How fake experience certificates ruin your career?

According to law, fake certificates are a criminal offense. Either you get it for yourself or issue it to someone who asks you to do so. Most of the fake resources don't mention their full identity. It is because they know that what they are doing is not legally acceptable.

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How Fake Experience Certificates Ruined Your Career

According to law, fake certificates are a criminal offense. Either you get it for yourself or issue it to someone who asks you to do so. Most of the fake resources don’t mention their full identity. It is because they know that what they are doing is not legally acceptable. In the recruitment industry, there are many challenges that a recruiter has to face. But one major obstacle that comes their way is finding the right or real candidate for the suitable job. It is more frustrating than anything else when you find out that the candidate you hired is fake. There are lots of candidates who tend to show fake experience certificate  to get into a job. In this competitive world, these things happen frequently. There are lots of companies that are providing fake certificates. These fake authorities tend to do so to make money, just for some earning, they ruin some deserving candidates’ careers.

Sometimes to get into a job, people make fake experience letter. They got hired based on those certificates, but they don’t have the technical knowledge or work experience at all. Some candidates with all those skills could not get hired because they have no experience. They were keen to learn that experience by doing jobs in their relevant field but failed to get it.

Most people presently use the photocopy or black & white printout so that they don’t get caught red-handed. So who wants to hire someone should ask for original documents. You can ask to do so by email. That is the way to cross-check the details. 

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Nowadays, many renowned companies are familiar with these fake work experience certificate tricks to find out the real ones. They make different stages to get hired in their company. The recruitment department follows various numbers of procedures to select a candidate. First, they start with initial screening, where the recruiter talks to prospective candidates. After that, they check their professional experience. If too many skill sets are mentioned in their resume, it is generally to grab the attention of recruiters. So they ask candidates more about their expertise and to be more specific on their resume. Recruiters ask them questions like technologies used, project, team size, reporting manager, their previous company, training details, the size of the respective department, etc. Companies can now ask for legal documents such as their relieving letters and photo id proof issued by the previous company. If they have experience on a piece of paper, they can’t provide you with the vast details asked by the recruiter. If we want to define a fake experience certificate, all in all, we can say that a job is certified by the candidate, which they never did. The details are false, from the employment period to the issuing company itself does not exist in this real world. 

Well, there are three different types of fake experience certificates. The first one is those in which company and employee do not exist on paper. It means that some people edit others’ experience certificates and put their names on them. The second type is the one that people buy from an existing company. We can say that it exists on paper but does not operate—the cost of making a fake experience certificate legal action may depend upon their profile and what they need. The third type of fake experience certificate is linked with fake training institutes. There are lots of companies that provide fake professional training etc. These types are merely based on the incidents we faced; it could have more types also which are invisible. The purpose of writing an experience letter is different for everyone. So whenever you are hiring for a sales profile, then be very careful.

There is an incident which I have to face in my life where I have to choose the right candidate for the required post. This candidate passed all levels of the interview in our company, including the written test, ,HR round and Hiring manager. When resume came to my office along with all previous interviewer’s feedback. I looked at all the interviewers’ feedback; it seemed all good. Then come to the resume part, where he mentioned he had a couple of years of experience on his resume. He said he has been working for that company since he graduated. I asked for his company name, making me curious to know all the details. So I quickly went to google to search about the company he mentioned in his resume, but the website did not look professional. I wonder if they had any employees or not in real life. I have doubts, so to clarify that I went to the MCA21 master data website by the ministry of corporate affairs to search for the search company name, but I found nothing. My question was, when did you complete your engineering. He gave his answer as per his resume. I asked him where is your office. He gave me the details, but they did not exist according to sources. He cleared all other stages with his abilities, but those fake experience certificates make him guilty of misleading the company. If he came to our office as a fresher still, we could consider him for the job, but fake certificates make all his existence doubtful.

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Some editing apps which are available online also play an important role in this field. With the help of these, anyone can edit documents according to their needs. The question may arise in the mind can i get a fake experience certificate easily. If someone is able to get the job based on those fake certificates but in the work field you will not be able to do that then reality will come out and you may be fired from the job. Sometimes it may lead you to prison if the evidence is totally against you. 

Most companies prefer employers with experience, but they are also looking for freshers to mold them according to the company’s needs. Contrary to the above, you spend the same time getting some original skills which will be helpful in future.

There is certain fake experience certificate punishment for this offense. According to IPC sections 465 and 471, if someone is found guilty of this offense, the punishment for fake experience certificate in India with imprisonment of 2 years with a fine. In some cases, companies blacklist the fraud employee so that he cannot apply again to the same company.  

Faking a resume will not make you qualified either. Some candidates think that they can get away with lying on resumes here and there.

In some cases, they originally have 1 year of experience but aggravate their expertise to strengthen their resume. But it is not that easy to fool such higher authorities , when the background inspection is held, they go in brief into the matter and ensure that every document the candidates provides is valid. It is such lame thought to think in this way. Every company looks at candidates’ talent, not only what you have written on the piece of paper. Why would someone want to take such a risk when your career is at stake. It’s better to groom yourself rather than lie on your resume.

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 According to a survey, there is a rise in lying on the resume after the recession. People are so desperate to get work, and for that, they are taking the wrong paths. Not only deserving candidates but companies are also suffering. These fake certificate holders ruined their reputation too. Those who possess such fake degrees are charged under sections 420 (cheating), 467 (forgery of valuable security), 468 ( forgery of cheating), 471 ( using as genuine a forged document), and 109/120B ( abetment of criminal conspiracy) of IPC ( Indian penal code). This fake experience certificate is a crime that discourages those who have worked hard to reach a senior level, whereas such fake people try to do so without much effort. Even if you used a renowned company name to complete your motive, that company could file a case against you in a court of law.

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So it’s better to avoid choosing this wrong way of getting a job, use your genuine skills. Getting a fake experience on a piece of paper will not guarantee you anything. You will always be at risk of losing your job. The consequences of these fake experience certificates are terrible. It’s not just unethical but humiliating and self-esteem damaging also. As a fresher, don’t lose hope. There are a lot of companies who can hire you. There are many cases around the world where some people get into a job, get caught after some time, and get fired. Getting a job on fake experience may haunt you throughout your life, and you may live in fear of getting fired. Legal action taken against you, you may not be able to get good job opportunities further in life, so don’t take chances.      

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