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In Pune, 3RI Technologies excels at offering ETL training. We offer top ETL testing training programmes. You may demand the best ETL testing training with placement in Pune, a flexible ETL testing course in Pune, and inexpensive ETL testing course costs in Pune. Workshops combining hands-on learning and live projects. With the aid of a tech career, practical programming skills, and IT skills, we help candidates land their ideal jobs. We also prepare students for interviews and offer placements in business organizations.

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ETL Testing Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Database/SQL

  • RDBMS Concepts
    • Data Models
    • Entity Relationship Model
    • Normalization
  • SQL Overview
    • Introduction to SQL
    • Data types
    • SELECT Statement
    • Operators
    • Pseduo Column
  • SQL Statements
    • Data Definition Language (DDL)
    • Data Manipulation Language (DML)
    • Transaction Control Language (TCL)
    • Data Control language (DCL)
  • Join
    • Inner/Equi Join
    • Non-Equi/Cross Join
    • Self Join
    • Outer Join
  • Constraints
    • Primary Key Constraint
    • Foreign Key Constraint
    • Unique Key Constraint
    • Not Null Constraint
    • Check Constraint
  • Set Operator
    • Union
    • Union All
    • Intersection
    • Minus
  • Sub Query
    • Sub/Inner Query
    • Correlated Sub Query
  • Object
    • Index
    • Synonym
    • View
  • Built-in Functions
    • Aggregate Functions
    • Character Function
    • String Functions
    • Case Manipulation Functions
    • Date Functions
    • Analytical Functions

2. Datawarehouse/ETL

  • Datawarehouse Fundamental
    • Datawarehouse Overview
    • DWH Characteristics
    • Types of Datawarehouse
    • Data Mart
    • Database vs Data Warehouse
    • Data Mart vs Data Warehouse
    • Data Warehouse benefits
    • DWH Architecture
  • Datawarehouse Terminologies
    • Data Cleansing, Partitioning
    • Staging area, Metadata
    • Surrogate Key
    • Snapshot, View and Materialized View
    • Meta Data, Data Mining & Data Cube
  • Dimension Modeling
    • Facts and Dimensions
    • Hierarchies and Levels
    • Measures & DWH Schema
    • Star, Snow-flake and Galaxy Schema
    • Additive, Semi Additive, Non Additive Fact/Measure
  • ETL Overview
    • Process Flow of ETL
    • Types of Sources and Target
    • ETL Data Load types
    • Active vs Passive transformation
    • Extraction Methods in ETL
    • Tracing Level
    • Types of Data used for ETL Process
  • Slowly Changing Dimension
    • What is Slowly Changing Dimension?
      • CD Types : Type-1, Type-2, Type-3
  • ETL Testing Process
    • Categories of ETL Testing
    • Types of ETL Testing
    • How to create ETL Test Case
    • ETL Test Scenarios and Test Cases
    • Types of ETL Bugs/Defects
    • Responsibly of ETL Tester
    • OBIEE/BI Overview
    • Introduction to OBIEE
    • Business Intelligence Basics
    • Overview of Reports
    • Slice and Dice
    • Roll-up and Drill-down & Pivot

3. Informatica Power Center Tool

  • Informatica Tool Overview
    • Introduction to Informatica
    • How developers work on Power Center
    • Different components of Power Center and uses
    • Tasks performed in different Components
      • Mapping, Session, Worklet, Workflow, Mapplet
    • Naming Conventions
  • Designer Component
    • Working with Sources
    • Working with Flat Files
    • Working with Targets
    • Data Transformation Source and Target
    • Mapping Parameters and Variables
    • Uses of Mapping Wizards
  • Workflow Manager Component
    • Workflow Manager Overview
    • Workflow Designer
    • Task Developer
    • Worklet Designer
    • Using Workflow Wizard
    • Creating a Task
    • Configuring Task
    • Workflow links
    • Validating Tasks,Workflows
    • Scheduling and Running Workflows
  • Workflow Monitor Component
    • Workflow Monitor Overview
    • Using Workflow Monitor
    • Working with Tasks and Workflows
    • Workflow and Task Status
    • Using Gantt Chart and Task Views
    • Session and Workflow Logs
  • Transformation
    • How to use Transformations
    • Aggregator Transformation
    • Expression Transformation
    • Filter Transformation
    • Router Transformation
    • Union Transformation
    • Rank Transformation
    • Sorter Transformation
    • Joiner Transformation


  • Basics of Unix/Linux
    • Overview of UNIX Operating System
    • Useful Commands
    • Command Manuals
    • Regular Expressions
    • Filter
    • File Attributes
    • Job Scheduling
    • Archive/Compress File
    • Editor : vi, sed
    • Processes
    • File copy/transfer in UNIX Server

ETL Testing Classes in Pune

    1. Visual Flow and Self-documentation

The most significant advantage of an ETL tool is that it provides a visual flow of system logic. Each ETL tool differentiates these operations, but even the least responsive user interfaces can be compared to custom systems consisting of stored procedures, SQL and operating system scripts, and a handful of other technologies. Ironically, some ETL tools are not a practical way to print out the otherwise attractive self-documentation.

    1. Structured system design

ETL tools developed for the specific problem of populating a data warehouse. Although they are just tools, they provide the development team with a metadata-driven structure. It is especially useful for teams building their first ETL system.

    1. Operational Resilience

Many of the self-developed ETL systems I’ve evaluated are fragile: they have too many operational issues. ETL tools provide functions and procedures for operating and monitoring the ETL system in production. You can certainly design and build a well-instrumented hand-coded ETL application, and the operational capabilities of the ETL tool are not yet mature. Nevertheless, it becomes easier for a data warehouse/business intelligence team to build on ETL.

    1. Data-lineage and Data-dependency functionality

We want you to be able to right-click on a number in a report and see exactly how it was calculated, where the data was stored in the data warehouse, how it was transformed when the data was last updated, and from which source System or systems underlying the numbers. Because there are no ETL standards that hand-coded systems could match, we need to rely on ETL tool vendors to provide this functionality. Unfortunately, only a few have done so far.


Most companies estimate that they only analyze up to 15% of the data – Forrester Research. According to research and markets, the global Big Data Analytics Market Reaches around $ 41 Billion in nearly four years. An ETL developer in the US can earn more than $ 100,000 a year. Businesses today need to work with data in multiple formats extracted from multiple sources. All this makes ETL testing even more important. The extraction, transformation, and loading of data must be checked, and any deviations remedied. Therefore, there is a need for testers in ETL and data warehousing domains. This training can help you learn ETL tests, and gives you the skills and confidence to take on good jobs in some of the largest companies in the world.


The future of ETL testing is very promising. ETL tools such as IBM Infosphere Information Server, Informatica PowerCenter, Oracle Data Integrator, Microsoft SQL Server Integrated Service, SAS, etc. are in high demand in the industry and popularity. Its scope will increase in the future.


Studies show that employers are looking more for proper and efficient ETL testers than for other job profiles. According to LinkedIn and Naukri, there are more than 14,000 ETL testers in India. The salary of an ETL tester varies from organization to organization and also depends on many years of experience. At present, the average salary that the ETL tester in India has is between 2.5 L / A and 10 L / A. There is also no salary limit for the right candidate. There are many job title choices, and many multinational companies are looking for the best candidate with knowledge of ETL testing. Her professional career includes various roles, depending on her years of experience.

  • Manual Tester / QA Analyst
  • automation tester
  • performance tester
  • ETL / DWH / DB developers
  • project Manager
  • Business analyst

3RI Technologies is one of the Best ETL Testing Classes Providers in Pune.

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