AWS Job Roles And Responsibilities

You may learn more about AWS in this blog, including information on aws job roles and responsibilities, aws career opportunities, careers in aws, and more.

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aws job roles and responsibilities

The most comprehensive and popular cloud platform today is AWS (Amazon Web Services). It was introduced in 2006 and offers 175 fully functional services across Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), and Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) products. AWS provides utilization tools, including processing power, database storage, and content delivery services, to its cloud customers. You may learn more about AWS in this blog, including information on aws job roles and responsibilities, aws career opportunities, careers in aws, and more.

What Exactly Is An AWS Engineer?

An Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineer is a trained IT professional responsible for creating, maintaining, and evolving an AWS cloud architecture to execute applications. A production environment, a test environment, and a development environment are all included in these infrastructures. Now that we’ve established a definition of the job, it’s time to go into the specifics of what they perform in their day-to-day work.

What Are The Aws Job Roles?

As an AWS engineer, you can’t say one size fits all. This is because the role of the AWS engineer can change depending on the size, the type of business, and how much the business depends on the AWS system. An AWS engineer’s main job would be to do the following:

  • When you’re an AWS engineer using the AWS infrastructure for planning and implementation, growing and improving becomes one of your top priorities.
  • If the firm is trying to maximize its performance, you should assist in making the transition from the current web apps to the AWS infrastructure.
  • When your application utilizes a certain AWS infrastructure, an AWS engineer will build scripts that optimize its performance to maximize its potential.
  • An Amazon Web Services (AWS) engineer collaborates closely with software architects and engineering teams to create and implement suitable software services for the organization.
  • Maintain an awareness of the most recent developments in technology and software applications. An AWS engineer will visit with the vendors to determine whether the services offered to align with the organization’s requirements, objectives, and long-term goals.
  • After doing time-to-time inspections, the AWS expert will advocate updating the procedure and the system.
  • Maintaining the confidentiality of one’s data is of the utmost importance when working with a cloud computing system. An Amazon Web Services engineer watches over the safety of the cloud computing network.
  • There are numerous occasions in which problems appear on the operational systems of AWS. When this occurs, an AWS engineer takes on the additional responsibilities of a problem solver, assuring the uninterrupted data flow across all application platforms.
  • The AWS engineer does in-depth analysis while the application infrastructure is being set up, and then they conduct the subsequent necessary actions.
  • The infrastructure needs maintenance, and an AWS engineer will verify that the best maintenance standards are followed.
  • An AWS engineer makes certain, throughout the testing phase of the pre-production process, that the products and services provided by the company are up to the standards of the clientele to assure their pleasure.
  • When it comes to deployment, AWS engineers must know when and how to use the CI/CD tool.
  • Utilize the finest cloud security solutions available to guarantee the required system protection level.
  • Maintain current awareness of new technological alternatives and goods vendors offer and determine which would be most beneficial to the organization.
  • When it is required to do so, implement pipelines for continuous integration and continuous delivery (CI/CD).
Become An AWS Certified Professional

What Tools Should An AWS Engineer Be Familiar With?

A background in information technology is required for anyone who wants to work as an AWS engineer because that is where they will start. The following is a list of the few other talents that are necessary to possess:

  • As someone who works in cloud computing, expertise with Amazon Web Services is essential.
  • An AWS engineer is expected to have an in-depth familiarity with several services, including EC2, ELB, RDS, and S3. This experience is helpful in planning and developing environments for use on the web.
  • Experience in the conception and administration of apps running natively in the cloud
  • The operation of a server using Linux or Unix.
  • Knowledge and experience working with various DevOp tools such as Ansible, Artifactory, Docker, GitHub, Jenkins, Kubernetes, Maven, and SonarQube to manage and comprehend the cloud environment.
  • Sufficient familiarity with application servers such as Tomcat and others, as well as the procedures for installing and configuring them
  • To monitor and optimize the systems, familiarity with CloudWatch, ELK Stack, and Prometheus is required.
  • Construction of the Infrastructure in the Form of Code Using a Variety of Tools
  • A comprehensive understanding of more than one programming language that has been utilized within the past few years. Python and SQL base are only two examples among many others.
  • a sufficient amount of understanding concerning problem-solving
  • Capability in mastering a variety of scripting languages and subsequent advancement
  • Demonstrate qualities of leadership and a positive attitude toward establishing teams.
  • An AWS engineer must also be a trainer and educate their team on various procedural tools.
  • As an AWS engineer, you will do well if you can work well with others and have good communication skills.
  • AWS engineer with extensive expertise in the field of automation

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How Much Salary Would You Make As An AWS Engineer?

Cyber security is the most sought-after job in the IT field, followed by cloud computing. Even so, there aren’t enough people who know how to work with computers. This means there aren’t enough AWS engineers in different fields to meet the demand. The situation is scary because the number of people who want to use cloud computing grows daily, but there aren’t enough professionals to meet that demand. So, the AWS career has become a good way to make money. Let’s take a look at how much people are paid in India.

  1. Salary of An AWS Engineer Based On Experience

Einstein once stated that experience is the source of all knowledge. The same is true of an AWS engineer’s remuneration. With around a year of experience, an AWS developer may earn around $5 lacs annually. With one year of experience and excellent talents, you may earn about 8 lacs annually. At the senior level, with between six and fourteen years of experience, I’ll look at resumes that emphasize managing, mentoring, and supervisory skills. Maximum compensation for skilled AWS engineers is in the neighborhood of 18 Lacs. Professional AWS engineers, on the other hand, can even surpass the 30 lacs package if they have more than 15 years of expertise. A salary of over 50 Lacs is easily offered if you are an AWS engineer with more than 15 years of experience and outstanding management and mentor skills.

  1. Salary of An AWS Engineer Based On Employer

The pay or salary also varies from company to company. It depends on the company’s policy, the kind of business it does, and how much it relies on cloud computing. The AWS engineer’s pay and ability to get hired also depend on whether or not they have an associate certification. Companies like Accenture offer salaries that range from Rs. 4.5 lacs to Rs. 30 lacs per year. What else is important about an AWS engineer’s experience and AWS certification? The pay scale at TCS is between 4.20 and 20 Lacs per year. Ericsson Inc. offers 20 lacs per year, and HCL Technologies Ltd. offers a range of 3 lacs to 20 lacs. Wipro Technologies Ltd and Tech Mahindra Ltd use the same pay scale for their salaries.

  1. Salary of An AWS Engineer Based On Abilities

The category of AWS engineering is broad. A DevOps engineer is also an architect of solutions and an AWS engineer. An AWS engineer can even be a software engineer. So what makes this difference? The skill set that each of them possessed made a difference. From a skill set to skill set, earnings vary. Salary ranges are determined by skill set. The pay for each skill set is as follows:

DevOps Engineer: Rs.7.25 lac per year. A Solution Architect with some experience: Rs. 10 Lacs per year. Software Engineer: Rs. 6 lakhs per year; Technical Architect: Rs. 20 lakhs per year; System Architecture: Rs. 20 lakhs per year; IT Consultant: Rs. 10 lakhs per year.

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Roles & Salary For AWS Certification

Certifications in Amazon Web Services (AWS) are stepping stones to various highest-paying careers. It assists you in overcoming the risk of having an unstable career. There are a variety of work opportunities that you may be qualified for if you have an AWS certification. So, AWS careers have a lot of pay potential. Based on your AWS Certification, the following are the top five job roles and the wages associated with them:

  1. AWS Cloud Architect

The AWS Cloud Architect maintains direct connections with clients and engineers, acting as a conduit for communication with stakeholders and providing technical leadership. The cloud architect is responsible for leading the implementation activities, developing the technical architectures, and ensuring that the dispersion of new technologies is being utilized.

In India, a Cloud Solutions Architect makes an average pay of 921.677 rupees per year. There is also a correlation between the level of expertise in Amazon Web Services (AWS), Cloud Computing, Microsoft Azure, Enterprise Solutions, and System Architecture and the salary.

  1. Cloud Developer

Cloud developers specialize in creating corporate software apps and solutions. Many different AWS positions are open to those with substantial experience in software development and familiarity with the AWS platform. In addition, gaining AWS certification might help you move up the ranks as a cloud developer.

In India, the salary of a cloud developer or solution engineer averages 701,049 rupees a month. Different levels of expertise in Cloud Computing, Linux, Amazon Web Services (AWS), and Microsoft Azure each result in a different starting salary.

  1. Cloud DevOps Engineer

A person with expertise and skills in areas other than development, such as network operations and system deployment, is known as a DevOps engineer. As a result, possessing a diverse set of abilities along with in-depth knowledge and practical experience working with the AWS platform can make many job prospects available. In addition, if you have AWS certification, which verifies your talents, you practically quadruple your chances of securing a position with Amazon Web Services.

According to Payscale, a Development Operations (DevOps) Engineer in India can expect a median annual salary of  667,182.
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  1. Cloud Software Engineer

There is a significant opportunity for professional development at Amazon Web Services if you are a software developer with experience in Python, Ruby, JavaScript, or C++ programming. If you can design, develop, and implement systems and software on an Amazon Web Services platform, you may have an advantage when applying for jobs with AWS. Therefore, obtain your AWS certification to confirm your software design and development talents and set yourself apart from the competition in the job market.

A Cloud Software Engineer in India can expect to make an average of 669,476 INR a year.

  1. SysOps Administrator

If your systems are hosted on Amazon Web Services, you need an Amazon Web Services SysOps Administrator to set them up, run them, and keep them running well. So, if you’ve got the chops to run production operations in the AWS cloud, you should prove it by getting certified as an AWS SysOps administrator. Adding a credential to your resume, such as an AWS certification, helps you acquire a better job, leading to higher compensation.

In India, the salary for the systems administrator position averages 399,285 rupees.

Final Words

In summary, Cloud computing has become a core business skill as more and more companies move their workloads to the public cloud. A recent study found that cloud services are taking the business world by storm. By 2024, the market is expected to be worth $623,3 billion. By the end of 2020, 83% of business projects should also be in the cloud. This insight shows that people will need a new set of skills to design, deploy, and manage cloud-based applications. That is why AWS certification has a high demand. Even AWS jobs for freshers are also welcoming with a decent package. If you are looking for an Amazon Web Services Course that makes you learn AWS, then 3RI Technologies is the perfect solution.

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