Core Java Classes In Pune

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Core Java Classes In Pune - COURSE SYLLABUS

  1. Introduction to Java
    • History of Java
    • Features of Java
  2. Overview of Java
    • OOP’s Concept
    • Data types and Variables
    • Control Structures
    • Strings, Arrays
  3. Objects and Classes
    • Object, Classes and Methods
    • Method Overloading
    • Constructors
    • Object class
  4. Inheritance
    • Types of Inheritance
    • Method Overriding
    • Dynamic method dispatch
  5. Packages and Interfaces
    • Defining Packages
    • Extending Interfaces
  6. Exception Handling
    • Fundamentals of Exception Handling
    • Exception types
    • Try and Catch and finally
    • Throw, throws
    • Custom Exception
  7. Inner Class and Wrapper classes
    • Inner Classes
    • Static Nested Classes
    • Wrapper Classes
    • Anonymous Inner Classes
  8. String Handling
    • Creating Strings
    • String handling methods
    • String Buffer and String Builder
  9. Input and Output in Java
    • Byte streams & Character streams
    • File
    • Serialization
  10. Collection Framework
    • Collection Interfaces and Classes
    • Iterators
    • Comparators
  11. Multithreading
    • Basics of java thread
    • The Thread Scheduler
    • Naming a thread, Daemon thread
    • Perform single /multiple tasks by multiple threads
    • Major Thread Concepts
    • Garbage Collection
  12. Reflection API
    • Overview of Reflection
    • Use of newInstance() method and determining the class Object
    • Accessing a private method or member from outside the class
  13. Lambda Built-in Functional Interfaces
    • Use primitive versions of functional Interface
    • java.util.function package
    • Use binary versions of functional Interface
    • Use the UnaryOperator Interface

Yes, you can surely join this course. Although Basic Lunix /Python is a prerequisite for this course, we offer basic linux scripting knowledge to students prior to start the devops Tool training .
We strongly believe in hands on practical training and our trainers make sure that is imparted to our students as well. Saying that, yes we will cover a live project which needs to be completed during the course
After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.
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