Oracle PL/SQL Training in Pune

The Oracle PL/SQL is an extension to SQL with the procedural language. It is a combination of SQL along with procedural language features. PL/SQL provides techniques like Cursors, Procedures, etc. to manage complex scenarios easily and effectively. Our Oracle PL/SQL training course in Pune helps students to master the PL/SQL language for Oracle Database. PL/SQL is used for high level, complex data transactions in a database help you to get into the industry quickly as well considering the demand. Our Pl/SQL Training classes in Pune helps you to get in-depth knowledge from industry experts. Our trainers also assist you in clearing the well renowned Oracle certifications.

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  • Features
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  • Assistance will be provided for Oracle certification


  • Knowledge of SQL


  • 40 Hours


  • Software developers
  • SQL and analytics professionals

1. PL/SQL Structure

    • Variables
    • Data type

2. Creating the Executable Section

    • Comments6
    • Literals
    • Operator
    • Output Statement
    • Accepting input from user
    • Variable scope
    • Function
    • Programs using SQL Statements in PL/SQL

3. Writing Control Structures

    • If statement in PL/SQL
    • If…else statement in PL/SQL
    • Else if ladder statement in PL/SQL
    • LOOPs in PL/SQL

4. Working with Composite Data Types

    • PL/SQL Records
    • Collections

5. Cursors

    • PL/SQL Attributes Cursor Attributes
    • Using cursor with for …loop

6. Exception Handling

    • What is an Exception?
    • How to handle Exception?
    • Predefined Exception
    • Get information about error with – SQLCODE and SQLERRM
    • Non Predefined Error
    • User Defined Exception

7. Stored Procedures

    • Advantages of procedures
    • Creating procedure
    • Formal and actual parameters in procedure
    • Using Anonymous block to invoke a procedure
    • Default option for parameters
    • Using Sub Procedures
    • Calling procedure from another procedure
    • Handled and Unhandled Exception when procedure called
    • Delete procedure

8. Functions

    • Advantages of Functions
    • Calling function in SQL statement
    • Restriction on calling function in SQL statement
    • Deleting a Function
    • Difference between function and procedure

9. Packages

    • Advantages of packages
    • Package Structure
    • Executing the procedure and function
    • Removing package

10. Triggers

    • Creating a trigger
    • Accessing a column using row trigger
    • Using Statement trigger
    • Modifying a Trigger
    • Enabling and Disabling a trigger
    • Dropping a trigger

11. Oracle Architecture- Complimentary Session

After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.
Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.
Yes we conduct demo classes every weekend. Please contact us for more details.