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WCF Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals
  1. What Is WCF ?
  2. Why WCF ?
  3. Self I-Losting
  4. Difference Between WCF & Web Services
  5. Address, Binding & Contract
  6. WCF
  7. Routed Events: Understanding Routed
    • Defining , Registering , and wrapping a Routed Events
    • Sharing Routed Events
    • Raising Routed Events
    • Handling a Routed Events
  8. Application: The Application Life Cycle
    • Creating an Application object
    • Application Events
  9. Binding: The Binding Expression
    • Binding Errors
    • Binding Modes
    • Retrieving Binding in code
    • Multiple Bindings
    • Binding to Objects that are not
    • Binding to Objects that are not
  10. Commands: WPF Command Model
    • Executing Commands
    • Advanced Commands
  11. Resources: Resources in WPF
    • Binary Resources
    • Logical Resources
    • Static versus Dynamic Resources
  12. Styles, Templates, Skins and Themes: Styles
    • Style Sharing
    • Triggers
    • Templates
    • Templates Parent’s Properties
    • Skins
    • Themes
  13. Multithreading: Understanding multithreading model
    • The Dispatcher
    • The Dispatcher Object
    • The Background Worker

WCF Classes in Pune

Asp.Net WCF:

It is mainly used to create a distributed and interoperable application. WCF applications have entered the .Net 3.0 Framework. It is a framework used to create service-oriented applications. Data can be sent asynchronously from one endpoint to another. I think everyone knows the Web service and thinks: if we already have Web services and access them remotely, why did WCF appear? There are several reasons for this, but now I answer in two words: one is a protocol, and the other is a host. So I will explain these two words later in this article. This means that these applications, which not only run on a single system but can run on multiple systems, are connected across the network.

For example, a web service that can be used by different clients.

Why we need the WCF application if we already have a web service?

Suppose we have two clients: one wants to use a web service, which sends data over the network, using the Http protocol, and wants a response in XML format, to The other wants to send the data, using the web service on the network, using the TCP protocol and responding in binary format; Next, we need to implement a remote.

A WCF service consists of three elements, namely:

1) Class of service: a WCF class of service implements certain services as a set of methods.

2) Host environment: a host environment can be a console application or a Windows service or a Windows Form or IIS application, as in the case of the normal asmx

3) Endpoints: all communications with the WCF service will be made through the endpoints.

WCF Integration with Other Microsoft Technologies

Thanks to this WCF extreme flexibility, WCF is also used in various other Microsoft products. By understanding the basics of WCF, you will also get an immediate advantage if you also use one of these products. The first technology associated with WCF was the Windows Workflow Foundation (WF). Workflows simplify application development by wrapping the workflow steps as “tasks.”

In the first version of the Windows Workflow Foundation, a developer had to create a host for the workflow. The next version of the Windows Workflow Foundation has been integrated into WCF. This allowed any workflow to be easily hosted by a WCF service. You can do it by automatically choosing the type of WF / WCF project in Visual Studio 2012 or later. Microsoft BizTalk Server R2 also uses WCF as a communication technology. BizTalk designed to receive and transform data from one standardized format to another. Messages must be delivered to the central mailbox, where the message can be transformed using rigorous mapping or one of the BizTalk features, such as the workflow engine. BizTalk can now use the Line of Business (LOF) WCF adapter to deliver messages to the mailbox.

Advantages WCF

  • WCF is interoperable with other services than .Net Remoting, where client and service must be .Net.
  • WCF services offer more reliability and security than ASMX web services.
  • In WCF, it is not necessary to make any changes to the code to implement the security model and change the connection.
  • Minor configuration changes will suit your needs.
  • WCF has a built-in registration mechanism; Changing the settings in the configuration file will provide this functionality.


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  • Knowledge of Basic WPF.


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