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C# Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals
  1. Introduction to .NET Framework
    • What is .NET Framework?
    • What are components of .NET Framework?
    • IDE for .NET
  2. Writing C# classes
    • Class Basics, Constructors, Destructors
    • Using Methods in Classes
    • Properties
    • Indexers
  3. Language Fundamentals & Constructs
    • Comments, Variables, Constants
    • Controlled Structure
    • Looping Structures
  4. Inheritance and Polymorphism
    • Extending Classes
    • Constructors in Inheritance
    • Polymorphism
    • Function Overloading, Operator Overloading
    • Dynamic Polymorphism
  5. Exception Handling
    • Try, Catch, Throw
    • System Defined Exceptions
    • User Defined Exceptions
  6. Attributes & Reflection
    • User Defined Attributes
    • Predefined Attributes
    • Reflection
    • Introspection of Classes, Methods,Parameters, Properties
  7. Events & Delegates
    • Event Handling in C#
    • Delegates
    • Multicasting Delegates
    • Delegate Chaining
  8. Collection Framework
    • Arraylist, List, Stack, Queue
    • IEnumerable, IEnumerator, IComparor interfaces
  9. Generics & Anonymous Methods
    • Generics in C#
    • Generics for User Defined Functions and Classes
    • Anonymous Methods
  10. Multithreading
    • Thread Class
    • Common Methods of Thread Class
    • Creating, Managing and Destroying Threads
  11. File I/O and Serialization
    • File Handling
    • Creating, Deleting files
    • Serialization
  12. ADO.NET
    • Database Basics
    • Query, SubQuery
    • Connecting Application with Database
    • DataSet, DataTable
    • SqlCommand, SqlConnection, SqlDataAdaptor
    • Using Stored Procedure
  13. XML using .NET
    • Creating XML file with .NET
    • Reading XML Document with .NET
  14. Deployment
    • XCOPY
    • CAB projects
    • Merge module
    • Click Once
  15. Overview of WCF, WPF and WF
    • Creating WCF
    • Understanding WPF architecture and Design Concepts
    • Understand the WF concept.

C# Classes in Pune

C# is a modern, object-oriented programming language intended to create simple yet robust programs. It is designed specifically to take advantage of CLI features; C# is the core language of the Microsoft .NET framework. In this course, students gain the skills to exploit the capabilities of C# and the .NET Framework to develop programs useful for broad range of desktop and Web applications.

C-SHARP (C #) is a multi-paradigm programming language developed by Microsoft that works with the .NET Framework. C # is commonly used to create mobile apps, games and Windows apps. # is a modern, object-oriented, general-purpose programming language, pronounced as “C #”. It was developed by Microsoft under the leadership of Anders Hejlsberg and his team as part of the .Net initiative and approved by the European Association of Computer Manufacturers C # is one of the languages of the Common Language Infrastructure and the current version of C # is version 7.2. C # is syntactically very similar to Java and is easy for users with knowledge of C, C or Java. .NET applications are cross-platform applications, and the Framework can be used in languages such as C, C #, Visual Basic, COBOL, etc. It was designed so that other languages can use it.

What is C#?

It is an object-oriented programming language created by Microsoft and runs in the .NET Framework. C # has roots in the C family, and the language is similar to other popular languages such as C and Java. The latest version, C # 8, was released in September 2019.

C # is used for:

  • Mobile applications
  • Desktop applications
  • Web applications
  • Web services
  • Web sites
  • games
  • VR
  • Database applications

Why Use C#?

• It is most popular programming language in the world

• It is easy to learn and easy to use

• C # is an object-oriented language that provides a clear structure for programs and allows you to reuse code, thus reducing development costs. Since C # is close to C, C and Java, programmers can more easily switch to C # or vice versa.

C # has many other reasons to be popular and popular.

1. Easy to start: C # is a high-level language and is therefore similar to other common programming languages such as C, C, and Java, which facilitates everyone’s learning.

2. Widely used for desktop and web application development: C # is often used for web and desktop application development. It is popular languages in the professional workplace. If anyone wants to create Microsoft applications, C # is the first choice.

3. Community: the larger the community, the better the new tools and software developed to improve them. C # has a large community, so developments are made in the system that will not go extinct.

4. Game development: C # is widely used in game development and will continue to dominate. C # can be integrated into Microsoft and therefore has a large target group. C # functions such as automatic garbage collection, interfaces, object orientation, etc.

Beginning with C# programming:

GeeksforGeeks, CodeChef, etc., with which C # programs can be executed without installation.

Windows: since C # was developed as part of Microsoft’s .NET Framework initiative, it provides several IDEs for running C # programs: Microsoft Visual Studio, Visual Studio Express, and Visual

Linux: Mono can be used to run C # programs on Linux.

Since C # is very similar to other languages widely used syntactically, it is easier to program and learn in C #.

Programs can be written in C # in one of the most commonly used text editors, such as Notepad, gedit, etc.

After writing the program, save file with the .cs extension.


Advantages of C#:

  • C # is very effective in managing the system.
  • All garbage is automatically collected in C #.
  • There is no problem with memory loss in C # due to the high memory backup.
  • Maintenance costs are lower and safer than in other languages.
  • The C # code is compiled in a common language (Common (.Net) Intermediate Language), which is a standard language regardless of the operating system and the target architecture.

Disadvantages of C#:

  • C # is less flexible because it depends heavily on the .Net structure.
  • C # runs slowly, and the program must be compiled with each change.


  • C # is widely used for the development of desktop applications, web applications, and services.
  • It is used when creating extensive Microsoft applications.

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