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The 3RI Technologies Power BI with SQL Course in Pune covers data visualization, dashboard creation, reporting, and algorithms writing gently. This Power BI course in Pune is designed and taught by working professionals with experience in data analysis and recent college graduates. At 3RI Technologies, we offer the most practical training focused on the job and the use of real-world scenarios. Learn Power BI Certification in Pune with Real-Time Projects and Job Placement Support from 3RI Technologies. We are the best Power BI with SQL training center in Pune. Our trainers are experienced and certified, and they know a lot about Hadoop, machine learning, Tableau, and Power BI.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 4 Months

Real Time Projects : 2

Project Based Learning

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Power BI with SQL Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Power BI Introduction
    • Data Visualization, Reporting
    • Business Intelligence (BI), Traditional BI, Self-Serviced BI
    • Cloud Based BI, On-Premise BI
    • Power BI Products
    • Power BI Desktop (Power Query, Power Pivot, Power View)
    • The flow of Work in Power BI Desktop
    • Power BI Report Server, Power BI Service, Power BI Mobile.
    • Flow of Work in Power BI / Power BI Architecture
    • A Brief History of Power BI

2. PBI Desktop Installation, PBI Desktop & Service Overview
    • Power BI Desktop Installation
    • Building Blocks of Power BI
    • Datasets, Visualizations, Reports, Dashboards, Tiles
    • Power BI Desktop User Interface
    • Fields Pane, Visualizations pane, Ribbon, Views, Pages Tab, Canvas
    • Overview of Power Query / Query Editor – Extract, Transform & Load Data
    • Connecting to Data Sources, Establish connection to the Excel source
    • Importing Data into Power BI or Query Editor
    • Transforming the Data using Power Query
    • Model the Data using Power Pivot – Relationship View
    • Creating New Measures and New Columns using DAX – Data View
    • Visualizing the Data using Power View and Power Maps – Report View
    • Saving and Publishing the Visuals or Reports
    • Logon to Power BI Service
    • View the Reports in PBI Service and Share the reports

3. Power Query : Introduction to Power Query – Extract, Transform & Load

    • Data Transformation, Benefits of Data Transformation
    • Shape or Transform Data using Power Query
    • Overview of Power Query / Query Editor, Query Editor User Interface
    • The Ribbon (Home, Transform, Add Column, View Tabs)
    • Advanced Editor – Complete ETL Code
    • Saving Your Work – Appling ETL Changes – Loading into Power Pivot Model
    • Power Query Conceptually

4. Data-types and Filters in Power Query
    • Datatypes, Changing the Datatype of a Column
    • Filters in Power Query
    • Auto Filter / Basic Filtering
    • Filter a Column using Text Filters
    • Filter a Column using Number Filters
    • Filter a Column using Date Filters
    • Filter Multiple Columns

5. Inbuilt Column Transformations
    • Remove Columns / Remove Other Columns
    • Name / Rename a Column
    • Reorder Columns or Sort Columns
    • Add Column / Custom Column
    • Split Columns
    • Merge Columns
    • Transpose Columns

6. In built Row Transformations
    • Header Row or Use First Row as Headers
    • Keep Top Rows, Keep Bottom Rows
    • Keep Range of Rows
    • Keep Duplicates, Keep Errors
    • Remove Top Rows, Remove Bottom Rows, Remove Alternative Rows
    • Remove Duplicates, Remove Blank Rows, Remove Errors
    • Group Rows / Group By
7. Merge Queries / Join QueriesHeader Row or Use First Row as Headers
    • Merge Queries, Merge Queries as New
    • Default Types of Joins / Join Kinds /Merge Type
    • Left Outer (all from first, matching from second)
    • Right Outer (all from second, matching from first)
    • Full Outer (all rows from both)
    • Inner (only matching rows)
    • Left Anti (rows only in first)
    • Right Anti (rows only in second)
8. Power Pivot Power BI Data Modelling –Relationship View
    • Data Modelling Introduction
    • Relationship, Need of Relationship
    • Relationship Types / Cardinality in General
    • One-to-One, One-to-Many (or Many-to-One), Many-to-Many
    • AutoDetect the relationship, Create a new relationship, Edit existing relationships

9. Enhancing the Data Model – DAXData Modelling Introduction
    • What is DAX, Calculated Column, Measures
    • DAX Table and Column Name Syntax
    • Creating Calculated Columns, Creating Measures
    • Calculated Columns Vs Measures
    • DAX Syntax & Operators
    • DAX Operators
    • Date and Time Functions
    • Logical Functions
    • Text Functions
    • Math & Statistical Functions
    • Time Intelligence Functions
10. Power View Report View / Power View
    • Report View User Interface
    • Fields Pane, Visualizations pane, Ribbon, Views, Pages Tab, Canvas
    • Visual Interactions
    • Interaction Type (Filter, Highlight, None)
    • Visual Interactions Default Behaviours, Changing the Interaction
    • Filters in Power View
    • Filter Types
    • Visual Level Filters, Page Level Filters, Report Level Filters, Drill Through Filters
    • Basic Filtering, Advanced Filtering, Top N, Relative Date Filtering
    • Numeric field filters, Text field filters, Date and Time field Filters
11. Power BI VisualizationsData Modelling Introduction
    • Visualizing Data, Why Visualizations
    • Visualization types, Field Wells
    • Visuals for Filtering, Visualizing Categorical Data,
    • Visualizing KPI Data, Visualizing Tabular Data, Visualizing Geographical Data
    • Leveraging Power BI Custom Visuals
12. Power BI Service [Administration] Power BI Service Introduction
    • Power BI Service Introduction, Power BI Cloud Architecture
    • Creating Power BI Service Account, SIGN IN to Power BI Service Account
    • Publishing Reports to the Power BI service, Import / Getting the Report to PBI Service
    • My Workspace / App Workspaces Tabs
    • Working with Datasets, Creating Reports in Cloud using Published Datasets
    • Power BI Datasets Live Connection using Desktop
    • Working with Workbooks, working with Reports, Sharing Reports
    • Dashboards Development
    • Creating Dashboards
    • Pin Visuals and Pin LIVE Report Pages to Dashboard
    • Advantages of Dashboards
    • Interacting with Dashboards
    • Adding Tiles to Dashboards
13. Data Gateways
    • Introduction to Data Gateways
    • How Data Gateways work
    • Connect to an on-premise Data Source by using a Data Gateway
    • Download Data Gateway
    • Installing a Data Gateway
    • Types of Gateways On-premises Data Gateway, Onpremises Data Gateway (personal mode)

Row Level Security in Power BI Resume Preparation & Project Discussion

Power BI Course in Pune

What is Power BI? 

Microsoft’s technology-driven business intelligence product, Power BI, analyses and visualizes raw data to provide usable knowledge. It brings together business analytics, data visualization, and best practices to support an organization’s decision-making using data. Because of the capabilities of the Power BI platform, Gartner recognized Microsoft as the Leader in its “2019 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Analytics and Business Intelligence Platform” in February 2019.

Microsoft offers a business analytics service called Power BI that enables you to share insights and view data. In order to create dynamic dashboards and Business Intelligence reports, it transforms data from many sources.


About the Power BI course in Pune at 3RI Technologies

Microsoft offers a tool for business analytics called Power BI. You can use it to visualize your data and distribute insights around your company, or you can incorporate them in an app or website. Users can easily construct their own reports and dashboards using the interface. In terms of business intelligence tools, the power bi course in Pune is ranked first.

Power BI offers desktop-based and cloud-based business intelligence (BI) services under the “Power BI Services” brand. It provides interactive dashboards, data discovery, and data preparation tools for data warehouses.

All corporate entities and divisions today require in-depth business insights, and this business intelligence solution gives you the authority you need. You may quickly combine data from several sources to create reports, graphs, or data visualizations as needed. You can receive real-time insights and deploy them quicker than with any other BI product on the market by implementing Power BI. It doesn’t require technical expertise or IT support because it is open-source and very intuitive. Our power bi classes in Pune will help you advance your career quickly while preparing you for the highest-paying positions on the market.

Benefits of Power BI Training

  • Rich, customised dashboards

Power BI’s most advantageous feature is the customizable information dashboards that can be tailored to meet the specific needs of any organization. To ensure a streamlined user experience, the dashboards and BI reports can be seamlessly embedded in applications.

  •  Memory and speed limitations are absent:

By moving an existing BI system to a robust cloud environment with incorporated Power BI, memory and speed limitations are removed, ensuring that data can be retrieved and analysed fast.

  • Quick and precise business intelligence extraction:

It assists in converting your corporate data into detailed visualisations and then extracting business intelligence for better decision-making.

  • Supports services for Advanced Data:

The development teams for Microsoft Power BI can assist in effortlessly integrating the environment with cutting-edge cloud services like Cognitive services, Cortana, or Bot framework. Resulting in the spoken data query given via natural language being provided.

  • Easily integrates with current applications:

Power BI provides businesses with the ability to seamlessly deploy analytics and reporting capabilities into their existing operations.

You can also get assistance from Microsoft Azure consultants in utilising this simple technology to quickly integrate dynamic visuals into your applications.

  • Securely publish reports:

The tool enables you to generate reports and set up automatic data refresh so that all users may see the most recent data.

  • There is no need for expert technical support: 

Power bi training in Pune offers agile inquiry and analysis without the need for professional technical help. It facilitates the usage of simple graphical designer tools and a strong natural language interface. 

  • Performance and simplicity in harmony:

The DAX scripting language and in-memory analysis technology are two examples of striking a balance between simplicity and efficiency.



It’s a good idea to familiarise yourself with some of the common prerequisites prior to learning Power BI. Although mastering any of these tools or apps is not required in order to be competent with Power BI, the more familiarity you have with each, the quicker and easier it will probably be for you to start using Power BI.


Microsoft Excel

The most widely used spreadsheet programme worldwide is Microsoft Excel. It aids users in data organisation, retrieval, and visualisation. Learning Excel before using power bi certification in Pune will help you avoid the time-consuming process of cleaning and preparing data, which is one of the key advantages. The Power Query function in Excel can be used to link, clean, and shape data. The ability to create simple data visualisations, perform data cleaning, combine datasets, and transform layouts are just a few examples of core Excel concepts that can make learning Power BI much simpler. However, mastering all of Excel’s advanced features and functions is not necessary in order to work with Power BI.


Data Analytics

Organizations utilise data analytics as a tool to evaluate many types of data, including historical, qualitative, and real-time data, in order to identify trends and provide insights based on the findings. The more fundamental data analytics concepts you learn as a pre-requisite, the easier it will be to use charts, business intelligence reports, and dashboards when you switch to Power BI because Power BI depends on key data analytics concepts like extracting data from various sources, incorporating various storage models, and performing data visualisations.


Business Analytics Basics

Business analytics is a broad category in which unprocessed data is converted into insights that support organisational decision-making. Being a business intelligence and analytics solution, best power bi training in pune benefits from users having a basic understanding of business analytics. Data preparation, predictive analysis, data modelling, statistics, and data mining are a few of the methods used in business analytics. Although it shares many characteristics with data analytics, it is primarily focused on making data the centre of corporate operations.


Demand In Market

The Microsoft tool Power BI is a set of procedures, innovations, and architectural frameworks that convert unprocessed data into useful information that encourages lucrative business activities. It supports the fact by examining historical evidence rather than making any assumptions and is based on rational decision-making.

As a result, many firms use Power BI solutions to view the data. The industry automatically sees an increase in demand for Power BI knowledgeable people as the majority of businesses nowadays transition to these products.

If you look at the market’s current situation, analytics has grown to be an integral element of it. Power BI has become a ground-breaking tool for analytics. It has numerous and expanding usage cases.

Additionally, this utility is continually updated. So, if you’re wondering about the reach of it, Power BI will undoubtedly be a crucial tool utilised by all businesses. The future of our country is really promising.

Career Opportunities using Power BI

Now that businesses have enhanced decision-making skills, they can select the optimal course of action moving forward, which will ultimately result in more growth. Power BI has become the dominant technology of Business Intelligence, leading the market in business analytics. This is reflected in the increased demand from multinational corporations and larger enterprises for professionals with Power BI certifications.

Functions and Duties of Power BI Developers

  • Creating distinctive Power BI visualisations.
  • should be proficient in requirement analysis, prototyping, and designing.
  • Develop data models in line with business requirements.
  • Create design methodologies and project documentation.
  • Build traditional and multidimensional tabular warehouse models.
  • Develop models for reporting, services, and analysis 
  • convert raw data into illuminating graphs and reports
  • have a working knowledge of the application security layer
  • To generate DAX queries, use the Power BI desktop.
  • To combine Power BI findings with other applications, use embedded analytics technologies like the Power BI service or API automation.

Power BI is an intuitive and easy-to-understand BI tool for creating business reports.


Entry-level salaries begin at $650,000 annually, while those with the most experience can earn up to $1,850,000 annually.


Any professional who handles data in their line of work is eligible to take Power BI courses. A bachelor’s or master’s degree in computer science or data analytics is required of applicants hoping to become data analysts.

Job Profiles

Our information indicates that Power BI will soon rank among the most popular products. One of the primary features of this is that it functions and appears like an advanced version of Excel, making it simple and adaptable for users to use without too many problems.

In the near future, a profession in the field of Power BI is anticipated to rank among the highest in demand both in India and internationally.

Nearly every sort of sector, including software, retail, healthcare, etc., has a high demand for Power BI trained employees. Therefore, those who are still unsure of whether it is a viable career option or not should surely pursue it. In addition to data analyst, you can also apply for additional profiles such

  1. Power BI Developer
  2. Power BI Project Manager
  3. Power BI Semantic Model Developer
  4. SQL Server Power BI Developer
  5. Power BI Administrator
  6. Power BI Manager
  7. Power BI Consultant

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Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.



Most frequent questions and answers

Power BI is a business intelligence and data visualization tool that consolidates information from various sources into interactive dashboards and reports. The platform includes Power BI Desktop, Power BI SaaS, and mobile apps for multiple platforms. With access to a variety of products, connectors, and services, users can quickly and easily gather data and create meaningful reports for business needs.

Reports can be created and published using the Power BI Desktop programme, Power BI Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) service, and Power BI mobile applications. Reports can then be viewed through the Power BI mobile app.

There are two versions of Power BI Desktop available: 32-bit and 64-bit.

You will understand and be an expert in the following aspects after completing this Power BI certification training in Pune:

Create dashboards using reports that have already been published.

Using the DAX language, create calculated columns and measurements.

Create dashboards and graphics quickly using Quick Insights.

Utilize natural language in the Q&A function to provide graphics for useful insight rapidly.

Establish and control data alerts

Learn the best practises for report layout and data visualisation.

Recognize the appropriate charts and graphs to use for each question being answered and each tale being told

Use forms to create, accentuate, and narrate a narrative

Learn how to add customised graphics to your reports and dashboards.

Share reports and dashboards, along with each one’s advantages and disadvantages.

Finish a Power BI data analysis or visual project from beginning to end.

Understand where to find and how to prepare your data for analysis and visualisation.

Learn to build associations between your data model’s tables.

No, this Power BI course is a straightforward one that makes it simple for experts to understand the many ideas of Power BI. The professionals working with data across many industries, data analysts, and BI and reporting experts are ideally suited for the Power BI online course.


Yes, the Power BI certification training in Pune is appropriate for beginners. This course teaches you how to master the creation of dashboards from published reports, gain deeper understanding from the data, and design useful recipes for the numerous jobs you may perform with Microsoft Power BI.


Despite being regarded as being reasonably simple to understand, learning Power BI nevertheless presents certain difficulties.

Data Analysis Expressions (DAX), a component of Power BI, has been identified as one of the most complex areas to comprehend.

Use the unified, scalable platform for self-service and enterprise business intelligence (BI) to connect to and display any data. This platform is simple to use and aids in gaining deeper data understanding.

Excel cannot match the processing speed of Power BI. In comparison to Excel dashboards, Power BI dashboards are more aesthetically pleasing, interactive, and configurable. Compared to Excel, Power BI is a more potent tool for comparing tables, reports, or data files. Compared to Excel, Power BI is more approachable and simple to use.

The software that was compared the most in 2021 was Power BI. The aforementioned “Magic Quadrant” and market share research are helpful for determining the areas with the best prospects for long-term professional growth. Power BI is a good career choice in the business intelligence and analytics industry based on both of these.


Power BI is one of the ideal abilities to include on your resume if you’re thinking about a career in business intelligence or analytics. Power BI not only offers a wide range of employment options, but it is also a crucial ability for long-term career advancement.


The need for Power BI developers is growing in the USA, where the average yearly compensation for entry-level workers is $70,050 and increases to $88,000 for experienced workers, who make an average of $114,298.

They ought to have four or more years of experience working on data warehousing projects, preparing data, and using data gateways. Other Business Intelligence analysis tools like SSRS, SSAS, and SSIS should be acquainted to them and they should have expertise using them. They ought to be familiar with SQL and JavaScript at a basic level.

Your ability to handle company issues and enhance operations will be enhanced with the aid of best power bi classes in pune.


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