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Be the Driving Force for your Career by upskilling.

Enroll Now for SalesForce Training at 3RI Technologies.

Be the Driving Force for your Career by upskilling.

Enroll Now for SalesForce Training at 3RI Technologies.

Salesforce Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. Introduction to CRM

    • Overview of CRM
    • What is Cloud Computing?
    • History of Computing
    • Service and Deployment Models in the Cloud
    • Market situation
    • Benefits of the SFDC Cloud Platform
    • Various Products and Editions
    • Cloud Vendors in Salesforce
    • Building Blocks in Cloud – SaaS, PaaS, IaaS
    • Database Concepts and Structure
    • Excel based Database/Relational Salesforce Database

2. Salesforce and Business Objects

    • Introduction to Salesforce(SFDC)
    • SFDC Modules
    • SFDC Business Objects and their functionality
    • Understanding
    • An Insight into Standard Objects
    • Standard Object Flow (SaaS)
    • Understanding Custom Objects
    • Introduction to Tabs, Standard and Custom Fields
    • Introduction to Detail Page and Related Lists
    • Salesforce Data Model
    • Create Custom Objects
    • Customize standard objects
    • Salesforce Relationships
    • Types of Relationship
    • Create Master Detail Relationship between two objects
    • One-to-Many and Many-to-Many
    • Create a many-to-many relationship between objects
    • Create lookup filters to restrict number of records in a relationship
    • View the objects created in Schema Builder
    • Delete few custom Fields
    • What are Primary-Keys?
    • What are Foreign-Keys
    • Understanding Roll-up Summary Field

3. Security Features in Salesforce

    • Salesforce Data Fields
    • Salesforce Security Features
    • Object Level Securities and Object-Wise permissions
    • Comparing Edit Vs. Modify All and Read Vs. View All
    • Record Level Securities
    • Organization Wide Default
    • Profiles, Roles, and Permission Sets
    • Record sharing and Roll-Hierarchy
    • Sharing Rules and Applications
    • Manual Sharing
    • Field Level Securities and Properties
    • Properties – Unique property and Required property

4. SFDC Configurations

    • Overview of Record Type
    • Record Type and varied Page-Layouts
    • Cloud – Marketing, Sales, and Service Cloud
    • Quote Management – Reports and Dashboards
    • Business Logics and Various Rule
    • Understanding various Rules for Automation
    • Workflow Features and Options
    • Assignment Rules
    • Approval process
    • Approval Process – Single-step Approval and Multi-steps Approval
    • Auto Response and Approval Processes
    • Limitations and Considerations for using Workflow and Approvals
    • Introducing Process Builder
    • Process Builder features
    • Escalation Rules
    • Validation Rule Chatter
    • Apex – Classes and Deployment Tools
    • Visual Force
    • Creation of VisualForce Pages
    • Standard Controller and Custom Controller
    • How to create a List-View
    • How to Create a Detail-Page
    • Copying page as PDF
    • Displaying Data in Table Format

5. Lightning Components

    • Lightning Components
    • What is the Lightning Component Framework
    • Why Use the Lightning Component Framework?
    • Installing Lightning Components
    • Lightning Component Techniques
    • Visualforce vs Lightning Components  

 6. Salesforce, SOQL and SOSL

    • Defining SOQL & SOSL
    • Understanding Queries traversing from Parent to Child Object
    • Understanding Queries traversing from Child to Parent Object
    • What is Semi-Join
    • Understanding Anti-Join
    • Field Semi-Join and Anti-join
    • Reference Semi-Join and Anti-Join

 7. Apex and Loops

    • What is Apex?
    • Understanding Collection Types
    • What are Loops?
    • DML Statements
    • Traditional for Loop
    • Advance for Loop
    • Loops with SOQLs
    • How to Implement Apex
    • Various Trigger Context Variables
    • Understanding Apex and Deployment Tools
    • An Insight into Apex Classes
    • Invoking a class via Triggers
    • Usage for a Visual Force Page as a Controller
    • Comparing Controller and Extension
    • Test Class and Methods to Cover Apex
    • Deployment Tools
    • IDE: Eclipse Plugin
    • Migration Tool: Ant Based
    • Capabilities
    • Sandboxes and their Functionality
    • Enabling Web-to-Lead/Web-to-Case for the Org
    • What is and creating site with it 

8. Understanding Data Handling

    • What is Data Handling
    • Exporting data and Regular Backup
    • Understanding Importance of record IDs
    • Defining Import-Wizard
    • De-Duplication as Default Behaviour
    • Usage of External ID
    • What is Apex Data-Loader
    • Usage of Apex Data-Loader
    • Install Apex Data loader
    • Functions of Actions: Import, Update, Upsert Operations
    • Delete and Hard Delete records
    • Transfer record ownership
    • Comparing Import-Wizard and Data-Loader

 9. Types of Reports and Dashboards

    • What is a Report
    • Standard Report VS Custom Report
    • Various Types of Reports
    • Defining Summary Report
    • Defining Tabular Report
    • Defining Matrix Report
    • Defining Join Report
    • Defining SFDC Report
    • Execute a Report with and without Modifications
    • Create a Simple Tabular Report
    • User filters in reports
    • What is a Custom Summary Formula Field
    • Understanding Bucket Field
    • What is a Bucket Field
    • High-Lighting
    • How to Schedule Report for Future Run
    • Introduction to Dashboard
    • Components of Dashboard
    • Usage of the Components of Dashboard
    • How to Select a Component to meet the Requirements
    • Settings of Dashboards
    • Formatting of the Components
    • Running User Concept

What is Salesforce, and why from 3RI?

Cloud computing technology is a matter of buzz in recent years with the rapid development of technology and marketing strategies, but Salesforce technology is also having a greater impact in the computing world. Salesforce is basically an online cloud-based technology that tends to increase the proximity between companies and customers. It is an integration of all the departments of a company such as marketing, sales, commerce, and service, which gives a shared view of every customer in a single platform.

Almost all computing based companies such as IT and software-based companies also prefer the Salesforce certified professional who makes their efforts of additional training to the employees. Besides the real-time applications, Salesforce certified professionals surely have the knowledge and practice for the sales management skills, which not only make them stand out over other competitors while recruitments but also adds some value to their job too.

Evolution of Salesforce

Salesforce is nothing but a renovated term of customer relationship management. This term once used to play a crucial role in any organization to provide reliable customer services and take their feedback for making improvements in the company’s offerings. CRM hosted on the same server as the company where the conventional practice list used to be. However, this turned out to be a matter of stress for the company as the time consumed for its operations and cost of it was too high.

Millions of dollars spent to set up the CRM servers of any company that equipped with reliable features and options for the customers. On the other hand, it was hard to use for a normal employee of a company and needed professional services. 

However, Salesforce came as the best alternative solution for this problem is completely online and entirely cloud-based too. At present, Salesforce ranks fifth in the largest software companies in the world. Moreover, long term contracts with the professionals not needed to the company as being a completely online service any company can now use with some amount of subscription fees.

Overview of Salesforce

Salesforce certification and best training institutes

There are many online-based Salesforce training programs that many institutes provide the training for. However, choosing the best institute for the chosen training programs is quite tough. 3RI Technologies in Pune can be the smart choice among the best Salesforce training institutes in Pune in this aspect as it provides the top-class teaching with the real-time practice sessions. Industry experts from renowned companies can help you with every topic present in the syllabus to pass the examination for certification.

The industrial experts teach both practical and theory from the subjects for the complete development of real-time project knowledge that has been undertaken by the real-time industries as well. It is undoubtedly the most preferred Salesforce certification training with the excellent delivery of knowledge and practical skills to every aspirant satisfying every need of the practical company leading skills. 

How to get Salesforce training?

Salesforce certification has a good demand in recent years in the world of cloud computing due to the skills of the professionals trained for it. A certified professional can have a complete idea about the building blocks and the entire infrastructure of the cloud and its integration with several departments of the company. It is the reason that the sales force trained architect preferred over a normal employee in any IT-based or cloud-based company. If you aim at becoming a high leveled employee as a software developer or an administrator, then it is never late to opt for the best Salesforce training in Pune. 

On the other hand, finding a sales force training institutes that can satisfy every need required by an employee of the IT-based or software developing company. One such renowned Salesforce training in Pune is 3RI, which has passed over thousands of successful professionals who are certified and working in reputed companies all across India. 

Things to consider while choosing a salesforce training institute which can both deliver the required knowledge as well as enhance the practical skills too.

  • Separate departments for several programs: – One can choose specific programs from the available choice in the cloud provider of Salesforce as per their preference. It is the reason that an institute with separate departments is always a better choice.
  • Experienced professionals: – Salesforce is a computing-based integration platform for a company which needs a combined skill of both theoretical and practical knowledge which is why industry experts are best suited as lecturers
  • Fees and certification programs: – If you want to be ensured of cent percent placements accompanied by certification, then an institute must have all required programs to suit the needs of the professionals. 

One can find all kinds of essential requirements in this institute in Pune, which makes it the best choice for an employee or a student too. 

Key Features of SalesForce Training 

  • 100 % Placement Assistance
  • Resume Preparation
  • Interview Preparation
  • Missed Sessions Covered
  • Multiple Flexible Batches
  • Hands-on Experience on One Live Project.
  • Practice Course Material


Why Salesforce training is important?

The sales team in any company plays a major role in acquiring the targeted number of customers for any products or services provided by it. This follows to every single company that has found place in the market that may be a recent startup or a reputed or renowned company that has already made its own mark as a brand in the market. However, the sales team needs interaction and communication skills with the customers which need an entire HR department in a company that will cost an inch. 

Effective skills required for a salesperson can be taught by the company itself but factors such as increase in ROI, track of the progress of company, schedule management, and financial management skills also come under this category to get the best of a professional. All these skills can be tracked by Salesforce training provided by best Salesforce training institute in Pune such as 3RI. 


Benefits of Salesforce training

Salesforce certification offers credibility to the professionals but besides this, there are some more benefits which makes them helpful for a company, in which some are

  • Maintaining a track of the team: – Maintenance of the log information and track records of the company is crucial for every company when it comes to sales team management. Through this training, you can get complete grip over the procedures.
  • Promotes stable management: – Skills that are required to keep a company structured are infused in the training procedure to the professionals who make it easy for superiors to focus on its development and modifications.

Furthermore, leadership skills to control the whole sales team are also enhanced by the Salesforce training by inducing the high end theoretical and practical skills in the trainees. However choosing the best Salesforce in Pune is all that matters to gain the knowledge, skills and then certification too. 


Most frequent questions and answers

Being a fresher, you can acquire any training suiting your skills and acknowledge the requirements to build it in a greater way. When it comes to salesforce training, the cloud-based professionals are also offered specific credibility on their trained courses in the institute. Every employer looks out for an experienced employee who is already aware of the things that should be done for the company in which sales play a major role too. Interacting with the customers directly can’t be possible for all the associates of any company, which is why they lack the real-time ideology of the customer based on which their services should be provided.

    We offer real-time practical sessions accompanied by the complete theoretical knowledge, which will be helpful in passing the examination that will get questions relative to sales strategy. However, our aim of bringing out the professionals from our students continues with this path, too, if you are interested in it as a novice. Getting certified by Salesforce training institutes in Pune in this category will not only assign a credibility factor to you, increasing the preference amongst others but also can help you in getting to the higher levels in your organization. Students can find a good benefit from this certification while attending a hiring process or walk-in interviews with most of the renowned companies.

Salesforce certification is of great value these days, and if you have passed from reputed institutes for is training, then you will have many doors opened in IT-based and software developing companies in the market. The Salesforce training is totally worth to invest your time and money in it as soon after the certification. You will get calls from renowned software companies for job offerings. Jobs obtained from such certification after getting relieved from the best Salesforce training in Pune like from 3RI, then there is surely higher chances of getting the job that you wanted. If you are a student and looking out for a job in such companies with good security and salary, then this is the perfect time to get into training and practice well for the certification on the cloud computing-based technologies.

    Similar to the Salesforce training, there are many other names that are rotating in the market, undoubtedly, which includes networking, Oracle, SAP, and many others. However, Salesforce has its own demand in the market that can bring you a good amount of salary followed by increments in the company in which you are working now. Go for the certification training in the best Salesforce training institute without any doubt to secure your future with a good job and less competition in the market during recruitments. 

    Salesforce certification is of higher value in these recent years among many IT-based and software developer companies. They get much more credibility than any other attendee or employee in a company, which is why training for such certification is also of higher value, and many activities take place in it to bring out the skills from the aspirants. Both Salesforce administrator and app builder certification training is available in some of the best Salesforce training institutes in Pune, such as 3RI. You can choose your preferred department based on your interest and the objective of the job, which comes after the certification training.

    Some activities which take place in Salesforce training institutes in Pune to enhance the professional skills of the aspirants at their best level are

  • Hands-on practice: – The latest versions of the software which can accomplish the tasks easier than the outdated version are taught practically by the industrial experts.
  • Industrial projects: – Practice of the industrial level projects is surely required for the professional to work for which real-time projects are undertaken by such institutes.
  • Simulation test and quizzes: – Besides delivering the required knowledge and practical skills to the students, knowledge for exams are also provided.

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