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Key Features

Course Duration : 6 Weeks

Real-Time Projects : 2

Project Based Learning

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Android App Development Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals
  1. Introduction to Java
    • History of Java
    • Features of Java
  2. Overview of Java
    • OOP’s Concept
    • Data types and Variables
    • Operators
    • Control Structures
    • Strings
    • Arrays
  3. Objects and Classes
    • Object, Classes and Methods
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors
    • Garbage Collection
  4. Inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Method Overriding
    • Dynamic method dispatch
  5. Packages and Interfaces
    • Defining Packages
    • Extending Interfaces
  6. Exception Handling
    • Fundamentals of Exception Handling
    • Exception types
    • Try and Catch and finally
    • Multiple Catch
    • Nested Try Statements
    • Throw , throws
    • Custom Exception
  7. Collections Framework
    • Collection Interfaces and Classes
    • Iterators
    • Comparators
  8. Multithreading
    • Life cycle of Thread
    • Thread priority
  1. Android Basics
    • Android Overview
    • Android Environment Setup
    • Android Architecture
    • Simple Hello World Example
    • Explain Android Application Folder Structures
  2. Android User Interface
    • Android SDK Overview
    • Explain the Application structure
    • different folders created for simple Android Application Project
    • Explain about different xml files used in Android Application
    • Explain AndroidMainifest.xml file
    • Configuring the Android Manifest File
    • Managing your App Identity
    • Registering Activities and other App Component
    • Use of Permissions
    • Other Manifest settings
    • Android UI Layout
    • Linear Layout
    • Grid Layout
    • Relative Layout
    • Frame Layout
    • Android UI Controls
    • Text View
    • Edit Text
    • Auto Complete Text View
    • Button
    • Image Button
    • Check Box
    • Toggle Button
    • Radio Button
    • Progress Bar
    • Spinner
    • Time Picker
    • Date Picker
  3. Android Advanced Concepts
    • Use of Camera
    • Use of Bluetooth
  4. Some Useful Examples
    • How you can make your app to support multiple devices
    • Android Best Practices 25
    • Android styles
    • Use of Styles
    • Style Inheritance
    • Android Themes
    • Explain how to create Custom Component.
    • Drag and Drop
    • Drawing and working with Animation
    • Drawing on the Screen
    • Working with Canvas and Paints
    • Working with Text
    • Working with Bitmaps
    • Working with Shapes
    • Working with Animation
    • Android Data Storage API
    • Storing data using SQLLite Storage API
    • Working with File and Directories
    • Sharing Data between Application
    • Android Built-In Content Providers
    • Modifying Content Providers
    • Enhancing Applications by using Content Providers
    • Make your application to Act as a Content Provider.
    • Location Based Services
    • Use of GPS
    • Geocoding Locations
    • Mapping Locations
    • Android Multimedia API
    • Working with Images
    • Working with Videos
    • Working with Audio
    • Android Telephony API
    • Sending SMS
    • Making and Receiving Phone Call
    • Sending Email

Android Classes in Pune

Increase in smartphones especially Android Based phones has been exponential in past few years. Android is one of the most used technologies in developing mobile apps. This skyrocketing popularity of Android apps has increased the demand of mobile app developers in the market as well. We at 3RI Technologies have designed the android development course according to the industry standards and is delivered by our certified Android App Trainers. Our classroom android Training in Pune program helps you to gain knowledge on Android and enables you to design and develop mobile apps in an effective way.

We are known as the best Android Classes in Pune delivering quality training to students with rigorous assignments and live project work which ensures their employ ability post this course. Our Android Development Training course boosts your career by increasing your programming skills. This course is divided into various levels i.e. Beginner, Advanced etc. Our Learning Process is specifically designed which enables students to gather and quickly apply their learning’s into practical sessions. Based in Pimple Saudagar and Deccan in Pune, we provide multiple and flexible batches for students as per the availability. Our Android Training Labs are fully equipped with best in class infrastructure.

About Android:

“Android applications can be created using the Kotlin, Java and C languages” using the Android Software Development Kit (SDK), while other languages ​​can also be used. All non-JVM languages, such as Go, JavaScript, C, C, or assembly, need help using the JVM language code, which can be provided by tools, probably with limited API support. Some programming languages ​​and tools allow compatibility with cross-platform applications. Third-party tools, development environments, and language support have also continued to evolve and develop since the launch of the initial SDK in 2008. In addition, large companies such as Walmart, Amazon, and Bank of America are looking to attract and sell through cell phones, the development of mobile applications is undergoing a transformation. The official mechanism for distributing Android applications to end-users is Google Play; It also enables the gradual release of multi-stage applications.

About the android course:

The Android training course feeds your professional Android app developer career. You will learn how to configure the Android environment and master its architecture, including user interfaces, activities, controls, projects, services, content providers, and multimedia APIs. You will get a practical development experience by creating six cutting-edge applications during the Android application development course. Android developers are high in demand, so get certified today!

What is Android training?

Android training helps you build mobile applications on the Android platform. This course provides theoretical as well as practical knowledge in the development of Android-based mobile applications. 

  • Overall, Android development training provides a brief understanding of Android development, and you can:
  • Understand the whole concept of Android development
  • Create intermediate level apps ready for Google Play Store

As part of the Android training, you can create widgets, customize list view, grid view, Spinner, etc. You can finally publish it on Google Play. This course provides in-depth knowledge of mobile application development from scratch and opens up new job opportunities. You will learn how to configure Android Studio; you will understand Android architecture in detail.

Applications :

  • It is a complete set of software that is an application for mobile devices.
  • It works with a modified version of the Linux kernel.
  • The modified Linux kernel allows developers to create innovative and interesting applications for mobile devices.
  • In this environment, developers write managed code in Java language.
  • Android software development kit provides the tools and APIs necessary to start developing applications on the Android platform.
  • Applications are generally developed using the Java programming language.
  • Training for Android is training for the Android platform

Benefits of Android learning :

  • As the mobile app industry grows enormously, Android development also grows enormously.
  • Android can be recovered for free, and once downloaded, you can start developing an app and expand your prototype.
  • The Android platform offers developers the ability to combine development research with other platforms.
  • It has no development conditions like the iOS platform.
  • Recently, most companies are looking for applications for mobile applications, and software companies are also dedicating themselves to developing applications for mobile devices.
  • This growing environment has increased the demand for Android skin developers.
  • When an Internet connection is available, a developer can use the open-source Android platform anywhere, anytime.
  • Developers can work within the development team of a software company, or they can also work from home, creating mobile applications.


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Key Features of Android Training:
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material
  • No Prerequisites. Basic Knowledge of Programming is an advantage.


  • 70 Hours
  • Freshers, College graduates
  • Software developer
  • Java Professionals
  • Professionals who are passionate to create mobile apps in android.

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.



Most frequent questions and answers
Yes, you can surely join this course. We have our course designed for students as per the college curriculum as well.

Yes, you can surely join this course. Although Java is a prerequisite for this course, we offer Java Trainings to students prior to start the Android classes.

After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.
Yes, we provide placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.
Yes we can provide you with internship for upto 3 months depending upon the availability.
We conduct the live project during the course ,you will be able to create mobile apps. We conduct mobile apps projects from various IT domains like like ecommerce, social networking,website development, enterprise application.

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