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Automation Anywhere Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction – Course Overview

    • Introduction to Automation Anywhere
    • Automation Anywhere Architecture
    • Components of AA
    • What is Control Room
    • Different Types of Users
    • Bot Creator and Bot Runner
    • Software Requirements
    • Hardware Requirements
    • Task Bot

2. Automation Anywhere Dashboard

    • Navigation Menus
    • Task Pane
    • Repository/Reports/Triggers/Schedules/Workflows

3. Task Bots

    • Recording Modes
    • Tools/Robotic Automation
    • Types of Variables
    • Commands
    • Recording a Task
    • Running a Task
    • Task creation

4. Overview on Task Editor

    • Task Editor Features
    • Actions List

5. Commands used (All the commands will covered, below are major commands)

    • Excel Command
    • Variable Operation Command
    • PDF Integration Command
    • IF/ELSE Command
    • Database Command
    • Email Automation Command
    • File and Folder Commands
    • Error Handling Command
    • PGP Command
    • Web service implementation

6. MetaBot

    • MetaBot Overview
    • MetaBot creation
    • Understanding MetaBot Designer
    • Sample examples

Automation Anywhere Classes in Pune

New technology advancements have brought many benefits to the human for their workings. And RPA – Automation Anywhere is another revolution in the world of technology that has answered the challenges of almost every business process or entity which operates online in a cost-efficient way.

What is RPA Automation Anywhere?

RPA Automation Anywhere is a specialized program or technique which is designed to help business enterprises to automate their various business processes such as data management & manipulation, customer management, organization’s communication flow & responses, and many others. Automation Anywhere Training in Pune by 3RI Technologies helps the candidates to run parallel to the modern technology and get more insight on this to understand how it can help the organization to improve or enhance their end to end business processes. 

RPA Automation Anywhere is an automation process which is based on a robotic methodology which uses latest and innovative technology to design or develop the functions using human logic which perform the work automatically. The robotic automation software developed using RPA Automation Anywhere not only simplify the business activities or operations but also gives the flexibility of process operability. 

The major benefit of RPA Automation Anywhere is non-existence of human errors means no scope of error, thus saving cost, efforts and a lot of time which might occur due to the repetition of work. If you are planning to go for Automation Anywhere Certification, then it is good to join 3RI Technologies Automation Anywhere Training in Pune as our course is designed to offer the in-depth comprehension and industry-specific knowledge of required tools & techniques which are must in understanding Robotic Process Automation.

3RI Technologies RPA Automation Anywhere Training in Pune helps the candidates to acquire the relevant knowledge & skills which are necessary to make a successful career with rapid development and growth.

Features of RPA Automation Anywhere

  • Bringing the SMART robotic automation technology into the organization processes.
  • Rapidly automates almost all business processes or activities including muddled and unpredictable scenarios too.
  • Every step is performed easily like mouse strokes and chronicle console snaps.
  • Automation of all business process brilliantly no matter what is the size or complexity.

What All Business Processes Can Be Automated Using RPA Automate Anywhere?

Automation Anywhere uses the GUI interface which controls the computer just like a human user does. Following actions can be automated

  • Processes which involve ‘extraction from’ and ‘input to’ activities of information.
  • Almost all systems i.e. Web, windows, cloud, and legacy systems.
  • Navigations and actions of windows & web users can be automated or controlled.
  • Processes that involve data management, comparison, and validation.
  • Processes or activities which follow the rule-based approach.

In 3RI Technologies RPA Automation Anywhere Training in Pune candidates would get to learn about:

  • How tasks can be performed in a dashboard of Automation Anytime?
  • How to do configurations in MetaBot Screens?
  • What is the purpose and how Task Editor is used?
  • How you can efficiently use the RPA tools?

Who all can go for RPA Automation Anywhere Certification?

  • Fresh graduates – who want to make a brilliant career in the field of robotics.
  • Working professionals – who want to enhance their skill set.
  • Digital Marketing professionals – who want to make optimized usage of technology to bring more efficiency in their work.
  • Business intelligence professionals – who want to add more value to their professional persona.

What Topics will be covered by 3RI Technologies RPA Automation Anywhere Training in Pune?

  • Concepts of Robotic Process Automation
  • Automation Anywhere Installation & Set up Process 
  • How the Control Room of Automation Anywhere is used.
  • How to use Automation Anywhere Client.

Trainers Profile of 3RI Technologies RPA Automation Anywhere Training in Pune

All trainers of 3RI Technologies RPA Automation Anywhere Training in Pune are highly experienced professional carrying the incredible skills and knowledge of the required field that help the learners to understand and comprehend the RPA Automation Anywhere concepts more profoundly. Trainers also help the students to become professional who can easily recognize the complex business requirements in a much-simplified way.

How will RPA Automation Anywhere Benefit the Career?

The organizations are moving fast towards RPA Automation Anywhere because of the remarkable advantages that it is offering to them which further leads to high profit & ROI and less budget & involvement of human workforce alongside quick activity and accuracy. This is why more and more business enterprises are adopting the RPA Automation Anywhere and want to hire only skilled & trained professional on RPA Automation Anywhere which allow them to automate their business processes. The benefits associated with Automation Anywhere Training in Pune are:

  • You can make a career in any industry such as BPO, finance & banking, retail, manufacturing, and many others.
  • It is very useful for aspiring startups or business owners who want to develop their ideas and focus with standardized efforts into a successful automated process that in turn bring success to the business.
  • You can earn a handsome salary as current business market is continuously growing and doing exceptionally well.
  • This also helps to increase the productivity by accelerating thei desktop process.
  • As per recent statistics or trend, by 2020 more than 5 million jobs will be created in India under the Robotics industry.

Acquiring Automation Anywhere Certification from 3RI Technologies in Pune would make you a trained and an experienced professional that will easily and immediately attract the attention of the prospective employer during the interview process and give a competitive advantage to you over other candidates. The skills and knowledge which you receive from 3RI Technologies Automation Anywhere Training in Pune will help you to grow your career manifolds and certain Heights in less time.

RPA Automation Anywhere is one of the demanding and progressive technologies which help the organizations to make the higher successions in the manner in which the actual endeavor works. So make the right decision for your career and get yourself enrolled in 3RI Technologies Automation Anywhere Training in Pune for a lucrative profession.

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  • Get trained and complete assistance to become certified RPA- Automation Anywhere
  • There are no Pre-requisites for this course.
  • A Basic Knowledge of Programming Language is Advantageous.


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We strongly believe in hands on practical training and our trainers make sure that is imparted to our students as well. Saying that, yes we will cover a live project which needs to be completed during the course
After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.
Yes, we provide placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.

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