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3RI Technologies Web Development in Python Training in Pune is ideal for both fresher and professional developers interested in a career as a Python developer. This course will teach you all you need to know about the Python programming language, both in the classroom and in online training. Our Python course is based on real-world project experience and contains levels ranging from beginner to expert. Our trainer expert covers hands-on experience with a real-time project, as well as providing a competitive salary and guaranteed job placement.

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Key Features

Course Duration : 3 months

Real-Time Projects : 2

Project Based Learning

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Learn the end-to-end life-cycle of Python Web Development from the Experts.

Join our Instructor-Led Online, interactive session.
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Web Development in Python Syllabus

The detailed syllabus is designed for freshers as well as working professionals

1. An Introduction to Python
    ● Python Installation and setting up your Environment
    ● Get familiar with various Integrated Development Environments (IDEs) such as IDLE, PyCharm
    ● Start Python programming by learning to code in an interactive shell.
    ● Start programming on an interactive shell.
    ● Python Identifiers, Keywords
    ● Access Command line arguments within programs

2. Conditional Statement, Loops and File Handling
    ● Python Data Types and Variable
    ● Condition and Loops in Python
    ● Python Modules & Packages
    ● Python Files and Directories manipulations
    ● Use various files and directory functions for OS operations
3. Python Core Objects and Functions
    ● Built in modules (Library Functions)
    ● Numeric and Math’s Module
    ● String/List/Dictionaries/Tuple
    ● Complex Data structures in Python
    ● Python built in function
    ● Python user defined functions
    ● The anonymous Functions – Lambda Functions
    ● Decorators
    ● Iterators and Iterable
    ● Generators
    ● Yield keyword
    ● Iterators Generators Difference
4. Object Oriented Python
    ● Overview of OOPs Concepts
    ● Class Definitions
    ● Object , Classes and Destroying Objects
    ● Accessing attributes, Built-In Class Attributes
    ● Creating Methods and Accessing Methods
    ● Inheritance and Polymorphism
    ● Overriding Methods, Data Hiding
    ● Overloading Operators
    ● Introduction about Errors and Errors Types
    ● Exceptions Handling
    ● Handling various exceptions using try….except…else
    ● Try-finally clause
    ● Python Standard Exceptions
    ● Raising an exceptions, User-Defined Exceptions
6. Regular Expression
    ● Regular Expressions
    ● What are regular expressions?
    ● The match and search Function
    ● Compile and matching
    ● Matching vs searching
    ● Search and Replace feature using RE
    ● Extended Regular Expressions
    ● Wildcard characters and work with them
7. Modules & Packages
    ● Modules
    ● How to import a module…?
    ● Packages
    ● How to create packages
8. File Handling
    ● Writing data to a file
    ● Reading data from a file
    ● Appending Data to file
    ● Read and Write data from csv file
    ● OS module
    ● Rename and Removing files, directories

HTML: Hyper Text Markup Language
1. HTML Basic
    ● What is Markup Language
    ● Basic Structure of HTML
    ● Meta Tags
    ● External Link Tags
2. HTML Elements
    ● Basics, Elements , Attributes
    ● Paragraphs and Formatting
    ● HTML Skeleton, Links
    ● Creating an HTML Document
    ● Basic Content Structure
    ● Headings
    ● Horizontal Rules
    ● Line Breaks
3. Images
    ● Optimizing web graphics – JPEG, GIF & NG
    ● Getting images from Photoshop
    ● Embedding Images in a Web Page
    ● Using Graphics as Links
    ● Using Background Images
    ● Setting image properties via HTML
4. Hyperlinks
    ● Href, Name, Title, Target
    ● Form Events
        o onblur
       o onchange
       o onfocus
       o oninput
       o onselect
       o onsubmit
    ● Keyboard Events
       o onkeydown
       o onkeypress
       o onkeyup
    ● Mouse Events
       o onclick
       o ondblclick
       o onmouseover
       o onmouseout
       o onmousedown
       o onmouseup
5. JS Validations



1. Introduction
2. JQuery Syntax
3. jQuery Selectors
4. jQuery Events
5. jQuery Effects
    ● jQuery Hide/Show
    ● jQuery Fade
    ● jQuery Slide
    ● jQuery Animate
    ● jQuery Stop()
    ● jQuery callback
    ● jQuery chaining
6. JQuery HTML
    ● jQuery Get
    ● jQuery Set
    ● jQuery Add
    ● jQuery Remove
    ● jQuery CSS Classes
    ● jQuery CSS
7. jQuery Misc
    ● jQuery noConflict()


1. AJAX with JavaScript
    ● Why AJAX & How it works
    ● Syntax (XMLHTTPRequest Object)
    ● Sending Requests to server
    ● Processing Response
    ● AJAX Events
    ● Example with PHP Server
2. JQuery AJAX
    ● jQuery load
    ● jQuery Get/Post


1. How to Create a Layout in Bootstrap
    ● Grid Classes
2. Basic Tags in Bootstrap
    ● Contextual colors and backgrounds
3. Table in Bootstrap
    ● Bootstrap Basic Tables
       o Striped Rows, Bordered Table
       o Hover Rows, Condensed Table
       o Contextual Classes, Responsive Tables
4. Navigation bar in Bootstrap
    ● Inverted Navigation Bar
    ● Fixed Navigation Bar
    ● Navigation Bar with Dropdown
    ● Right-aligned Navigation Bar
    ● Collapsing the Navigation Bar
5. Form in Bootstrap
    ● Vertical Form
    ● Horizontal Form
    ● Inline Form
6. Buttons in Bootstrap
    ● Button Styles
    ● Button Sizes
    ● Block Level Buttons
    ● Active/Disabled Buttons
7. Images in Bootstrap
    ● Rounded Corners Image
    ● Circle Image
    ● Thumbnail Image

1. Django Framework
    ● Introduction to Django
   ● How to create Django App
   ● url Mapping
   ● Templates
   ● Introduction to static file
   ● Django Model Overview
   ● Creating model
   ● Model template view creation
   ● Django forms and validation
   ● Relative Url with Template
2. Interacting with a Database: Models
   ● Overview of Models,
   ● Creating Models
   ● Configuring the Database
   ● Your First App
   ● Using Django with MySQL.
   ● Population Scripts
   ● Models-Templates-Views Paradigm
   ● Inserting and Updating Data
   ● Selecting Objects
   ● Deleting Objects
3. The Django Administration Site
   ● Activating the Admin Interface
   ● Using the Admin Interface
   ● Users, Groups, and Permissions
4. Views and Templates
   ● URL Template Inheritance
   ● Template Inheritance Coding Example
   ● Quick Note on Custom Template Filters
   ● Template Filters and Custom Filters
   ● Template Filters Coding Examples
   ● Django Passwords
   ● Deploying Django Framework
5. Form Processing
   ● Django Forms
   ● Form Validation
   ● Model Forms
   ● Relative URLs with Templates
   ● Relative URLs Coding Examples
6. TkInter GUI Framework
  ● Installation of Flask and Demo Application
  ● Overview of TkInter Framework
  ● TkInter Widgets

1. Python MySQL Database Access
    ● Create Database Connection
    ● DML and DDL Operations with Databases
    ● Performing  Transactions
    ● Handling Database Errors
    ● Disconnecting Database


❖ Daily Assignments and hands-on Topics covered.
❖ Interview Questions, Resume Formation, and Interview Tips.

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Web Development in Python Classes in Pune

Python training in Pune is a great way to gain the skills and knowledge necessary to become a skilled Python programmer. With a range of courses on offer, ranging from beginner to advanced levels, it is possible to learn the fundamentals of Python programming and then build upon that knowledge with advanced topics like object-oriented programming and web development. The training is also ideal for those looking to make use of the language for their day-to-day work or to develop their own applications. With experienced instructors available, Pune is a great place to jumpstart your Python journey.

Introduction of Web Development with Python Course

Web designing is the crucial point for creating, designing, operating, and conceptualizing a website application programming interfaces for the website. And we all know that today many new businesses are coming in demand which certainly is in creating some different kinds of websites for their business. Webs development is a theory that includes all the deeds with mobile development, websites, and web applications.

But why Python?

Python is an open-source, easy-to-learn language. It is an object-oriented, new-gen language and, most importantly, a high-level programming language. It used for developing and designing desktop applications, mobile phone applications, GUI applications, and website applications. It focuses on core behavior and the purpose of the whole programming functions.

Being the common pick for the beginners, it is still very sturdy to back many of the popular applications from industries – Google, NASA, IBM, Microsoft, and many more. It is resulting in making Python one of the best languages when it comes to website development. It provides many well-known frameworks like Django, Pyramid, web2py, Flask, and more. Using these frameworks, some of the well-renowned applications developed.

1. Django framework: Django is one of the most popular frameworks used by many industries as it is a Python-based open-source website framework. It follows the pattern of the model template view architecture.  Its main agenda is to guide the implementation of complex, database operating websites.

2. Pyramid: Compatible with Python, Pyramid is one of the most used frameworks when it comes to developing a website application. It makes the easy development of web pages using this framework. This framework implements the skills that a coder can improve and prolong. Using this framework, you need to just focus on the factors that your website is to develop in.

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What is Python Web Development?

Python is an object-oriented, high-level programming language, a rendered with dynamic interpretations. It is one of the most popular languages because of its high-level built-in data structure, which is integrated with a dynamic binding & dynamic typing. That adds a point to this language, making it engaging for all types of website applications. Python is very easy to understand, learn, and grasp. As the syntax, functions, and overall, the language is quite readable, which indeed overcomes the cost of program resources. The standard libraries and interpreters are available in the binary or source form, which can be easily shared or distributed.

Python is the most famous and used to advance server-side website applications. The combination of Python & JavaScript is the most popular amongst the developers which developing a new website application. JavaScript is always downloaded to the clients & managed by the browser, whereas Python is executed at the server-side.

In addition to this, Python offers all the best frameworks to work with when it comes to developing a web application. Frameworks like Django, Flask, Pyramid, web2py, and many more which are way too easy to implement and understand. The frameworks are secure, fast, and can be easily implemented. All these frameworks are well-known as they are being used in developing many known applications like Mozilla, Yelp, Spotify, etc. Coding with Python is simpler and understood by anyone as its syntax is simple. It has its own debugger, which is known as Python Debugger (PDB). The documentation of PDB is so well maintained and is very easy to understand, even from the beginner’s point of view.

Overall, Python is the language you should go for when you are planning to develop a website application as you can build your functions with fewer lines of codes.

Python Web Development

Why learn web development with Python?

Python is a high-level, object-oriented programming language with integrated dynamic exposition originally for application development and website development. It offers valid binding and effective typing options in the field of any application development. It is sincere to learn as it provides all readable and straightforward syntax. Hence, developers can translate and read the code easily as compared with other programming languages. Also, this results in less cost of program maintenance and development.

Python makes use of packages, interfaces, and modules, which makes coding easier and implement steps. That means programs can be developed based on the design, and the code can be reused in different projects as well. All the standard libraries, interpreters are available for free on the Internet, in both source and binary form.

Why Python for Web Development?

1. Easy amongst all:

Python is very easy to understand and learn because of its simple language use with straightforward syntax.

2. Less Coding Required:

Using Python, you can develop more and more functions in less number of coding lines. Because of its readability and efficiency property, Python is the best option for Website Development.

3. Many useful Frameworks:

There are many spectacular frameworks in Python, like Django, Flask, Pyramid, etc., which are the best frameworks when you need to develop a website. It becomes effortless, secure, and fast to develop a website using these frameworks with Python.

4. Trusted by Top Industries:

Industries like Instagram, Dropbox, Pinterest, and many top website development organizations prefer using Python and its frameworks for web development. Because of this, Python is more in demand when it comes to Python with Website development.

5. Saves Time:

Website development with Python is fast, secure, and easy. It is used for easy coding projects, modules, prototypes, or plans on a budget with short deadlines.

What does it mean by Short Term Job Oriented Web Development in Python Course?

A specialised educational programme called a Short-Term Job Oriented Web Development in Python Course is made to give people the skills and information they need to pursue a career in web development, with an emphasis on utilising Python as the primary programming language. These courses are designed to give students industry-relevant, hands-on experience in a short time—usually a few weeks to a few months.

Essential elements of a short-term Python course on web development usually consist of the following:

Python programming is a popular programming language used in web development that is flexible and easy to learn. Students begin by studying the fundamentals of Python before moving on to using it for web development.

  • Foundations of Web Development: This course teaches the basic ideas of web development, such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, which are the building blocks of contemporary websites. Students learn to design user interfaces, make websites, and improve user experience by including interactivity.
  • Backend Development: For server-side web development, Python is a popular tool. Students gain knowledge of web frameworks like Flask and Django, which let them create feature-rich, reliable web applications.
  • Frontend Development: The course frequently covers frontend development tools and frameworks such as React or Vue.js and Python. Students may now design responsive and dynamic user interfaces thanks to this.
  • Databases: To store and retrieve data, web developers must interact with databases. Usually, courses teach students how to incorporate MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite databases into their web applications.
  • Real-world Projects: An essential component of these courses is practical experience. Acquiring practical experience in web programming through projects that mimic real-world settings lets students apply their knowledge and construct a portfolio of online apps.
  • Assistance with Job Placement: Many institutes provide career services to students to help them find jobs. This could involve creating a CV, getting ready for interviews, and assisting people to get jobs in web development.

The “job-oriented” component of these courses refers to their emphasis on teaching graduates real-world, industry-relevant skills that will equip them for careers in web development. Web developers, full-stack developers, frontend developers, backend developers, and web application developers are some examples of these positions.

 A short-term job-oriented web development course in Python provides a targeted and efficient way for students to become experts in web development, allowing them to swiftly pick up the skills required to compete in the market for web development jobs. With a focus on practical experience and the flexibility of Python, graduates are well-equipped to pursue rewarding professions in the exciting and rapidly growing web development industry.

How the Short Term Job Oriented Web Development in Python Course can help you in your career?

A quick, career-changing course in Python that focuses on job-oriented web development can help you advance in the dynamic field of web development. This specialised programme is intended to give you relevant industry-ready skills in a short amount of time, usually a few weeks to a few months. Python’s emphasis as the primary programming language is especially beneficial because of its adaptability and rising popularity in web development.

  • Enrolling in this course gives you a thorough understanding of the principles of web programming, including HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, and learning how to use Python for frontend and backend development. Frontend technologies like React or Vue.js improve your ability to design dynamic and responsive user interfaces, while backend frameworks like Django and Flask let you build robust and feature-rich online apps. 
  • This course’s most beneficial feature is the practical experience students get from working on real-world projects. You’ll be able to put your skills to use in real-world situations and develop a portfolio of web applications that shows prospective employers how skilled you are.
  • In addition to helping students prepare for interviews and create resumes, many of the schools that offer these courses also provide job placement support. This implies that, whether you’re a recent graduate, someone trying to change careers, or someone looking to expand on your current skill set, you will be in a better position to land web development jobs once you graduate.
  •  A short-term job-oriented course in Python web programming offers a quick and effective path to becoming a web developer. Gaining expertise in Python and web development can lead to various career paths, such as web developer, full-stack developer, and web application developer. The online experience industry is always looking for bright, experienced individuals to build the websites of the future.


Why Choose 3RI?

Web development with Python course provides you a full guide of object-oriented, high-level programming using python. You will get to work under many different servers, frameworks, and databases. At 3RI Technologies, our trainers will help to start with the basics of Python and make you experts in it. With proper practical, theory lectures, and practice sessions, we will help you in getting knowledge in this course period. Here are a few terms, you can go through so that it becomes easier for you to choose 3RI technologies for your Web Development with python course.

  • Placement Assistance- At 3RI, we provide Job Assistance to all our students. Every year almost 95% of students have been placed from our institute in top MNC companies. Complete knowledge and guidance are provided to all the students with proper lectures, tests, exams, and practical’s.
  • Job-oriented Course Plan- This course is designed as per present industrial requirements in web development with Python. We will help you with an overview of all the necessary frameworks and modules. You will also have hands-on experience in it.
  • Our Outline- 3RI Technologies believes in providing flexibility to all the students who are willing to learn these courses as per their time slot. There are weekdays and weekend batches available for all. You can select the batch, which is convenient for you.
  • Certification Course- After completion of the course, there will be an exam conducted on the syllabus covered. With the performance in those exams, you will be provided with the certificate for it, by 3RI Technologies.

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Will I Get Certified?

Upon successfully completing this program, you’ll earn a certificate.

The 3RI certification is accepted and respected by every significant multinational company across the nation. Fresh graduates and corporate trainees are eligible for the assistance. We offer certificate once the academic and practical courses have been finished. The certification that we offer here at 3RI is recognized across the country. The value of your resume will grow as a result. With the assistance of this qualification, you will be able to obtain prominent employment posts in the most successful multinational corporations in the country. The completion of our course as well as the projects that are based on practical application, are prerequisites for receiving the certificate.



Most frequent questions and answers

Python is a programming language that is very easy to learn and understand. It is more than just science and application programming. As such, there are many frameworks in Python, but the most famous are Django and Flask which are used for developing the best website applications.

In today’s world, you can learn anything from anywhere with the help of the Internet. You can pursue a well-known online course and get knowledge. But the recommendation is that you should get the knowledge with lots of practice for your theory, practical’s and everything. And this can be gained only if you physically attend the classes from an Institutes. The Institutes trainers will always help you with all the necessary knowledge you crave for.

Whenever a developer is into coding for a backend development, there is either PHP or Python that is used. When you compare these to languages, Python is considered as the best, this is because:

Easily understood: The code reviewer or a new developer can easily understand the code. It is readable and the syntax used is not complex.

Code is short: In less line of codes, you can provide large coding functions.

Better Design: It is a well-designed programming language. 

Debugging tools: The debugging tools required by Python are very few as compared to PHP.

Web development with Python is brought a change for all the developers because of few aspects like,

Readability: It is very easy to learn, implement and understand the language. The code is described and functions are defined in a simple way which makes it easy for others to go through the code.

Flexibility: There are many durable Python executions integrated with other coding languages like CPython for C, Jython for Java, RubyPython for Ruby and many more.

Advanced frameworks: There are many advanced frameworks used in Python like Django, Pyramid, Flask and many more. These frameworks help in a way to develop the best website applications.

There are many aspects for which Python programming language is famous, some of them are specified below:

  • Python aids Multiple Programming Patterns.
  • Python Has Large Set of Library, Functions and Tools.
  • Code is written very easily.
  • Less number of lines and syntax’s, provide large number of functions.

There are some technologies in which Python will be exploring in coming few years, and they are:

  • AI – Artificial intelligence
  • Networking
  • Big data

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