Be the Trending Data Scientist with the Best Data Science Course in Pune

data science training institute in pune

Be the Trending Data Scientist with the Best Data Science Course in Pune

The modern-age wherein business data has transformed into a priceless element in formulating business strategies, chalking out sustainable business plans, etc. data science is something that blends creativity with technology. It incorporates various technology disciplines such as algorithm development, data interference, and technology itself to churn out a solution for analytically intricate concerns.

Considering the importance of data and data science in parallel, there are enormous career opportunities available in this stream. The only thing that one requires here is pursuing a well-designed and focused data science course in Pune. So, that is where 3RI Technologies steps in! As a perfect platform for fresh graduates and budding data scientists, 3RI offers the latest course content, along with a head-start for fresh graduates, business analysts, Big Data professionals, aspiring data scientists, etc. to capitalize on the endless career opportunities in data science.

Right from the intricate data matrices, the complex data received in the form of codes, to organized information, the business world churns a massive amount of data every moment, large enough to confuse an untrained individual! However, having said so, you cannot ignore the significance of data and cannot ignore the enormous chunks of data that your business turbines generate! The solution here is to learn data science. As said earlier, data science is something that helps you process the data and helps you identify the most vital business insights.

Why Learn Data Science?

Thriving without business data is virtually not possible for any organization, irrespective of its type of business. Therefore, even at this moment, if you visit the careers page of a reputed global organization, there could be several positions associated with data science. That’s how important data scientists have become!

Today, companies do not want to lose data, regardless of its form and crudeness, at any cost. Therefore, it doesn’t come as a surprise when global corporations make considerable investments in data! Data helps them analyze their business position amidst its counterparts, stock patterns, market credibility, future trends, and its effect on their business, etc. The requirements are endless, and so are the career opportunities in data science. 3RI Technologies is amongst those rarely found platforms cementing the gap between academics and industry requirements. Keep scrolling to go through the data science course outline and other essential value additions offered by 3RI Technologies.

3RI Technologies Data Analytics Courses in Pune | Course Outline of 3RI Data Science Course in Pune

Learning data science involves learning various aspects that constitute the gamut of data analyzing and processing. It requires an individual to develop essential mathematical expertise, business acumen, and technological skills to be a successful data scientist. 3RI Technologies touch every corner of the technology, ensuring that aspirants pursuing this course step out as thorough data professionals.

Fundamentally requiring an understanding of any programming language, database (SQL), and applications like MS-Excel, CSV, along with a basic understanding of high school Geometry and Algebra, this course encompasses learning mathematics fundamentals, R programming, Python programming, and machine learning with Python. Here are brief outlining insights on each of the subject-matter.

  • Mathematics Fundamentals: Basics of statistics, introduction to statistics, probability, and probability distributions.
  • R Programming: R programming, and descriptive and inferential statistics
  • Python Programming: Introduction to Python, Python core objects, and functions.
  • Machine Learning with Python: This involves learning various concepts and data science applications such as Pandas, Numpy, Logistic regression, ARIMA models, correlation coefficient, and naïve bays algorithm, multiple linear regressions, time series analysis, etc. Further, it also includes learning unsupervised learning algorithms, neural networks, and natural language processing.

best data science course in pune

Why 3RI Technologies for Data Analytics Courses in Pune?

There are multiple reasons why you should choose only 3RI Technologies to begin a high-flying career in data analytics.

Some of the most prominent reasons are 100% placement assistance, preparing you for the competitive and challenging interview rounds, comprehensive and latest practical course material, state-of-the-art infrastructure, resume preparation. It aligned with the industry’s requirements, exposure towards real-world industrial projects, re-training on missed sessions, and multiple batches to ensure that students with diverse schedules do not lose track.

With the significance of data only projected to increase in the years to come, data science and data scientists would remain in high demand. Budding data science professionals, looking forward to a prospering career in this stream, should opt for 3RI’s Data Science Online course in Pune. After all, your career is your chance to create your own unique identity in the competitive world, isn’t it?


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