies
    • Routing policies in detail
    • Cloud Formation
    • Elastic Beanstalk
  11. DynamoDB
    • Creating dynamoDb tables
    • Indexes
    • Dynamodb
    • Provisioned throughput
    • Important aspects of dynamoDB
  12. Project: Work
    • Hands-on workshop/Project: Deploying a 3-tier web-application using AWS services
    • Bonus: Brief introduction to Vagrant and Chef
    • Hands-on workshop/Project: Automated deployment of Test/Dev environments using Vagrant, Chef and AWS
  13. Brief introduction to Hadoop and Big-Data
    • AWS Service Overview – Elastic Mapreduce (EMR)
    • Q&A session for all previously covered topics, preparation tips for AWS SA-Developer Level Certification exam


1. Can I join this course as I don’t have any Programming Background?

Yes, you can surely join this course. Although Java is a prerequisite for this course, we offer Java Trainings to students prior to start the core selenium classes.

2. Will there be any live project covered in this course?

We strongly believe in hands on practical training and our trainers make sure that is imparted to our students as well. Saying that, yes we will cover a live project which needs to be completed during the course

3. Will you help me to prepare for AWS Certifications?

Yes, Our AWS course is designed accordingly and our trainers will surely deliver trainings to you to get through the AWS Certifications

4. Will I get any certificate after this course?

After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

5. Will I get any placement assistance after the course completion?

Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.

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