C Programming

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C is the most popular and widely used programming language. It is a fundamental programming language to learn all other advanced language like C++, Java, C# etc. This course is suitable for all the students who wants to make their career in IT development.

Duration : (40 Hours)

Prerequisites : This is the base of all programming languages so there is no as such prerequisite is needed. Only that student should know computer basics..

Training Highlights : A Detail and focused training to develop your logical skills for programming language. Best Trainers having years of experience.

Course Syllabus

C Programming
  1. Introduction to C
    • Features of C
    • Applications of C
    • Programming Language Classification
  2. Keywords, Constants and Variables
    • Tokens in C
    • Variables
    • Constants
  3. Data Types in C
    • Primary Data Types
    • Secondary Data Types
    • Types of Instruction in C
  4. Operator and Expressions
    • Arithmetic &Relational Operator
    • Logical Operator
    • Increment and Decrement Operator
    • Assignment Operator
    • Size of Operator
    • Type Conversion
  5. Control Structure
    • Conditional Control Structure
    • Iterative Control Structures
    • Jumping Control Structures
    • Multiway Control Structures
  6. Storage Classes
    • Automatic Storage Class
    • Static Storage Class
    • External Storage Class
    • Register Storage Class
  7. Functions
    • Defining a Function
    • Working of a Function
    • Types of Function
    • Recursive Function
  8. Pointers
    • Pointers
    • Declaration of Pointer
    • Call by Reference
    • Operation on Pointers
    • Pointer to Pointer
    • Pointer to Function
    • Dereferencing of Pointer
  9. Arrays
    • Classification of Arrays
    • One-Dimensional Arrays
    • Multi-dimensional Arrays
    • Arrays and Functions
    • Array of Pointers
    • Limitations of an Array
    • Applications of an Array
  10. Structure
    • Defining Structure
    • Declaring Structure Variable
    • Initializing Structure Variable
    • Accessing Structure Elements
    • Nested Structure
    • Array of Structures
    • Pointers to Structures
    • Passing Structure to Function
    • Union
  11. String Handling
    • Declaration of String
    • Initialization of String
    • Reading String from Terminal
    • Reading Line of Text
    • Writing String to Screen
    • String Handling Functions
    • Other String Functions
  12. Preprocessor Directives
    • Introduction to Pre-processor
    • Working of Pre-Processor
    • Types of Pre-processor Directives
  13. File Management in C
    • File Management in C
    • Types of File
    • Basic Operation on File
  14. Dynamic Memory Allocation
    • Dynamic Memory Allocation Functions
    • Dynamic Data Structures
    • Classification of Data Structure
    • Introduction to Linked List
    • Advantages & Drawbacks of Linked List

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