Oracle : PL/SQL

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Course Overview

Oracle PL/SQL is an extension to SQL with the procedural language. It is a combination of SQL along with procedural language features. PL/SQL provides techniques like Cursors, Procedures etc to manage complex scenarios in an easy and effective way. Our Oracle PL/SQL training course in Pune helps students to master the PL/SQL language for Oracle Database. PL/SQL being used for high level, complex data transactions in a database helps you to get into the industry qucikly as well considering the demand. Our Pl/SQL Training classes in Pune helps you to get the in depth knowledge from industry experts. Our trainers also assist you to clear the well renowned Oracle certifications.

Course Features

  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Batches
  • Flexible Timings
  • Practice Course Material
  • Assistance will be provided for Oracle certification


  • Knowledge of SQL


  • 40 Hours
  • Who can join this course?

    • Software developers
    • SQL and analytics professionals

    Course Syllabus

    Oracle : PL/SQL
    1. PL/SQL Structure
      • Variables
      • Data type
    2. Creating the Executable Section
      • Comments6
      • Literals
      • Operator
      • Output Statement
      • Accepting input from user
      • Variable scope
      • Function
      • Programs using SQL Statements in PL/SQL
    3. Writing Control Structures
      • If statement in PL/SQL
      • If…else statement in PL/SQL
      • Else if ladder statement in PL/SQL
      • LOOPs in PL/SQL
    4. Working with Composite Data Types
      • PL/SQL Records
      • Collections
    5. Cursors
      • PL/SQL Attributes Cursor Attributes
      • Using cursor with for …loop
    6. Exception Handling
      • What is an Exception?
      • How to handle Exception?
      • Predefined Exception
      • Get information about error with – SQLCODE and SQLERRM
      • Non Predefined Error
      • User Defined Exception
    7. Stored Procedures
      • Advantages of procedures
      • Creating procedure
      • Formal and actual parameters in procedure
      • Using Anonymous block to invoke a procedure
      • Default option for parameters
      • Using Sub Procedures
      • Calling procedure from another procedure
      • Handled and Unhandled Exception when procedure called
      • Delete procedure
    8. Functions
      • Advantages of Functions
      • Calling function in SQL statement
      • Restriction on calling function in SQL statement
      • Deleting a Function
      • Difference between function and procedure
    9. Packages
      • Advantages of packages
      • Package Structure
      • Executing the procedure and function
      • Removing package
    10. Triggers
      • Creating a trigger
      • Accessing a column using row trigger
      • Using Statement trigger
      • Modifying a Trigger
      • Enabling and Disabling a trigger
      • Dropping a trigger
    11. Oracle Architecture- Complimentary Session


    1. Will I get any certificate after this course?

    After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

    2. Will I get any placement assistance after the course completion?

    Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.

    3. Do you provide any demo classes for this course?

    Yes we conduct demo classes every weekend. Please contact us for more details.

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