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RAC with Oracle Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Grid Infrastructure Concepts

    • What is a Cluster
    • History of Oracle RAC
    • Grid Components
    • Oracle Clusterware Architecture
    • Describe ASM Architecture
    • Oracle Clusterware Software and Storage

2. Grid Infrastructure Installation and Configuration

    • Hardware Requirements
    • Network Requirements
    • DNS and DHCP Configuration
    • Single Client Access Names
    • Grid Installation
    • Post installation tasks

3. Administering ASM Instances

    • ASM Initialization Parameters
    • Adjusting ASM Instance Parameters in SPFILEs
    • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using srvctl
    • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Using ASMCA and ASMCMD
    • Starting and Stopping ASM Instances Containing Cluster Files
    • Starting and Stopping the ASM Listener

4. Administering ASM Disk Groups

    • Creating And Deleting ASM Disk Groups
    • ASM Disk Group Attributes
    • ASM Disk Group Maintenance Tasks
    • Performance And Scalability Considerations For ASM Disk Groups

5. ASM Files, Directories, and Templates

    • Using Different Client Tools to Access ASM Files
    • Fully Qualified ASM File Name Format
    • Creating and Managing ASM files, Directories and Aliases
    • Managing Disk Group Templates

6. Real Application Clusters Database Installation

    • RAC Architecture
    • Difference between Single instance Vs. RAC Environment 
    • Components of RAC 
    • Oracle Clusterware 
    • Oracle Cluster Registry (OCR) 
    • Cluster Synchronization Service (CSS) 
    • Configuring Public, Private and Virtual I/P’s 
    • Creation of Oracle user & Groups and Setting environmental variable 
    • Configuring SSH 
    • Configuring storage for database 
    • Configuring OCFS for Voting & OCR storage 
    • Install CRS 
    • Install Database Software 
    • Configuring ASM & Creating A Cluster Database 
    • Post–database Creation Tasks 
    • Background Processes Specific to Oracle

7. Oracle RAC Administration

    • Redo Log Files In A RAC Environment
    • Undo Tablespaces In A RAC Environment
    • Starting And Stopping RAC Databases And Instances
    • Initialization Parameters In A RAC Environment
    • Administration through SRVCTL
    • Administration through CRSCTL
    • Determining the Location of the Oracle Clusterware Configuration Files
    • Oracle Local Registry
    • Locating the OCR Automatic Backups
    • Checking OCR Integrity
    • Dumping OCR to a file
    • Adding, Deleting, or Migrating Voting Disks
    • Migrating OCR Locations to ASM
    • Managing & Maintaining OCR
    • Backup and Recovery of OCR & Voting Disk
    • Recover OCR & Voting disk without any Backup

8. Oracle Clusterware High Availability

    • Oracle Clusterware high availability components
    • Server pool functionality
    • TAF/FAN functionality
    • Introduction to Cache Fusion
    • Split Brain Syndrome
    • Application Virtual IPs
    • Managing application resources
    • High availability events

9. Managing Oracle Clusterware

    • Prerequisite Steps for Extending a Cluster
    • Add a Node to a Cluster
    • Delete a Node from a Cluster
    • Installing A Patch With The opatch Utility
    • Rolling Patches, And Rolling Upgrades
    • Cloning of RAC (ASM) to Non RAC (Non ASM)
    • Cloning of Non RAC (Non ASM) to RAC (ASM)

10. Services

    • Configure and Manage Services in a RAC environment
    • Using Services with Client Applications
    • Using Services with the Database Resource Manager
    • Use Services with the Scheduler
    • Managing Services From the Command Line

RAC with Oracle Classes in Pune

3RI Technologies offers the best Oracle RAC online training course from our certified professional instructors.

Oracle RAC allows multiple computers to run Oracle RDBMS software simultaneously, while accessing a single database, providing clustered storage space.The main objective of the Oracle RAC online course is to implement a cluster database to provide performance, scalability, and resilience.

Get the best Oracle RAC online training and become an Oracle RAC database administrator by registering with the 3RI TechnologiesRegister quickly and meet our qualified professional experts who teach Oracle RAC 11G and 12G.We provide all the resources and help you have a bright future and guide you through the passage of Oracle RAC certification.

Oracle RAC online courses offer in-depth knowledge of Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Grid Infrastructure, Automatic Storage Management, and Oracle Clusterware.


List of the Advantages of Oracle RAC

  1. Some patches can be applied in scroll mode. 

When corrections are implemented, each node is stopped in Oracle RAC, and then the correction is applied. When this happens, the node recovers again. Going separately for each node, you avoid a complete shutdown, which is why the availability time of this option is always equal to or close to . Although some fixes can’t be applied in this mode, it still has minimal downtime correction features to help you stay productive.

  1. It has a balanced load for better performance.

With Oracle RAC, departments coordinate their sessions by recording their workload.

They can also record the amount of work processed.

With this information, clients can be redirected to the least loaded node that runs an instance for their specific services.

Two types of load balancing are presented: client-side and server-side.

This allows you to continue working at the speed you need, without the same threats of information loss.

  1. As it grows, Oracle RAC can grow with you.

The main characteristics are the ability of each instance to have a different configuration.

This means that you can configure the application partition without headaches, have an OLTP with another instance and manage all the others in a way that works well with

  1. Unless the connections know the RAC, it is not necessary to reconnect.

Since Oracle RAC is a node-based system, unplanned failures create minimal user impact compared to similar services.

To maintain availability, clients connected to a failed instance are immediately established for a new connection to surviving instances in the database. Reconnection is not necessary in most cases since it is simply changing the presence of the node. As long as the main site remains intact, this advantage generally persists.

If you wish to demonstrate the Oracle RAC instructor online, make an appointment, or complete the demo registration form, one of our leaders will arrange a meeting with the expert instructor.

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After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

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