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QTP Testing Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction

    • Simple VBScript code
    • Comments in VBScript

2. Variables and Data Types

    • VB Script Variables
    • VB Script Data Types
    • Implicit and Explicit Data Types
    • Scope of Variables
    • Operators

3. VB Script Operators

    • Input/Output Operations
    • Constants
    • Creating an array in VBScript

4. Control Structure

    • Conditional Control Structures
    • If Else Loop
    • For Loop
    • While Loop
    • Switch Case

5. Procedure and Functions

    • Function
    • Sub Procedures
    • Built-In Functions
    • User-Defined Functions
    • VBScript Syntax Rules and Guidelines

6. Pop-Up Dialogs

    • MsgBox
    • InputBox

7. QTP Add-Ins Information

1. Introduction to Automation Testing

    • What is Automation Testing?
    • Why Automate?
    • When to Automate?
    • Which Test Cases to Automate?
    • Different Automation tools
    • Automation challenges & Mitigations

2. Introduction to QTP

    • About QTP
    • Getting Familiar with QTP windows
    • Main Stages of QTP

3. Record and Play with Test

    • Normal Recording
    • Low-Level Recording
    • Analog Recording

4. Object Repository and Identification

    • Local Object Repository
    • Object Spy
    • Shared Object Repository
    • Merging of Object Repository
    • Mandatory Object Identification
    • Assistive Object Identification
    • Ordinal Identifier
    • Smart Identification

5. Checkpoints & Synchronization

    • Define checkpoints
    • Types of Checkpoints
    • Use standard checkpoints
    • Uses of synchronization in QTP
    • Windows and Web Objects

6. Actions

    • Types of Actions
    • Actions Vs Functions

7. Parameterization

    • Parameter Types
    • Using Datatable Parameters

8. Different way to write Script

    • Report Object
    • QTP Run Mode

9. Objects Type

    • Standard Object
    • Custom Object
    • Virtual Object

10. Exception Handling & Debugging

    • Exception Handling
    • Recovery Scenario
    • Regular Expression

11. Object Models

    • FSO
    • COM
    • AOM
    • DOM

12. Data Table and Descriptive Programming

    • Introduction & Advantages
    • Types of DP

13. Working with Database
14. Working with Excel
15. WSH(Window Script Hosting)
16. QTP Automation Frameworks

    • Test Script Modularity Driven
    • Library Architecture
    • Data-Driven
    • Keyword Driven
    • Hybrid Driven

17. QTP Integration with HP Quality Center

    • Saving scripts in QC
    • Running QTP scripts from QC

QTP Classes in Pune


QTP stands for QuickTest Professional, a Hewlett Packard (HP) product. This tool allows testers to perform an automated, automated, and hassle-free functional test after script development is complete. HP QTP uses Visual Basic Scripts (VBScript) to automate applications. The scripting engine does not have to be installed solely because it is available as part of the Windows operating system. The latest version of VBScript is 5.8 and available as part of Win 7. VBScript is the NOT an object-oriented language, but an object-based language. HP QuickTest Professional (QTP), It is an automated functional testing tool that testers can use to perform automated regression tests to identify gaps, error/errors from the actual / desired results.

This Institute provides in-depth knowledge of HP QuickTest Professional, its use, recording and reading tests, object repositories, actions, control points, sync points, debug tests and results, etc.

What is QTP/UFT?

QTP is the automated functional testing tool that testers can use to perform automated tests to identify errors, errors, or gaps that conflict with the expected results of the application. It was designed by Mercury Interactive and later adopted by HP and now MicroFocus. The complete QTP is QuickTest Professional, while UFT stands for Unified Functional Testing.

Why QTP is the best testing tool?

  • It is a symbol-based tool that automates the regression and testing of an application’s function
  • Technical and non-technical testers can use Micro Focus QTP
  • We can test desktop and web-based applications
  • The QTP test is based on the script of the VB scripting language
  • Supports most software development environments such as SAP, Oracle, etc.

Testing Tools

Tools in a software test context can be defined as a product that supports one or more planning, requirements, building construction, test execution, and fault logging activities.

The instruments can be classified according to various parameters.

  • The purpose of the tool
  • The activities supported in the tool
  • The type/level of test supported.
  • The type of license (open source, freeware, commercial)
  • The technology used

Where QTP Fits in?

QTP is an functional testing tool that is best suited for application regression testing.QTP is a commercial/licensed tool from HP, one of the most popular tools on the market. 


  • Easy to use, easy to navigate, validate results, and generate reports.
  • Quickly integrated into the test management tool (HP Quality Center), which allows for simple planning and monitoring.
  • It can also be used to test mobile applications.
  • Since it is an HP product, HP and its forums are fully supported for solving technical problems.


  • Contrary to selenium, QTP works only with the Windows operating system.
  • Not all browser versions are supported, and testers must wait for the release of the major version.
  • However, the licensing costs are very high because it is a commercial tool.
  • Although the scripting time is shorter, the execution time is relatively long because it overloads the CPU and RAM.

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