5 Best Technologies To Make a Career in IT in 2024 : PART 2

Let's dive in if you want to know what technologies will be popular in 2024 and stay up to date. Here are five technologies that will be popular in 2024 that you should look into and learn to master if you want to get ahead in the job market or want to make a career out of them.

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5 Best Technologies To Make Career in IT in 2023

Technology has changed a lot in the 21st century. Several technologies that were big business and popular in the early 2000s are no longer around, and new ones have taken their place. In 2024, there are also a lot of brand-new technologies, especially in the fields of computer science and engineering. In 2024, these new technologies are likely to keep improving and might even be in the hands of the average person.

Let’s dive in if you want to know what technologies will be popular in 2024 and stay up to date. Here are five technologies that will be popular in 2024 that you should look into and learn to master if you want to get ahead in the job market or want to make a career out of them.

1. MERN Stack

An open-source JavaScript technology called MERN stack creates appealing, dynamic, responsive websites and applications. Acronyms include Express JS, React JS,MongoDB and Node JS.MERN stack is made up of all of the above technologies. All of them use JavaScript. They are primarily employed for the creation of sophisticated web applications. This open-source framework is well-known for full-stack development.

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What Are The MERN Stack’s Components?

Knowing the components of the MERN stack will help you learn everything there is to know about it. There are four parts to this. Here is a list of what makes up the MERN stack.

  • MongoDB – Open-source database application with cross-platform capabilities. It can operate on multiple servers to maintain system availability in the event of hardware failure. It can store MongoDB in binary JSON format for faster data exchange.
  • Express JS – A compact framework that makes it easier to create mobile applications. Express JS is a server-side JavaScript framework that enables the development of more efficient and secure applications.It is considered for its faster speed and use of simple architecture.
  • React JS – It is a complimentary JavaScript library used to build single-page websites. A developer for the MERN stack is skilled in using JavaScript and has the flexibility to use the same code across various platforms. Additionally, this application is quick and incredibly scalable.
  • Node JS –It is a runtime environment that works with cross-platform and open-source features. It includes a tool that enables this code to run on a server and outside it without any issues.
Mern Stack Certified Professional

MERN Stack Developer Job Opportunities

When you finish the MERN stack development course, you will be able to apply for jobs because you will have many options.You may pursue a career as a MERN stack developer, MERN stack designer, MERN stack architect, or any other relevant occupation. As this field keeps growing, there are thousands of new jobs for MERN stack developers yearly.

Why is MERN Stack So Popular in 2024

The MERN Stack allows for creating a three-tier architecture consisting of a front-end display tier (React.js), an application tier (Express.js and Node.js), and a database tier. The database tier is accountable for data storage and retrieval (MongoDB). In addition, if you are a developer, your career prospects will improve by developing and deploying useful MERN applications. If you are still unsure whether to go with the MERN stack, the answer lies in the breadth of capabilities offered by this technology.

Because more and more applications are now built-in in JavaScript, MERN Stack will likely be used extensively in the years to come. Because it can be used on both the front-end and the back-end of a website, it is the language in the highest demand because it eliminates the need for context switching. When it comes to a technology stack that uses multiple programming languages, application developers are faced with the challenge of mastering all of the languages involved to create high-quality software.Nonetheless, this is not the case with the MERN Stack. As the stack is based only on JavaScript, developers only need to become proficient in one programming language!

2. SalesForce

A programmer who develops Salesforce applications on different PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms is known as a Salesforce developer. Additionally, they are not required to work directly with Salesforce.

A Salesforce developer is familiar with the technology and operation of Salesforce. A client or customer commissions a developer to modify Salesforce to their requirements. A Salesforce-experienced internal programmer is an additional option. These developers construct projects using Apex, Visualforce, and concepts such as Lightning Component.


Salesforce Job Opportunities in 2024

Salesforce is one of the most sought-after and widely used software applications.There is a significant demand for Salesforce professionals. Several Salesforce-specific positions, such as Administrator, network engineer or solution architect, salesforce analyst, etc., are in high demand today. Salesforce professionals earn salaries in the upper tiers of the pay scale. It is a field that offers the opportunity to work remotely and a path to excellence. In addition, it ensures both professional stability and exceptional earnings potential.

Following is a summary of the career opportunities available to those who learn Salesforce.

  1. Salesforce Administrator – One of the most important parts of any Salesforce project is the people who do these jobs. They have a very important part to play in projects with a big team and a lot of different jobs. They are also in charge of keeping coordination and communication going.
  • Salesforce Analyst – They are responsible for setting up the dashboards, fields, reports, automation, third-party apps, and objects. Also, they have to work with the consultant to make sure that the solution is built to meet the client’s exact needs. It is one of the Salesforce-specific jobs that app development companies are looking to fill.
  • Salesforce Developer – These experts write the code when a Salesforce project needs it. The technical lead and the Salesforce developer work together to determine the need. Also, this is followed by the requirement being carried out.

India’s Demand for Salesforce Developers

There are a variety of industries seeking salesforce developers. This is another reason for the high salary of salesforce software engineers. These industries require salesforce developers:

  • Entertainment
  • Real Estate
  • Education
  • IT Marketing
  • Finance
  • Sales

Since its beginning, Salesforce has been growing, but the introduction of cloud technologies and the growing reliance on them have made Salesforce a must-have for businesses. By 2020, the world will spend $216 billion on public cloud software, and by 2024, that number will rise to $418 billion. It is also thought that Salesforce and its ecosystem can help create 4.2 million jobs worldwide by 2024. From 2013 to 2019, Salesforce was named the number one CRM provider for six years, and 2020 will be the same. Because of these things, the salesforce salary in India is always going up.

3. Power BI

Power BI is a set of processes, architectures, and technologies that take raw data and turn it into meaningful and useful information that helps businesses take actions that will make them money. It helps people make decisions based on facts and logic by looking at historical data instead of making assumptions. Because of this, most companies use BI tools to help them see the data. As more companies switch to these tools, the need for people who know how to use Power BI grows automatically.

Job Opportunities For Power BI

Business Intelligence is one of the most popular areas of business right now. Business operations get more complicated daily, so companies are rushing to find technologies to help them see real-time data and gain insights.One of the most widely used business intelligence tools is Power BI. It has given industries a long-awaited solution and changed how businesses are run.

People who know how to use Power BI are in high demand in almost every field, such as software, retail, healthcare, etc. So, if you’re still unsure if it’s a good career choice, you should go with this one. You can apply for other jobs besides being a data analyst, such as:

  • Project Manager for Power BI
  • Power BI Developer
  • SQL Server Power BI Developer
  • Developer for the Power BI Semantic Model
  • Manager of Power BI
  • Power BI Manager
  • Consultant for Power BI

Demand and Power BI’s Future Scope

In today’s competitive market, data has become the backbone of every business, and that won’t change in the future. These organizations must keep looking at this data to ensure that their operations are working well. Also, they need to organize the data sets into different units that can be retrieved and analyzed by management or any team member. It helps an organization make important decisions, and since the Power BI analytical reports are reliable, you can expect your business to do much better.

It means that there will always be a need for Power BI programmers because a Power BI developer is an important part of any business. If you have experience in the field and a certificate to prove it, you can expect to get good job opportunities at well-known companies.You can begin successfully and have a prosperous career. As your experience grows, so do the types of jobs you can do and the amount of money you can make as a Power BI developer.

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4. Automation Testing

Automation Testing is a free, open-source framework utilised to test web applications across multiple platforms and browsers. Selenium Test Scripts can be written in various languages, such as Java, C#, Python, and others. Selenium is one of the most well-known tools for testing websites, which is interesting. Also, there has been a lot of demand for selenium professionals in the past few years, which has given Selenium Web Testers many opportunities.

Automated Testing is considered one of the most important and useful skills for obtaining a good job. Automation Testing Professionals are in high demand because many of the best companies that test websites and web-based apps hire knowledgeable people. The Selenium IDE, the Selenium RC, the WebDriver, and the Grid are Selenium’s four components.

Understanding how important Selenium Automation Testing Professionals are, all those who want to work in this field should know why they should do so. Since there is a growing need for Selenium Web Testers, that need will only grow over time.So the best thing you can do is make it your job. In addition, we are here to help you comprehend the Future Scope and Trends of Selenium Automation Testing for Novices in 2024.

Automation Testing Career Opportunities

The job of a Selenium Professional is very tiring, but every day brings new challenges that need creativity and new ideas to solve. Aspirants will be able to grow beyond their abilities and gain respect at work and around the world if they know enough about the subject. Consequently, choosing the best career path for yourself at the outset is essential.So, let’s talk about some of the best and most popular Selenium jobs and careers for beginners in 2024.

  • Selenium Tester

Selenium is in very high demand. Selenium is the best tool for automating testing. This is true every time testing tools are talked about. So, the need for Selenium Tester is growing and will continue to grow rapidly. Also, these professionals create new test scripts, keep existing test scripts up to date, attend meetings for projects they are working on, run regression suites, and give project managers and other stakeholders the results.

Selenium Online Training
  • Automation Engineer

Automation engineering could be a good field for anyone who is good with computers and wants to work in technology. Since technology will keep improving over time, so will the need for automation engineers. These people test software to see if the results match what was expected or thought to be the results.

  • Senior QA Automation Engineer

A QA automation engineer writes scripts, creates automated tests to limit the functionality of web and mobile applications, implements testing protocols, and provides effective test automation solutions. QA engineering is also well-paying, and the pay is expected to go up a lot in the future. These professionals are responsible for developing and carrying out inspection activities, finding and fixing problems, and ensuring products get to the right places.

5. Python

Most of the time, Python Developers design and write code for software applications using the Python language. Python developers’ main jobs are to write code for the backend, fix bugs, and put everything together.Python programmers have been engaged in web development and data analysis. Still, machine learning is a newer field that uses Python developers to make apps.

Since the advent of Data Science, the salaries of Python developers in India have increased substantially. So, there are more jobs for Python developers, and their salaries are going up.

Python Online Training

The Future Relies On Python

Machine learning, AI, neural networks, natural language processing, Big Data, and deep learning are all technologies that will be used in the future. And the best part is that everything relies on Python more and more. Python is an object-oriented programming language, enabling more efficient task execution. This programming language is renowned for its ease of use, code readability, and exceptional stability. This language is user-friendly, calls for less code, and reduces development time. Alongside this is the emergence of Big Data, with Hadoop serving as its primary tool. The Hadoop ecosystem is also compatible with Python.

Python is also quickly replacing other programming languages in the Data Science industry. Python is included on the interactive list of the best programming languages compiled by IEEE Spectrum. C, Java, and C++ are the languages listed below. The survey yields the same results. According to the report, python is the preferred programming language among developers of all ages. This is why so many people look for the best Python tutorial. Numerous library tools and frameworks are designed for Artificial Intelligence and Big Data. Thus, Python’s application will expand rapidly in 2024.

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Final Words

In short, the tech industry has a lot of great jobs with high pay and interesting work. If you want to work in tech, look into the different positions to see which would be best for you. 3RI Technologies can be used to learn the skills you need for a prosperous tech career.

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