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MERN Stack Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Overview

    • Features of React JS
    • Advantages
    • Limitations

2. Environment Setup

    • Install global packages
    • Add dependencies and plugin
    • Run the server

3. ReactJS component

    • Render function
    • Component API
    • Component lifecycle
    • State
    • Props
    • Mixings
    • JSX

4. ReactJS ─ Component Life Cycle

    • Lifecycle Methods.
    • Explanation on life cycle

5. ReactJS ─ Events

    • Simple Example
    • Child Events.

6. ReactJS ─ Router

    • Install a React Router
    • Create Components
    • Add a Router.

7. Component Inter Communication

    • Component composition
    • Pass data from parent to child
    • Pass data from child to parent

8. Unit Testing Components

    • Jasmine
    • React test utilities

1. Design Goals, Architecture, and Installation

    • What is the need for Non-RDBMS
    • Benefits of using Document-based databases

2. CRUD Operations

    • Understanding of CRUD Operations
    • Functional usage of CRUD
    • Read / Write Operations with CRUD

3. Schema Design and Data Modelling

    • Schema Design and
    • Data Modelling in MongoDB®
    • Various Data Structure and
    • Tools to Manage Data Model in MongoDB

1. Introduction to Node JS

    • Foundation
    • Introduction to the Node JS framework 
    • Installing NodeJS
    • Using NodeJS to execute scripts
    • The Node Package Manager 
    • The package.json configuration file
    • Global vs local package installation 
    • Automating tasks with Gulp 
    • The HTTP protocol
    • Building an HTTP server
    • Rendering a Response 
    • Using Representational State Transfer 

2. Express Framework 

    • Connecting to Mongo databases 
    • Performing CRUD operations 
    • The NodeJS framework 
    • Installing NodeJS
    • The HTTP protocol
    • Building an HTTP server 
    • Rendering a response 
    • Processing query strings 
    • NodeJS using Representational State Transfer
    • Configuring TLS 4. Express JS
    • An Introduction to Express JS 
    • Routing o Setting Up Router o Route Parameter and queries
    • HTTP Interaction 
    • Handling Form Data
    • Handling Query Parameters 
    • Error Handling 
    • Creating and Consuming RESTful Services 
    • Using Templates 
    • The model-view-controller pattern 
    • Building a front-end controller
    • Defining routes 
    • Creating actions 
    • Configuring Express to use Handlebars
    • Using REST reading POST data 
    • Adding middleware 
    • Data Sources 
    • How Node.JS connects to databases 
    • RDBMS databases and NoSQL databases

3. Redux Setup & Alerts

    • The Gist Of Redux
    • Creating a Redux Store
    • Alert Reducer, Action & Types
  • Alert Component & Action Call
  1. Online portal for E-learning Management
  2. A Web-based project like E-commerce Website

MERN Stack Classes in Pune

What is the MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is specially designed to make website development easy. The MERN Stack segment into four modules MongoDB, Express, React & Node JS. And these modules are the combination of technologies used to create a website application. It becomes more manageable this way as these components are a blend of the libraries, databases, frameworks, etc.

In short, MERN Stack is a JavaScript stack which is a developer to make web development an easy task. These frameworks provide end-to-end frameworks for web applications. 

Now that we know what exactly MERN Stack is let us now study the components in detail.

1. MongoDB:

MongoDB is a document-oriented, shared database, and an efficient, built for radical website application developers. Hence, this makes it more productive and responsive. It is a non-relational (no SQL) document-based database. And because of no SQL, it has no schema design with tables & columns like a relational database. All the data used in MongoDB is stored in a document form with JSON i.e., JavaScript Object Notation based query language. The content, volume, and the number of fields in the documents can differ from one to the next. This means that the data structure to be changed over time. MongoDB is best known for being adaptable and easy to estimate.

2. Express:

Express is a manageable & controlled Node JS website application framework that executes a tough set of traits for website & mobile applications. Express is a MERN Stack module used as a website application framework for Node JS. Rather than writing the webserver code by hand on Node JS, the developers can make use of Express by writing server code and quickly build their tasks. You never have to repeat the same code again and again because of the Node JS HTTP module.

The Express framework is designed for building robust mobile applications, website applications, and APIs. It is renowned for its speed and simple configuration, with many structures available as plugins.

3. React:

React is used for creating interactive User-Interfaces using JavaScript libraries. React was initially created by a software engineer at Facebook, & was later open-sourced. It is managed by Facebook & a community of development companies and individual developers. These libraries are used for creating views provided in HTML in a declarative form. Hence, there is no question of stressing out yourself while developing a website application. React makes use of a full-featured programming language (JavaScript) to construct repetitive or conditional DOM elements. Here, you can make use of the same code to execute on a server as well as the browser.

React holds the MERN Stack, meaning it is the only feature component that makes it different from MEAN Stack.

4. Node JS:

Node JS was first developed for Google Chrome & later converted to be an open-source framework by Google Itself. It is built on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine & designed to build scalable web applications. It can perform JavaScript code outside of a browser too.

Node JS mechanisms without an enfolding HTML page, instead of using its module system based on Common JS, to put together several JavaScript libraries.

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At 3RI Technologies, we help our students to achieve their dream jobs in Top MNC’s. We are renowned as one of the best institutes for MERN Stack training in Pune. Training yourself in MERN Stack will help you in reaching the top.

We are a well-recognized, expertise, and notable institutes in this industry for many years. When it comes to pursuing MERN Stack Training in Pune, we are the best! Here 95% of students are placed in the best MNC’s after the training at 3RI Technologies. We offer flexible timings to all our learners, which can be a weekend or weekday batch.  MERN Stack Institute in Pune is designed according to student’s perspectives and requirements. We are in collaborations with many MNC companies where even they visit our institute to analyze and conduct a session to understand their learnings.

What is MERN Stack Development?

The full form of MEAN stack is

  • MongoDB
  • Express.js
  • Angular.js
  • Node.js

From the last few years, these components of MERN Stack are become more famous and are demanding. Even the combinations of these JS frameworks are required in the industry. And as all these frameworks are open-source which indeed means that they share the same goals. And as it is open-source, organizations ask for them. Additional to this, MongoDB is there to support you with the development. And the components used in MERN Stack development provide an end-to-end framework.

Below are the features of what these platforms are used for while developing a web application:


Now that you know, MongoDB is an open-source platform, you will be happy to know that it doesn’t require any SQL database to store its application data.


Node.js is an open-source; JavaScript runtime built which executes on Chrome’s V8 JavaScript engine.


Building front end interfaces as a JavaScript library is what React does.


Express works as a framework for developing website applications. MERN Stack & MEAN Stack are similar to only one difference is MEAN Stack uses Angular JS for building front end website applications and MERN Stack uses React JS for the same.

Key Features of MERN Stack Training 

  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands-on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material


Most frequent questions and answers

What you choose, helps you to develop your career and secure your future. We are here to make you realize the real concepts of MERN Stack. With the best MERN Stack training in Pune, we also provide 100% placement assistance. You will get to know about the live practical and theoretical concepts that how things work in industries and gain relevant knowledge too.

Wish to be an all-rounder, then full-stack development as a MERN stack developer can be the right choice for you. Here, you will be learning about handling both front end and back end development. MERN Stack is the need-to-know set of technologies for developing the best website, from start to end.

This technology uses all the top resources to develop the best application, and it is effortless to understand and learn when compared with other full-stack technologies. Hence, companies prefer these kinds of technologies and look for these technology experts in their companies.

Mean Stack is the most renowned, open-source (free) technology stack that used for creating feature-based and dynamic website applications. In short, Mean Stack is a combination of four main components i.e., MongoDB, Node JS, React & Express, which are the most used JavaScript frameworks where is no need for SQL database program. It is used for the development of complex web applications.

MERN Stack is different from all other stack languages, and React, the component that makes it different. React is a JavaScript open-source library maintained by Facebook. It is used for creating views rendered in HTML.

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