Fundamentals Of Computer

Basics of Computer Fundamentals course begins with basic concepts and builds quickly to intermediate skills and techniques. Practical, hands-on tutorials enable students to develop their skills, one step at a time. Each lesson in the course has an objective which is achieved through tutorials..

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  • Features
  • Syllabus
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DURATION : (30 Hours)

PREREQUISITES : Passion to learn Computer skills, requires no prior knowledge of computer..

TRAINING HIGHLIGHTS : All trainers are having rich IT industry experience, in a number of technical roles at senior positions. Complete theoretical and practical knowledge will be delivered. Provide Interview tips and assist in resume formation..


  1. Fundamentals of Computer
    • Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer
    • Input Devices
    • Output Devices
    • Central Processing Unit
    • Components of CPU
    • Memory Device and its Types
    • Types of Computers
  2. Understanding Applications
    • What is an Application
    • Types of Desktop Application
    • MS – DOS
    • MS – Paint
    • Web-Browser
    • Word Processor
    • Media Player
    • Calculator
  3. Using Windows Explorer & File Structure
    • File, Folder and File Structure
    • Understanding Cut,Copy & Paste
    • Windows Default File and Folder Structur
  4. Understanding Operating Systems
    • What is an Operating System
    • The Operating System’s Job
    • Types of Operating Systems
  5. MS-Office Application Software
    • MS – Word
    • MS- Excel
    • MS- PowerPoint
  6. Internet& E-mail
    • Email & its Functions
    • Search Engine
    • Social Networking Sites
  7. Virus
    • What is Computer Virus
    • Antivirus Utilities
  8. Printers
    • Using Printers
    • Types of Printers

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