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Corporate Training leads to a set of established learning pursuits that focuses on up-skilling your present workforce.

3RI Technologies corporate training inflames workplace passion by building your employees into more stimulated, self-confident, inspired, and enthusiastic individuals.

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Corporate Training Overview

The basic motive that follows these pieces of corporate training is to enhance the productivity of the employee, with an end goal to stimulate the business objective.

Consider that your business is using machine learning to develop its products, services, and business but cannot reach the height due to no required knowledge and experience of that particular task, technique, or program.

In cases like this, the best course of action will be to opt for a targeted corporate training course which will help you in honing your team handling skills, project knowledge and learn different technologies used in the current marketplace. Corporate training will include collaborative tools, certification courses, study materials, practical real-time handling of projects, and other blended training options that will empower your workforce to learn and implement the required skills.

3RI Technologies is one of the best corporate training institutes which helps you to develop yourself and make you a perfect fit for any organization you may work for- in the future. We help you from developing your confidence level to up-scaling your communication skills as well. 

Our corporate training courses are designed concerning all the aspects necessary to achieve the goals and meet the requirements of the companies in the best possible way. The system also helps in strengthening and enhancing the organizational scope and literal fulfillment ways while giving members the sense to apply what has been learned in their workplace and will also be able to handle any kind of pressure or situation occurred.

Let us get deeper into the topic and uncover how important it is to take up corporate training and how corporate training can help you in flourishing your career. 

Corporate Training

One of the basic mantras for a successful business is without any doubt its people. Admit it or not, but the truth is, you can build a company all by yourself but yes you can never run the business all by yourself. You need a very specialized man force for all that.

In today’s fast-moving market, where everywhere the competition is boundless and finding the right fit for the job is just not easy. This is why all the business individuals are doing everything possible for cultivating a workforce that is competent enough and contains all the necessary corporate skills to achieve all the organizational goals. This is the reason why corporate training in Pune has become extremely important. 

Taking up corporate training courses is one of the most ideal ways for preparing the future employees of huge organizations with all the necessary abilities to produce satisfactory quality work.

Focusing on reality, corporate training is a very significant component for organizational development and improvement. This training is of tremendous help for the individual employees to become experts in their fields or what they do. It helps in bringing all the employees together to work as one team by analyzing the goals, terms, and planning strategy to achieve the goals by understanding the work and the aims.

With appropriate corporate training, companies can increase their resource usage.

corporate training program specifically allows the candidates to strengthen and enhance their corporate skills which are extremely important to be improved for each employee. A perfect training and development program brings in all the employees on the same page with higher levels of skills and understanding so that all the employees have similar kinds of knowledge, skills, and understandings. This in turn helps the organization in reducing any of the weak links within the organization that rely completely on other individuals to finish off the basic work-related tasks. 

Here are some of the top reasons where you can take the organization to the next level with your corporate skills post-training: 

1. Helps Building the Team Effortlessly 

Taking up the best corporate training programs undoubtedly helps all the employees come in together as one team and one using by making them work towards a mutual benefit for the organization. This is one of the greatest advantages and benefits in multi-cultured work-based places today. Regardless of all the different biases, work practices, and cultures, corporate training in Pune helps in keeping the conflicts at bay at the workplace. Adding more to it, it also enhances and helps in creating a better understanding level among the employees of the organization as well as develops a very enthusiastic work culture. Along with the perfect kind of continuous development and exercises, individuals can continually enhance their personal growth and work skills. 

2. Employee Development

All the organizations that are successful today are built up with the contribution of successful employees. We can never forget one thing that, employees are specifically hired due to their competencies in their respective work-related roles. With the help of a proper and capable corporate training program, the end goal is to address the competencies of all the individuals in the team members and at the same time nurture their strengths & abilities to focus on achieving the team goals. Proper corporate training institutes will help you impart all the job-based skills that all the employees can leverage to progress in their careers. 

3. Delivers Increased Productivity Levels

Employees when they first get hired in the organization take up a bit of time to show their most productive version as well as they take time to contribute their work efficiency to the organizations. In some cases where the organization and the roles are huge, it takes a lot of time to get complete hands-on the business and ultimately deploy their competencies and skills in serving best results. 

This is the basic reason why all organizations today prefer hiring an employee who is already productive and carries all the necessary skills rather than hiring an employee with new hands in the corporate world. 

Corporate training in Pune is a very foreseeable kind of exercise for all the huge organizations which are looking for improving the productivity levels of their employees. Talking about the organizational level or even individual level, corporate training programs can have a very huge and positive effect on enhancing productivity at all levels. 

4. Enhanced Morale 

When an organization hires an employee who has taken proper corporate training in Pune, they make the employee feel valued. The value the employee who is competent enough and inherits all the necessary skills that are required from the organizational point of view. Corporate training develops a workplace that is supportive for all the employees whereas, employees at the same time also gain the access to the new set of skills, knowledge, and a chance to self improvise by learning new skills each passing day. Due to these endless capabilities, the employers make the employee feel welcomed at work and the employees feel appreciated. This in turn enhances the morale of the employees and boosts their productivity in terms of delivering the best work. 

5. Better Decision Making Through Corporate Training

All the business organizations usually follow a long process of decision-making that demands a lot of stakeholders. Corporate training in Pune is a great way to make sure that all the stakeholders of the organization are travailing in the same boat when it comes to the organizational goals and targets. Some of the areas in which corporate training can help improve areas furnished below:

  • The employee's individual goals are to be entangled with the goals of the organization to achieve enhanced productivity. 
  • Interpersonal trust, cooperation, and support.
  • The habits at work are normally a response to the work environment other than individual preferences.
  • Uniform as well as consistent business development.

6. Addressing the Lacking Points and Correcting them 

Almost all of us have our strengths and yes we all have our set of weaknesses too. When it comes to work, the same things go around. Corporate training is one such ladder that can turn out to be excellent for identifying and then rectifying all these weaknesses. By taking up the perfect training program from a renowned institute like 3RI Technologies, all the individuals can be easily brought on the same page and can upgrade themselves with the latest technology and corporate trends every organization follows. 

An effective training program from the right corporate training institute can ensure that all the employees are skillful, knowledgeable as well as they can take over the work tasks when and wherever required. It is also very much significant to make sure that there is no break or lag in the rate of output even when there are adverse situations. 

7. Perfect Brand Building 

An employee who has taken proper corporate training from the renowned corporate training institutes can fuel the organizations in standing out of the box when it comes to the competition. As in the corporate training, the employee will be trained with the best corporate practices and will be taught about how to battle the business competition going on in the corporate market. 

If the aspirants are well trained from the best corporate training institutes like 3RI Technologies, they will surely gain success with flying colors and achieve customers even in the situations of saturated markets. When the companies hire a more competent, skillful, and talented employee, the employee has a very positive and a really strong impact on the long-term prospects of the organization. 

Why choose 3ri Technologies for Corporate Training?

Corporate training for all the freshers is of utmost importance as is nurturing of a baby and that is exactly what 3RI Technologies does. Corporate training is not just about understanding the individual corporate roles in an organization, but it is also about applying expertise in various fields altogether. It involves training from expert professionals for which 3RI Technologies is capable. In the training course, leadership & learning are the major aspects that are indispensable for one another. These are the exact qualities which the fresher’s master in over the training period. 

Hiring a trained employee is very much significant for every organization. In the corporate sector, training is something that molds the freshers and turns them into experts. Interaction is quite significant in every other sector. Every individual at some point or the other interacts with the customer. If the individuals do not succeed in making a favorable impression, the potential customer is lost. 

This is the reason why it is very much important for all the freshers to take up a corporate training program at a renowned training institute like 3RI Technologies before stepping into the corporate world. 3RI Technologies will effortlessly prepare the aspirants for handling the roles of both, the customers as well as the organization. 

3RI Technologies is providing expert training in a massive number of courses for years now and has stood out amongst all the training institutes in and around Pune. The sincerity, the instant doubt clearance, the mood of approach in various fields has made 3RI Technologies a go-to institute for all the aspirants who are planning to enhance their career with endless possibilities. After succeeding in training the massive number of candidates and setting their careers on track, 3RI Technologies is now providing corporate training in Pune to the individuals of top organizations. 

3RI Technologies in Pune has an expert team of trainers who are highly experienced with outstanding corporate competence and skills. For specifically meeting the requirement s of the executives of the top corporate organizations, 3RI Technologies is now providing corporate training in Pune and is standing out at its best. 

So why wait? Enroll today and avail of this groundbreaking opportunity today and get your employees trained in any kind of field with 3RI Technologies.

AWS Online Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

  • Define cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing Infrastructure.
  • Cloud service and deployment models.
  • Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
  • Common cloud Implementations.
  • Architecture discussion
  • Lab preparation
  • AWS account creation
  • Overview of major AWS services
  • Benefits of studying AWS

  • Understand Users, Groups and Roles
  • Policies and Policy documents
  • Lab creating roles, user and groups
  • Access control
  • Policy management
  • Lab policy creation
  • Restricting different services for users.

  • Defining EC2 Instances
  • Different type of Images (AMI)
  • Lab creation Linux/Windows EC2 instances
  • Lab connecting to EC2 instances
  • Lab AMI creation
  • Volumes (EBS)
  • Lab volume creation
  • Lab setting up a volume once attached to Ec2
  • Lab snapshot creation
  • Lab security Groups
  • Key Pairs
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Lab Elastic load balancing
  • Launch configuration
  • Auto scaling concepts
  • Lab Auto scaling
  • Lab creation of billing alerts
  • Lab Cloud Watch

  • S3 buckets and its usage
  • Lab creating a S3 Bucket
  • Lab upload  and retrieve data from  S3 bucket.
  • Lab giving privileges on to  S3 bucket.
  • Lab on S3 policies and ACLs
  • Lab Life Cycle Management
  • Lab object expiration in S3
  • Lab S3 Versioning
  • S3-RRS, S3-IA and Glacier
  • CORS
  • Lab S3 Policy
  • Lab hosting a website on S3

  • Lab creation of custom VPC
  • Default VPC concepts
  • Lab CIDR notation
  • Subnets and routing concepts
  • Different methods to connect to custom VPC
  • Lab to create Subnets
  • Lab  ACLs
  • Lab Routing rules.
  • Lab to create security groups at instance.
  • Lab setting up public and private subnets
  • Lab setting up Internet/Nat gateway
  • Lab Securing your network.
  • Lab Network ACLs

  • AWS Database services overview – RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift
  • Lab creating RDS instances
  • Read Replicas
  • RDS scaling concepts
  • RDS postgres sql server
  • RDS Oracle Server
  • Database migration Service
  • Lab configuring Multi-AZ failover
  • Lab accessing a database hosted on RDS
  • DynamoDb Core knowledge
  • Scaling with Dynamodb
  • DynamoDb write and read unit calculation
  • Elasticache concepts

  • Working with simple notification system.
  • Understanding queuing service.
  • SNS and SQS real-time use case
  • Introduction to SWF and use case
  • Lab on SNS

  • R53 and DNS
  • Domain registration
  • R53 routing policies
  • Lab on routing policy setup
  • Routing policies in detail
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • Deployment Using Cloud Formation
  • Direct Connect

  • Data warehousing in AWS
  • Big data solutions in AWS

  • What are containers and images
  • Introduction to Dockers
  • Architecture of Docker
  • Lab working with Dockers

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AWS Online Course Certification

As a part of this AWS online course, you will need to attend all the classes that will be conducted. If you miss any class due to any personal reason or health reason, you would need to attend the coverup class with the next upcoming batch. As an alternative, you can also hear the recording of the LIVE class. In case you have any doubt concerning the missed class, you must get it clear in the next class before you proceed ahead.

You will have to actively participate in all the quizzes conducted during the class. You must also be actively involved in competitive discussions during the class. 

You will have to finish all your assignments on time and submit them for assessment to the instructor. They will provide you with feedback and give you suggestions on areas of improvement if needed.

All our trainers will be guiding how to think for a solution for any given problem scenario that will be taken up as a case study during AWS online class.

At the end of the AWS online course, you will have to appear for the theory and practical exam that will be conducted by 3RI Technologies. This will help us in understanding your level of expertise. If you pass this exam and perform well during the class, then you will receive a Certificate of Completion from 3RI Technologies. This certificate finds recognition with most of the reputed companies in the IT sector. This certificate will show your credibility and your knowledge level to your future employers.

In case you are not able to clear the exam, the instructor will help you identify your weak areas and help you to get better at them. Once you are confident, you may reappear for the exam and pass with flying colors.

What are the requirements to unlock my AWS 3RI Technologies Certification?

The most important criteria to unlock AWS 3RI Technologies certification is to complete all your assignments and LIVE project on time. You would also need to implement any changes that might be suggested by your instructor for improving the assignments.

You also need to appear for an online exam that will be graded. Once you clear this exam you will become eligible for getting the certification from 3RI Technologies.

Along with this exam, your overall performance during the class will also be an important factor that will be considered before you get your AWS certification from 3RI Technologies.

How long does it take to complete AWS online training?

You will complete this AWS online class in 2 months. It can be completed in a shorter duration by taking up a fast-tracked course where you spend more time dring each class. 

You will need an additional 10-20 hours to finish with your assignments and LIVE project.

What is the value of AWS Online training certification in IT companies?

The certification that you will earn will take you from a beginner to an expert in AWS. You will also get a chance to work on real scenarios taken from the industry. Such kind of project will help you understand the complete development cycle that is followed in the industry. You will also learn how to handle such scenarios in any company.

After this certification, your next step would be to appear for the exam to obtain Global certifications provided by Amazon itself.


How many chances do I get to pass the online exam conducted for AWS online training?

You will be given sufficient chances to appear for the final online exam unless you clear the exam. However, we are confident if you attend the classes regularly, complete all your assignments and LIVE project, you will surely pass this exam on the first attempt. If you are still facing any difficulty feel free to ask all your questions during the AWS online class.

If, I fail the online exam how quickly can I reappear for the next exam?

If you are not able to clear the exam on the first attempt, our instructors will sit back with you to assess what went wrong in the exam. Their analysis will help us understand your weak areas. Then the instructors will work with you in those areas to improve your understanding in those areas. 

Ideally, there needs to be a minimum of 15 days gap before you repeat the exam so that this time you have prepared for your best efforts.


Pearson VUE center has accredited 3RI Technologies as their exam partner. We conduct several exams for global certifications which are duly accredited by companies globally. So when you enroll for AWS certification training online at our center, you can appear for the certification exams by Amazon directly at our center.
As a recommendation, you should appear for the online exams for AWS global certification to improve your credibility for future employers.
AWS is growing in popularity in today's market. This has increased the demand for skilled AWS certified professionals. These certifications will help you to stand out against all the other candidates who have undergone AWS training.
As a part of our AWS online class, we will train you on how you should appear for these exams. You will be attempting several practice exams to prepare for these exams. Also, we can help you with doing the online/offline registrations for these exams with the help of our dedicated team.
These AWS certifications will enhance your knowledge. But the practical sessions that are part of our AWS online training is the real beauty of our program. This will prepare you to be easily absorbed by any company owing to your practical knowledge.
You may plan to prepare for any of the Amazon approved AWS certifications like AWS Foundation Level certification, AWS Associate Level Certifications, AWS Professional Level Certifications.
If you are a fresher you may plan to take up the Foundation level certification. If you are a working professional already, you may pick up an Associate Level certification. To showcase expertise with AWS, you may plan to prepare for Professional AWS certification.

This is an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 90 minutes. There is no prior knowledge required before pursuing this certification training.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic AWS infrastructure knowledge
  • The Architectural principle and value proposition of AWS
  • Understanding of key services in AWS
  • Security, Network, and billing aspects of AWS
  • Deployment and Operations in AWS cloud

This is again an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 130 minutes. There is no prior knowledge required before pursuing this certification training. However, if you have some programming knowledge or have worked on the AWS platform then you have a cutting edge over other candidates.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic understanding of the core AWS services and their use.
  • Knowledge in developing AWS based cloud applications.
  • Knowledge of deploying and debugging AWS-based cloud applications.

This is again an MCQ-based exam and the duration for this exam is 130 minutes. However, you need to have at least a year of experience working on the AWS cloud platform before you appear for this exam.

This certification will validate your below skills

  • Basic understanding of how to design a robust application on AWS cloud.
  • Defining a solution to meet the customer requirement.
  • Sharing the best practices that can be adopted by a given organization during the implementation phase.

Once you enroll yourself for the AWS certification online training at 3RI Technologies, you will be prepared to appear for any of these exams through practice exams. Also, the practical sessions will give clarity of concepts before appearing for these exams.

Once you have earned this certification you may plan to appear for the Professional level certification. For that, you need a minimum of 2 years of working with AWS cloud services.


Frequently Asked Questions

Corporate training is one such thing which is also commonly known as corporate education or according to the trend, it can be called workplace learning. Corporate training is a simple system designed with the activities to educate the employees with the company trends.
In simple words, corporate training or a training and development program is something that improves the effectiveness of the businesses as well as the individuals and the teams within them.

At 3RI Technologies, we do not focus on being great, it jus just not enough for us. We at 3RI Technologies aim to serve the employees with the industry demand and most effective approach training for all our clients to meet their requirements and goals in the corporate world. 3RI Technologies provides the best and highly experienced team of trainers that makes 3RI Technologies stand out in the industry. Apart from that, the training program can be customized according to the need of the enterprise. You will be able to pick the best fit with your areas of interest and at the same time get fine-tuned with the expert guidance of team members. These never-ending workshops held at work will ease the employees to devote their valued time to churn the best out of our training sessions at 3RI Technologies.

Corporate training in Pune is one of the most significant things that every organizational member need. It is very much mandatory for every employee to understand all about the association he is currently working with. It is very much challenging to work for an employee to work effortlessly if the employee is incompetent about the company and its work patterns. If the employee lacks the knowledge of the organization, the association will be in a great mess. If the employee fails to understand his responsibilities or roles towards the organization, it can turn out and lead to extreme results. This can be easily laid off from the organization through an effective corporate training course from a renowned training institute like 3RI Technologies.

Due to these reasons, corporate training courses are very much important and have become crucial for freshers. 

Following is the list of skills that are covered during the corporate training program:

  • Effective communication
  • Project Management
  • Time Management’
  • Leadership Training
  • Diversity Training
  • Alignment’
  • Goals & Metrics
  • Leadership Buy-in
  • Relevancy 
  • Creativity
  • Marketing & Communications
  • Post Training Reinforcement 

Although in many of the training institutes, there has always been a minimum team size requirement for corporate training programs. But at 3RI Technologies, no team size is a challenge for us. We at 3RI Technologies can jot down the trainees into various bathes and provide them with efficient training as well as make sure that every trainee is given significant attention so that no part of the training is missed out by the trainee in understanding the teachings.

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