Career Options After BCA

The three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programme instructs students in the fundamentals of computers and software development. Typically, it is the initial journey into the realm of information technology. For BCA grads, there are several job options across numerous industries. You've come to the right spot if you need help figuring out how to move next with your career after earning a BCA.
career options and salary after bca

Most technologically inclined students enroll in a course called BCA, or Bachelor of Computer Application.

A BCA enhances your technology application skills, while a BTech (Bachelor of Technology) develops your technical-level talents. BCA degrees are more frequently chosen by students than BTech degrees because the former needs less time and a more thorough approach.

BCA is one of the most popular science courses because it explores the technology and the methods used to create electronic devices in great detail. The three-year undergraduate Bachelor of Computer Application (BCA) programme instructs students in the fundamentals of computers and software development. Typically, it is the initial journey into the realm of information technology. In this day and age of technological advancement, digitalization, and a tectonic shift to an economy based predominantly on information technology, it is becoming one of the most popular courses among young pupils.

For BCA grads, there are several job options across numerous industries.Demand for those who have earned a BCA is rising as the world evolves. A BCA degree will be necessary for almost all employment fields in the twenty-first century as digitization permeates all spheres of existence. This includes accounting and paperwork. Therefore, BCA is advantageous for the future.

Job-oriented courses for BCA graduates improve your chances of being hired. You’ve come to the right spot if you need help figuring out how to move next with your career after earning a BCA. In this blog, we will discuss after BCA which course is best. This in-depth discussion is meant to help students determine their BCA career options and salary, best options after BCA, how to get a job after BCA and so on.

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What Exactly Is BCA?

A BCA is an entry-level credential or degree required to work in the tech sector. Six semesters make up the roughly three-year length of the course. This is a must-take course for aspiring IT professionals because its graduates earn among the highest salaries in the industry.

However, one can readily obtain several job-oriented certification courses after BCA.

However, some of the best career options after BCA are simply accessible.

The course covers networking, databases, programming languages including Java and C, and data structures.

You can register for this programme if you have completed 10+2 years of education and scored at least 50% on your 12th grade or PUC board exams. Additionally, completing maths in high school would be beneficial before taking the BCA.

After receiving this degree, you can pursue a wide range of careers. You can be your boss and sell your skills to businesses or others.

MNCs offer several employment choices for BCA graduates. If you want a higher pay scale, you might enrol in a speciality school to broaden your skill set after graduation.

Now you know about BCA, let’s explore options after BCA.

Job Oriented Courses

Career Options After BCA

1. MBA

Getting an MBA is a common and best option after BCA. The core courses of a Master of Business Administration program focus on management, strategy, organization, human resources, and finance, among other essential business subjects.

Despite being less innovative than the IT industry, there are numerous benefits to working in this field.

Career Opportunities

With a master’s degree in business administration, you can work as a manager or executive in various companies. You can apply for administrative jobs in specific divisions of companies if you have a speciality in that field. If information technology (IT) is your area of expertise, you may pursue IT Manager or IT Governance Executive career. After completing a BCA, this is a viable professional path to consider.

MBA is the most sought-after degree and is often considered the second-best option after BCA. Earning a high salary is a major perk of working in fields that need an MBA. In India, the average starting income for an MBA graduate is seven million rupees a year. This is much more than the entry-level pay for many other academic specialities.

MBA Salaries in India

According to Payscale, MBA graduates in India can expect an average pay of 7.2 LPA.

2. Data Scientist

If you have always been drawn to data and numbers, consider a career in data science. One of the global industries with the quickest growth rates has a tremendous need for expertise. Numerous fields, such as FMCG, technology, marketing, and others, use data science.

Career Opportunities

As we already said, there is a massive need for people with data science skills, especially in India. According to reports, demand for data scientists has increased by 40% since January 2022. India has the world’s second-highest need for data scientists, with over 50,000 unfilled positions.As a result, data science is one of the greatest post-BCA employment prospects.

Data scientists find most of their work in finance, technology, multinational corporations (MNCs), and other similar groups. A data scientist’s starting pay in India is between 4 and 12 lakhs per year.
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Data Scientist Salaries in India

The average salary for a data scientist is 708,012. A data scientist with less than one year of training can make around 500,000 annually. Between one and four years of experience, a data scientist gets about $610,811 per year.

In India, a data scientist with 5 to 9 years of experience and a mid-level job makes 1,004,082 annually. As your knowledge and skills grow, your pay as a senior-level data scientist in India goes up by a lot, to more than 1,700,000 a year.

3. Digital Marketer

One of the most popular employment possibilities after receiving a BCA is entering the field of digital marketing. As businesses migrate online, the significance of digital marketers increases. Businesses require the expertise of digital marketers to sell their products and services online and boost sales. BCA graduates can work as digital marketers in this lucrative industry.

Career Opportunities

One of the fastest-growing industries in the United States is digital marketing. According to recent surveys, India’s digital advertising market is growing at a compound annual growth rate of 33.5%. The trend toward conducting business online suggests that this figure will continue to rise.

Positions like search engine optimization (SEO) analyst, content manager, social media specialist, digital marketing manager, user interface (UI) designer, and user experience (UX) designer are just a few examples.
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Digital Marketer Salaries in India

Digital marketing is a very promising and lucrative career choice today as more and more businesses want to create their brands in digital spaces.

4. Product Management

Product Management is an innovative and intriguing answer to the question, “What to do after BCA?” Product managers are familiar with all the stages involved in creating and marketing a product. They help companies find, create, and market items that satisfy customer needs. It is one of the hottest positions in the tech industry and one of the best options after BCA.

Career Opportunities

You’ve got to have noticed how swiftly the market has grown recently.

 Businesses must continuously release new software solutions if they wish to remain relevant in the present market.They must contend with their current rivals and get ready for new competitors. They search for product managers who can assist them in developing and deploying new products swiftly for these reasons. As a result, product management offers a variety of job options.

Product Management Salaries in India

According to PayScale, product managers in India make an average of $1,669,290 annually. In India, a product manager might earn anywhere from INR 16–30 million annually, depending on their experience level and expertise.

5. Blockchain Industry

If you’re looking for a new field to enter after BCA and you’re interested in technology, Blockchain could be a good option. The blockchain industry is a newcomer compared to the other sectors we’ve covered. Despite its relative youth, it has already created a substantial need for qualified workers and presented promising entry-level technological employment. A BCA grad can enter the lucrative blockchain industry as a professional. Blockchain development is an excellent option if you’re looking for a promising career path after earning your BCA.

Career Opportunities

Blockchain developer is the best career this year, claims a LinkedIn research titled “Emerging Jobs 2023.” As the use of digital transactions increases in India, there is a growing need for speedy and functional infrastructure. Blockchain professionals are becoming increasingly necessary because here is where blockchain technology is helpful.

Blockchain managers and developers are constantly in demand from major corporations like Accenture, IBM, and others.
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Blockchain Developer Salaries in India

PayScale says that Blockchain Developers in India make an average of Rs. 5,89,580 annually. Blockchain is one of the most well-paid science jobs in India. The pay scale for Blockchain jobs is usually very high because more skilled and qualified people need to work in this area. So, companies pay big salaries to people who deserve it and have the necessary skills. The pay starts at Rs. 5 LPA and can go up to Rs. 45 LPA

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6. Cyber Security Expert

Need more choices before you decide what to do after BCA? The recent hacking of well-known Twitter accounts showed how easy it is to break into online networks. It also showed how essential experts in hacking are. You could pursue a career in cybersecurity if you have an affinity for encryption and safety.

Everyone requires the skills of cybersecurity experts, from government institutions to international corporations, and it’s easily one of the best career options after BCA.

Career Opportunities

More than 67,000 cybersecurity-related job vacancies were available in January of this year alone, indicating a growing demand for these individuals. The digital defences of other corporations are constantly under attack by many hackers and hostile organizations. Additionally, as more businesses move their assets and transactions online, they are putting more emphasis on digital security.

These all indicate a rise in the need for cybersecurity specialists in the coming years. Cybersecurity experts are used by many companies, including Amazon, Wells Fargo, CISCO, Shell, Walmart, and others.

7. MCA

Without MCA, we wouldn’t have a complete set of options to offer in response to the question, “What to do after BCA?”.Obtaining an MCA (Master of Computer Applications) and further specializing in their field is a popular option for students after completing a BCA. It gives you the abilities and information required to work as an IT expert.  MCA is one of the recommended courses following BCA.

Career Opportunities

You can apply for positions in software development at many companies after earning an MCA. The following are a few of the roles:

  • Engineering network
  • The database manager
  • Network analyst
  • Program Engineer
  • Troubleshooter

Salary Levels for MCAs in India

Best Courses Options Following a BCA

  • Mastering Data Science

Data Science after BCA is one of the most in-demand areas in today’s work market. It entails analyzing and interpreting massive amounts of data to gain relevant insights. A Master’s in Data Science can help you learn how to analyze data, design models, and produce visualizations. You’ll learn to manage data using tools like Python, R, and SQL and develop predictive models with machine learning methods.
Additionally, you’ll learn data visualization tools and narrative techniques to communicate insights to stakeholders successfully. You can work as a Data Scientist, Data Analyst, Business Intelligence Analyst, or Machine Learning Engineer if you have a degree in data science. So, if you’re questioning if can I become data scientist after BCA, the answer is yes.

  • AWS

Amazon Web Services (AWS), a cloud computing platform, offers processing, storage, and database administration services. . It’s one of the most widely used cloud computing platforms for managing and deploying applications by companies of all sizes. A Amazon Web Services (AWS) course will teach you how to build and release apps, oversee security, and automate routine operations. You’ll gain familiarity with AWS services, including EC2, S3, RDS, and Lambda, and tools for managing infrastructure as code, such as CloudFormation and Terraform. Cloud Engineer, DevOps Engineer, and AWS Solutions Architect are just a few jobs you can get training for on AWS.

  • DevOps

DevOps is a set of processes that integrates software development with IT operations to accelerate and optimize software delivery. DevOps training can teach you to automate software development, testing, and deployment processes and monitor and maintain production applications. You’ll learn about tools like Jenkins, Ansible, Docker, and Kubernetes and how to develop and deploy apps with them. With a DevOps course, you can work as a DevOps Engineer, Site Reliability Engineer, or Automation Engineer.

  • Python

Python is a popular programming language for web development, data analysis, and artificial intelligence. You can master the basics of the language, such as data types, control structures, functions, and modules, by taking a Python course after earning your BCA. Additionally, you’ll learn how to utilize Python to design machine learning models, build web applications, and manage data. You can choose a career as a Python Developer, Data Analyst, Web Developer, or Machine Learning Engineer with a course in Python.

  • Java

Java is a prominent programming language for developing business, web, and Android applications. You can grasp Java’s data types, control structures, classes, and objects well by taking a course. You’ll learn to code websites in Java and desktop programs and apps for the Android platform. Jobs as varied as Java Developer, Web Developer, Android Developer, and Software Engineer are all within reach after completing a Java course.

  • Salesforce

Salesforce is a customer relationship management (CRM) software that works in the cloud to assist businesses in managing their sales, marketing, and customer service operations. You can manage client data, automate sales and marketing procedures, and develop bespoke apps with the help of Salesforce training. You will gain knowledge of Salesforce’s capabilities, such as Sales Cloud, Service Cloud, and Marketing Cloud, and how to customize the platform using Apex, Salesforce’s programming language. You can pursue a consultant, administrator, or developer career with Salesforce training.

  • Selenium

Selenium is a popular test automation tool for web apps that is free and open source. Taking a Selenium course, you may learn how to create automated tests for web applications using Selenium WebDriver. . You’ll learn how to use Selenium’s different features, such as how to find web items, interact with them, and check the test results. You can become a Test Automation Engineer or Quality Assurance Engineer if you take training in Selenium.


“Topology and Orchestration Specification for Cloud Applications,” or TOSCA, is a standard for specifying and deploying cloud apps. A TOSCA course can teach you how to use the TOSCA standard to plan, build, and run cloud applications. You will learn how to use TOSCA to define the topology of cloud applications, determine their deployment requirements, and control their lifecycle. You can become a Cloud Solutions Architect, Cloud Engineer, or Cloud Developer if you take a TOSCA course.

  • React JS:

A popular JavaScript library for building user interfaces is React JS. You can learn how to create reusable UI components, manage state, and handle user events with a React JS course. Additionally, you’ll discover JSX syntax, React hooks, and the lifecycle of a React component. You can choose a career as a Frontend Developer, UI Developer, or JavaScript Developer with a course in React JS.

  • Angular JS

Angular JS is a popular JavaScript framework for the creation of interactive websites. Taking a course in Angular JS will teach you how to utilize the framework to create web apps that are robust and easy to update. You will study Angular’s internals, including its pipelines and directives, as well as its data binding and dependency injection. By taking an Angular JS training course, you can advance your career options as a Frontend Developer, Full Stack Developer, or Web Developer.

The list of excellent post-BCA employment opportunities is provided above. We hope your query, “What to do after BCA?”, should be addressed by this. Depending on the career path you intend to follow after graduation, you can pick what interests you. The potential for BCA is promising. To increase your certification’s credibility, choosing the right institute is essential.

Other Job Options After BCA

BCA salaries are high for many highly sought-after courses, but plenty of other jobs are still available. There are different other specialization options within the BCA scope, so learn about them all here if you’re wondering if BCA is a decent course or if BCA is a professional course.

  • Full-Stack Developer – There will always be a need for programmers; however, employers are seeking “Full Stack” programmers in the modern IT industry. This dual focus on client and server-side development can lead to a competitive BCA pay.
  • Data Analyst – The data analyst position falls under the umbrella term of data scientist, who sifts through vast amounts of unstructured data and executes innumerable algorithms to identify patterns and anomalies and gain valuable insights. It is a high-ranking position on the BCA employment list because companies seek qualified data analysts.
  • Technical Content Writer – Technical writers are critical players in enabling society’s increased exposure to technology. This position is ideal for you if you have a passion for writing and a BCA background because it will allow you to integrate both skills and produce valuable content.
  • Web Developer -The scope of the BCA includes web development opportunities. Web developers create websites and programming applications using high-level programming languages. After completing BCA, interested candidates can obtain additional certifications and specialisation diplomas to enhance their resumes and web development skills.
  • Artificial Intelligence – Artificial intelligence aims to achieve the same as computers but on a higher level. Computers help humans live more conveniently by completing mundane tasks; artificial intelligence aims to achieve the same but on a higher level. Artificial intelligence seeks to replicate human intelligence and make technology more intelligent to assist humans more effectively. The response to “Is BCA  good career?” is that BCA graduates can pursue a career in this booming industry and obtain lucrative opportunities under market leaders with excellent BCA salary packages.

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The Closing Note

Here is a list of the best career options after BCA. We hope it answers your query, “What should we do after BCA?”.After you graduate, you’ll be better positioned to pursue your passions in the workforce. The prospects for BCA are good. Choosing the right school for your certification to have more weight is essential.

If you want to improve your job with any of the above courses, 3RI Technologies is the best place to get a deep understanding of them.

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