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What is Python?

Python is easy than any existing programming language like c, C++, Java. It can be learned by non IT background candidates as well. Python’s unique syntax is easily readable. Software Professionals can read and debug Python code easier than any other language. This overall reduces the cost of the company as the company need not hire a special skills person for this, any team member can go ahead and read and translate it.

Python provides the facility to use the modules and packages. Packages and modules creation helps us to make reusable code. Once developed a module or package, it can be scaled for use in other projects also, and it's easy to import or export these modules.

Python provides standard library and interpreter free of charge, in both source and binary form. Hence, it is a cheap option for developers who can’t pay high development costs.

3RI Technologies provides the Python Training in Pune with complete hands-on experience. The most basic and important feature of Python is, it is easy to learn and can be used in multiple profiles like Data Science Training in Pune, DevOps Training in Pune , Selenium with Python Training in Pune , Full Stack Development Training in Pune, etc.

How is Python Used?

Nowadays Python is not only used for scripting purpose but its usages are advanced level programming, by the help of Python we can write commercial style applications. Python became more popular because of its usability in different sectors and domains like Web Development, Machine Learning on Python, also in Google's search engine, even in YouTube and different e-commerce based applications are using Python to develop and maintain their code easily. Since Python language is using to develop and implement in the Stock Exchange Market, it is known as the world’s most powerful language nowadays.

Python is also getting used for text processing, image processing, data visualization, Data Analytics, and Data Science, Machine Learning, Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence, etc.

Why Should I take Python Training in Pune?

Python Training in Pune from 3RI Technologies, is the most dominating and useful technology training nowadays, as mentioned earlier it gives a lot of scope to the freshers to make their career into this well-developed programming language.

Python is easy to learn, and it can be a Beginning Point to learn other programming languages. If you're a beginner in programming and you are scared of doing coding, then don’t worry Python is as easy as you write the basic English statement, it is easily adopted by the people who are coming from non-IT background like Automation Engineer, Automobile Engineer, Industrial Automation candidates, Data Scientists etc.

Python is not only used in start-ups but a number of big companies like IBM, Disney, Instagram Google, Yahoo!, and many others. Need not to mention that a Python Developer can make good money by getting hired by this Multi-National Companies.

Why Companies Prefer Python?

3RI Technologies is providing Python Training in Pune, when there were very less people recognized it’s potential. 3RI Technologies has its own methodology and copyright books by which we make sure that each and every candidate in the batch get benefitted.

Our Python Course in Pune has been designed by keep in mind, what industries are looking for?

The Software Development companies would like to work on Python Course because of its versatile features and easily adaptable programming techniques. Approximately 14% of the developers use it on operating systems like Linux, UNIX, Mac OS, and Windows.

The Senior Developers of Multi-National Companies use Python as it already has created a mark for itself with below characteristic features:

  • Interactive
  • Interpreted
  • Modular
  • Dynamic
  • Object-oriented
  • Portable
  • High level
  • Extensible in C++ and C

Why Programmers Should Learn Python course in 2019

For a fresher, Python learning can be a good approach because it’s simple. For a lateral or an experienced professional who would like to do Data Scientist or Machine Learning, Python can be useful because recently within a span of last 5-7 years it becomes the most useful programming language because of its powerful libraries, easy coding, and versatility.

We are a pioneer training institute which offers the Python Training in Pune from scratch. We provide the quality driven training where the batch size would not be more than 12-15.

1. Data Science / Machine Learning

We know few of experienced professionals people who are bored with their current profiles on Java and .NET and would like to learn new technologies are joining 3RI Technologies for Python Training in Pune.

Python cannot be the best technology if we only count the easy syntax and faster coding practice. Python offers powerful libraries and frameworks like PyBrain, NumPy, and PyMySQL which makes it a big reason among the world to get adopted. Another reason is versatility. Python allows you to do boundary-less programming, write your own algorithms and it is far better than R. If you are interested and planning to make your career into Data Scientist or Machine Learning, join our Data Science with Python, or Machine Learning with Python course in Pune and it’s an awesome experience.

2. Web Development

Earlier when Python was not recognized as a most potential technology for web development, PHP and Java were the only sources to develop a web-based application. Java takes months of efforts to write the same piece of code where we can achieve the same results by Python in days.

If you are planning to become a web developer, join our FULL Stack Course in Python, it is an excellent training where we provide 100% Job Assurance along with this course.

3. Huge Community

Gone are the days when you need to go purchase a book for a particular technology to learn, nowadays most of the technology are evolved and grown up over the internet and between the forums of communities. Python has the biggest community in the world.

4. Automation

There are 2 types of Popular Automation nowadays in IT Industries. First is Industry Automation where the end to end operations needs to be Automate, now since there will be software and machines and hardware needs to put in sync and execute them with precision, Python Is the best suitable programming language to interact with hardware and software, even we can write APIs to get a particular task completed easily. Secondly, Automation Testing Field is very much popular nowadays, since every business would like to increase the profit hence they would like to reduce the bourdon of Quality check of a software product hence they would use the Automation testing Tools like Selenium with Python and hence Python is needed for it.

Python Course Features

  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material


  • No Prerequisites. Basic Knowledge of Programming is an advantage.
  • Duration : (36 Hours)

    Who can join this course?

    • Software Developers and Automation Engineers
    • Data Scientists & Data Analysts
    • Network Engineers

    Python Course Syllabus

    Python Programming
    1. An Introduction to Python
      • Why Python , its Unique Feature and where to use it?
      • Python environment Setup
      • Discuss about IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm and Enthought Canopy
      • Start programming on interactive shell.
      • Python Identifiers, Keywords
      • Discussion about installed module s and packages
      • Access Command line arguments within programs
    2. Conditional Statement ,Loops and File Handling
      • Python Data Types
      • Decorators
      • Python Modules & Packages
      • Python Files and Directories manipulations
      • Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
    3. Python Core Objects and Functions
      • Built in modules (Library Functions)
      • Numeric and Math’s Module
      • String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
      • Complex Data structures in Python
      • Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure
      • Python built in function
      • Python user defined functions
      • Python packages and functions
      • The anonymous Functions-Lambda Functions
    4. Object Oriented Python
      • OOPs Concepts
      • Object,Classes and Destroying Objects
      • Accessing attributes,Built-In Class Attributes
      • Inheritance and Polymorphism
      • Overriding Methods,Data Hiding
      • Overloading Operators
    5. Exception Handling in Python
      • Exceptions Handling
      • Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
      • Try-finally clause
      • Argument of an Exception and create self exception class
      • Python Standard Exceptions
      • Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions

    6. Debugging Python Programs
      • Debug Python programs using pdb debugger
      • Assert for debugging
      • Testing with Python using UnitTest
      • Iterable and generator in Python
      • Yielding from the generators
      • Standard project setup in Python
    7. Regular Expression
      • Regular Expressions
      • What are regular expressions?
      • The match and search Function
      • Compile and matching
      • Matching vs searching
      • Search and Replace feature using RE
      • Extended Regular Expressions
      • Wildcard characters and work with them
    8. Multithreading
      • Multithreading with Python
      • What is multithreading?
      • Starting a New Thread
      • The Threading Module
      • Synchronizing Threads
    9. Package Installation and Windows spreadsheet parsing
      • What is pip, easy_install?
      • Set up the environment to install packages?
      • Install packages for XLS interface, Database Interface and Web interface
      • XML and XLS parsing with Python
      • Create XLS reports with Python
    10. Database Handling
      • Python MySQL Database Access
      • Create Database Connection
      • DML and DDL Operations with Databases
      • Performing Transactions
      • Handling Database Errors
      • Disconnecting Database
    11. Django Framework
      • Basic of Django Framework & its uses
      • Installation and setting up Django
      • Syntax and URL
      • Testing
      • Deploying Django Framework
    12. Flask Framework &TkInter GUI Framework
      • Overview of Flask Framework
      • Installation of Flask and Demo Application
      • Overview of TkInter Framework
      • Tkinter Widgets


    1. Can I join this course as this is a part of my college curriculum?

    Yes, you can surely join this course. We have our course designed for students as per the college curriculum as well.

    2. Will I get any certificate after this course?

    After the course completion, an exam will be conducted to judge your knowledge along with the live project work completion check and you will be awarded a certificate from 3RI Technologies.

    3. Will I get any placement assistance after the course completion?

    Yes, we provide 100% placement assistance to our students. We have a dedicated team for Placement and tie ups with 300+ MNC’s and SME companies.
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