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With 3RI Technologies’ Software Testing training, you will learn how to develop test cases, use error-guessing techniques, and work with black boxes. In this online course on Software Testing, you will also learn about configuration management, defect management, and risk management, along with working on real-life projects.

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Software Testing Training Overview

Software Testing Course Overview

Testing software is an essential part of the software development lifecycle. This gives organizations and stakeholders valuable information about a product or service’s quality. It may even be brand new and susceptible to software bugs, or it may be in the middle of the development process. It can also be established software or services that require an upgrade.

A software tester must know both Manual Testing and Automation Testing to perform Black box testing. A black box tester does not need knowledge of coding. By entering data and checking the output, the tester tests the software.

Software developers are responsible for maintaining products or services throughout their development life cycle. Creating test scripts and analyzing test data helps developers develop a release plan and documentation. Customers’ interactions with a product and the performance of the product or service are revealed by test cases. Developers use several different test types according to the situation. To provide valuable insight into how a product or service works, performance testing and system testing are both essential. Integration testing determines whether the product’s various components have weak links. The functional and black-box testing of every component determines whether it meets specifications.

 You can develop your skills in a variety of testing capacities through courses and certifications. A Software Testing classes Fundamentals course from 3RI Technologies will equip you for the testing lifecycle. Besides security testing, we offer courses on agile testing, static testing, and even testing of state-of-the-art properties. In addition to automating your testing tools, AI can also shorten the development process since it eliminates the need for manual testing. The release plan is dependent upon test data, and if those requirements are not met, things could go awry.

Software Testing: Why It’s Important

It is well known that testing can be laborious, but new testing processes can help ensure your SDLC’s success. Software quality assurance is crucial to a project’s success. Being able to perform the right testing techniques at the right time is key to a career in this field. For companies to be confident that their new products and services will launch smoothly, software testers will be a vital piece of the equation.

Course Features

Key Features

  • job assistance
  • Real-time module training
  • Interactive sessions
  • Additional self-development sessions
  • Flexible timings


  • 8 Weeks


  • Basic knowledge of Accounting.


  • Professionals seeking career in SAP Consulting.
  • SAP End Users
  • SAP Consultants
Why Software Testing from 3RI?

A tester needs to be familiar with various testing techniques as well as the use of tools. Knowing different types of testing, such as black-box testing, penetration testing, security testing, system testing, and unit testing, make testers more productive no matter what type of project they are working on. In addition, with the wide variety of tools available, such as bug tracking tools, test management tools, GUI testing tools, automation tools, etc., it is crucial for testers to master these tools so that they can effectively serve different projects and requirements.
Test planning and documentation skills are essential for every tester since they help identify requirements and guide testing efforts. This skill also assists in tracking changes in requirements, checking test processes, tracing deviations, as well as reporting and logging work. Test planning and documentation skill are some of the most important skills that every tester must acquire because well-documented test processes can help both testers and businesses to allocate budget and resources to a project.

· You will develop an understanding of the testing process.
· Writing tests for code coverage, defect finding, and statistical analysis will be practiced.
Your role will be to develop test plans to guide the testing phase of the software development lifecycle.
· Create defect reports so supervisors, colleagues, and users can understand what is going on.
· As You will gain the skills necessary to think like a software tester, find bugs in code early, and write better code after taking this course.
You will learn the essential skills and concepts of Software Testing in this course.
To enhance learning, real-world examples will be used to illustrate the lessons. The tutorials should be referred to sequentially.

Future Scope of Software Testing

Testing has recently become a popular professional career choice. Testing engineers can transition into senior test engineers, test leads to test managers, or QA leads and managers. Software Testing training has a great deal of growth potential. As part of their application testing operations, software testing teams need to follow a test scope to identify what needs to be covered. The test scope can guide you throughout the entire process of delivering a good software product with reduced risks.

· It is highly rewarding to work through job oriented course because you get promoted as you gain experience.

· There are many IT job openings in this field in several prominent companies.

· Job security and growth are assured in this career due to its ever-increasing scope.

· You can always branch out and explore related fields like Business Analyst (BA) if you so desire.

Technology has given the world the biggest gifts of the 21st century, and the trends are predicted to continue growing. The IT field is constantly evolving, so any career in this field is bound to flourish even more in the decades to come.

The software testing course is in great demand for professionally trained testers. There are two ways of becoming involved with software testing: joining an independent firm or joining a leading company’s internal testing department. Due to a severe skills shortage in test automation areas, niche skills such as SOA testers and Security testers are in high demand nowadays. It is imperative to specialize in testing if you want to be successful. To be successful in testing, it is necessary to specialize. Below is a list of some of the most important areas for specialization:

  1.  Knowledge of a specific area
  2. Automated Testing Tools Knowledge
  3. Certificates of Achievement
  4. Testing niches

The salaries of testers vary according to their levels of experience. In most companies, testers are paid the same as developers, and in some small businesses, they may even earn more. There are few good testers out there, but the growth potential is enormous. Find out what software you need to test by looking for software testing jobs in your area.

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Diploma in Software Testing Course Syllabus

Best-in-class content by leading faculty and industry leaders in the form of videos, cases and projects, assignments and live sessions


Fundamentals of Testing

  • What is Software Testing?
  • What is Software Bug
  • Testing Principles
  • When to Start/Stop Testing?

Application Architecture

  • Desktop/Standalone Environment
  • Client-Server Environment
  • Web-Based Environment


  • SDLC Phases
  • Various SDLC Models
  • Waterfall Model
  • Iterative and Incremental model
  • STLC Phases
  • Types of Testing
  • Methods of Testing
  • Static and Dynamic Testing

Verification and Validation

  • Verification
  • Methods of Verification
  • Validation
  • Levels of Testing
  • V Model

Functional and Non-Functional Testing
Functional Testing

  • Unit Testing
  • Integration Testing
  • System Testing
  • User Acceptance Testing
  • Regression Testing
  • Retesting

Non Functional Testing

  • Performance Testing
  • Load Testing
  • Stress Testing
  • UI and Usability Testing
  • Security Testing
  • Portability Testing
  • Compatibility Testing
  • Other Special Testing Types

Test Management

  • Test Plan Template
  • Usecase Testing
  • Scenario Testing
  • Testcases & Test Data
  • Testcases Template
  • Test Design Technique

Defect Management

  • What is Defect/Bug?
  • Reason for Defects in Software
  • Defect Tracking System
  • Defect Life Cycle
  • Attributes of Defect

Bugzilla – Defect Tracking Tool

  • How to Report a Bugs
  • Priority of Bugs
  • Report Generation

JIRA –Defect Tracking and TestCase Management tool

  • Getting started with JIRA
  • Jira screen and components
  • Mapping Agile project
  • How to create issues in Jira
  • How to file defects using Jira
  • Report and analysis of the result
  • Introduction to Database
  • Data types
  • SELECT Statement
  • Restricting and Sorting Data
  • Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
  • Manipulating Data
  • Subqueries
  • Important Functions
  • Joins and different types
Python Programming

Introduction to Python

  • Why Python, its Unique Feature, and where to use it?
  • Python Environment Setup
  • Discuss IDE’s like IDLE, Pycharm & Eclipse
  • Start programming on the interactive
  • Python Identifiers, Keywords
  • Discussion about installed modules and packages
  • Access Command line arguments within

Conditional Statement, Loops & File Handling

  • Python Data Types and Variable
  • Condition and Loops in Python Decorators
  • Python Modules & Packages
  • Python Files and Directories manipulations
  • Use various files and directory functions for OS operation

Python Core Objects and Functions

  • Built-in modules (Library Functions)
  • Numeric and Math’s Module
  • String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
  • Complex Data structures in Python
  • Arbitrary data types and their Data Structure
  • Python built-in function
  • Python user-defined functions
  • Python packages and functions
  • The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions.

Object-Oriented Python

  • OOPs Concepts
  • Object, Classes, and Destroying Objects
  • Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
  • Inheritance and Polymorphism
  • Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
  • Overloading Operators

Exception Handling in Python

  • Exceptions Handling
  • Handling various exceptions using
  • Try….except…else
  • Try-finally clause
  • The argument of an Exception & creating a self exception class
  • Python Standard Exceptions
  • Raising exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions

Debugging Python Programs

  • Debug Python programs using PDB debugger
  • Assert for debugging
  • Testing with Python using UnitTest
  • Iterable and generator in Python
  • Yielding from the generators
  • Standard project setup in

Regular Expression

  • Regular Expressions
  • What are regular expressions?
  • The match and search Function
  • Compile and matching
  • Matching vs searching
  • Search and Replace feature using RE
  • Extended Regular Expressions
  • Wildcard characters and work with them

Introduction to Selenium

  • Introduction to Automation Testing
  • Why Automation Testing
  • Introduction to Selenium components
  • History and various versions of selenium
  • What is Selenium 3.0
  • Advantages of using Selenium over other tools.

Installation & setting-up environment

  • Installation of Python
  • Automation Setup for Selenium Web Driver
  • Install and Configure PyDev in Eclipse


  • Selenium Web driver 3.0 (RC)
  • Overview
    • Architecture
    • Upgrade history

Selenium Web Driver 3.0

  • Why Selenium Web Driver
  • What is a Driver
  • Download & configure Web driver
  • The architecture of the Selenium web driver
  • Drivers for Firefox, IE, chrome

Identification of Locators

  • Tools to identify elements/objects
  • Different methods of finding element
    • By ID, By name, class
    • By Xpath, By Tag name
    • By Link text
    • By CSS
    • Using Effective X-path

Selenium Commands

  • Various types of operation can be performed on any elements and how to use them.
  • Browser Commands, Navigation Commands
  • Working with a different browser
  • Handling Checkbox, RadioButton
  • Dropdown and Select Operations
  • Capturing Screenshots
  • Handling Keyboard Event and Mouse Event
  • Multiple Window Handling Alert & Pop-Up Handling.

Wait Commands in Selenium

  • Implicit Wait
  • Explicit Waits, Expected Conditions

Framework Designing

  • What is Framework
  • Different Types of Framework.
  • How to Design a framework?
  • Data-Driven Framework using Excel
    • Reading and writing data from Excel
    • Executing Testcases from Excel

Python Package Manager (PIP)

  • Overview
  • Install packages
  • upgrade packages
  • remove packages

Unit Test Framework PyUnit

  • Basic of pyunit
  • pyunit Installation
  • pyunit annotation
  • Test Case creation
  • Test Case execution
  • Assertions/Reporting Errors
  • Suite execution
  • pyunit Reports Using pyunit in Selenium

PyTest Framework

  • Introduction to PyTest framework
  • Installing PyTest
  • PyTest Fixtures
  • Parametrized Test Functions
  • Running multiple tests using PyTest
  • Generating Test report

POM Framework

  • Advantages of POM
  • How to implement
  • Page Object Classes
    • Page Element and Page Locators

Python ROBOT Framework – RIDE

  • Introduction to Robot Framework
  • How to setup and environment creation for Robot Framework
  • How to create the first Selenium Test with RIDE
  • Writing and Executing Testcases
  • RobotFramework-Selenium Library

Continuous Build Integration tools- Jenkins

  • What is Jenkins and how to use it
    • Installation and configuration of Jenkin

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