Empower Your Career with the Best: Microsoft Azure’s Top 5 Certificates

Microsoft Azure is experiencing rapid growth in prominence, as evidenced by its 24% market share in the second quarter of 2023. This blog has covered much more, including the highest-paying Microsoft Azure certifications of 2023. Continue reading to learn more.

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Microsoft Azure is experiencing rapid growth in prominence, as evidenced by its 24% market share in the second quarter of 2024. Furthermore, the growing need for employees with Azure experience results from the platform’s increasing popularity. Administrators, AI engineers, and developers proficient in Azure, among numerous other skills, are in greater demand than ever in the industry.

The following inquiries arise when one considers the most effective approach for starting a professional career and aspires to progress.

What should I do to begin my career? Which credential will help me obtain a lucrative position? Which certifications ought I to get?

This blog has covered much more, including the highest-paying Microsoft Azure certifications of 2024. Continue reading to learn more.

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Advantages of Acquiring Azure Certifications

Let’s talk about how getting a certification can help you before we get to the list of the best-paying qualifications.

1.The public cloud is emphasized : Approximately 88% of businesses have previously used the public cloud, with 13% currently operating more than 1000 virtual machines there. This is a compelling statistic that should persuade you to invest some time in learning about cloud computing platforms like Microsoft Azure.

2. Microsoft Azure has a significant market share: Azure is rapidly gaining ground on its competitors. Indeed, according to a survey that was recently undertaken, the user base of Azure and AWS are remarkably similar.

3. An innovative technology : The rate of evolution of cloud technologies, including Azure, is remarkable. It is expanding at a more rapid pace than the IT industry as a whole. 

4. Simple to understand and flexible : Microsoft is the only company that makes laptop computers in the United States.Windows is a Microsoft operating system that most average consumers are already familiar with.

 In other words, Microsoft is easier to learn than other systems. There is no doubt that understanding how Azure works is a good thing. You will find learning about things like Operational Insights and Azure automation easy if you use Microsoft tools at work. 

5. Outstanding Potential : The cloud infrastructure is going to take center stage in the IT industry. The fact that MS Azure is growing faster than any other cloud service provider shows how promising the platform is.

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6. Highly effective tool: Azure can do most of the usual things needed to build, deploy, and manage platforms. When figuring out how helpful cloud platforms like Azure are, you should think about the following:

  • Quantifying the benefits of a large-scale app development project.
  • Help with the “Ops” part of “Dev/Ops”

Top 5 Most Valuable Microsoft Azure Certifications

Microsoft has a lot of Azure qualifications. These certificates are based on what they do for a living, what they specialize in, and how much they know. We’ve talked about the top 5 licenses that pay the most. We’ve also put the Microsoft Azure job pay for each certification. What do we need to wait for? Let’s start right away.

1. AZ-104: Microsoft Azure Administrator

This is a Microsoft certification at the associate level. Azure Administrators are tasked with configuring the organization’s cloud infrastructure using Azure. They oversee, among other things, governance, identity, cloud storage, and virtual networks.

AZ-104 Microsoft Azure Administrator Associate credential encompasses intermediate-level Azure competencies. This examination provides candidates with an understanding of servers, virtualization, and networking. Additionally, they possess a foundational knowledge of PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager templates, and Azure Active Directory.

Essential Requirements

Currently, there are no legal requirements, but it is suggested that you have used Azure for at least six months. You need to know how to use PowerShell and the command line.

Covered Skills

  • Control Azure governance and identity
  •  Install virtual computers on Azure
  •  Use Azure computational resources.
  •  Control Active Directory on Azure
  • Set up Azure backups.
  •  Watch over and maintain Azure resources
  • Put Azure load balancing into practice.
Job Oriented Courses

2. AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

AZ-900 Azure Fundamentals is an excellent course for people who are just starting.This is the greatest option if you’re new to the cloud or even Microsoft Azure.  You will also learn about the cloud with this certification.

The certification will show you a lot about Azure services, privacy and security, tasks, and other things. You can also get this certification to prepare for jobs that are more specific to your job. Nothing is required of you before taking the exam. You should get at least 70% on the test to get the certificate, though. You can also get ACE college credit after obtaining a license. In India, the test costs INR 3696.

Covered Skills

● High cloud computing availability

● Cloud notions

● Scalability of cloud

● Cloud computing fault tolerance

● Cloud computing: Opex versus Capex

● Azure services and architecture

● Azure governance and management

The salary for this Azure certification is greater than that of other certifications.
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3. DA-100: Analyzing Data with Microsoft Power BI

Professionals looking to gain competence in Microsoft Power BI data analysis and visualization might benefit greatly from passing the Analysing Data with Microsoft Power BI exam. This qualification attests to proficiency in designing and constructing scalable data models, transforming and cleaning data, and producing eye-catching reports and visualizations.

Succeeding candidates exhibit competence in establishing connections with diverse data sources, executing data transformations, and practicing business logic to satisfy analytical demands. They demonstrate proficiency in installing and managing deliverables, administering Power BI services, and working with stakeholders to guarantee data-driven decision-making.

IT specialists, business analysts, and data professionals who wish to use Power BI to gain valuable insights from data can all benefit from earning the DA-100 certification. It covers many subjects, such as modeling, deployment, visualization, and data preparation. Obtaining this certification shows proficiency in a commonly used business intelligence application, improving job possibilities and validating one’s abilities. The DA-100 certification is a wise investment for individuals hoping to succeed in data analysis since the skills it teaches are critical in today’s data-driven business

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4. AZ-305: Microsoft Certified: Azure Solutions Architect Expert

This certificate is ranked in the top 10 for prospective compensation according to the Global Knowledge 2021 IT Skills and Compensation Survey.AZ-305, Azure Solutions Architect Expert, is a certification at the expert level.The AZ-305 test replaced the AZ-303 and AZ-304 exams on March 31, 2023.  Microsoft states qualified applicants will have extensive experience with Microsoft Azure and cloud and hybrid system design. Computer science, security, virtualization, data platforms, and networking skills are also required. During their duties, they regularly communicate with Azure managers and Azure programmers.

Candidates who have earned their az 305 certification get access to more excellent job opportunities and pay grades.It will also help them prepare to be leaders with a planned focus. The fee to take the test in India is 4800 INR. There has yet to be an end date for this certification.

Prerequisites to the examination

With a lot of knowledge in IT and having worked with Azure administration, you can get this certification. To get this certification, you need to know about Microsoft Certified: Associate Administrator for Azure (AZ-104)

Covered Skills

The following are the skills that this exam covers.

● Develop solutions for identification, governance, and monitoring (e.g., applicant IDs and access, logging and monitoring systems, etc.).

● Create data integration and storage solutions (including relational and non-relational data solutions).

● Create infrastructure solutions like network solutions, migrations, and application architecture.

● Provide business continuity strategies, which may involve developing a catastrophe recovery plan.

Ambition Box says that the average pay for an Azure Solutions Architect Expert in India is INR 25 lakhs per year.
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5. AZ-400: Microsoft Certified: Azure DevOps Engineer

DevOps engineers know a lot about both development and infrastructure. It’s their job to work with people and goods to make sure the company makes money. They are in charge of security, source control, delivery, testing, tracking, and infrastructure.

The AZ-400 certification helps people learn how to use DevOps development methods, continuous integration and delivery, application infrastructure, and how to plan a DevOps strategy.

Essential Requirements

For this title, you need to be either an Azure Administrator Associate or an Azure Developer Associate.  An optimal candidate possesses fundamental expertise in Azure development and administration and a comprehensive comprehension of Agile development methodologies.

Covered Skills

  • Creating an instrumentation plan
  • Handle the source control.
  • Creating an SRE strategy
  •  Promoting cooperation and communication
  •  Putting CI and CD in Place
  •  Azure-based mobile DevOps strategy
  • Overseeing the cloud hosting system
  • Receiving feedback about Azure cloud

An Indian Azure DevOps worker makes between INR 4.5 lakhs and 9.2 lakhs a year, according to data. The annual income is INR 5.7 lakhs on average. Enroll in our  Azure Devops AZ 400 Certification today and build a brighter career in Cloud Computing.

Which Examination Should You Take to Get Cloud Certification?

Through a series of industry-recognized exams, the Microsoft Certified Worker (MCP) certifications show that you are a skilled IT worker or developer. You will become a Microsoft Certified Professional after you pass your first qualifying MCP test.

Please keep in mind that there is no longer a Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) certification accessible.On the other hand, an MCP test pass will be noted on your transcript.  However, you might only be able to enjoy the training until once your first certification fully.

The most important thing to consider is which test to take first.  To make that choice, you need to think about the following:

Your knowledge of technology: Your technical experience will help you decide if you should begin with a basic certification or pursue an advanced one. For example, a professional with two years of experience cannot become certified at the architect level. To pursue an architect-level certification, you must have a solid technical background.

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Your current position: Pursuing a certification related to your existing line of work is a good idea. For example, a.NET developer might try Azure developer certification, whereas a Windows or network administrator should consider trying Azure Infrastructure Solutions. First, it is advised that professionals who are brand-new to technology start with the Fundamentals certification.

Your goal: Any certification you intend to pursue should align with your long-term objectives. For example, you should first take an extensive data cloud certification and then an architect-level certification if you want to become a big data architect. Every test has a prerequisite. While it’s not required, having a solid background helps you land future jobs corresponding to your desired certification.

The Closing Note

Microsoft is a big player in the public cloud market that is also growing quickly. A minimum of one of the certifications listed above is required to utilize Microsoft Azure technologies in the workplace. Learn it from experts at 3RI Technologies

These role-based certifications encompass networking, storage, computing, security, dependability, integration, development, and operations setup and management. Businesses are rapidly adopting Microsoft Azure cloud services, and as a result, there is an increasing demand for certified Azure administrators, solution architects, developers, and security engineers. 

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Not only will you need to learn how to set up, run, and protect Azure cloud environments to get certified and get a job, but you’ll also need to have done it yourself. It is possible to get Microsoft Azure Certifications from 3RI Technologies. These learning routes not only help you pass the tests but also allow you to put your abilities to the test in real-world scenarios using labs, challenges, and fields.

These learning routes cover all the ground you need to begin or progress in your Azure career, from cloud administrators building up Azure infrastructure to cloud architects integrating Azure services.

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