Fundamentals of Computer

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Basics of Computer Fundamentals course begins with basic concepts and builds quickly to intermediate skills and techniques. Practical, hands-on tutorials enable students to develop their skills, one step at a time. Each lesson in the course has an objective which is achieved through tutorials..

Duration : (30 Hours)

Prerequisites : Passion to learn Computer skills, requires no prior knowledge of computer..

Training Highlights : All trainers are having rich IT industry experience, in a number of technical roles at senior positions. Complete theoretical and practical knowledge will be delivered. Provide Interview tips and assist in resume formation..

Course Syllabus

Fundamentals of Computer
  1. Fundamentals of Computer
    • Basic Parts of a Desktop Computer
    • Input Devices
    • Output Devices
    • Central Processing Unit
    • Components of CPU
    • Memory Device and its Types
    • Types of Computers
  2. Understanding Applications
    • What is an Application
    • Types of Desktop Application
    • MS – DOS
    • MS – Paint
    • Web-Browser
    • Word Processor
    • Media Player
    • Calculator
  3. Using Windows Explorer & File Structure
    • File, Folder and File Structure
    • Understanding Cut,Copy & Paste
    • Windows Default File and Folder Structur
  4. Understanding Operating Systems
    • What is an Operating System
    • The Operating System’s Job
    • Types of Operating Systems
  5. MS-Office Application Software
    • MS – Word
    • MS- Excel
    • MS- PowerPoint
  6. Internet& E-mail
    • Email & its Functions
    • Search Engine
    • Social Networking Sites
  7. Virus
    • What is Computer Virus
    • Antivirus Utilities
  8. Printers
    • Using Printers
    • Types of Printers

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