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Invest your future in AWS with Python Certification at 3RI Technologies and get certified in professional course. We have a team of expert trainers in AWS course for the aspirants interested to build their career as a python developer, cloud computing and want to get places in IT industry. We provide placement assistance and Soft skill training along with this course. This online course covers all aspects of full-stack web development and includes in-depth scenario-based instruction as well as real-world projects.

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Course Duration : 2.5 months

Real-Time Projects : 2

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We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

AWS with Python Training Overview

AWS with Python Course Overview

In Modern cloud-native application development is often focused on building out scalable, highly available, and fully managed serverless architectures. By reducing your operational overhead, your business will be better positioned to focus on the applications and business-specific projects that enable you to differentiate yourself from the competition. AWS with python training will be our platform of choice for building a modern, greenfield serverless backend in this course. 

The process of building brand new applications on AWS differs from lifting and shifting existing applications. You might use Amazon Elastic Container Service and Amazon Elastic Kubernetes Service as your container hosting services if you have an existing application that you want to move to AWS, or you might use Amazon EC2 as your virtual machine. All of those are great application hosting choices, but you still need to have a pulse on your application’s underlying infrastructure in most cases. 

This tutorial, Building Modern Python Applications on AWS, will introduce AWS Lambda for serverless computing, and AWS Cognito for serverless authentication. To perform various data processing tasks, lambda functions will use AWS SDKs. With AWS with the python course  Step Functions, we can create a serverless workflow. Finally, we will talk about optimizing APIs on AWS by using features at every layer.

Course Features

Key Features

  • job assistance
  • Real-time module training
  • Interactive sessions
  • Additional self-development sessions
  • Flexible timings


  • 8 Weeks


  • Basic knowledge of Accounting.


  • Professionals seeking career in SAP Consulting.
  • SAP End Users
  • SAP Consultants
Why AWS with Python Course from 3RI?

Our recommendation is to focus on the SDK course you intend to use when developing AWS-based applications since the courses overlap to a large extent. AWS with Python classes should be familiar to you if you have a working knowledge of AWS.

For Java developers, the course is titled “developing modern Java applications on Amazon Web Services”, while for .NET developers, the course is entitled “developing modern .NET applications on Amazon Web Services”, and for Node.js developers, it is entitled “developing modern Python applications on Amazon Web Services”.

To name just a few concepts you need to be familiar with: know what regions and availability zones are in AWS Global infrastructure. It is also useful to understand Amazon Web Services Identity and Access Management, or IAM, and how it is used to control access to resources on AWS. As well as understanding what Amazon EC2 instances, Amazon S3, and VPCs are, you should also understand basic AWS terminology. 

Its rapid growth can be attributed to the current interest in data science and machine learning, as well as a wide array of Python packages and developer tools. Another reason for Python’s growth and AWS’s growth is the demand for data scientists and data engineers. There has been an increase in demand for DevOps engineers due to AWS’ rise in the data market.

· Automates AWS cloud computing

· Using Python and Boto3, you will learn how to program AWS APIs!

· Python, Boto3, and AWS EC2 Instances are the tools you will use to launch EC2 instances!

· There will be instructions on creating buckets, uploading files, applying lifecycle policies, and more!

· Using Python and Boto3, you will learn about different Amazon Web Services recognition services

· You will learn about compute, storage, security, analytics, and machine learning of Amazon Web Services


· Cloud platforms have been adopted by most organizations or are in the process of being adopted. As we know, Amazon Web Services provides most of these certificates. We will be prepared for the upcoming IT industry job trend with AWS certifications. We can stand out from the rest of the IT professionals in the market by holding these certifications.

  • We are equipped with professional expertise because of these certifications. Our commitment to technology shows in these certifications. This demonstrates our practical experience with the technology.
  • On successful completion, candidates receive digital badges. We can share this badge on social media platforms to gain job opportunities.
  •  The salary of developers can be improved by AWS certifications. According to AWS, certified professionals earn $113K on average. An uncertified professional may only earn $90K on average.
  • AWS professionals have access to other AWS professionals on several social networks, which increases their reach.
  • Freelancers with AWS certifications will be able to get more projects and earn more money. They will gain the trust of clients and have more income opportunities.
  • You can also become a Subject Matter Expert as an AWS certified professional. Exam development is also available to you. SMEs can also create additional revenue by conducting workshops or training programs.
  • Companies are in high demand of AWS-certified professionals. AWS partners can take advantage of their expertise by participating in the program. By doing so, they can offer better customer support and services.
AWS with Python Future Scope

In terms of salary potential, AWS certifications rank as one of the most in-demand professional certifications. AWS credential holders have typically worked in a lab environment and demonstrated best practices. Therefore, certifications like AWS are often of high value in an IT professional’s career advancement.

To get started with Amazon Web Services cloud learning, you will need to complete the Amazon Web Services Architecting Course. After completing this certification, you will become familiar with Amazon’s platform and core services. If you choose to take certification-mapped courses from authorized training institutes, you will skyrocket your career prospects once you reach the high-end AWS job-oriented course certification credentials on your profile.

One of the most in-demand technical certifications with the highest salary potential globally is the AWS certifications. Ensure that a candidate has hands-on experience and employs best lab practices to earn an AWS certification.

Consequently, certifications such as AWS are of great value to IT professionals in their careers.

Learn about the AWS ecosystem and core services by achieving the AWS Solution Architect Associate Certification. You will be one step closer to learning about Amazon Web Services in the cloud. Consequently, an associate certificate is needed to take the AWS Solutions Architect Professional Certification. 

If you wish to have the high-end AWS certification credentials on your profile, consider taking an AWS certification course from 3RI Technologies, one of the authorized training institutes.

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Diploma in AWS with Python Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions

  1. Introduction to Cloud & AWS
  • Define cloud computing.
  • Cloud computing Infrastructure.
  • Cloud service and deployment models.
  • Common misconceptions about cloud computing.
  • Common cloud Implementations.
  • Architecture discussion
  • Lab preparation
  • AWS account creation
  • Overview of major AWS services
  • Benefits of studying AWS
  1. Identity And Access Management Techniques (IAM)
  • Understand Users, Groups, and Roles
  • Policies and Policy documents
  • Lab creating roles, user, and groups
  • Access control
  • Policy management
  • Lab policy creation
  • Restricting different services for users.
  1. Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • Defining EC2 Instances
  • Different type of Images (AMI)
  • Lab creation Linux/Windows EC2 instances
  • Lab connecting to EC2 instances
  • Lab AMI creation
  • Volumes (EBS)
  • Lab volume creation
  • The lab set up a volume once attached to Ec2
  • Lab snapshot creation
  • Lab security Groups
  • Key Pairs
  • Elastic Load Balancing
  • Lab Elastic load balancing
  • Launch configuration
  • Auto-scaling concepts
  • Lab Autoscaling
  • Lab creation of billing alerts
  • Lab Cloud Watch
  1. S3
  • S3 buckets and their usage
  • Lab creating an S3 Bucket
  • Lab uploads and retrieve data from the S3 bucket.
  • Lab giving privileges on to  S3 bucket.
  • Lab on S3 policies and ACLs
  • Lab Life Cycle Management
  • Lab object expiration in S3
  • Lab S3 Versioning
  • S3-RRS, S3-IA and Glacier
  • CORS
  • Lab S3 Policy
  • Lab hosting a website on S3
  1. Networking: Setting up VPC and NAT
  • Lab creation of custom VPC
  • Default VPC concepts
  • Lab CIDR notation
  • Subnets and routing concepts
  • Different methods to connect to custom VPC
  • Lab to create Subnets
  • Lab  ACLs
  • Lab Routing rules.
  • Lab to create security groups at an instance.
  • A lab setting up public and private subnets
  • A lab setting up Internet/Nat gateway
  • Lab Securing your network.
  • Lab Network ACLs
  1. AWS Databases RDS and Dynamodb
  • AWS Database services overview – RDS, DynamoDB, Elasticache, Redshift
  • Lab creating RDS instances
  • Read Replicas
  • RDS scaling concepts
  • RDS Postgres SQL server
  • RDS Oracle Server
  • Database migration Service
  • Lab configuring Multi-AZ failover
  • Lab accessing a database hosted on RDS
  • DynamoDb Core knowledge
  • Scaling with Dynamodb
  • DynamoDb write and read unit calculation
  • Elasticache concepts
  1. SNS, SWF, and SQS
  • Working with the simple notification system.
  • Understanding queuing service.
  • SNS and SQS real-time use case
  • Introduction to SWF and use case
  • Lab on SNS
  1. Application Services
  • R53 and DNS
  • Domain registration
  • R53 routing policies
  • Lab on routing policy setup
  • Routing policies in detail
  • AWS CloudFront
  • AWS Cloud Formation
  • Deployment Using Cloud Formation
  • Direct Connect
  1. Bonus Brief Introduction to Docker
  • What are containers and images
  • Introduction to Dockers
  • Architecture of Docker
  • Lab working with Dockers
  1. Introduction to UNIX and its flavours
  2. UNIX architecture
  3. File System
  4. User and Group Policies
  5. Unix general commands
  6. Concept of Files and Directories in Unix
  7. File Permission and related commands
  8. Filter Commands and their options
  9. Vi Editor
Project Work and Case Studies
  • Deploy a Python/Java application
  • To access/create/upload files on S3 through EC2/Lambda
  • To create tables, insert values in Dynamo-Db through EC2/Lambda
  • Lab on Kinesis, through cloud formation
  • Designing Fault tolerant and Highly Available architecture (ELB)
  • Host Static Website on S3
  • Build a Serverless Web Application
  • Build an Alexa Skill
Preparation for Certification AWS - Solution Architect Associate
  • 500+ Practice Questions, in-line with certification.
  • Doubts Clarification Session
  • Resume Preparation Guidance by Expert
  • Interview Preparation by Certified AWS Trainer
Python Programming
  1. An Introduction to Python
    • Why Python, its Unique Feature and where to use it?
    • Python Environment Setup
    • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, PyCharm and Enthought Canopy
    • Start programming on an interactive shell.
    • Python Identifiers, Keywords
    • Discussion about installed modules and packages
    • Access Command line arguments within programs
  2. Conditional Statement, Loops, and File Handling
    • Python Data Types and Variable
    • Condition and Loops in Python
    • Decorators
    • Python Modules & Packages
    • Python Files and Directories manipulations
    • Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
  3. Python Core Objects and Functions
    • Built in modules (Library Functions)
    • Numeric and Math’s Module
    • String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
    • Complex Data structures in Python
    • Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure
    • Python built-in function
    • Python user-defined functions
    • Python packages and functions
    • The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions
  4. Object Oriented Python
    • OOPs Concepts
    • Object, Classes and Destroying Objects
    • Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
    • Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
    • Abstraction and Encapsulation
  5. Regular Expression
    • Regular Expressions
    • What are regular expressions?
    • The match and search Function
    • Compile and Matching
    • Matching vs Searching
    • Search and Replace feature using RE
    • Extended Regular Expressions
    • Wildcard characters and work with them
  6. Multithreading
    • Multithreading with Python
    • What is Multithreading?
    • Starting a New Thread
    • The Threading Module
    • Synchronizing Threads
  7. File Handling
    • Writing data to a file
    • Reading data from a file
    • Read and Write data from CSV file
    • OS module
    • Rename and Removing files, directories
  8. Exception Handling in Python
    • Exceptions Handling
    • Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
    • Try-finally clause
    • The argument of an Exception and create a self Exception Class
    • Python Standard Exceptions
    • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
  9. Debugging Python Programs
    • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
    • Assert for debugging
    • Testing with Python using UnitTest
    • Iterable and generator in Python
    • Yielding from the generators
    • Standard project setup in Python
  10. Modules & Packages
    • Modules
    • How to import a module?
    • Packages
    • How to create packages
  11. Database Handling
    • Create Database Connection
    • Creating and accessing SQLite database
    • Python with MySQL Database
    • Creating Database table
    • CRUD operation on database
    • Performing Transactions
    • Handling Database Errors
    • Disconnecting Database

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