MS SQL SERVER Development

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The course explains how MySQL Database works, what tools are available, how we can use them, how we can secure the MySQL Database Server and configure it. During the training course you will learn how to manage user accounts and how the MySQL Access Privilege System works. You also will learn how to maintain your database, backup and recover your databases and perform crash recovery.

Duration : (50-55 hours)

Prerequisites : There are no pre-requisites for this course. Familiar with any database concept is advantageous..

Training Highlights : All our trainers have extensive experience in IT Industry and have years of experience in teaching. You will get assistance in resume making and interview preparation.

Course Syllabus

MS SQL SERVER Development
  1. Database Overview
    • Overview of Database
    • Components of Database System
    • Advantages of Database
    • RDBMS Concepts
    • Table, Record, Field, Column
    • Overview of DDL,DML,DCL
  2. Working with SQL Server Management Studio
    • Management Studio Work Area
    • Creating Tables
    • View Data
    • SQL Select Statement
    • SQL Data Types
  3. Restricting and Sorting Data
    • Where Clause
    • Logical Operators
    • AND, OR Operators
    • Arithmetic Operator
    • Comparison Operator
    • Logical Operators
    • IN & Between Operator
  4. SQL Functions
    • AVG
    • MAX,MIN
    • SUM etc
  5. Aggregating Data Using Group Functions
    • Group Functions
    • Group By Clause
    • HAVING Clause
  6. Subqueries
    • Single Row Subqueries
    • Multiple Row Subqueries
    • Correlated Subqueries
  7. Manipulating Data
    • INSERT Statement
    • UPDATE Statement
    • DELETE Statement
    • MERGE Statement

  8. SQL Joins
    • Inner Join
    • Left Join
    • Right Join
    • Full Outer Join
  9. Transact-SQL Programming
    • Introduction to T-SQL
    • Programming Elements
    • Control Statement in TSQL
    • Looping Structure
  10. Cursors
    • Basics of Cursor
    • LifeCycle of Cursor
    • Types Of Cursors
    • Forward_Only and Scroll Cursors
    • Static, Dynamic and Keyset Cursors
    • Local and Global Cursors
  11. Transaction and Error Handling
    • Transactions and the Database Engine
    • Controlling Transactions
    • Isolation Levels
    • TRY / CATCH Blocks
    • Working with Error Information
  12. Stored Procedures
    • Querying Data with Stored Procedures
    • Passing Parameters to Stored Procedures
    • Creating Simple Stored Procedures
    • Working with Dynamic SQL
  13. User Defined Functions
    • Creating and Altering Functions
    • Types Of User Defined Functions
    • Scalar Functions
    • Inline Table-Valued
    • Multi-statement Table-Valued
    • Permissions On User Defined Functions
  14. Triggers
    • Create Trigger
    • Types of Trigger
    • After Triggers
    • Instead Of Triggers

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