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LoadRunner Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction to Performance Testing

    • What is Performance Testing?
    • Benefits of Performance Testing
    • Types of Performance Testing
    • Performance Testing Life cycle
    • Performance Testing Concepts and Terminologies
    • HTTP Request / Response Structure

2. Tool Introduction

    • Introduction about the LoadRunner
    • LoadRunner Architecture
    • Different components of LoadRunner
    • Basic of different Load runner Protocols
    • Protocol Identification

3. Scripting

    • Vugen Overview
    • Script Recording Basics
    • Enriching the Script via Correlation & Parameterization
    • Validation check points & Error handling
    • Script enhancement using Fiddler tool.
    • Different LR functions
    • Demo of the Sample application
    • Practice

4. Scenario Creation & Execution

    • Run time setting
    • Elements of Scenario
    • Setting upload runner scenario
      • Ramp up & Ramp down strategy
      • Group strategy
      • Step up Scenario Exception Handling
    • Different Scheduler Options
    • Load Test / Stress Test/Endurance Test setup
    • Execution setup
    • Online Monitoring
    • User-Defined Exception

5. Monitoring Profile Setup

    • Infrastructure Monitoring Setup
    • Setting Counters on Windows and Linux servers
      • Memory
      • CPU
      • Disk
      • Network

6. Analyzing the Results

    • In-depth walkthrough of how to analyze the result
    • Understanding of each graph types
    • Client side Performance Metrics
    • Server-side Performance Metrics

7. Root Cause analysis with Load Runner

    • Bottleneck Identification
    • 90th Percentile
    • Server-side analysis

8. Reporting

    • Interim Test report
    • Test closure report

9. Basic of Performance Engineering

    • Basic PE concept
    • Introduction to a different Server monitoring tool
      • Perfmon Analyzer
      • NMON Analyzer
      • CA Wily Intra-scope
      • Dynatrace

LoadRunner Classes in Pune

LoadRunner Course consists of

  • Virtual User Generator

With this, we can replicate the behavior of users in the real world, which is why the name ” virtual user “. Here we record automated scripts and write them.

  • Controller

Here we execute the scripts generated above. This controls the various load generators and associated scenarios. Analysis: Displays detailed results and presents them in an excellent manner using reports, charts, and graphics.

  • Scripting Languages

LoadRunner client emulation scripts are typically created using the ANSI C programming language. However, Java and .NET programs can also be run by LoadRunner. Version 12.50 added the use of JavaScript for HTTP / HTML web scripts. Scripts from other test tools, such as Apache JMeter, NUnit, and Selenium, can be run by LoadRunner by declaring an interface library. This allows scripts to send key-value pairs to the controller when the script runs, so that response times can be assigned to specific conditions, such as the number of items displayed in the UI. LoadRunner scripts can also be called in Jenkins.

  • You do not need to install it on the server being tested. Native monitors are used. For example perfmon for Windows or rstatd daemon for Unix
  • Uses ANSI C as the default programming language1 and other languages such as Java and VB.
  • Excellent monitoring and analysis interface, where you can view reports in easy-to-understand color charts and graphs.
  • Supports most protocols
  • Facilitates the correlation significantly. We will look at the correlation in a series of articles later.
  • Nice GUI-generated script via a one-click recording. Of course, you would need to customize the script to your needs.
  • Excellent tutorials, comprehensive documentation and active tool support from HP.

    In daily life, new technologies/systems are added, and many users come across technologies. System and end-of-the-day users should be satisfied with the end-to-end performance of the application. Then, companies look for technical professionals who can handle this performance test with Load Runner for any current and projected E2E performance of the application.

    1. HP LoadRunner provides users with a complete and accurate picture of the end-to-end performance of their system so they can immediately detect and resolve bottlenecks and other issues before the applications go live.
    2. The performance testing is very exciting and challenging in the long run.
    3. It’s an open source tool that comes with the Community Edition with 50-lifetime virtual user licenses.

    In the last 5 to 8 years, Internet usage growth has grown exponentially, which in turn increases the infrastructure and bandwidth of the Internet-hosted application. When the deployment of the application is planned, it is very important to test the performance with the assigned infrastructure, bandwidth, and configuration to make sure there are no surprises in the future when an unexpected number of users encounter the application.

    As a result, performance testing plays a critical role in launching or updating new applications, leading to a tremendous demand for performance testers in the IT marketplace.

Key Features of LoadRunner Training:

  • Trainers from Industry Experts
  • Hands on Experience on One Live Project.
  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Practice Course Material


DURATION(35 Hours)



  • Knowledge of Manual Testing and DBMS/SQL is advantageous.



  • Data Analysts
  • Testers who want to get a job in ETL Testing
  • Project Managers,Database Professionals
  • IT professionals interested in data driven work


Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.

After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

Yes ,we conduct demo classes every weekend. Please contact us for more details.

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