Effective Communication & Interview Skills TRAINING in Pune

3RI Technologies is a pioneer in the training industry to deliver Effective Communication & Interview Skills in Pune.

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  • 3-4 Weeks


  • Basic knowledge in communication and understanding of English

  1. Effective Communication Skills

    Learn how to express yourself clearly and confidently without causing misunderstanding or misinterpretation of your message.

    • What is effective communication? Why good communication is important to get noticed?
    • How to be confident speaker?
    • How to use your tone and body language to have greater impact?
    • Importance of good listening skills.
    • How to be a good listener?
  2. Tips to improve spoken English

    The way you speak English and communicate tells a lot about you in today’s competitive world. Learn simple ways to improve your English speaking skills without having to master the language.

  3. Interview preparation skills

    Interviews can make even the best of us really nervous. However, preparing well in a systematic manner can help you overcome the anxiety and put your best foot forward! Learn the most important things you need to prepare and succeed in interviews.

    • How to make a good first impression and why is it important?
    • Resume preparation tips
      • How to write the objective?
      • What and what not to include in resume?
      • Tips for writing an impressive resume
      • Tips for fresher’s resume
    • How to plan prepare for an interview?
      • What to do before an interview?
      • How to conduct yourself during the interview?
      • What to expect after the interview?
      • How to deal with telephonic interview?
      • How to answer the FAQs (frequently asked questions)
      • Dressing and grooming for interview
  4. Business Etiquette

    Learn how to create a good first and lasting impression by demonstrating professional behavior and manners.

    • General etiquette
    • Basics of Email etiquette
    • Basics of Telephone etiquette