Everything you need to know about Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900 Exam

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What is Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900?

What is Azure Fundamentals?

The Azure Fundamentals certification covers many subjects and core Microsoft Azure principles. Candidates must pass the AZ-900 certification exam in order to enroll in this course. Professionals looking to confirm their knowledge and skills might choose this credential if they have a basic understanding of cloud solutions or only minimal experience using the platform.

Microsoft offers people, to begin with the azure fundamentals az 900 to boost their readiness for all upcoming certifications. The Azure Fundamentals authorization is earned after completing the Azure Fundamentals course.           

What are Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900?  

One of the greatest ways to demonstrate your understanding of cloud fundamentals is to take the Azure Fundamentals exam. You can use Azure services, workloads, security and privacy, pricing, and support to understand better how the cloud works. The basic technical artifacts, which comprise the ideas of storage, cloud computing, students taking the exam should know networking, support, seamless application and full application development. To learn from experts check out our course Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification AZ-900

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Who should take AZ- 900 Exam?

This is a great opportunity for individuals who have used Azure services before to show that you are familiar with the essential concepts of Azure, including its many costs, services, security, support, and management. Application services, Computing, storage, networking, artificial intelligence (AI), security and Internet of Things (IoT) are just a few of the features Azure services offer. 

Why You Should Learn About Azure?

Advantages of the Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification, Exam AZ-900

This certification is a good starting point for anyone looking to advance their career in the sector and work with cloud solutions and services at a beginning level. You will have the opportunity to demonstrate your familiarity with the various Microsoft Azure cloud domains, including the many cloud ideas, cloud workloads,  Azure privacy, and  Azure pricing,   services, and security by preparing for this Microsoft Certification.

Microsoft Azure is the cloud platform for over 80% of Fortune 500 firms worldwide. The financial, educational, and healthcare sectors now have higher demands for cloud platforms and services. As it lowers infrastructure and IT costs, Microsoft Azure Certification is one of the top certifications for cloud platforms. Thus, by selecting the azure az 900 , You enter a market that will likely have rapid growth over the next ten years.

A Microsoft Azure certification helps you stand out from your non-certified competitors when you’re looking for work. It is one of the main justifications for selecting Azure Fundamentals as a foundational certification before delving deeper into the realm of Microsoft Azure.

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  • Verifies your ownership of Azure Subjects

The Azure certification has a lot of advantages. By completing the AZ-900 test, you have proven that you are an expert in the fundamental Azure concepts. Because you have mastered Azure, you are aware of how to prepare for challenging yet essential subjects.

Your knowledge of the value of cloud services, the differences between IaaS, PaaS, and SaaS, the necessity of the Azure network, architectural security, connection, and much more has improved as a result of your Microsoft accreditation.

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  • Enhancing Your Professional Credibility with the AZ-900 Certification

Nothing you’ve done to obtain your ideal position or promotion has been successful. Investing your time and money in earning a Microsoft Azure az900 certification might be better. Make sure you are ready for the required exam, the Microsoft AZ-900, and then watch as hiring managers are smitten with your resume.

This certification does speak to your professionalism, which employers highly regard. So, passing the exam will give you a plethora of benefits if you want to give your professional job more credibility.

  • Access to associate-level certification

It is strongly advised that you get a foundational understanding before tackling associate certificates. This strategy will enable you to manage with more challenging issues and topics without any problems. The Microsoft AZ-900 exam will certify you in Microsoft Azure Fundamentals and allow you to pursue advanced and expert-level certifications.

  • Delivers Unpaid Checks

Did you know that earning a certification from Microsoft can help you earn more money? When evaluating your application for a position, hiring managers will take into account both your work experience and certificates. A role-based Azure certificate on your profile is another indication of professionalism.

  • Access to the Microsoft online community is provided by it.

You are introduced to the world of Azure professionals through the az 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals, which are instructed by experts who have followed a similar career path to your own. If you succeed on this foundational exam, you’ll gain valuable information and abilities, join the Microsoft community, and more. Being regarded as a Microsoft-certified professional isn’t an honor?

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Course Outline for AZ-900 Exam/ Az-900: Syllabus and Format

The AZ-900 test syllabus places a strong emphasis on core concepts of cloud-based services in respect to Azure. Core Azure services, including storage, computing, and networking, are included. The Azure support model, and security and pricing, privacy services are also included.

Usually, there are 40–60 questions with a large number of multiple-choice responses. This exam can be completed in an hour.

The following table breaks down the proportion of the module’s competencies that must be acquired to pass the test: 

  • Describe cloud concepts (15-20%)

Understanding the variations among public, private, and hybrid cloud models. When on-premises infrastructure or a private cloud are combined with a public cloud, a hybrid cloud results, allowing data and apps to travel back and forth between the two.

Virtual machines are just one type of cloud service; there are also platform-as-a-service (PaaS), infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS), software-as-a-service (SaaS), and serverless services.

Knowing the advantages of adopting Azure and the differences between capital expenditure (CapEx) and operational expenditure (OpEx), as well as terminologies like agility, availability, scalability, fault tolerance, and disaster recovery

  • Describe Core Azure Services – 15-20%

You will learn about the fundamental Microsoft Azure architectural elements in this domain. Resource Groups, Regions and Region Pairs, Availability Zones,  Management Groups, Subscriptions and Resource Managers are all added in terms of their advantages and ways to use them. In addition, you should be familiar with the functions and advantages of app services, virtual machines (VMs), Azure Container Instances (ACI), virtual desktops, and Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS).

This domain also encompasses ExpressRoute, Disc Storage, Container Storage, File Storage, VPN Gateways, Virtual Networks, Virtual Network Peering, and Virtual Networks. Cosmos DB, Azure Database for MySQL Azure SQL Database, Azure Database for PostgreSQL, and SQL Managed Instance are also comprised. Storage levels are also included.

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  • Describe the Core Management Tools and Azure Solutions – 10-15%

This class covers the essential inquiries relating to the core Azure solutions. IoT Central, IoT (Internet of Things) Hub, Azure Sphere, Azure Synapse Analytics, Azure Databricks, and HDInsight usage and advantages should be familiar to you.

Furthermore, you should be prepared for inquiries and issues pertaining to Azure management tools, including Azure Portal, Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI, Cloud Shell and Azure Mobile App,. Explaining how to use ARM (Azure Resource Manager templates, Azure Monitor, Azure Service Health, and Azure Advisor) should come after preparation.

  • Explain Network Security and General Security Features – 10-15%

In this area, Microsoft Azure’s security tools like the Azure Security Centre are taken into account. It covers resource hygiene, policy compliance, security alerts, and secure score. Additionally, it includes Key Vault, Dedicated Hosts, and Azure Sentinel. You will also gain knowledge of network security fields such as functional ideas, NSG (Network Security Groups) defense and usage, Azure DDoS protection, and firewall protection.

  • Explain the governance, identity, compliance, and privacy features (20-25%).

In this category, you will study topics like Azure Identity Services.  Conditional Access,Azure Active Directory, SSO (Single Sign-On) and MFA (multi-factor authentication are given a lot of attention. There are also inquiries about Azure Governance features. You should explain how Azure Blueprints, RBAC (Role-Based Access Control), Cloud Adoption Framework, resource locks and tags are used and function. The utilization of Microsoft’s Privacy Statement, OST (Online Service Terms), DPA (Data Protection Amendment), Azure Sovereign Regions, Azure compliance paperwork and Trust Centre are all examples of compliance and privacy resources that you should be able to articulate.

  • Explain Azure’s  service level agreements and cost management  (between 10% and 15%).

The final item on this list focuses on various methods of cost management and planning. You must be able to recognize the various elements influencing expenses as well as those contributing to cost savings. You should also be able to describe the operation and application of a pricing calculator and TCO. ACM (Azure Cost Management) usage and functionality should also be described. In particular, service life cycles and Azure SLAs are given special consideration in this domain.

You don’t have to prepare as diligently for the test as you would for any Microsoft introductory certification exam if you have prior experience with cloud services and solutions. However, while you study for the test, industry professionals and Microsoft advise that you develop a structured strategy. Therefore, start preparing for the Azure basics AZ-900 certification right away to give your career the push it needs.

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Learning Objectives of AZ-900 Certification Training:

The primary objective of AZ-900 certification course is to provide participants with fundamental understanding of Microsoft Azure. Learners gain the ability to make well-informed judgments about cloud adoption by exploring fundamental cloud ideas, Azure services, and cloud security and compliance standards. The course covers a wide spectrum of Azure services, providing insight on the Azure ecosystem’s security, compliance, privacy, and trust. This fundamental understanding not only prepares students to pursue advanced Azure certifications, but also to actively contribute to cloud efforts within their own enterprises. The course ensures a strong understanding of Azure basics, giving it a good starting point for individuals looking to traverse the complexities of cloud computing.

Key Features of Azure AZ-900 Certification Training Course:

The AZ-900 certification training is a foundational exploration of Microsoft Azure, imparting comprehensive knowledge in essential cloud concepts, Azure services, and cloud security principles. It serves as a gateway for learners to make informed decisions about adopting cloud technologies and actively participate in organizational cloud initiatives. Positioned as a crucial step for those navigating the complexities of cloud computing, this training cultivates a robust understanding of Azure essentials.

The Azure AZ-900 Certification Training Course distinguishes itself with a holistic approach, covering vital aspects of cloud learning. Encompassing essential cloud concepts, Azure services, and security principles, the course seamlessly blends theory with hands-on practical applications through labs and real-world scenarios. Expert-led training, interactive sessions, and industry-relevant content enhance the learning experience, catering to both beginners and professionals seeking to elevate their Azure proficiency. Its flexible learning options accommodate diverse schedules, fostering a dynamic and engaging educational journey.

Furthermore, the course emphasizes real-world scenarios, enabling participants to apply theoretical concepts practically through hands-on labs. Expert-led sessions ensure that learners not only grasp theoretical knowledge but also gain practical skills crucial for real-world cloud environments. The interactive nature of the course fosters a collaborative learning environment, encouraging participants to actively engage with the material and each other. With industry-relevant content aligning skills with current market demands, the course prepares graduates for challenges and opportunities in the evolving landscape of cloud computing, making it a pivotal foundation for Azure excellence.

What Has Changed?

The AZ-900 certification continually evolves to align with the ever-changing Azure landscape, reflecting Microsoft’s commitment to staying at the forefront of industry advancements. These updates encompass the introduction of novel Azure services, refinements to existing content, and adjustments that adhere to emerging industry best practices. Keeping abreast of these modifications is paramount, ensuring that the certification training remains pertinent and in tune with the latest trends and technologies in Azure.

Remaining well-informed about these changes is facilitated by regular consultation of Microsoft’s official documentation. This invaluable resource serves as the primary conduit for the most accurate and up-to-date insights into alterations made to the AZ-900 certification content. By staying engaged with the official documentation, individuals undertaking the certification training can adapt their learning strategies and ensure that they are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills essential for success in the dynamic Azure environment. This commitment to staying current underscores the relevance and efficacy of the AZ-900 certification, making it a reliable benchmark for individuals seeking a foundational understanding of Microsoft Azure.

How to Register for AZ-900 Exam:

Registering for the AZ-900 exam is a straightforward process facilitated through the official Microsoft Learn website. Prospective candidates can initiate the registration by navigating to the dedicated AZ-900 exam page, where they will discover comprehensive instructions to guide them seamlessly through the registration procedure. A prerequisite for registration is a Microsoft account, easily created if not already possessed.

The exam registration provides candidates with the flexibility to choose between two options: selecting an on-site test center or opting for the convenience of an online proctored exam. This choice caters to individual preferences and ensures accessibility for candidates worldwide. Critical steps in the registration process include a thorough review of exam details, confirmation of eligibility, and the completion of the payment process.

Emphasizing the importance of adequate preparation, candidates are encouraged to utilize the available study resources and practice exams before scheduling the AZ-900 exam. This proactive approach contributes to a more confident and successful exam experience, aligning with Microsoft’s commitment to providing a streamlined and accessible certification process for individuals seeking proficiency in Microsoft Azure fundamentals.

Exam Retake Policy:

Microsoft’s AZ-900 exam retake policy is designed with fairness and flexibility, recognizing the diverse learning curves of candidates. In the event of not passing the exam on the initial attempt, individuals are granted the opportunity for a swift retake after a minimal waiting period of at least 24 hours. This immediate reattempt allows candidates to capitalize on their recent exam experience, quickly address any identified weaknesses, and fortify their understanding for a more successful outcome.

For subsequent retakes, a 14-day waiting period is imposed, maintaining a balanced approach that encourages strategic preparation and thorough review. This deliberate waiting period serves as a valuable interval for candidates to delve deeper into the exam content, address areas of improvement, and enhance their overall readiness. The retake policy, with its considerate waiting periods, not only accommodates diverse learning styles but also empowers candidates to approach the AZ-900 certification journey strategically.

This policy underscores Microsoft’s commitment to candidate success by providing a supportive framework for skill reinforcement and knowledge enhancement. Leveraging the retake policy strategically enables candidates to navigate the exam with increased confidence, contributing to a more assured and successful outcome in their pursuit of AZ-900 certification.

How to prepare for this exam

There are a few particular and designated modules from which you should expect questions when studying for and taking the AZ-900 exam. Therefore, before the exam date, you should fully comprehend these modules. As a result, you will become more accustomed to the various questions and the exam’s structure.

Additionally, the exam preparation course covers six key categories. Here is a breakdown of each of these domains, along with information on the exam points each one is worth and the subtopics that fall under each domain. To prevent skipping over any crucial material, be sure to adjust your study timetable in accordance with these themes.

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AZ 900 Exam Pricing and Scheduling Information

The Exam AZ-900: Microsoft Azure Fundamentals costs 3696 Indian rupees.

Please be aware that in order to schedule a test, you must complete your Microsoft Certification Profile using a personal Microsoft Account. You can either create a Live, new Outlook, , or Hotmail account or sign up for a Microsoft account using your personal email, such as Gmail or Yahoo.

Please try the following suggestions to set up an exam:

  • Make use of the new MS Edge browser, which you can get here.
  • Make sure to clear your cache and cookies.
  • Switch on InPrivate mode.
  • Click Schedule with Pearson VUE after selecting AZ-900.
  • Verify that you are logged into the Dashboard using your Personal Microsoft Account.
  • Click Save & Continue after making sure that all the fields marked with an asterisk * are correctly filled out and that your account information is free of any special characters (such as! @ or #).
  • Please adhere to the instructions on the How to redeem an employee or event attendee discount page when using a discount from your employer or a Microsoft Training event.  
  • The check-out page ought to show the discount.

Job roles after passing the az900 exam

  •  Cloud Developer

 Average annual pay: US$103,919

Azure Cloud Developers are creators! They design cloud-based software. Their workday consists of coding, creating systems, and solutions and fixing bugs, depending on client requirements. They frequently come from a software development background and have knowledge with cloud orchestration tools.

For further information, we advise watching the “So You Want To Be a Cloud Developer” video.

  • Cloud Architect

Average yearly salary: USD 143,943

It’s still one of the most in-demand positions in technology (and pays accordingly). A Cloud Architect is, however, precisely what?

The architects are, in fact, Azure Cloud Architects (also known as Azure Solutions Architects; shocking, huh?) Depending on an organization’s specific requirements, they develop, deploy, and manage cloud infrastructure. Particular context and communication are crucial soft skills for this profession because of the emphasis on listening.

Cloud architects must be informed about all aspects of the cloud because they are the standard-bearer for best practises in the cloud within an organisation. They guide the company when overseeing the creation of the cloud infrastructure or advising on which of the newest Azure toolkits to utilise, and they are constantly considering how things ought to appear.

  • Cloud DevOps Engineer

Average yearly salary: USD 110,821

The key players are Azure DevOps Engineers! To improve the development cycle, they develop and implement DevOps practises, including configuration management, version control, CI/CD architecture, build, testing, release, and among others.

Check out “So You Want to Be a DevOps Engineer” for additional details.

  • Cloud Systems Engineer

Average yearly salary: USD 101,882

Azure Cloud Systems Engineers maintain the power. To be more precise, they are in charge of daily system and infrastructure management. It covers troubleshooting, testing, patching, monitoring, and problem-solving. In addition, they help others in other positions, like Cloud Architects, implement solutions. They lead the company with them as they supervise the development of the cloud infrastructure or recommend which of the most recent Azure toolkits to use, and they are continuously thinking about how things should look.

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  • Cloud Security Engineer

Average annual pay for a cloud security engineer is USD 121,329

Engineers for Azure Cloud Security are the guardians. Since security is a field that is here to stay, employment opportunities are many. Systems security, sensitive data protection, and ensuring regulatory compliance are all daily tasks for security engineers.

For more information, see “So You Want to Be a Security Engineer”.

  • Cloud Consultant

Average yearly salary: USD 109,873

Communication is their strong suit. Thus, Azure Cloud Consultants love to talk talk. Since they are the ones that companies come to for guidance on selecting the optimal design and architecture for their purposes, they must possess a full understanding of cloud platforms, systems, and migration. They might also be in charge of the setup and maintenance of these systems, which would bring this role closer in line with some of the other ones previously mentioned.

Salary insights

If you’re thinking about a Microsoft Azure career, you might be interested in learning how Azure cloud certifications affect pay. Money isn’t everything, but the compensation and benefits are a very great advantage of choosing a job in the cloud.

Your results may vary depending on your area, industry, job title, and certification(s), but generally, professionals with certifications make more money than those without.

The Azure Fundamentals certification, according to Global Knowledge, helps individuals achieve an average income of $126,653 in 2020.

The fundamentals of Azure are covered through the Azure Fundamentals certification. If certification names made more sense, think of it as Azure 101.

Are you shocked to see an entry-level certification come in first place on the list? It’s probably because it’s a reliable certification for a wide range of positions, including leadership, sales, support, and aspiring Azure engineers and architects.

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Career scope

The foundational test, which is required for entry-level certification, gives your cloud environment access to features like threat intelligence, advanced threat analytics, Azure information protection, and multi-factor authentication.

By obtaining the az 900 Microsoft Azure Fundamentals certification, you may prove that you have a basic understanding of Azure technology. This certification is aimed in particular for those starting their careers in cloud computing. No of your level of prior IT expertise, this certification is ideal for every applicant. Learn it from experts at 3RI Technologies

You can build a strong foundation for your profession by being familiar with the fundamental terms used in the industry with AZ-900. You can also utilise this certification as a stepping stone to obtain associate-level certification. You can grow in your cloud computing career by completing it as the first step to acquiring an Azure certification.

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