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Key Features

Course Duration : 8 Weeks

Live Projects : 1

Online Live Training

EMI Option Available

Certification & Job Assistance

24 x 7 Lifetime Support

Our Industry Expert Trainer

We are a team of 10+ Years of Industry Experienced Trainers, who conduct the training with real-time scenarios.
The Global Certified Trainers are Excellent in knowledge and highly professionals.
The Trainers follow the Project-Based Learning Method in the Interactive sessions.

Overview of Data Science Training Course in Chennai

Data Science course in Chennai

Our institution is considered the best data science training institute in Chennai. The importance of a data scientist who knows how to mock valuable intelligence from tons of data is increasing as many businesses open up their chances to data science. Additionally, data processing and analysis have enormous value, predicting an increase in data scientists’
demand. The 3RI’s Data Science Course in Chennai aims to provide candidates with the essential knowledge and abilities they need to succeed in the field, including data analytics, machine learning algorithms, data modelling, business analytics, k-means segmentation, and R programming. The Data Science Training in Chennai has been configured to suit the various industry needs. Those interested in advancing their careers in the field can select from any of the following tracks.

Features of this Data Science course

Data Science Course features

  • Live Sessions
  • Mocks, Assignments, & Tests
  • Job Assistance
  • 24/7 Lifetime Technical Support
  • 10+ years of experience Proficient
  • Real-time project experience
  • Flexible Timings


Basic knowledge of Python programming language, SQL, and files (MS Excel, CSV, etc.) with knowledge about algebra and geometry.

Course Duration

40 hours, i.e., 8-9 weeks approx.

Who all can apply for this course?

  • Career switch Developers
  • Candidates willing to start their career in Data Science or data analytics field
  • Machine Learning or Hadoop background developers
  • Data Analysts
  • Business Analysts
What is Data Science, exactly?

Data science is a broad area that draws information and conclusions from both organized and unorganized information using scientific methodologies, procedures, techniques, and systems. Information extraction, deep learning, computer vision, big data, etc., are all integral parts of data science.
You can gain broad exposure to essential ideas and technologies from Python and R to machine learning and more with 3RI Technologies’ online data science courses. With our professors and training specialists guiding you throughout the course, practical labs and project work bring these concepts to life. You will become an expert in every system and tool data science professionals use. This course includes training in Python,
Statistics, Apache Spark & Scala, Tableau, and all the other renowned and related technologies.

You may learn programming languages, machine learning algorithms, and more with 3RI’s online Data Science curriculum. Utilize your chance to get proficient in the newest technology right away. Today, develop your skills as a Data Scientist. After this course, you will receive certificates from 3RI Technologies for the learning path’s Data Science courses. Your
skill set as a specialist in data science and all of its facets will undoubtedly grow due to these qualifications. Additionally, this certificate will give you an advantage when applying for exceptional opportunities. You will also get reasonable data science course fees in Chennai.

Data Scientist Course in Chennai Has Many advantages:-

Obtaining a data science qualification can give you an advantage in today’s competitive job market. You will learn the principles of data science in this course, equipping you with the knowledge and abilities necessary to analyze and interpret data. The following are some advantages of enrolling in our data science training in Chennai:
● Career Opportunities: Many businesses are now recruiting data scientists, which is excellent news for people who wish to pursue a career in this field.
● Flexible Hours: You can set your hours based on the candidates’ availability. Your convenience will be taken into account when doing the training.
● Real-time Project Work: To help students gain practical experience, we will assign real-time projects throughout the course.
● Comprehensive Knowledge: This data science course in Chennai has been created based on industry standards and covers every area of data science.

● Best Sector Experts: All of our instructors are working professionals with a minimum of five years of experience, so they know the demands. They stay current on the newest fashions and technological advancements.

● Placement Assistance: We never compromise on our commitment to delivering high-quality education. Therefore, you will receive placement support after completing the course.

● Gain Practical Experience: Our curriculum is set up to give you the best exposure to the subjects covered in each module.

● Fast Track Learning Technique: You may easily understand concepts with the help of our learning methodology.
● Are you new to data science? There are no prerequisites. We
addressed subjects such as fundamental data analysis with the R programming language. If you have no programming experience, you are welcome to join us.
● Assurance of Success: Your success is our success. We care about your future by ensuring that you accomplish exceptional outcomes.

There are numerous advantages to pursuing our Data Science Course in Chennai. Students will learn the skills and knowledge required to enter the data analytics sector, boost their productivity, and develop a stronger foundation in statistics, to mention a few benefits. We hope that this training will assist you in achieving your career objectives. Data science course fees in Chennai cover all these benefits.

However, supply is not keeping up with the demand for data scientists. As a result, now is the ideal time to become a data scientist. Employers are increasingly interested in hiring data scientists. Huge organizations need data scientists to turn the massive volumes of data from social
media and e-commerce sites into action. Most businesses see data scientists as the best way to embrace AI technologies.
The best news is that, in addition to all major corporations and digital natives, smaller businesses are eager to engage in data mining operations. With all of this comes the estimate of a 30% growth in the number of data science positions over the last year. It is, undoubtedly, the most significant moment to hone your data science skills.
Data Science Implementation As we all know, data science is a broad field that employs a variety of tools for various activities. Data Science consists of four major processes: data integration and cleansing, data warehousing, data analytics, and data visualization. Let us now look at the primary technologies utilized to implement Data Science for these various activities.
● Integration and cleansing of data The first stage of the Data Science lifecycle is data acquisition. There are several methods for gathering data. The major challenge is that the data obtained is valuable and dependable for the business. Furthermore, the collected data is not usually structured. It can also be semi-structured or unstructured.
Moreover, the amount of data gathered will be enormous. Numerous standard ETL solutions can help Data Scientists with their tasks. The popular ETL Tools and their features are listed below.
● Data Collection and Cleaning Talend, IBM Data Camp, and OnBase are the tools used here.

Skills Required

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24x7 Support and Access
40 to 50 Hour Course Duration
40- 0
Extra Activities, Sessions
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Data Science Course Syllabus

Decade Years Legacy of Excellence | Multiple Cities | Manifold Campuses | Global Career Offers

Module 1: Fundamentals of Statistics & Data Science
  1. Fundamentals of Data Science and Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Data Science
  • Need of Data Science
  • BigData and Data Science’
  • Data Science and machine learning
  • Data Science Life Cycle
  • Data Science Platform
  • Data Science Use Cases
  • Skill Required for Data Science
  1. Mathematics For Data Science
  • Linear Algebra
    • Vectors
    • Matrices
  • Optimization
    • Theory Of optimization
    • Gradients Descent
  1. Introduction to Statistics
  • Descriptive vs. Inferential Statistics
  • Types of data
  • Measures of central tendency and dispersion
  • Hypothesis & inferences
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Confidence Interval
  • Central Limit Theorem
  1. Probability and Probability Distributions
  • Probability Theory
  • Conditional Probability
  • Data Distribution
  • Distribution Functions
    • Normal Distribution
    • Binomial Distribution
Module 2: Python for Data Science
  1. An Introduction to Python
  • Why Python , its Unique Feature and where to use it?
  • Python environment Setup/shell
  • Installing Anaconda
  • Understanding the Jupyter notebook
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords
  • Discussion about installed module s and packages
  1. Conditional Statement ,Loops and File Handling
  • Python Data Types and Variable
  • Condition and Loops in Python
  • Decorators
  • Python Modules & Packages
  • Python Files and Directories manipulations
  • Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
  1. Python Core Objects and Functions
  • Built in modules (Library Functions)
  • Numeric and Math’s Module
  • String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
  • Complex Data structures in Python
  • Python built in function
  • Python user defined functions

4. Introduction to NumPy

  • Array Operations
  • Arrays Functions
  • Array Mathematics
  • Array Manipulation
  • Array I/O
  • Importing Files with Numpy

5. Data Manipulation with Pandas

  • Data Frames
  • I/O
  • Selection in DFs
  • Retrieving in DFs
  • Applying Functions
  • Reshaping the DFs – Pivot
  • Combining DFs
  • Data Alignment 

6. SciPy

  • Matrices Operations
  • Create matrices
    Inverse, Transpose, Trace,   Norms , Rank etc
  • Matrices Decomposition
    Eigen Values & vectors

7. MatPlotLib & Seaborn

  • Basics of Plotting
  • Plots Generation
  • Customization
  • Store Plots

8. SciKit Learn

  • Basics
  • Data Loading
  • Train/Test Data generation
  • Preprocessing
  • Generate Model
  • Evaluate Models

9. Descriptive Statistics

. Data understanding

  • Observations, variables, and data matrices
  • Types of variables
  • Measures of Central Tendency
  • Arithmetic Mean / Average
    • Merits & Demerits of Arithmetic Mean and Mode
    • Merits & Demerits of Mode and Median
    • Merits & Demerits of Median Variance

10. Probability Basics

  • Notation and Terminology
  • Unions and Intersections
  • Conditional Probability and Independence

11. Probability Distributions

  • Random Variable
  • Probability Distributions
  • Probability Mass Function
  • Parameters vs. Statistics
  • Binomial Distribution
  • Poisson Distribution
  • Normal Distribution
  • Standard Normal Distribution
  • Central Limit Theorem
  • Cumulative Distribution function

12.  Tests of Hypothesis

  • Large Sample Test
  • Small Sample Test
  • One Sample: Testing Population Mean
  • Hypothesis in One Sample z-test
  • Two Sample: Testing Population Mean
  • One Sample t-test – Two Sample t-test
  • Paired t-test
  • Hypothesis in Paired Samples t-test
  • Chi-Square test

13. Data Analysis

  • Case study- Netflix
  • Deep analysis on Netflix data
Module 3: Machine Learning
  1. Exploratory Data Analysis
  • Data Exploration
  • Missing Value handling
  • Outliers Handling
  • Feature Engineering
  1. Feature Selection
  • Importance of Feature Selection in Machine Learning
  • Filter Methods
  • Wrapper Methods
  • Embedded Methods
  1. Machine Learning: Supervised Algorithms Classification
  • Introduction to Machine Learning
  • Logistic Regression
  • Naïve Bays Algorithm
  • K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithm
  • Decision Tress
    1. SingleTree
    2. Random Forest
  • Support Vector Machines
  • Model Ensemble
  • Model Evaluation and performance
    • K-Fold Cross Validation
    • ROC, AUC etc…
  • Hyper parameter tuning
    • Regression
    • classification
  1. Machine Learning: Regression
  • Simple Linear Regression
  • Multiple Linear Regression
  • Decision Tree and Random Forest Regression
  1. Machine Learning: Unsupervised Learning Algorithms
  • Similarity Measures
  • Cluster Analysis and Similarity Measures
  1. Ensemble algorithms
  • Bagging
  • Boosting
  • Voting
  • Stacking
  • K-means Clustering
  • Hierarchical Clustering
  • Principal Components Analysis
  • Association Rules Mining & Market Basket Analysis
Module 4: Project Work and Case Studies
  • Machine Learning end to end Project blueprint
  • Case study on real data after each model.
  • Regression predictive modeling – E-commerce
  • Classification predictive modeling – Binary Classification
  • Case study on Binary Classification – Bank Marketing
  • Case study on Sales Forecasting and market analysis
  • Widespread coverage for each Topic
  • Various Approaches to Solve Data Science Problem
  • Pros and Cons of Various Algorithms and approaches

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.


Data Science Course Certification

Certification Overview

The new driving force behind industries is Data. Even automobile industries are using data to impart independence and develop the safety of their channels. The idea is to create powerful machines that think in the form of data. Enterprises need data to improve their performance, make their business grow, and produce better customer outcomes. In the data science section situation, we took an example of a financial industry that wants to maximize its sales. To accomplish all these duties, a Data Scientist is needed.

Real-world Industry Projects

You can grab the chance to perform real-world industry-based projects held from scratch to the final step. With this, you eventually get experience in:

  • Executing optimized code
  • Hands-on with the situations you come across
  • Managing every issue
  • Decision-making is boosted

With this, you will also have individual mock exams, tests, and interview training sessions given by 3RI Technologies.

What is the validity of the certificate I received after this course and how is it distributed?

Once you are done with the certification course with 3RI Technologies without any gaps or holidays in between – you will receive a certificate that has no expire attached.

What are different sessions directed by this data science preparing foundation ?

With the course study sessions conducted by the instructors, you will have to get the benefits of extra sessions on self-development, exams, tests, mock interviews, and more.

For achieving this certification what are the requirements to meet?

  1. Firstly, attend all the sessions &classes without long gaps.
  2. Go with either option – Online training or Classroom training, i.e., Offline and stick to it.
  3. For Online Training – Attend the classes regularly and submit your project on time.
  4. For Classroom Training – Submit assignments on time, and one project should be completed and submitted after the course is done.

What are the requirements for completing this data science course?

You should attend every session on time, should complete the assignments before deadlines, and submit the projects on time. You should also crack the exam conducted by 3RI after the course completion. As the test marks will be converted into grades and mentioned in the certificate.

What is the span of this data analyst course ?

The approximate duration to comprehensive this course is 2 months. But this does not include the extra training, self-development, and interview enhancement sessions.

What is the real worth of the certificate that I will get?

Learning this course will lead you with hands-on real-time projects, new features and functions, and experience real-time examples and scenarios. Moreover, you will besides, get a chance to deal with the right venture project. And the most significant part of receiving this certification is that all this will be mentioned in it with the grades you score in the complete score. So, eventually, this certificate will be a trump card to use for going for an opportunity you dreamed of.

If I fail on the first attempt, how many times will I be able to give the exam again?

There is no such hard and fast role to follow for appearing to this data science training. And if you attend the classes regularly by doing the assignments on time, then you will clear the exam on go.

What if I fail on the first attempt?

There is nothing to worry about. You can re-appear for the exam by taking help from the instructors to understand the concepts which you find difficult to learn. You can also ask for extra sessions if the concepts are not clear.

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)

Certified Analytics Professional (CAP)CAP is a merchant impartial certification that looks at your capacity to change complex data into significant experiences and activities. This is the thing organizations are searching for in a data researcher profile, somebody who gets data, can draw applicable results, and convey to fundamental partners why those data focuses are critical. You’ll have to apply and meet explicit rules before you can take the CAP or the partner-level CAP exam. To fit in right for this CAP certification test, you need three years of related insight. On the off chance that you have a done dominates in a connected field, five years of related experience is required. And if you hold a bachelor’s in a related field, seven years of involvement is required. And finally, if you have any degree irrelevant to analytics. To qualify for the CPA exam, you will need a master’s degree and less than three years of relevant data or analytics practice. This certificate is valid only for 3 years.

Cloudera Certified Professional Data Engineer (CCP)

Cloudera advances its Certified Professional Data Engineer certification as quite possibly the most exact and requesting execution-based certifications. The individuals who are concentrating to acquire their CCP Data Engineer certification ought to have top to bottom involvement with data engineering. The test endures four hours, and you need to get at least 70% to pass. The legitimacy of this certification is 3 years.

Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst

The Cloudera Certified Associate (CCA) Data Analyst certification demonstrates your aptitude as a SQL developer to create reports in Cloudera’s CDH environment using Impala and Hive. SQL developer careers will allow you to draw, design, control, analyze, and achieve data from the source as a data scientist. During the 120-minute exam, you’ll be given eight to twelve customer hitches with a sole data set and a CDH collection. This certification validity is 2 years.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS)

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Senior Data Scientist (SDS) certification program is intended for specialists with five or more long stretches of examination and investigation information. It is indorsed that students know databases, spreadsheets, statistical analytics, R, quantitative approaches, and OOP’s, and RDBMS basics. You need to pursue at any rate a bachelor’s degree and over five years of involvement with data science to be suitable for each course, while different tracks require a master’s degree or past certifications. This certification authentic is for 5 years.

Data Science Council of America (DASCA) Principal Data Scientist (PDS)

The Data Science Council of America (DASCA) administers the Principal Data Scientist (PDS) certification, which includes three tracks for data science specialists with at least ten years of involvement with enormous data. The test incorporates everything from crucial to cutting-edge data science theories. The test is intended for prepared and successful person Data Science thought and practice pioneers. This certification accompanies no expiry.

Dell EMC Data Science Track (EMCDS)

Dell EMC Data Scientist Track (EMCDS) incorporates two projects — the Data Science Associate v2 (DCS-DS) certification and the Data Science Specialist (DCS-DS) certification. You will cover the establishments of data science and huge data examination at the associate level. When you complete the associate-level program, you can move onto the specialist-level, which covers common language preparing, progressed logical methods, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, and more. This endorsement doesn’t have any lapse appended to it.

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate

IBM Data Science Professional Certificate comprises nine courses in data science, open-source instruments, Python, Databases and SQL, data investigation, data science procedure, data representation, MI, and a last used data science capstone. The course remembers hands-for ventures to help you fabricate a portfolio to exhibit your data science abilities to likely organizations.

Google Professional Data Engineer Certification

The Google Professional Data Engineer certification is most appropriate for those with a central way of thinking of the Google Cloud Platform (GCP) and experience creating and overseeing goals utilizing GCP. The test will test your capacities to configuration, fabricate, secure, and operationalize AI models and data handling frameworks. There is no expiry with this certification.

Microsoft Certified: Azure AI Fundamentals

Microsoft’s Azure AI basics certification authenticates your understanding of MI and AI mind and the way they examine Microsoft Azure services. it’s far a basics exam. It is a remarkable location to start in case you are new to AI or AI on Azure and want to occur your abilities and experience to employers. This certification additionally has no expiry.

Microsoft Certified: Azure Data Scientist Associate

The Azure Data Scientist Associate certification from Microsoft sharpens your ability to apply system studying to execute and run system learning workloads on Azure. applicants for the exam are examined on ML, AI, NLP, laptop vision, and predictive analytics. you may want to be experienced in increasing and managing sources, keeping identities, imposing and dealing with machine learning, and configuring and controlling digital systems. This certification additionally has no expiry.

SAS Certified AI & Machine Learning Professional

The AI and Machine learning professional certification from SAS describe your ability to apply open-supply tools to reap insight from information using AI and analytics professions. The certificates include numerous exams overlaying device studying, language processing, laptop imaginative and prescient, and greater. You need to bypass the SAS licensed specialist tests in device studying, Forecasting and Optimization, natural Language Processing, and computer vision to earn the AI & machine gaining knowledge of professional designation. This certification additionally has no expiry.

SAS Certified Big Data Professional

The SAS Big Data Professional certification comprises two modules with nine developments. You will need to pass two exams to receive the designation. The course consists of SAS programming skills, working with data, improving data quality, communication skills, fundamentals of statistics and analytics, data visualization, and popular data tools, and more. To qualify for this exam, you will need at least six months of programming background in SAS or any other programming language. This certification also has no expiry.

SAS Certified Data Scientist

The SAS Certified Data Scientist certification is a mix of the opposite two data certifications presented via SAS. It consists of programming talents, dealing with and improving information, reworking, gaining access to, manipulating statistics, and operating with famous records visualization gear. after you earn both the big records professional and increase Analytics professional certifications, you can skip making your SAS certified information Scientist designation. you will need to meet all 18 publications and bypass the 5 assessments among the two separate certifications. This certification additionally has no expiry.

Frequently Asked Questions
What is Data Science?

Data science proceeds to come to be one of the most encouraging and in-demand professional paths for proficient specialists. Today, positive information experts remember that they need to propel past the conventional talents of inspecting huge portions of data, data mining, and programming skills. Data scientists should grasp the full spectrum of the data science life cycle and own a stage of flexibility and knowledge to maximize returns at every phase of the technique to expose beneficial facts for their groups.

Why become a Data Scientist?

The data scientist is one of the top leading professionals in any analytics company. In today’s business, Data Scientists are rare and in more demand. As a Data Scientist, you’re required to understand the business question, design a statistics evaluation plan, acquire and format the desired records, observe algorithms or methods using the perfect software or equipment, and make pointers sponsored by way of facts.

Is the Data Science course applicable for the freshers?

Yes, the Data Scientist course is suited for freshers, and this course will help them in getting hands-on publicity to critical technology like Tableau, large information, R, SAS, Python, and Spark.

How to become a data scientist?

This 3RI Technologies Data Scientist course in Noida will give you an insight into Data Science tools and methods, which is enough to serve you to excel in your subsequent role as a Data Scientist. You will earn an industry-recognized certificate from our institute that will be attested with all the technologies you have learned here and add your skills and the grade you achieved in the exam.

Will this data science course cover the whole thing from the basics to the advanced level?

Candidates who do now not have any advanced understanding of the sector can fast start with this data science training in Noida, as you may gain specific information on the simple standards.

What is the practice followed in 3RI Technologies to enroll for this data science course?

For registering to this data science course over our website and make an online payment using the following choices:

  • Visa Credit
  • Debit Card
  • MasterCard
  • American Express
  • UPI Payment
  • PayPal

Once the payment is successfully received, you will automatically get a payment receipt and access information on your registered email id.

Who will be my instructor for this course and are they experienced enough in this field?

All the instructors at 3RI Technologies are highly qualified and well proficient in the field they are selected. The Data Science instructors are industry experts with a least five years of related industry experience. Each of them has gone through a meticulous selection method that involves profile screening, technical valuation, and a training demo before they are permitted to train.

What is the difference between business analytics, data scientists, and data analytics?

Business Analytics, Data Science, and Data Analytics are the same with just three different names. The name of the role of people operating in this position is called Data Scientist.

Are the training – recorded sessions or live sessions for this data science course?

The training with 3RI Technologies for the data science course is a live instructor-led interactive session done at a particular time where members and trainers will log in simultaneously. These sessions are also recorded, and access will be provided to all. They can then see the sessions again with revise, recap, or watch a missed session again.

Whom to communicate with, if I want more info about this data science course?

Nothing to worry about. You can connect for any questions or queries you have. Simple call on – 741 007 3340. The sales team will individually handle and solve your doubts over the phone. Also, you can drop your queries on our website. You will get a revert on the email within 24 hours.

What if I miss a session of this course?

No need to worry. You can always attend the session with the next class students or avail the benefit of the recorded session option.

Why should I do this course from 3RI Technologies?

3RI Technologies grants all renowned IT training courses in more than 15+ branches all over India. All the trainers selected here have at least 5+ years of Experience at the Expert level.

  • Completely hands-on practice
  • 40 hours course duration
  • Manufacturers expert instructors
  • Completed 1200+ batches
  • job assistance
  • Certification leadership
  • Resume building
  • Extra self-development sessions
  • Interview training
  • Affordable fees
Can I attend the demo session, before enrolling?
We have a restricted number of memberships in a live session to maintain the Quality Morals and keep the sessions communicating. However, you can go through the sample class recording and attend the demo sessions for the data science training in Noida. This will ultimately give you a clear insight into how the classes are conducted, the quality of instructors, and the study’s level of communication. For the demo session, you need to contact us on – 741 007 3340 and they will further guide you with the process.We have a restricted number of memberships in a live session to maintain the Quality Morals and keep the sessions communicating. However, you can go through the sample class recording and attend the demo sessions for the data science training in Noida. This will ultimately give you a clear insight into how the classes are conducted, the quality of instructors, and the study’s level of communication. For the demo session, you need to contact us on – 741 007 3340 and they will further guide you with the process.
What is the placement method in 3RI Technologies for this data science course?

3RITechnologies is one of the best institutes in volunteering placement to students.

  • More than 3500+ students are placed through 3RI Technologies
  • We have an enthusiastic placement gateway that provides the necessities of the students during placements
  • We conduct advance self-development sessions, including training tests, mock interviews, exhibition skills, to equip students to face a challenging interview situation with ease
  • 1500+ interviews organized by now
What is the coaching support provided for the data science course?

3RI’s education representatives are SMEs whose principal object is to make you a certified expert in the particular domain. The instructors conduct interactive sessions to teach the most advanced technologies and enhance your practice with several industry-based projects. The teaching aid provided by us is only obtainable during regular hours.

Is data science a difficult course to understand?

This data science training  includes numerous forward-thinking skills, like AI, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, and more. It is comparatively difficult to learn. However, specialists in this domain offer training specialists who have a lot of experience in the field. They make all theories more comfortable to understand as they explain each concept with several real-life examples and scenarios.

What is the future scope of this data science training?

 Some of the top companies in production, technology, software development, IT co-operations, and business method outsourcing call it their home. So, the market for Data scientists is increasing at a blazing velocity.

What are the prerequisites for applying to this course?

3RI Technologies data science program doesn’t expect any prerequisites to start. Our program includes all the basic concepts required to grasp the data science procedure, which provides logical building, programming techniques, data warehousing concepts, statistics, and linear algebra.

What if I come across a query after completing this course?

You will have access to the technical forum for a lifetime once you register with us. This will help you in solving most of your questions, doubts, and queries you come across. Ultimately, you can connect with your faculty directly, else reach out to the nearest 3RI Technologies help desk for further support.

What about the study material for this data science training?

Yes. You will be provided with both hard copies of the study material, and the respective faculties will share soft documents over the registered email id.

Is it necessary to pay in one go or can I pay in installments?

We are open to all options. You can, of course, part sum and installments. The best way to pay is in one go, but we avail a maximum of two installments. The first installment is to be cleared on the first day of the class and the second one within 21 days from the batch start date.

How will the practical sessions have conducted for this data science course?

The instructors will lead you step-wise on installing the required software needed to learn Data Science on your computers. Once done, they will also check the software during the meeting for the sessions’ issues. You will be implementing a few coding examples in the LIVE Data Science online class. If you get any error, the instructors will guide you on how to resolve this issue instead.
It is also a must to solve all the assignments, project work, and homework tasks on time. These results need to be shared with the instructors for assessment. This constant interaction will help us observe your performance and continuously provide you with feedback on improving.

What are the objectives involved in this data science training?

The Data Science training comes up intending to meet our student’s expectations of learning the technology. This will, in turn, help our students to evolve from a newbie to a trained expert. All our Data Science classes will be 75% practical tasks and case studies. We will only have 25% of time spend on theory alone. All the concepts will have multiple coding examples taken in class, along with assignments given for practice. You will also be taking case studies that involve various industrial sections like E-commerce, Banking, and more.

The concepts that you will learn during the class are

  • Introduction to Linear Algebra
  • Staring with Statistics
  • Learning about Probability and its distribution
  • Setting up Python environment on personal laptops
  • Basic Python theories
  • Conditional flow in Python
  • Study of libraries like SciPy, NumPy, Panda used for Data Manipulation and Data Analysis
  • Learning the different algorithms used for Machine Learning
  • Examining the basics of Text mining

As a student of our Data Science online training, we will ensure that you understand all the topics to their depth.

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