UNIX Shell Scripting

UNIX is a popular multi-user, multi-tasking operating system. Nowadays, most of the web servers and databases are UNIX based. MNCs are demanding for environment and database administrator having good knowledge of UNIX scripting knowledge. We have specially designed this course keeping in mind the current industry demand. This is very essential and useful course for database administrators. In our Unix Shell Scripting course, you will learn UNIX kernel, flavors of UNIX, vi Editor, basic plus advanced shell scripting. Our trainers are certified experts having sound knowledge of UNIX.

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Specially designed course as per current IT Industry demand.Students will be able to understand and execute complex Unix commands.


  • Knowledge of any Programming Language & Operating System


  • 20-24 hours


  1. Fundamentals of UNIX
    • Understand the architecture of UNIX.
    • Understanding the basics of Unix
    • Details explanation of file Attributes
    • Basic commands and concepts
    • Command Manuals
    • Relative and Absolute Paths
    • Environment variables
    • Basic of editor: vi
  2. Introduction to vi- editor
  3. Shell Scripting
    • Shell Introduction
    • Different types of shell
    • What is Shell Scripting?
    • Basics Shell scripts
    • Interpolation, Types of variables, Operators, read variables, exit status etc
    • Common commands used in shell script: substitution, quoting, flow controls, parameters,
    • Shell scripting execution
    • Variables and Parameters
    • Loops, statements etc
  4. Shell Scripting – Advanced I
    • Function Introduction
    • Input/output redirection
    • Variables substitution
    • Connect to third party application like: Oracle, FTP etc.
    • Regular Expressions
    • Industry experience sample scripts debugging
    • Important commands and utilities like grep, find, awk, sed etc.
  5. Shell Scripting – Advanced II
    • Crontab and at command
    • Job scheduling third party tools discussion
    • Compress the files
    • nohup and backend processes
    • AWK utility in detail
    • Signals

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